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3.2 out of 5 stars
3.2 out of 5 stars
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 3 November 2013
This entertaining Mars set thriller delivers a decent hour and a half's viewing. When scientists exploring Mars make a groundbreaking discovery they need all their resolve to overcome the perils their find brings with it. Liev Schreiber is perfect as the stoic leading man and the rest of the cast do a great job with characters that are familiar but surprisingly well written. The Mars landscape looks vast, the fx are good, the dust storms are particularly well rendered. The music really helped to rack up the tension and the frantic shooting style complimented the action scenes without being too jumbled and shakey. The sets are terrific and the story tips a wink to similar movies like Aliens, Red Planet and The Colony. I was really pleasantly surprised with this, even with the ambiguous ending.
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**** Slight spoilers ****

It all gets off to a great start by the very fact of setting this movie on everyone's favourite extra-terrestrial planet. I've always been fascinated by Mars and couldn't resist going to see this movie. The surface of Mars looks pretty convincing here, with its rusty dust coloured soil and hazy pink sky. A couple of slightly questionable elements crept in though, namely the huge size of the sand-storm which, as far as I know, was far greater than anything filmed by the current Mars rovers or orbiters, and the size of the sun which, surely ought to be virtually half the size it appears from Earth? No big deal though - I'm not that much of a geek to let trivia such as that ruin my enjoyment of a movie.

OK so onto the good stuff. Firstly the film generates a genuine sense of wonder about the prospect of detecting alien life. There is plenty of tension - I loved the efforts to keep the solar-electric powered vehicle going, when something nasty is in pursuit. There are several effective make-you-jump moments - not the least of which is the first shocking sight of the "entity", and there is some nice zero-G action - obviously not up there with Gravity, but subtly done all the same. The way our hero brushed the floating droplets of contaminated blood to one side was a clever touch.

A couple more negative points; The Last Days on Mars does owe a fair bit to the likes of Alien and the more recent Apollo 18. Most obvious similarities being the crawling through tunnels sequence and reaching the escape ship, only to find it has an unwelcome resident. But I'm willing to consider those nods as laudatory hat-tips rather than rip-offs. Also one action sequence was spoiled for my by the gross overuse of flashing lights and an extreme shaky-cam effect, which rendered it unwatchable - rather like the squid alien/caesarian sequence in Prometheus.

It's solidly acted throughout (with the possible exception of the slightly hysterical/hammy Yusra Warsama) and the score is memorable and complementary. Some may find the ending a bit of a cop-out, but I felt it was cleverly enigmatic and at least it gave us something to discuss over dinner afterwards.

Overall, this movie looks good, sounds good and the action is for the most part very good.
Sci-fi fans shouldn't be disappointed.
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on 23 November 2013
A team of astronauts lead by Captain Charles Brunel (Elias Koteas) have spent six months on Mars looking for signs of life. Nineteen hours before they are due to leave and be replaced by the next team of astronauts, one of the scientists, Marko Petrovic (Goran Kostic), discovers a virulent bacteria in a sample of soil which has been brought back to their base for testing. Wanting to keep the discovery for himself, much to the vexation of colleague Kim Aldrich (Olivia Williams), Petrovic goes back again to the testing site but while checking out the source of the bacteria has an accident. The others find him dead, but not for long.

The Last Days on Mars (2013) is a decent enough SciFi if your expectations are not too high but it doesn't, possibly never could, match the standards of Ridley Scott's Alien (1979) when the character played by John Hurt goes and sticks his too inquisitive face in the alien's egg capsule and becomes rather attached to the little critter. In 'The Last Days on Mars' Liev Schreiber plays the role of Chief Systems Officer Vincent Campbell who has his work cut out for him just to stay alive. There's a fair amount of action in this movie and I have to admit that some of the time, with the space helmets and all, I couldn't tell who was doing what or why. But anyway, the movie passed one and a half hours without being dull and that is all I asked of it.

I've cancelled my ticket to Mars.

VJ - Movies and Books World
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What is it with Mars based movies? It's a planet that has been in all our lives via press, geography, history and etc, yet when it comes to film it proves to be a subject too much too far for some film makers.

The makers here add a zombie slant to things, which in truth is just another excuse for a monsters on the loose plot. Only it's in shaky-cam this time, the hope obviously was to add realism to the preposterous story. On the page it clearly had potential to be a fun-packed thriller, the execution sadly not only wastes a grand cast list, but plays out as dull and introduces nothing remotely smart or interesting to the sci-fi and horror genres. 4/10
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This is a home grown British movie that delivers a excellent entertainment experience for what I imagine was a low budget. Visual effects/ CGI are good and the Martian scenery is believable. The only thing that is a bit disappointing is the typical British unnecessary bad language. It is sad that you have to try to put this to one side to rate a movie!
The plot does 'inevitably' resort to zombies on Mars, but it is handled well.
A fiver well spent on a good scifi movie
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on 27 August 2014
This is a great fun sci-fi with a good story, basically a research team on mars is in its last few hours before coming home, one of the team discovers fossilised bacterial life and comes into contact with it with devastating results as the mission gets ugly very quickly and they all start to die as they get infected, the movie has a great pace and keeps you interested, it may have a whiff of other movies mashed in here but its really great building horror and thrills, its kind of like watching 28 days later in space almost with zombie looking infected corpses running around, there is some bloody moments' not too gory, the effects are top notch overall lots of lovely shots of mars and its surface etc, the music is good too and of course so is the strong cast of new and old talent, this is worth checking out for sure if you like a good gritty sci-fi, for a small release movie its a gem I think!!
Only one short feature on effects, quite good but only 6-minutes long.
Great Blu-ray picture.
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on 2 July 2016
Dunno quite what I was expecting with this film. Suffice to say, if you like zombie films you won't be disappointed. Worth a watch, but get it at a decent price, because to my mind, it's a watch-once film.
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on 27 April 2015
"It starts out quite promising and then becomes just another zombie movie" is what a friend told me about this one. Well, since I have no problems with good zombie movies, I thought I'd give this one a try.
First off, my friend was not wrong: It IS another zombie movie! But I thought it was definitely one of the better ones out there. The acting, the settings and special effects are way above average. The suspense is also there...
I was very well entertained!
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This was a very good movie. The action started almost immediately and the gist of the story is a microbe on Mars infects the astronauts and turns them into monsters. A rescue ship is sent to Mars to rescue the 2 surviving astronauts but that crew is also infected. The 2 remaining uninfected astronauts take the rescue ship back to earth. But is the microbe lurking somewhere on the ship?
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on 3 December 2015
No Spoilers - Crew of astronauts on Mars lead by Liev Schrieber encounter an Alien virus that turns them into crazy fast strong Zombies and the survivors try to escape. This film has great actors putting in a lot of effort, excellent cinematography and special effects, lighting, costumes, a cool 80s style sci-fi score and good directing…which is why I want to apologise to all involved in this film when I say it was just so BORING. This film is proof that the script is the single most important thing in a film. Read that one sentence synopsis and that’s literally the entire film, no twists, no turns, no examination of where this alien virus came from, no strong character relationships or arcs. It plays out exactly as you imagine and its made worse by crappy monsters: It’s just a fast and strong zombie, we’ve seen it a million times. I like Liev and I love Olivia Willaims whose in this and I think it’s a really well made movie with clear passion put into it but the plot is crap from start to end. Don’t watch this movie, it feels like wasted talent and just leaves you depressed.
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