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on 5 June 2014
Rather than just review the cpu (which is kind of hard, since the rest of the hardware also makes a difference, you may get different results, I'm going to do a review of the full build.

A few months ago my old PC (Intel Core 2 Quad Q8300, 4gb ram, Geforce GT430) finally gave up its long fight for life, while I'd been wanting to upgrade for a while to something beefier (I was thinking along the lines of an i5, geforce GTX770, 16gb etc etc.) I couldn't really wait, I use my computer for many things from the usual gaming, movies, a bit of video editing for you tube, to running my home business. The last one, was what forced me to scrape together what money I had to put a PC together, every day I didn't have a computer, I was having serious problems..

The build was:
CPU: i3 4130 (obviously)
Motherboard: Asus H81M-E
Video card: MSI GTX NVIDIA GTX 650 2GB
RAM: 2X 4GB (making 8) Kingston Hyper X
Plus a cheap CIT Vantage case, and Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB HDD, the psu, and blu ray drive I scavanged from the old computer

I expect this is a fairly typical build for people using this kind of cpu.

General Day to Day use:
When I first built the computer, it was running Windows 7 home edition, since then I've installed windows 8 pro, on both OS's the system is very snappy, and, quick, most things happen near enough instantly, and its generally very pleasant to use, even though I don't have an SSD (I expect things would improve a lot with one) For general use such as web browing, word processing, desktop publishing etc, you really need nothing better. For these tasks, the video card will make little to no difference. I also use photoshop, and illustrator a lot for logo design, and game modding. (I make skins and other mods for games such as ETS2) Over all these less demanding tasks, as expected are all very smooth, and the pc is very responsive.

Video Editing

I used to find on the old pc, Adobe Premier pro was a very finicky program with a lot of slow downs, and freezes, especially when first making HD video when adding sources to the proejct, sometimes, it would be very difficult to watch the project back as I edited. Rendering a half an hour video would take hours and hours.

Now however, all those problems are gone, video projects take much less patience, adding video happens much more quickly, generally the program is usable, plus the rendering time is cut down a lot, usually taking around 40 minutes or less. This is probably one of the better tests, as it's very CPU intensive.


While games are far more about the GPU, the CPU is still quite important, so I'm going to touch on this never the less. Don't expect to be playing every game at 1080p 60fps, on ultra settings with 8XAA. You'll be very disappointed, after all, this build cost about £400.. I have the pc connected to a 1080p TV (much better for games, and movies), as well as a 1080p monitor. Most games do perform very well though, being a cheapskate, I tend to just buy whatever is on sale on Steam that interests me, so I'm yet to play games such as Watchdogs, and Wolfenstien new order on the rig. Some games I do play however are:

Euro Truck simulator 2: This game is renowned for being very resource heavy when you crank the settings up. I have all the effects turned up to high, and ultra, with 100% scaling, in 1920X1080, with AA off (the method of AA ETS2 uses doesn't work well with nvidia cards) I get around 35 -40 fps at these settings, with quite a few mods enabled. So it's safe to say this game runs fine.

The Witcher 2: So far, this is the game the computer has struggled with the most. I have to cut the settings down to medium, and 1280X720 resolution (720p) At this level the game works well (around 30fps) and still looks quite good.

Skyrim: Simply put: ultra settings, 1920X1080 (1080p) you'll get around 50fps.

Bioshock infinate: High Settings 720p, While the game is perfectly playable in 1080p, with some of the effects turned down, I find the game is better like this.

Sleeping dogs: High settings, 1080p works flawlessly, this can be said for the vast majority of games, such as Saints row 4, Goat Simulator, GTA 4, Hitman Absolutions.

Overall, it doesn't make a bad gaming pc, especially for some of the slightly older games I've been playing on it. I see no reason why games such as Wolfenstien new order, battlefield 4, and alot of other games wouldn't be perfectly playable. I do have doubrs about Watchdogs, however, as from a lot of what I've read, its very badly optimized, people struggle to get past medium settings, on much more powerful rigs.

The build cost around 400 For the price, I really can't argue, I'll be honest, I got a lot more than I was expecting, the CPU works well enough, most gaming performance problems, I suspect is more down to the GPU, rather than the CPU (which I intend to upgrade, when the new lot of Nvidia cards come out (as they do on a yearly basis) the GTX650, really is the minimum you should be looking at if you want to play games, if not the built in Intel HD will likely serve your needs (although I've never used it.) if your on a budget, and need to build an all round pc, I definitley recommend this cpu to power it. I spent a little while, looking at cpu reviews, and comparisons, generally (especially on single threaded performance) this came out on top, compared to similar priced AMD chips. I'm not longer in any rush to get the i5 rig, I wanted, this serves my needs nicely at the moment.

UPDATE (06/02/15) Since writing this review, I upgraded the video card to a AMD Radeon R9 280 3GB. Now I get excellent performance in games, I've been keeping quite a close eye on the FPS, just leaving the fps counter active on the Steam overlay, since I installed the card. Here is the average FPS on the games I've tried so far.

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor 40-55 fps. I noticed a big drop in FPS in the second part of the game. The first part of the game was actually a pretty much constant 55fps

Euro Truck Simulator 2: (Everything set to the highest possible settings, with 300% Scaling AA Enabled) 40 - 60fps. This is a game that has always had massive fluctuations in the FPS depending on where you are on the map, especially on certain map mods.

Splinter Cell Blacklist: Ultra settings, almost constant 60fps

The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition: Ultra settings constant 60fps

Batman Arkham Origins: Ultra - 60fps

Next Car Game: Between high and ultra - 50-60fps

Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag Ultra - 40-60fps

Watchdogs. This is the only game I've played where I feel a better cpu would improve performance.I can comfortably play the game in high settings at around 40fps however. At Ultra, you tend to get between 25 - and 30. Yet I've seen other people on better cpu's with the same video card happily play it with much higher fps.

Despite watchdogs (which at the end of the day is still perfectly playable), I would still recommend this cpu if you want to play some games, on a budget. Higher end video cards still perform very nicely, with no noticeable difference on most games. The graphics card is still the main factor, this cpu certainly still performs quite well, for a low end budget model. If you can't afford to go for an i5, i7, or one of the more premium AMD cpu's, this is still a very good buy.
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on 31 May 2014
- Much quicker than I'd expected from an i3 processor
- Handles multi-tasking of fairly heavy duty apps without breaking a sweat
- Very low power consumption for a desktop CPU

I highly recommend this processor. I don't know how well it would handle 'production environment' tasks like multi-track audio editing or 4K/UHD video editing, but for MS Office, web browsing, Photoshop and watching movies (even all at the same time) it zips along quite happily and without any slow-down or stuttering whatsoever. Perfectly smooth performance under those conditions, provided you get a decent SSD to run the OS and apps from and you use good quality RAM (and why wouldn't you? You've saved a small fortune on the CPU).

N.B. If, like me, you're going to use this in a Hackintosh build you'll need a compatible discreet graphics card as the onboard HD4400 on this chip isn't supported by OS X *at all*. I wanted a modest discreet card anyway so I could do a little light gaming (I went for an Asus GT 640), so this wasn't an issue for me. Alternatively, if you don't want to splash out on a separate graphics card, you could go for the slightly more expensive i3 4330 CPU that has HD4600 which definitely is supported (see the buyer's guide on tonymacx86.com for more information).
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on 16 November 2014
Intel.... there is nothing else to add really!

I bought this CPU for a build for a family member, a Mini ITX gaming PC in a Cooler Master Elite 120 case and as expected it performs very well and it doesn't heat too much not even under heavy load.

I personally have an i5 Haswell and they are incredible CPUs, however if you are looking for a gaming pc on a budget this CPU with a GTX 970 or as now you can find very good second had card a 780 and you are ready to play most game on a much better visual quality than current gen consoles and of course use this CPU for productivity as well.

So definitely the best budget intel CPU out there for gaming.
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VINE VOICEon 26 February 2015
Solid performer. Using this on a shared pc and it generally copes well even with modern games. Runs the OS well and web browsing as well as light multi tasking. I didn't keep the stock cooler with it as I just don't like the sound they make, There is nothing wrong with the stock cooler other than my ears being picky. But it is the front room and just slightly annoyed me.
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on 26 June 2014
Works a charm on my PC, it is on a Gigabyte GAMING 3 z97 motherboard, so will probably update in future, but it works excellently, havent seen higher than 57°C on stock cooler, during extreme stress test, little high but nowhere near 105°C of my laptop, so will probably update that in the future.

Packaging was excellent, large box with a lot of padding. I would reccomend to anyone looking to build a low/mid range gaming pc or a media computer, for video editing etc more cores would probably be better, like the i5.
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on 31 August 2016
excellent product, it can run alot of programs, it is good for office work. not that powerful but can still run a good pc
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on 22 February 2014
Another great product from Intel. I was a bit taken back by the processor fan and how it sat on the motherboard. However, after taking off and reattaching I then came to realise that is the way it is. Overall, I was very happy with the purchased item.
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on 7 November 2017
Now over 3 years old, works well and cool running
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on 15 February 2014
Running this with a 560ti for gaming and a bit of autocad on the side. It performs well in BF4 and doesn't appear to be bottlenecking it substantially.

Keeps quiet and cool even in a cheap case, It was perfect for my needs.
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on 10 September 2014
Amazing value for money. With that and an Asus H87I-Plus I am playing games on a 46'' TV and I still cant believe it. If you are only doing day to day tasks, don't bother with anything higher than i3.
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