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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 24 October 2011
My favourite "new" band even though theyve been around for years hahahaha ;)

Amon Amarths 2008 album Twilight Of The Thunder God is an astounding piece of heavy norse metal. Chunky riffs to bang the head to, guitar melodies Iron Maiden would kill for these days and Johan Heggs' magnificent roar and mythical lyrics combine to give us a flawless slab of warrior anthems to stir the soul!

Title track Twilight of the Thunder God should be the mighty Thor's theme tune, such is its metal majesty, Varyags of Miklagaard and Tattered Banners and Bloody Flags are both rousing battle songs which beg you to bang head. Guardians of Asgaard is super heavy and has LG Petrov from Entombed! guesting and we get a glimpse of where this band was going to go on the next release with the astonishing and beautiful but still heavy Embrace of the Endless Ocean.

Brilliance from the current gods of death metal. Well, in my opinion anyway \m/
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on 29 October 2014
yet another solid album from Amon Amarth: I've yet to hear a bad one. The vocals are at the edge of my tastes (I prefer clean vocals to growling) but in all fairness the singing in no way detracts from the music and it does blend really well. I suppose I'd have to draw comparisons between both Manowar and Dimmu Borgir, One thing I can guarantee is that if you listen and like one of their tracks you will definitely like their other tracks. One more piece of good news is they seem to be in the habit of releasing various albums with live footage from their concerts so value for money I'd have to put them top 5.
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on 15 December 2012
Amon Amarth are a band who don't dissapoint. Some prehaps would accuse them of lacking orginality or a need to expand their horizons. This is true to a degree, but sometimes you want to buy a CD and know exactly what your going to get. And with this band you are always going to get that: some brilliant heavy metal with soaring guitars, anthemic choruses and pounding drums. They are a band designed to make you drink hard and headbang harder.

So onto TOTTG: it's by and large a standard Amon Amarth affair. The title track that opens the album is immense; heavy but surprisingly medlodic. This is a good sum of the whole album really probably the most melodic album since Fate of the Norns. Also this album has a great sense of flow, the songs all seem like natural progressions from each other, giving the album a great sense of flow and coherence.

I love every track on this album, but stand outs are the title track, Guardians of Asgaard and The Hero. The Hero in particular has some great lyrics and its quite different from most of their other songs. Here in this song the "Hero" is on his death bed, and is reflecting on a life spent killing. He cannot understand the love and grief people are showing him as he lays dying: to him, he is an evil man, and his fate is desereved. This is quite different from the tales of anthemic triumph and destroying the enemy they normally write, and this really works well.

I have the deluxe edition with a live CD/DVD. The songs are quite heavily weighed to With Oden on Our Side, which is no bad thing. The DVD recording is nothing particuarly special, but live Amon Amarth his always something to admire. The Viking longboat and battle reinactments are a nice touch.

If you are of this band, you will love this album. And even if your not, this album is worth checking out if you like heavy metal melodic and well as heavy, but without being whiney. Johan's vocals are incedible as ever and really add weight to Amon Amarths sound.

A very solid heavy metal album that I'm sure you will find enjoyment in giving a spin with frequency.
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on 19 November 2008
I find this new offering from Amon to be very enjoyable. Its a nice album, though not the masterpiece that everyone seems to rave about. It has some amazing songs, my favourites being "Varyags of Miklagaard," and "Tattered Banners and Bloody Flags" but i find it doesnt hold me as much as all their previous albums have, and the addition of guest musicians is quite an unnecessary turn.
However Hegg outdoes himself once again on vocals, and the riffs growl and stomp like charging vikings, its good, but not extraordinary. Its also quite hard to rate it beside their other albums as its a bit different, following on from "With Odin on our Side," towards to more melodic material, yet with extra "widdly" bits and violins.
Summary is that its a competent and very good album, but its not up to their usual standard. I think Amon Amarth are capable of much more.
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on 4 October 2008
Amon Amarth - a band that never seems to disappoint. TOTTG is another fantastic metal album from those crazy vikings. I doubt this band will ever disappoint their fans, you know exactly what to expect when buying an Amon Amarth record - straight up metal that makes you headbang like a madman.

The opening track is superb and contains fantastic melodies and build ups - one of their best songs however slightly different from With Oden...That sums up the entire album actually, Fate of Norns was a very melodic album, and it did have songs like Ancient Sign and Pursuit that were standout tracks, but the majority of songs were melodic and rather different from Vs the World and their earlier works. Namely, Where Death Seems to Dwell, FON and Arson. Oden On Our Side as a return to savage riffage and epic choruses, the whole album was full of songs you wanted to hear live.

TOTTG is more similar to FON. It does have brilliant tracks on it, however it is a more consistent affair - each songs links briliantly with one another and the flow is incredible. A solid and more melodic album with probably Amon Amarths most epic closer to date: Embrace of the Endless Ocean. Apart from a few tracks on here, there aren't any that I would kill for to see live. But definitely an above average album and while not album of the year, definitely in my top 5.

The bonus DVD is just a straight up live recording of them slaying Germans at the Open Air Festival. Plenty of Oden On Our Side is played and if you have seen them live you know what to expect. A great bonus for the fans along with a CD containing the entire show in audio.

Essential purchase for all the vikings out there. If you are just getting into them, try Versus the World, Oden On Our Side or Avenger first. Bring on the next one and the UK tour!
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on 19 October 2008
This album is just incredible. It is up there with Versus the World if not better. I am a fan and will listen to anything this guys make but then this album comes out and manages to blow me away. I have listened to its musics it everyday since it came out. The melodies are the awesome, the guitars have a new sound that is amazing, the lyrics are great. It returns the epic feeling to Amon Amarth's sound. Vyking metal in its twilight!
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on 20 March 2009
Superb album, great songs, great music - Scandinavia Death Metal at its very best - very melodic metal. My first Amon Amarth album, but my friends who have heard it all liked it as well - and they were not all metal heads. If you like Slayer, Trivium and other traditional death metal, I'd listen to a few tracks on You Tube first as this is a bit symphonic - but my new favorite band!
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on 24 April 2012
This is a great release from amon amarth, some kick ass songs here. Also worth mentioning is the nice package they must together here. The bouns cd and dvd are worth it... i wish more bands would do bouns content like this and not the half ass crapt they usually put out just to make sales....Bottom line a must for any amon amarth fan.
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VINE VOICEon 5 November 2008
Hail Metal Brethern! The Lords of Viking Metal have returned. And in Thors name, it is good.

Of course, strip away the image and the artwork, and Amon Amarth are really just punting out some top quality death metal. But add in all the other bits and bobs, and the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts. This latest album also sees guitarists Olavi Mikkonen and Johan Söderberg raising their game to new highs, something that pushes the album on to another level.

The album really hangs together as a proper collection, rather than as a good EP, padded out with pap, as too many death metal bands think they can get away with, and on numbers like the title track, 'Free Will Sacrifice' and 'Live for the Kill', the latter augmented by those for sure crazy Apocalyptica guys and the title track featuring Children Of Bodom dude, Roope Latvala. Vocalist Johan Hegg has also been gargling with sandpaper, as he takes his growl to a new level of bowel inducing fervour.

Over the last ten years, Amon Amarth have been steadily improving, growing from album to album, to reach the new peak on "Twilight Of The Thunder God ". It's hard to believe they're the same band who put out "Once Sent From The Golden Hall", such is the improvement shown. If you yearn for top quality death metal and tales of Viking derring do, then you're not going to find anything better.
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on 1 October 2008
A good friend of mine said to me that amon amarth are like iron maiden,you know what you are going to get ,when i thought about this i realised that they were spot on,from their humble beginnings to the powerhouse that they now are there has been little change,the viking-esque melodic death metal sound has been constant,and with this,their seventh album its very much business as usual.
Everything about this album feels inspiring,the production is class,the riffs are melodic as sin and transfer themselves to your brain with a backdrop of a battle taking place and blood painting the sky.
The lyrics are once again about war and nationality and identity and pride,the vocals are death like and the riffs are maiden like with pace and spite at every turn,they do slow it down at times but the pace of this album is again up there with the fastest around.
There isnt really much more to say except this,my superb friend bought me the deluxe version for my birthday,i was gobsmacked,what a treat,the dvd is great and the bonus cd is also fine ,i love the booklet inside,so thanks treeny and thanks amon amarth for doing what you do and doing it as good as ever.
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