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on 7 October 2016
The bonus tracks on the new double disc version are really cool, interesting additions. It's great to hear Phil's rough vocals or the weird original arrangement of the title track and I find myself listening to that bonus disc as often as the real album.
I never thought this was one of their best records but to be honest, I don't think there's really a bad song or any filler at all here, compared to some of the later stuff. It's aged very well and brings back some nice memories for me. "Pearl of Euphoria" is a real gem.
Highly recommended, under-rated album that shows DL stretching their wings a bit.
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on 10 August 2017
I am very pleased with my perchages.
& i did have these before.
& they did come on time.
& i do like def leppard anyway.
Even in my teenage years.
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on 12 February 2014
This is a review of the 2014 deluxe edition. It has been nearly 18 years since originally released and it is not relevant what 'musical trends' are going on at the moment, so the fact that this album sounds so different doesn't matter anymore. The original album contained a real mixture of styles and was all the better for it, there was classic Leppard with the title track, some harder stuff and some more experimental stuff with 'Turn to dust'. Some of the bonus tracks give a real insight to how the final versions had evolved and 'All on your touch', a track that didn't make it on the original recording could have become a standout track had it been fully evolved. This collection is well worth a listen, I hadn't heard the original for a while, and re-listening to it now along with its extra tracks has made me realise how good the album really is. It is a bargain at £10 for all this music, and makes you realise how inventive Def Leppard can be when they want to! Not a Leppard classic, but certainly a good listen.
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on 5 August 2006
This was released back in 1996, on the back of first DL greatest hits album, 'Vault', it was said that Vault was the ending of the first Leppard era, and Slang was the start of a new one.

Well, people who are expecting the usual Leppard 'hair rock' will be surprised with this offering. Indeed, it leans in parts to Nirvana (Deliver Me), and in parts to Boyz II Men (Breathe A Sigh).

So a surprising mix, and it never sounds at all like Def Leppard (the title track aside). It is only Joe Elliott's distict voice that gives the game away.

It's a shame that this never got the commercial success to go alongside the critial acclaim, because it is truly an excellent album. It goes from the ultra-heavy (Gift of Flesh) to lush ballad (Blood Runs Cold) in a moment, and despite the mass of different sounds here, nothing sounds out of place.

Album highlights are the excellent 'All I Want Is Everything' and 'Work it Out', the latter being one of the best songs DL have ever recorded in my opinion.

In short, I would recommend this to anyone, as it has just about everything - heavy rockers, lush ballads and just about everything in between. Just don't expect another 'Hysteria' or 'Pyromania', as this is something totally different.

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on 4 May 2017
Good old ballads!
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on 29 July 2010
This was definitely Def Leppard trying something completely different!! For me it worked. They stripped away all the gloss that was so right for 'Hysteria' and some of the dross from 'Adrenelize', added a pinch of grunge (and I do mean a pinch) and came up with 'Slang'.

This album was always going to be different because it was Viv Campbell's first album where he was involved in the writing process. It was a step in the right direction. 'Hysteria' captured the mood and the sound of the times perfectly. No one can doubt its legend status. 'Adrenelize' seemed to over egg the pudding, never mind the impossible task of following one of the biggest selling albums of the decade! It was sounding stale, rock music was changing...

What 'Slang' does best is it gets thru the record quick!! The first 3 songs are finished inside 10 mins. There are no long intro's, drawn out guitar solo's, just good songs. Stand out tracks are 'All I Want Is Everything', 'Where Does Love Go When It Dies?' and 'Pearl of Euphoria'

In a way this feels like Def Leppard have grown up... or maybe the harsh reality of life and the struggles the band endured along the way had forged a new vision... maybe this band had the balls to do something different... 'Slang' is what it is, for what it is; a damn good rock album that I still play and enjoy after all these years!
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on 10 June 2009
This is where the band got serious and showed some adventure and the end product is their best studio album. A lot of fans slated the sudden change but ten years on it is the one album that truly stands the test of time. Got everything they done. From one night in Sheffield in front of 30 people I think it was, to international superstars the band totally deserve it and this is the one CD that I think shows how good this band can be. Buy with confidence.
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on 30 March 2002
A move from the formula of Hysteria and Adrenalize, the Leps have moved away from collaboartion writing to more individual, experimental songs. This album will not be to everybody's tastes but hardcore Leps fans must give it a listen. There are a few too many slow songs but there are a few stand out tracks. Pearl of Euphoria is an epic worthy of the Leps, as is the Campbell penned Work It Out. The opening two of Truth? and Turn To Dust set the tone for the album. Not classic Def Leppard, but an album that has been neglected and seen as the album that might have killed off the Leps. I like it because it is different. Not the cliched rock that you expect from the Sheffield band. It may have been there undoing but I applauded them for having the balls at trying something new.
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on 21 May 2006
I'm a huge def leppard fan but I hated it when I first listened to it. Then about a month ago I accidentally put it on in the car(it had found it's way into the "Hysteria" case) and something happened, maybe I grew up or something but I just heard a completely different album and I have to say that it's currently my favourite. If your expecting vintage 80's def leppard thought, you will be disappointed.
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on 13 February 2014
I love this album as much today as I did on its release day in 1996. To me, it still sounds fresh and I continue to hear new things within the tracks all these years later. A true sign of a good album.

There are many comments regarding this being different to previous Leppard albums and it doesn’t need to be covered here again, however the musical climate of the time necessitated a change in direction. When Hysteria was released, competition came from Motley Crue, Aerosmith, Van Halen, Poison & Bon Jovi. When Slang was released, competition came from Soundgarden, Smashing Pumpkins, Alice In Chains, Hole & Pearl Jam. Incidentally, all the above 80’s bands also had albums out around the time of Slangs release and in my opinion, all tried a taste of the alternative and succeeded with some good music (94’s Motley Crue, 93’s Get A Grip, 95’s Balance, 93’s Native Tongue & 95’s These Days respectively). For Def Leppard, it was either sink or swim. And they swam.

My only comment on Slang that I felt at the time and still stand by, ‘Slang’ the single was too similar to previous work (specifically things from Adrenalize). To really stand out and stand up, the first single should have been Truth. Incidentally, if this track was released as a single now to an unaware public, it would still sound ‘new’. Perhaps this album was actually ahead of its time rather than being a reaction to what was happening at the time as many of the tracks would work today.

Overall, a great album that the band clearly still love and sounds fantastic in this remastered form.

With regard to the ‘extra’ tracks on this Deluxe Edition, it’s a mixed bag with a little too much repetition (All I Want Is Everything?). It’s nice to have a lot of these things but in all honesty, the ‘1st Drafts’ and ‘alternate versions’ are hardly different to the tracks that made the album in their finished state. Having said that, Def Leppard’s demo’s make other bands polished final products sound like they were recorded in a garage on a tape recorder!

Special mention on the extra tracks needs to go to Raise Your Love, Anger and Black Train. Great early versions of familiar Slang tracks and Pearl Of Euphoria and Truth (both of which were B Sides back then) are possibly better than the ones on the original album. All On Your Touch is pretty good and quite a departure for DL. The rest of the old B Sides (some of which didn’t appear originally until the Euphoria singles) are great to have in one place.

So, a good package for an underrated album (although did get good press at the time) and sounds terrific. If anything, I would have liked some of these songs as ‘live’ tracks instead of too similar alternative versions but alas anything this band releases is a must have for me.

Now, time to rest the archive for a bit and get a new album out! It’s way overdue!!!
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