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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 24 August 2013
I love the way this author writes about young adults in a thorough and yet simple way. She weaves you into their lives, the friends, the little looks and nuances, the untold heartache and yearning, the way their hearts get broken and it takes time to build the trust, little by little.

This story is of Charley and Jake, they had a young perfect love which was shattered by a tragedy. Jake completely shut down and shut Charley out. Three years later Charley has moved to Edinburgh to study and at a party is shocked to her core when Jake walks in...with his girlfriend. Charley is devastated all over again but eventually tries to get past that for the sake of their friends even though it's like a knife scraping on an open wound.

Beautifully written, angsty enough without being boring. The feelings are palpably real.

Yet another SA story that I loved.
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on 22 August 2013
I really enjoyed this, it's a refreshing to read something that keeps you grasped from chapter to chapter. The characters were easy to follow and well put together, you and visualise the chemistry between them and the situations. It's well put together and it's kept realistic. Thoroughly enjoyed it and I look forward to book #2 I just hope it's written in the same way. Don't leave a release for book 2 to long, sooner the better eps while its still. Fresh in ppls minds, and eagerness to buy #2,I often find that I enjoy a book, but when it's 6 months to a year for book 2 by then hundreds of other books have been read and I often don't bother buying the follow on book, as the excitement and eagerness is gone.
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on 19 August 2013
I am a fan of Young's other adult novels, 'Down London Road' and 'On Dublin Street', so was looking forward to reading this. The story deals with the relationship between Charley and Jake, and chapters alternate between them in the present, at university in Edinburgh, and three/four years earlier when they first met in a small American town. The chapters set when they were 16/17 are a little awkward and seem aimed at a much younger audience, whereas the chapters set in Edinburgh contain quite graphic sex scenes only suitable for an older reader. Also, we are not required to work out anything for ourselves - the characters spend so long talking about how they feel about everything in the end I got a bit bored. Obviously the first of a two-hander, I'm not sure I'll bother with the next instalment.
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on 24 August 2013
Into the deep was another brilliant story written by the talented Samantha young. Begins with charley n jake as young 16 year olds in love, high school sweethearts. Drama unfolds at a party which ultimately ends with jake leaving town for good and leaving a broken hearted charley. Charley n jake reunite 4 years later at Edinburgh uni, sparks fly between the two but one big problem, jake has a girlfriend.

I absolutely loved charley, she is one sassy, smart, loyal and kind girl. I wish more female characters could be like that and less whiny! It was endearing to watch jake and Charley's relationship unfold, jumping back n forth between high school n present day. I definitely felt their chemistry sizzling off the pages, but the sex scenes wasn't as hot as on dublin street. The support characters were likeable, but I felt their own stories lacked any substance and took a major back seat.

I didn't realise this was a 2 part series, so was a bit miffed when I reached the ending, there wasn't so much of a cliff hanger, as I don't think anything major happens, but just a simple fact that there is a continuation to jake n Charley's story. This couple has a lot of issues to face, which I feel they have yet to deal with in this book. We can only wait for the next book to see if they have their HEA.

Another excellent read.
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on 24 August 2013
I did really enjoy this. Samantha Young is a great author and she always manages to draw me completely into the characters and the world they inhabit, but I was expecting a stand-alone story, not part of a story that I need to wait until 2014 for the next installment.
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on 16 September 2013
Wow, just wow. I absolutely loved this; if you are a fan of Samantha Young already then you will love this one from her. This is her latest new adult release and will have you totally engrossed in the story all the way through.

The story is set in Edinburgh and is about American protagonist Charley as she takes a year abroad studying at the university in the city. Charley has a past. A past that she thinks she has moved on from until it rears its not-all-that ugly head at a dorm party in the form of Jake Caplin. Jake was Charley's first love until everything started to crumble round about them. Leaving destruction in its past the disharmony in their home lives wrecked their relationship. On a whim Jake continues with their plan to study in Edinburgh in the hope that Charley will be there, hoping to reconcile their relationship after 4 years.

Once again from Sam, I've found a story that took me almost no time to power through because I was so hooked and eager to find out what the characters fates were. I loved Charley and her outspoken confidence that comes from trying to deal with and move on from her past. She is feisty and tries to do the best by everyone which becomes apparent throughout the story.

I am in love with Jake, there isn't really any other way to put my views about him down on paper. He is cocky and arrogant and self-assured and sexy and charming and so easy to be completely besotted by. I found him really easy to like from the start and really easy to forgive for his short comings, which admittedly were few.

The story is set in the present with flashbacks to the past, 4 years ago, when Jake and Charley first fell in love. It is written so that the events that transpired 4 years ago aren't fully disclosed until later in the book, keeping you hooked all the way through. The characters are young and close to me in age which I think really made the book relatable to me. In a sense it is timeless because love and loss of love isn't just restricted to young adults.

The supporting characters help the story to develop for the main characters and again, although it was written purely from Charley's point of view the intensity of their relationship is revealed in the writing and it almost feels as though some of the story is from Jake's perspective. I had to re-read some parts of the story, thinking I had imagined the intensity of their feelings towards each other!

Two other great things about this book are the exclusive content from Jake's point of view at the end - which is a massive bonus, every book I've read recently I've commented that I would have loved to hear the story from the other main character - and there is a sequel `Out of the Shallows' coming in 2014!
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on 2 September 2013
A definite must-read for fans of the notebook. The explosive tale of Charley and Jake who discover their epic love connection at the young age of 16.

"I knew after weeks of meeting you that I was never going to love another girl like I love you. You're it for me. They write books about what we have." Jake

"All I know is that you probably deserve better than me, but I'm too selfish to let you. I'm into you, and I want you to be so into me, you don't even care that I'm not good enough for you." Jake

Tragic circumstances end the relationship from which they never truly recover. They find themselves at the same university four years later;

"Charley!" Maggie shrieked drunkenly and I watched as my name hit Jake's ears. I noted the way he tensed, my fingers trembling around my beer bottle.
His eyes shot up from his group and tore through the crowd across the room. His chest jerked as his gaze collided with mine and his arm fell away from the girl cuddled into him. His lips parted as shock slackened his handsome features and I watched him mouth my name.
Everyone disappeared around me as we locked eyes for the first time in years. The music dulled to a throb, the conversation to a muffled buzz, and all I could hear was my heartbeat."

and the rest is history....

This book totally got under my skin. I often struggle with young adult romances but Samantha Young did an outstanding job - the emotions in this book completely jumped out at you. I enjoyed the parallel story which switches from present time to the past and slowly unravels the developing relationship between of Jake and Charley and it's demise. The connection you feel both to the characters and between them is overwhelming, assisted by a number of interesting secondary characters each with their own plots.

I was thoroughly disappointed when this ended and glad to know there's a sequel coming. Would highly recommend!
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on 16 September 2013
"You're it for me.They write books about what we have."

I have decided that Samantha Young can do no wrong. Simple. As we all know by my recent review, I fell head over heels in love with On Dublin Street, and I was really looking forward to reading Into the Deep. Somewhat unsurprisingly, once again, Samantha Young has blown me away.

It's been a long time since I've found a favourite author. I've found favourite series, favourite books - but it's been quite a while since I've found an author that makes me feel certain that I will love everything that they write. I can honestly say that, after reading this novel, Samantha Young is now in my little list of favourite authors - and she more than deserves to be there.

I don't want this to be a repetition of my review of ODS, so I'll just say that Young's writing style was as fantastic in this novel as it has been in her previous novels. Once again, she has the perfect mix of humour, emotion and everything else. She blends it all together seamlessly. Her novels are all total page-turners - you're more than likely to finish them in one sitting - and, from the very first page, you're guaranteed to be hooked.

So, as you've probably guessed, Into the Deep was no different. I fell in love with Charley and her best friend Claudia within the first few pages. Once again, Young has created characters that have such depth to them. I can't think of anyone in the novel that didn't stir some sort of emotion in me. I especially adored Lowe, Beck and Claudia (aside from the two 'main' characters). I can't wait to find out more about these characters in the sequel! I just have so much admiration for how much time Young must spend on creating her characters. She is truly a very, very talented woman - and I can't emphasise that point enough.

I loved how the story alternated between past and present. I absolutely adore books that do this well, as I think it's an excellent way to allow the reader to slowly piece together a story, and I think the contrasts that it often creates makes the emotional parts of the story all the more heartfelt. This was exactly what happened in Into the Deep. The history that exists between Charley and Jake was just so incredibly passionate and heart-wrenching. The love that they felt for one another is the kind of love that everyone dreams of finding. And the chemistry between the two - past and present - was just WOW. I loved their relationship so much, and it made the fact that they were no longer together in the present almost unbearable.

I loved the dialogue in this novel, too. The witty exchanges between characters were just brilliant. Charley was definitely a total "smart ass", and I absolutely adored that about her. She was a fantastic protagonist, and I loved reading this novel from her perspective. She was strong-willed, sharp, intelligent and often hilarious. Although she had fantastic chemistry with Jake, I also loved her exchanges with Lowe. Lowe was also a fantastic character and, although I wanted Jake and Charley to be together because of their history, I would definitely not have minded if she and Lowe had run off happily into the sunset together... Just saying.

The only reason I'm rating this less than five is that I felt the ending was a little rushed. I'm aware there is a sequel so, in a way, I can understand why - but it just felt a little thrown together for me. This was a minor, minor problem though and, as I said, I absolutely adored everything else about the book - so a slightly rushed-feeling ending can be forgiven!

Anyway, this is going to turn into another big, excitable ramble - so I'll sum it up. Into the Deep is another absolutely incredible novel by Samantha Young. Once again, she has provided her readers with fantastic, well-thought out characters, an exciting plot and a beautiful, realistic romance. I absolutely adored this book, and I'm dying to get my hands on the sequel already. Recommended to all fans of the genre one again- go, go, go!
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on 12 October 2013
I can officially confirm that a new book boyfriend has been launched into the atmosphere, because when you read Into The Deep, you are going to fall in love with Jake Caplin, hook line & sinker. Oh did I mention Lowe, Beck and Matt cause I pretty much fell in love with them too.

Samantha Young has done it again, with every book you read by this excellent author, you are pulled into a family off diverse and colourful characters. Charley and Jake take centre stage in Into The Deep, but the scope for offshoot novels Sam has for the rest of the characters is endless.

The story jumps between 2008/09 and 2012/13 and focuses on the intense and all consuming relationship that defined Charley's latter years at school and her first and only love Jacob Caplin. Outside factors build against the young couple, and Charley is ultimately left with her heart broken.

Move too 2012 and Charley is in Edinburgh with her best friend Claudia for a year studying abroad, and she bumps into Jake and his current girlfriend at a party. She's shocked, and runs, but ultimately has to face Jake once she realises she cannot avoid him for the whole year. Sparks fly, the flame of their love reignites and they both struggle to deal with the resurgence of their connection.

Jake on being around Charley - It was peace. It was war. It was excitement. It was contentment. It was exhileration. It was soothing. It was calm.............It was everything.......

Seriously I love this guy.

As I said although this book is about Jake and Charley's relationship, the secondary characters offer a whole extra dimension to the story, I loved Claudia and Beck's will they/won't they chemistry, Matt made me laugh out loud more than once with his often blunt and cringeworthy responses, and Lowe...Ooooooh I love a guy with tattoos and a lip ring, being that he along with Beck and Matt are in a band "The Stolen", I think every one of my favourite fantasy male attributes was covered by the guys in this book.

I also love that Sam took us a little further in Scotland. Having visited Fort William myself it was easy to visualise the places and people, and Rowena's accent is just perfectly written.

Sam Young has already shown us that she is the queen of the series with the massively popular On Dublin Street novels. I am happy that she is offering us more of her incredible imagination, with the Into The Deep series, I am pretty sure it will be as popular, and I cannot wait for book 2 - Out Of The Shadows in 2014.

I was lucky to be provided with and ARC from the author, and am happy to provide the above honest review in thanks
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on 17 November 2013
I absolutely love the detail that Samantha Young brings to her stories. Even after having visited Edinburgh only once I feel I can follow the story round the streets of Edinburgh in my head clearly which just helps to become more invested in the story.

Into the Deep is a story about true love and what it can do to you when its real, no matter how old you are. Charley was 16 and in love, true love. Something happened and Jake broke her heart and most people just expected her to move on saying it couldn't possibly be true love at her age. But it was, it broke Charley and she has never quite been the same since.

We meet her almost 4 years after this has happened when she is on an international study year in Edinburgh with her best friend Claudia. She is over Jake, at least that's what she thought until she runs in to him at a party, with his girlfriend. To make matters worse she can't just avoid him because Claudia and Charley end up becoming friends with his friends.

The more they spend time together the more it becomes obvious neither is over the other, but with Melissa still very much in Jake's life and Charley's uncertainty over whether she will be able to trust Jake again, will they ever be friends or even more?

I was captured from the very start of the story and dragged in to the world of Charley and Jake. Each chapter alternates between current day and 4 years ago so at the same time as things evolve in the main story, you get glimpses of Charley and Jake's history and what has led to this moment. With that as well as the angst between Beck and Claudia makes for a story which is explosive in parts and sweet in others, definitely coming back for more when the second book comes out!
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