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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 6 June 2017
Great CD
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on 25 April 2016
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on 28 November 2013
No Comments... It's Amon Amarth and it is impossible for them to make bad albums!!!
All hail great father Oden!!!
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on 10 May 2014
Whilst I never used to like Amon Amarth, their awesome brand of Melodeath and Viking and Norse-culture inspired lyrics gradually enthralled me, and I am now an avid fan of their music (perhaps not so much their albums preceding 'With Oden on Our Side'), and this album was no disappointment. As always seems to happen to me with Amon Amarth albums, I started by particularly loving a single track on the album - 'Father of the Wolf.' This gradually extended to 'Shape Shifter,' 'We Shall Destroy,' 'Blood Eagle' and the title track 'Deceiver of the Gods' until I reached the point in which I loved every track on the album and knew I had to buy it. This is certainly their most melodic release, and probably the best in my opinion, although a very close contender with 'Twilight of the Thunder God,' despite the somewhat noticeable borrowing of the riff for 'Father of the Wolf' from the track 'For Victory or Death' off their previous album (don't worry, it doesn't impact the awesomeness of either track in the slightest). If you are a fan of death, melodeath, or even folk metal I would strongly recommend you to buy this album right now.
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on 9 August 2014
Amon Amarth's "Deceiver of the Gods" is an outstanding album. Whilst their sound doesn't take any drastically new directions, the subtle influence of the NWOBHM can be heard throughout, most explicitly on "Father of the Wolf".

This direction is one they've been inching towards ever since their "With Oden On Our Side" album, guitar solos slowly becoming more prominent, and chorus's becoming more catchy and memorable. The guitar solos here are particularly good. Not the most technical of guitar work, but the solos fit into and augment the songs.

Production work is excellent, all the instruments are clear and full, and they avoid the trap of feeling over produced and compressed.

Amon Amarth put me in mind of Bolt Thrower. As well as having some musical similarities (heavy and thunderous riffs, mid paced songs, well enunciated growled vocals), both bands found their sound fairly early in their career, and stuck with it. No attempts to drastically alter the sound, just a continuous refinement and slow advancement of the sound.

So whilst there wont be anything shockingly new here, "Deceiver of the Gods" is an extremely strong, solid and enjoyable album.
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on 4 September 2013
Amon Amarth is standing the test of time. Some say "consistent", others "repetitive", but 9 albums in and people don't seem to be losing interest.

'Deceiver Of The Gods' is partly more of the same melodic, relentless death metal, but there's definitely a bit more flair and some departures from their typical style here as well. Every now and again it's easy to forget who you're listening to, but then Hegg's unmistakeable vocals and lyrics bring you back.

Standout tracks: 'Shape Shifter', 'As Loke Falls' and the title track itself. 'Hel' is pretty great too. Recommended.
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on 17 September 2013
I saw a lot of not so good reviews about this one, but for me i can not find a bad Amon Amarth record. OK, one can say that they use a formula and dont change, but i think that its not quite right. With this effort Amon Amarth goes trough a very notable change in their sound getting closer to what we can call of tradicional heavy metal.

It is not a Versus the World, my favorite Amon Amarth album, and does not have a killer track, like Death in Fire or Victorious March, but it works quite well as one strong album.

Favorite tracks: Father of the Wolf, Shape Shifter, Under Siege, Blood Eagle.
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on 26 June 2013
Hemets off to Amon Amarth-they have certainly found their settlement in metal. Establishing Viking-themed implications on melodic death metal like no other band have. Within 'Deceiver of the Gods', their signature sound is instantly recognised however beneath the storming riffs, melodious lead guitars and hammering drumming that direct songs such as 'As Loki Falls' and 'Shape Shifter', Amon Amarth have unearthed new found indications of subtlety in their sound; the anthemic chants in 'Blood Eagle' is a prime example of this. Johan Hegg's lyrical composition increases the sense of drama like no other album Amon Amarth have produced before; addressing tales of Viking folklore that adds another layer of significance to what could be the finest album of this band's career. All hail the swedes.

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on 17 July 2014
Deciever of the Gods,is not Amon Amarth's most brutal and raw album, it looks like it had a lot o production behind it,looks like it has been polished a lot until it shines,but a great album of course. Amon Amarth dont make bad albums...and this is one of 2013 best.
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on 2 July 2013
Amon Amarth never fail to impress me, however this album is undoubtably the best (Joint With Twilight of The Thunder God)that they have yet created. On a par with Twilight of The Thunder God, this takes AA into deeply breakthrough territory. The solo's and drumming are admittedly less fast and energetic, but the guys are getting on a bit, to be fair. The best songs are; Loke Falls, Father of The Wolf, Under Siege and Warriors of The North. Shape Shifter is another good one with a powerful atmosphere and many shifts in mood. Deciever of The Gods is an excellent track in Asator style, but heavier, more polished, and with an inferior solo. The only songs I am not to keen on are Blood Eagle and Hel, the former because of the ridiculous and childish opening (that aside though, it's a good song) and the latter becuase Messiah and Johan's singing styles jar horribly and get on your nerves. These can be forgiven, however because the rest of the album is so brilliantly awesome.
Tracks in order of awesomeness:
Warriors of The North
Loke Falls
Father of The Wolf
Under Siege
Shape Shifter
The Coming of The Tide
Deciever of The Gods
We Shall Destroy
Blood Eagle

The Second Disc is worth a listen for interest; their not Amon Amarth's good songs but they are interesting. Burning Anvil of Steel in Motorhead's name is the best of these.
All round, this album deserves more acclaim than it's getting; judging by the reviews,all credit to Amazon for sending it a day before it was officially released, 5 shining stars.
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