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on 7 April 2017
I read a couple of bad reviews of this movie which I chose to ignore. I found it to be a great deal better than expected and very entertaining although vastly different from the original two movies. I recommend it to all vampire lovers.
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on 8 February 2015
A good film which is more of a seperate story than a sequel. Interesting idea and a cast that matches make this a great night in flick.
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VINE VOICEon 21 October 2013
As a stand alone vampire film this is okay for a straight to disc movie. A group of students go to Romania on a visit where one of them realises that their professor is not only gorgeous but a vampire to boot. Not just a vampire but one who needs the blood of a virgin born on a particular day to release her from a curse, you get the picture. The production qualities are good, this is no obvious low budget movie. It looks gorgeous, the cast do a really good job and the special effects are spot on. Even better its a full screen movie so no black lines. The main cast seem to be predominantly British playing Americans for some needless reason. Jamie Murray is perfectly cast as the vampire and comes across as sexy and evil and Sacha Parkinson really captures the gorgeous girl next door look as said virgin. The film features some nice original touches like UV filters on the vampire's windows and use of bat like sonar to locate her prey but the whole thing is let down by one thing.
Fright Night 2 was the sequel to the original Fright Night and featured the original Charlie Brewster and Peter Vincent and a female vampire who was the sister of Jerry Dandridge.
This Fright Night 2 is just an unnecessary remake of the remake of Fright Night set in Romania. It could have been a different film with different characters to much better effect. The only change is to make Jerry into Gerri. Why have yet another failed TV vampire hunter? How about a Romanian priest? I'm sure you get the picture and it let down the whole film despite the hard work of everyone involved.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 20 February 2016

Fright Night 2 arrives on blu-ray with MPEG-4 AVC @ 32 Mbps 1080p 1.85:1 encode. The film appears to be filmed digitally and exhibits a stylistically dark ambiance. To see the details requires a completely dark room and your TV with good native contrasts. This dimly lit movie exhibits a rather subdued colour palette. Resolution is revealing during close-ups. This is a generally satisfying horror experience with engaging stylished visuals. (4.5/5)


The DTS-HD 5.1 Master Audio soundtrack is terrific: the thudding LFE effects accompanying jump cuts, the whooshing sounds of fast moving vampires, the slow trickle of blood out of a body. Fidelity is excellent. The atmospherics and sound effects are highly directionalized and panned throughout the soundfield. The music score is densely orchestrated with a wide and deep soundstage that extends into the surrounds. Dialogue manages to stay intelligible above the intensified sonics. This is a very loud soundtrack. Therefore it is wise to turn down the volume at the beginning and then fine tune to your acceptable volume. (5/5)


Fright Night 2 is supposed to be the sequel to 2011’s surprisingly enjoyable remake. Director Eduardo Rodriguez injects some level of entertainment with plenty of stylised visual flare that pulsates with energy. The screen is steeped with a sensual charismatic romance of the Romanian locations and oozes in eroticism much like the blood freely-flowing from the killer's victims. Jaime Murray's hypnotic performance is outstanding. However, the script is quite weak. The Unrated version (100 minute) is only available on blu-ray, while the R-rated version (99 minute) is available on DVD. This blu-ray version comes with strong and detailed picture quality, while the loud soundtrack really rocks. This is a satisfying horror experience in my completely dark home theatre. This set is recommended.
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HALL OF FAMETOP 500 REVIEWERon 24 February 2014
Good news: this is not a direct sequel to 2010's "Fright Night." That means that it wisely dodged the bullet that splattered the original movie's sequel.

Bad news: It's another remake, but cheaper.

Yes, despite the subtitle, "Fright Night 2: New Blood" is effectively the same movie as both the original and the remake -- right down to the names of the characters -- but with a gender-flipped antagonist, who is also the second most cliched vampire villain in the world. Jaime Murray's elegant performance is the only real reason to watch this movie, because everything else feels sleazy and mediocre.

A bunch of American exchange students have just arrived in Romania. Charley (Will Payne) spots a pair of attractive women making out (and is as piggish as you expect), but is shocked when one of them starts drinking the other's blood. He's even more shocked when he finds that the drinker is also his history teacher, Gerri Dandridge (Murray).

After spotting her dumping a body, Charley follows her -- and discovers her rejuvenating herself in a bath of blood. Yes, she's Elizabeth Bathory.

Charley's whiny ex-girlfriend Amy (Sacha Parkinson) refuses to believe that he's seen a vampire, but his best friend "Evil" Ed (Chris Waller) immediately jumps on board the vampire-hunting train. So they enlist debauched TV star Peter Vincent (Sean Power), who happens to be in Romania touring the strip clubs. And of course, it turns out that there's something Gerri wants from Amy.

Yes, this movie is not a sequel, but a remake with a much lower budget -- seriously, the star power here is that a lady who stars on a few SyFy shows is the villain. The names ("Evil" Ed, Peter Vincent, Charley Brewster) are the same, the setup is the same -- really, the Romanian setting and the laughably fictionalized history of Elizabeth Bathory is the only new stuff here.

But while a lower budget doesn't mean poorer quality... this is no good. The entire movie feels very grotty and sleazy, as if everything is filmed through a thin layer of grime, and the dialogue tends to be a lot of tiresome unfunny jokes. You know you're in for a lackluster movie when the most intriguing, well-directed part of the movie is a MOTION COMIC.

It also is borderline exploitation, since the movie lovingly lingers on lesbian kisses and bare breasts for a comically long time. There's an entire scene set in a strip club, just so they could show strippers... and not even good strippers. It just makes the male characters look like pigs.

As for the acting, the only actor worth noting is Murray. She is a perfect vampire antagonist -- sensual without being skanky, elegant, intelligent and languidly manipulative. And yet, she still manages a few moments of vulnerability where we see how Bathory has suffered and lost hope, which almost makes you feel sorry for her.

That's something you WON'T be feeling for the other characters -- Peter is a sleazy creeper, Charley is a greasy little weasel, and Ed seems to be bipolar. Also, Amy is a whiny martyr who spends the whole movie obsessing on whether her boyfriend cheated on her -- which is never made clear, and isn't important anyway.

"Fright Night 2: New Blood" doesn't have much new blood -- it just digs up the corpse of "Fright Nights" past and tries to shock it back to life. Give it a pass, unless you're a Jaime Murray fan.
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on 9 November 2013
Gerri Dandridge is a professor, but by night she transforms into a vampire. When a group of high school students travel to Romania, they find themselves trapped in Gerri's grip.

Charley and Evil Ed must stop Gerri from drinking and bathing in the blood of a new moon virgin, which happens to be Charley's ex-girlfriend, Amy.

They enlist help from Peter Vincent, the host of reality show Fright Night, to drive a stake through Gerri and save Amy....

I thought the remake of the original, was one of the better horror films of recent years, and easily one of the best remakes ever. So why does this movie ignore the fact that that movie happened? Ed died in the last one, and weighed a lot less.

So what we have is a blatant cash in of that movie, and the Fright Night name, by getting unknown actors (unless you watch prime time brain sapping pap), set it in another country and add a little bit of flesh to sell the film a bit more.

The last movies, and the movies before, had a little twinkle in their eye, and tipped their hat to audience in a knowing way, they were fun because of this, and entertained.

This though goes all straight, Ed being wacky all the time doesn't count, he's irritating, and just makes the film a little more vexing.

It's the most pointless sequel to a film since 8mm 2, and the fundamental part is that its boring, and never once exciting.

Nice location though.
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on 29 April 2014
A group of American high school students travel abroad to Romania to study they're culture, following one of them in Charley Brewster (Payne), who uncovers that the local professor Gerri Dandridge (Murray), who is teaching them, is in fact a blood thirsty creature of the night on the hunt for a virgin girl with special blood to release her from the vampiric curse. Realizing Charley knows her secret she teases her prey, until Gerri soon takes an unhealthy obsession with Charley's ex-girlfriend Amy, can he convince them of the truth & save all their lives ?!

Despite the movies name suggesting so, this is not a direct sequel to the 2011 Fright Night that was a reboot of the 1980's movies of the same name. But instead FN2:New Blood is confusingly another remake of the original Fright Nights 80's material, where it uses the same characters & story, but takes the female baddie from the 2nd movie which isn't given any continuity in the story to suggest it might be a sequel.

Up to a point it is a half decent B movie horror film that builds up & executes a nice reveal reusing the established material of the 80's flicks. That point being where they leave the sewers, the end run in & finale feels strained, unbeliveable & a total mess of confusion that undoes the good build up. The dark humor is often lacking, be either too subtle to notice it or over the top from the eccentric, overactive & often annoying Evil Ed character. Despite what feels like a low budget movie at work here, the cinematography & special effects redeemed things a little with some very nice backdrops, insanely blood thirsty & gory scenes, and the chase scene in the sewers had some really imaginative special effects where Gerri uses bat sonar to find the fleeing Charlie & Amy.

The cast of the movie is surprisingly British, putting on decent American accents. Jamie Murray (Defiance) was the best thing & saving grace of the movie as the sinister, sexy & seductive femme fatale Vampire, Gerri Dandridge, who turns in a genuinely scarily evil turn of face. Will Payne (Mr Selfridge) as Charley Brewster , Chris Waller (Inbred) as 'Evil' Ed & Sacha Parkinson (Coronation Street) as Amy Peterson are all beliveable enough as the high school students if unremarkable themselves. While Sam Power (Lead Balloon) is stuck with a total travesty of the depiction of Peter Vincnet as a washed up ghost hunting T.V presenter who has no shred of charisma or unique personality about him, unlike Roddy McDowall or David Tennant in previous versions that were at least more imaginative.

In conclusion, despite a delicious performance from Jamie Murray & some nice special effect touches, it trips itself up with a 2nd rate Peter Vincent & muddled finale that was agonizing to sit through. Contains strong language, graphic violence, sexual scenes & flashing images. Worth a watch.
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on 9 October 2013
Here's what you need to know: this isn't a sequel. It's another reboot.

This time around the action is set in Romania and the vampire is a chick. Aside from that, it's more or less the same story as before.

So let's talk comparisons. How does this one stack up against its predecessors?

Here's the cons: it's a straight to DVD flick so it feels somewhat cheaper than the last film. That's not a big deal though. What is a serious problem is the sloppy writing. Now, I know that the writing had never been the series' strong point, but in this version the bar noticeably drops a couple of notches. This applies to the plotting, which is painfully contrived at times, but more importantly also effects the characters. Put simply: this is the first time in the series that I genuinely didn't care about -indeed, even disliked!- our heroes. Ed is the worst casualty, in this regard. In this version Ed is reduced to a horny douche along the same lines as the guys from the Hostel films. In the previous Fright Night flicks, Ed was so pathetic that I found myself feeling sorry for him. His attention-grabbing pranks were obviously just a mask to hide his insecurities. Not here though. In this one, Ed's changed from being a sad loser to being a generic, obnoxious jerk. Not only does he fail to make any connection with the audience, he doesn't even seem to have much of a friendship with Charley either!

Now on to the pros: Jaime Murray (who you might remember from the second season of Dexter) steals the show as the villain. She's never given much material to work with, but she sure knows how to grab the viewer's attention. Likewise, one gets the impression that Sean Power's macho rendition of Peter Vincent could have been a lot of fun, if he'd been given more screen time. Another major plus is the atmospheric and evocative locations used in this film. The cinematography really shines in some scenes too. Visually, the film is very nice. Much better than one might expect from a straight to DVD flick.

Bottom line: so long as you know that this is a reboot and are in a forgiving mood, then this film should keep you somewhat entertained. It's not really worth getting angry about, but it's not a cause for celebration either. It's just... OK.
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on 8 October 2013
This is a simple formulaic predictable film, which is one of the reasons why I liked it. It didn't try to be cute and clever, just took an old story and did it well. The film opens with a bang. We then move on to Romania where Charley (Will Payne) has girl friend issues with Amy (Sacha Parkinson) who doesn't trust him. They are there to study European Art History taught by none other than Madam Bathory (Jaime Murray) who needs the blood of a specific virgin. You can fill in the plot details.

Charley with his roommate seek the aid of TV "Fright Night" personality (Chris Waller) to help them, a man more interested in strippers.

This is indeed a remake. Jamie Murray brings to the screen a raw sexuality which made the film a classic "B" horror film. Our TV personality could have been done better and is the low spot of the writing. If you think of this as box office horror film, you will be disappointed, but as a "B" horror it is 5 stars.

Parental Guide: F-bomb, girl/girl action, full frontal nudity.
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on 7 November 2013
Once again another catching cover but the film was a turkey. I am sure many people might argue with me but I hope I can help some poor soul out there not to part with their hard-earned money. From the first five minutes I felt this plot was going to be as tasteless as your own granny with no teeth in slurping on a bowl of rice pudding.
The two main actors were unknown to me which makes the film more realistic.But the dialogue, the bad acting and the awful story-line made it so uncomfortable to watch and turned it off half way through.
This film really was a bloody, pain in the neck.
Avoid it.
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