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on 10 August 2015
There are some really 'awesome' recipes in this book as many reviewers will attest to. Those I have tried are:

Chocolate & Vanilla Ice Cream 'sandwiches' (Page 192) - easy to make, filling and yummy
Carrot Cake with Cashew Cream Cheese Frosting (Page 56) - yes, cashew cream cheese frosting. It doesn't get better than that ........
Energy Bars with Figs, Nuts, Seeds, Raisins & Coconut Drizzle (Page 106) - OMG!!!!
Chia Vanilla Pudding with Cinnamon & Raisons (Page 179) - gorgeous for breakfast
Chocolate Banana Cream Pie (Page 147) - the 'cream' is coconut milk (clever, eh?)
Pina Colada Bites with Pineapple, Coconut & Pine Nuts (Page 85) - an energy boost to solve that mid-afternoon energy slump
Maple Pecan Pie (Page 136) - divine!
Triple-Threat Chocolate Cake with Avocado Cacao Ganache & Ginger Chocolate Sauce (Page 47) - need I say more? The photo's enough!!!
Jungle Pie with Chocolate Crust, Banana Slices & Coconut Topping (Page 132) - I have no words to describe this gorgeous pie!!!!

All in all, a fabulous book with a photograph accompanying every recipe and highly recommended for those who aren't necessarily vegan (I'm not) but who just want to adopt a slightly healthier way of life, or who want to introduce different foodstuffs into their regime to vary their diet a little. I find I crave something sweet mid-morning and mid-afternoon so to stop myself reaching for a biscuit (or three), I make some of these tray bakes in advance and take a couple of slices to work with me and hey presto! No more cravings.

You won't go wrong if you buy this book. It's on my kitchen worktop constantly.
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on 26 July 2017
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on 8 July 2014
This recipe book is a must have. I enjoy a raw vegan lifestyle but my husband doesn't, nor are my teenagers interested but show them this book and they are all keen to try. One way to interest people is to offer desserts and these recipes are straight forward and the photography is so tempting. An easy way to slip nuts, seeds, grains and fruits into the teenage diet. I adore it too. The recipes aren't overly sweet but still feel indulgent. A dehydrator isn't necessary but you will need a high-speed blender and a good food processor. Emily von Euw's ideas are inspiring and you will soon be experimenting once you understand her basic recipes.
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on 10 June 2014
I give this book 5 Stars, not only are the recipes easy to do and delicious, but you feel like you are eating something naughty when you are not, also I am now getting more healthy snacks into my son, and whats not to love about that! Lots of great choices and something for everyone, would highly reccommend :)
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I'm not vegan but I love raw vegan snacks! Having been making smooshed date balls and simple slices for the past few months, I really wanted to get creative and see what else I could do with nuts and fruit.

It's all sweet recipes in this book including big, lavish looking desserts and individual snacks. Recipes are separated into sections: cakes & cupcakes; bites, bars & cookies; pies & tarts; pudding & ice-cream. The instructions are genuinely easy to follow and there aren't too many steps for most of the recipes. Lots of the recipes are layered so you work on each layer and assemble as you go along - sometimes it's just as simple as blending all the ingredients together and pressing into a pan before working on the next layer. It's simple work but the effect is striking at the end and everything tastes delicious!

If you're already vegan or health conscious, you'll probably have a well-stocked kitchen cupboard already. Staple ingredients used in a lot of the recipes include: dates, raisins and other dried fruits, a variety of nuts, oats, coconut oil, cream & milk, desiccated coconut, cacao butter, cacao powder and liquid sweetener (e.g. brown rice syrup, agave syrup, coconut blossom nectar etc). I've not noticed any obscure ingredients yet and everything you need is readily available in supermarkets or online on Amazon and elsewhere.

In terms of fancy equipment, I would say that it would be very useful / essential to have a food processor and blender at hand if you want to properly make the recipes in this book. If you don't have a food processor, I think you could get by with just a blender for the very soft or wet ingredients and just hand chop / smash things like dates and nuts before combining them in a mixing bowl - it won't be as smooth (or as quick) as with a food processor (especially for date-based recipes) but at least you can make the recipes and join in with the fun!

I love this book and use recipes in their entirety as well as just taking bits from things I know work well (cheesecake bases for example) so I can use them with other (vegan and non-vegan) recipes I already have. If you want to start making desserts with blended nuts and dried fruit etc, this is a highly recommended and useful one to have - whether you are vegan or not!
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on 5 May 2015
Amazing recipes by EmilVon Euw who I have also been following on her blog. Her creativity and simplicity are amazing and also the items she uses are easily obtainable here in the UK. You can tweek most of the recipes to suit yourself but the basic ideas she uses are good. I have tried quite a few of her delicious dessert recipes and the family love all that I have tried so far.
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on 14 February 2015
Fantastic book!
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on 29 March 2017
The recipes are great however it took a few time to "perfect them". Some ingredients are very hard to find and most rather expensive. If you get it right yes the results are delicious,but there are much cheaper ways of vegan baking.
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on 30 April 2017
Well my brother's girlfriend is a vegan and she likes cooking and baking THEREFORE what else do you buy a vegan but a vegan baking book?? I mean........ She loved it
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on 16 January 2016
Really good!
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