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Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 16 October 2013
I loved the Elemental Mysteries series, and thought The Scribe *might* be as good (but really- how can it top Gio and Bea's world?)
Well- It did. It does. I could weep for having finished this book so soon (stupid fast reading). The world Elizabeth Hunter created for the Irin Chronicles feels even more real, resonates even deeper than the Elemental world. The characters burst to life, and it's like you're there experiencing everything with them. Hunter is just a damn good writer and storyteller.

I can't wait for book two.
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on 16 October 2013
amazing new series from Ms Hunter!!

a perfect blend of the old and the new, a twist to the fallen angels theme, alpha males, and much much more!!

written so beautfully, with a lot of history of the Irin coming through, im sure there is more that has NOT been said, than has. it has all the hall marks of Ms Hunter's writing, long desrciptions, deeply rounded characters that interact so well. the feeling come across as they should, you are grabbed from the very first page to the last.

i did shout, very loudly, at Ms Hunter, though, when i came across a certain scene, that i'm not going to spoil for those who are reading reviews before they read the book, but then i did cheer also, later on.

i have not classed this as over 18, the sex is there, but its not explicit as in some paranormal writings, its written as only Ms Hunter knows how, as far as im concerned. and there is violence, but again not graphic.

excellent start, thank you! now, hurry spring 2014, hurry!
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on 31 March 2014
Love, love, loved this book. Was quick to grip me and had me reading well into the wee hours. I was quite happy to read it at such a pace as I knew there was a book 2 (I'd spotted it before purchasing this one, didn't read anything about it for fear of spoilers but) was confident that if I'd enjoyed the first I could skip straight on to the next.

Well I did enjoy the first. Three dimensional characters, good dialogue, fab story and I was quickly absorbed into the world of the Irin. Who could not fall a bit in love with Malachi? Ava was likeable too, not to mention the peripheral characters and the beautifully described settings. I was whisked along with every step they took. I finished reading all too soon and went straight to the Kindle store to download the next - and NOOOO! - not released until May :( how disappointed?

Will be tapping my feet impatiently until then. If you are reading my review before purchasing Scribe then I am jealous. Jealous of the enjoyment you are going to have.
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on 4 January 2014
This was a great read, in my opinion rivaling EH's other series!
Ava is a strong character and I liked her, she is an independant, capable woman but lonely. Preferring her own company she has become isolated having grown up with the ability to hear voices. She is referred to a psychologist in Turkey where her path crosses with Malachi. He is handsome and mysterious and also Irin, a supernatural who detects in Ava the secret behind her abilities. The problem becomes the fact he isn't the only supernatural who knows what Ava truly is!!! A romantic story unfolds with suspense and action, well paced against an historic and well researched back drop. I really would recommend this as a lovely supernatural romantic read. My only criticism is that we have to wait for the next one!!
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Elizabeth Hunter has to be one of the best paranormal romance writers around and I can’t wait to devour anything that she writes.

The Scribe forms part of a new series called the Irin Chronicles which I hope will be another long running series because from book one, I am completely and totally hooked.

The premise of the book is totally different and surrounds a group of Irin scribes who are the immortal offspring of the Forgiven Angels. The scribes work together to protect innocents from the dangers of the Grigori, descendants of Fallen Angels.

Ava Matheson is just a girl but who has heard voices all of her life. Partially considered crazy she travels to Istanbul looking for answers. Whilst wandering the city, Malachi, a scribe notices that Ava has drawn the attention of the Grigori but unlike their normal MO of drawing females into their clutches, they simply follow Ava. Ava is aware that she is being followed and assumes that it is by her step-father’s hired protection.

Ava approaches Malachi and assuming his is her hired bodyguard starts spending time with him touring around Turkey. Before long, however, Ava soon realises that she is developing feelings for Malachi and when she finds out he is not whom she suspected him to be, becomes concerned for her wellbeing. Malachi however soon convinces Ava that he is still there to protect her and the two soon become inseparable. It is only when they kiss however that they start to realise that their relationship could have more meaning than they first thought.

***She pressed her face into the skin of his neck and breathed deeply, allowing herself the comfort. Allowing herself to dream for a moment that there could be a future for her that didn’t mean loneliness and isolation.***

The story progresses with Ava and Malachi trying to dodge the ever present Grigori whilst trying to find out exactly who Ava is and why the Grigori have an interest in her. Ava and Malachi fall in love and together they try to understand their feelings as each other’s Reshon.

***“Be quiet and let me undress you, woman.” His low growl shocked Ava out of her anger. “I’ve been thinking about this for over two hundred years.”***

I can’t wait for the next instalment of the Irin Chronicles and to find out who Ava really is and to see what powers she is capable of yielding. The ending of The Scribe is painful but at the same time there is hope that the tragedy that came about may not be as final as first thought.
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on 24 January 2014
This is an OMG book! Really that should cover it. Having read Elizabeth Hunter before I was expecting something good, but wow, this is exceptional. I can't really go into any detail without spoiling, but this is a beauty. The writing is beautiful, the language great, the settings so wonderfully evoked you barely need to use your imagination and as always she brings originality to her theme. She's done a complete number on my emotions with this one, don't know if I'll survive intact until the next installment!
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on 8 September 2015
I'm a voracious reader and am always browsing for new authors and new series - I just love a good saga. I bought this title based on the positive recommendations and thoroughly enjoyed the story. I bought the other titles in the series immediately and have already read them and loved every bit. A well-imagined world with engaging characters and a strong story - I was completely engrossed.
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on 21 October 2013
Words can't describe what an amazing book this is. I'm not sure how you would pin it down to a genre, it has romance, mystery, paranormal and enough atmosphere to blow your mind. It is hands down one of the best books I have ever read. I didn't think it possible but Elizabeth Hunter just gets better and better.

The book centres around Ava, a young woman who has been troubled by voices in her head all her life and often been dubbed as crazy. We are taken on an amazing journey as she discovers more about who and what she is. We meet the most amazing characters, they are painted beautifully, especially Malachi and his 'brothers'. Characterisation has got to be Elizabeth Hunter's strongest point, I feel like I could reach out and know them. That's not to say however that the plot and writing are sublime because they are!

The paranormal element is unlike any I have ever seen in another book and would spoil it if explained here. The mystery has only just begun and there are many more answers to come in the following two books, but this is the first chapter in Ava's discovery, centred around Istanbul. The book made my heart ache, both for joy and sorrow as we see Ava fall in love and learn about who she is. I for one, am waiting in great anticipation for the next instalment, taking Ava further on her journey.
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on 6 May 2016
Having already read the Elemental Mysteries series and falling in love with Gio and Bea, I didn't think I could love a couple anymore than they. Boy was I wrong. Ava and Malachi are a match made in heaven. I adored them.

Hunter's ability to weave the worlds they live in, describe their lives, it's like you're there with them, living it, feeling it. She has such a talent for this.

This book left me with such a feeling of raw emotion, I didn't hesitate to download the remaining two in the series.

A must read I would give 10 stars if I could.
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on 4 March 2015
Loved the concept and vivid imagery plus the originality of the storyline. Believable characters too. Makes me want to visit Istanbul now! Sadly, the book kinda morphed into 50 Shades of Black and White... I am never opposed to a good love scene in either book or movie, but I think the author got rather carried away, disrupting the storyline and causing me to stifle more than one yawn. Still, I will definitely move on to the next book once my boredom subsides.
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