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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
No More Hell To Pay
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 26 June 2017
Just love this album!
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on 28 December 2017
Excellent all round. thoroughly recommended.
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on 5 November 2013
I've been a fan of Stryper for many years, and have been excited by the hype surrounding this release... a return to the "Soldiers Under Command"/"To Hell With The Devil" style that cemented their reputation.

In recent years, the band have released some very good albums which haven't quite recaptured this vibe. "Reborn" was totally different, more in line with Michael Sweet's solo offerings, while "Murder By Pride" was heading in the right direction. "The Covering" and "Second Coming" were great diversions, but this was Stryper's real chance to deliver.

And they have!

The album rolls in at over 50 minutes, across 12 songs (11 originals, and a cover of "Jesus is Just alright", made famous by The Byrds and Doobie Brothers, among others), and it rocks!

This is finally the album Stryper fans have been wanting all these years. Production is superb, done by Michael Sweet himself, and it's a face-melting blast of full-on guitar work. The vocals are perfect (as you'd expect) and show that Mike still has what it takes to rip your ears off. Even the "weaker" songs on the album stand up well against the previous releases.

There are moments where you can detect an influence of another band. Oz Fox has recently joined Bloodgood and recorded their new album... there's an occasional nod to them. There's even a moment where you stop and think, "This could easily be an Iron Maiden song..."

One of the inevitable talking points surrounding any Stryper album is the nature of their lyrics... are they overtly Christian, or have they toned it down? Let me just say that if you didn't know where they stood before listening, you'd be in no doubt afterwards. This album has all the lyrical subtlety of their earlier material (ie: none at all), and their Christian stance is clear and open.

All in all, this is a stunning album, a must for any Stryper fan, and a recommended buy for all metal fans. People are already calling it their best album to date. I think I agree.
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on 5 November 2013
The deluxe version CD with DVD arrived right on time the morning on the date of release. I was allowed to download MP3s from 'Autorip' facility two days ago though.

Well ! They say heavy metal is devil's music. (To hell with them!) Maybe it's for skulls arts and sign of the horns and headbanging and profanity and sex, drugs & rock 'n' roll theme. Amidst all this, Stryper dared to be different singing about Christian belief yet still heavy metal. They wanted to send the message to the heavy metal crowd in a heavy metal way. First of its kind. Although labelled as Christian metal, I wonder why they subliminally(?) emphasise on words such as hell and devil and its signs on the album covers and titles. Heaven knows.

'To Hell With The Devil' and 'In God We Trust' were all I knew about Stryper in their heydays OR in my teens. Both great metal albums of all time. I lost track of the band until I surprisingly found 'Second Coming'. Although the voice of Michael Sweet has become a bit nasal, the album sounds so fresh and new with re-recordings of their classic songs. 'Second Coming' made me a bigger and a serious fan. For nothing else but a good metal music. Still melodic screaming vocal and soulful guitar solos and riffs. It evoked the nostalgic memories of my youth.

The prerelease of the single 'No More Hell To Pay' assured me the album 'No More Hell To Pay' is not gonna be just for the sake of return or reunion. The 4 original, sober, good guys in yellow and black are again serious and looks cooler after 30 years. Having fully enjoyed listening to 'Second Coming' in the recent months, I was excited NMHTP would be strong in the same level, forgetting Second Coming is re-recorded package of the band's hits. So I said to myself there can never be second 'To Hell With The Devil', 'Calling On You', 'Sing Along Song' and laid back.

First day, first listen and my first favourite song is the blissful ballad 'The One'. Second play and 'Revelation', 'Saved By Love' and 'Legacy' are added to the favourite list. More plays and more songs start to sound better and better. Guaranteed this will turn out to be a fine album unless one holds a different expectation. Michael Sweet is very talented musician. Who can lead sing and play lead guitar in a band? Every song is written by him except title track collaborated with his brother Robert and 'Jesus Is Just Alright' a cover of The Doobie Brothers. The DVD contains 2 music videos of No More Hell To Pay and Legacy. Plus 20 minutes of making of the album. I fully enjoyed the world of Stryper forgetting my own.

Love Jesus!
Love Stryper!
Love Rock 'N' Roll \,,/,
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on 6 November 2013
This new Stryper album is terrific! Great melodious classic hair metal with hooks, riffs - you even hear the bass ;-). Since To Hell With The Devil in 1986, the band never performed as good as on this album. Buy it! Worth every penny.
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on 6 November 2013
Who was going to tell me that after thirty years full of classics,Stryper would do his best album and honestly is what I think. I will not make a review song to song, just say that this cd is awesome. Mixing hard rock and classic melodic heavy metal . The years do not affect this band (have done a deal with the devil???). God bless this band.
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on 7 January 2014
The infamous Christian rock metal band Stryper have come back over the last few years much stronger, and reinvigourated. The last album a couple of years back hinted at surprising impressive songwriting and well crafted solid rock riffs and tunes, which might not really have been expected from a band many just see as a joke.
They are still very much passionate Christians, and most of their tunes show their faith and worship, but they really do know how to rock out like many of their own influences. If you love bands like Judas Priest, Kiss, Iron Maiden, you will instantly hear the familiar riffing and structures but there are great original strong tunes here to enjoy.
Even non-religious rock/metal fans I am sure will easily respect and deep down enjoy the honestly great rockin' songs, some very really stunning guitar, bass and drum work, and the singer's vocals and at times surprisingly well up there with the likes of Rob Halford, Bruce Dickinson. Rock out and be blessed.
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on 14 February 2014
This Album is Incredible & Still a Young Sound from Stryper to Boost to 2014: Don't take it from me-just look at the CD Cover of Delivery..& That's what you'll get! Jesus Uplifting You to a Heavenly Bound Sound Breakdance if you want..The Angels rejoice to people that can leave the old washer machines way behind & Step to ReFresherated Metal..Now that's COOool. + the DVD to Inspire & capture the Studio out work of Mike & his Crew No More Hell To Pay Mixdown & how the Sound of the New Stryper Should Be. The Result of the Bands performance is Sheer Brilliance-Every Instrument & Melody is Heard..the 2 video's displayed Nice. Ive seen them live at the Power Station Auckland N.Z. One girl Head Thrashed tru out the Whole Concert & No Ounce of sweet on her? & Me & Chad had Nu Skool Metal Jackets to prove that's Breakdancers love Metal Too..So Walk This Way. Strypers NO#1 CD. YES-SAH!
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on 10 April 2014
This really does take Stryper on from "To hell with the veil" left off. More mature vocally, instrumentally and lyrically and a consistent sound without every song sounding the same. Really happy to have purchased this - far,far better than "Re-Born" and a lot better than "Murder by pride." Puts the skills demonstrated so well on "The Covering" to good use with the addition of their own writing talent.
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on 11 June 2015
A cracking album ; stuffed with immense heavy metal and brimming with a pleasing Spiritual vibe ; there is no one stand out track the quality runs right through ; if you wanna do some heavy head banging for the Lord this is youre ticket man. Ive always kept in touch with what Stryper are doing and there is no way they are gonna short change you ; good guys creating great Heavy Metal period. Maximus Metallicus.
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