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VINE VOICEon 9 September 2013
It is always an agonising wait for anything Murray Gold does in my opinion. Once that music has reached your heart and made scenes not just memorable but iconic, you are left hankering for the soundtrack to be released. In this case, for series 7, it has been the longest wait of all; over a year since the series began. Almost two if you count The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe, which has no soundtrack of its own and does not appear on this CD, despite its inclusion on the 7th series DVD.

Briefly touching on key tracks, this album is a mixture of uplifting, poignant, heartbreaking and ghostly melodies, some of which pick up on old themes (This Is Gallifrey/A Secret He Will Take To His Grave). The Ponds' departure in The Angels Take Manhattan is one of the most powerful moments of the series and so far in Moffat's reign. Together Or Not At All is a punch in the gut, with Goodbye Pond leaving you no time to recover. Clara's theme is at once playful and moving; perfectly capturing her wide-eyed innocence, courage and curiosity.

Trenzalore is something darker and heavier, a real sense of requiem and age as we delve into the past and conscience of the Doctor towards the end of the album/series.

God of Akhaten and The Long Song from The Rings of Akhaten may not be to everyone's taste given their choral nature, rather hymn like, featuring a child's (wonderful) voice, but I believe Gold has created something stirring and unforgettable. It reminds me of Journey's End's Song of Freedom (series 4 soundtrack).

I also recommend Cold War; it's chilling, and I couldn't get around that being a pun!

As a fan of Murray's work, I cannot fault his compositions as they always make me feel I am experiencing more emotion, with more nuances, than I knew I had, and these tunes stay with me. Happily on this occasion, much of the music included appears to sound much like it did when it caught my attention as the show aired, as previously tracks have occasionally been re-recorded or re-mastered and sound quite different, (Abigail's Song to name just one, which I always feel is a bit like false advertising as I bought that album for that song!), but here is just what you would want. If you fell in love with the music when you heard it, here it is, unblemished.

The only reason I am not giving it 5 stars is I am very disappointed that after having waited so long, the music from the Christmas episode, The Snowmen, has not been included at all. I hope it is made available at some point at the very least (though as mentioned earlier, the previous Christmas episode music never has), though I am not happy at having to pay for another album over and above. Frustratingly, this talented, talented man has me over a barrel, because I can't help but buy anything he produces.

Oh just buy it.
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on 4 April 2016
very good , the price was impressive for an old series , i am very very grateful to the seller . I am very happy with the price and quality ,this is a must for any doctor who fanatic , who wants to just relax by listening to doctor who music . It is one of many items that doctor who fans might love the music so you could listen to the music and let your imagination drift away . your mind can just go away with this music in a good way because dvd 's and Cd 's may be limited but your imagination isn't it can go to any lengths without anyone trying to stop you.
it sometimes works with music as it is better for me anyway .
I am very grateful for it and i am very happy thank you very much i will be very happy to listen to it .
honestly i am very grateful
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on 24 April 2014
There are some fantastic tracks in this double album, too many to list. As usual Gold's music is very varied, though there are still a few of the less memorable tracks.

'Up the Shard', 'The Salvation of Kahler Jex', 'Together or Not At All - the Song of Amy and Rory', 'Goodbye Pond' and 'Some Wednesday' are particularly enjoyable, as is 'The Long Song'.

For those who may be wondering, the tracks 'Trenzalore', 'Infinite Potential' and part of 'My Husband's Home' make up the music that accompanied the Eleventh Doctor's regeneration in Time of the Doctor.
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on 10 September 2013
As we're in the 50th Anniversary year, I've splashed out and bought both the Silva Screen limited edition album and the standard album from Amazon. Quite simply, Murray Gold has done it again! His music is sublime and perfectly accentuates the television stories they appear in. The double album is well packed with pieces from all of Series 7 except for The Snowmen, which as others have said, is a little disappointing - maybe there will be a separate release as with A Christmas Carol. Personally, I was also disappointed that the new theme tune arrangement wasn't also included. Since receiving the soundtrack, I've also purchased the two bonus tracks available on iTunes.
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on 15 February 2014
Beautiful, beautiful music by Murray Gold. Was privileged to see the Doctor Who Prom last year where the main themes from Series 7 were played, so this was an must-purchase after that incredible experience. As a CD I think I prefer the Series 5 soundtrack which had longer tracks and seemed more selective in the tracks that were put in the CD, but this is still great and brings back wonderful memories.
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on 26 May 2014
The Soundtrack CD was purchased as a gift, it arrived the next day as promised. Packed in good strong packing that coud be recycled. The new owner of the CD loves the tracks and says the CD is an excellent collection of the music used in the seventh series. I feel it is great value for money and a good idea as a gift for a true Dr Who Fan.
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on 11 October 2013
Particularly moving is Clara's theme (The Impossible Girl), a haunting melody which superbly captures the beauty of someone who is now my favourite all time character (and I never thought anyone could replace Sarah-Jane in my affections !) The music from The Rings of Akhaten is truly enchanting. This is my favourite episode from Series 7, and listening back to the music reminds me why it moved me so much.
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on 6 June 2015
One of the biggest game changing series of the Matt Smith era and the music matches it perfectly! Ups and Downs, good V.S. Bad and a ending no one was expecting all reflected in the amazing music.
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on 7 August 2016
always doctor who film classic music
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on 3 February 2014
Good value for money you get loads of tracks good as background music while you do your housework, if I cannot watch Doctor Who at any time this is the next best thing
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