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on 1 April 2017
Clear, easy to read, and (once set for LONdon, not PARis as the watch arrived set to) easy to operate. The main chore was getting the battery charged up enough to remain in the HI level; I did this over a weekend by exposing the watch to as much sunlight/daylight as possible, and leaving it on a east-facing window to catch the morning sun before I get up.

The link extraction tool supplied is simple and very effective.

I don't know whether the glass is scratch resistant (a few reviewers think not, so I'm being careful), but no scratches yet.

Time keeping is as you would expect from a radio synchronized watch. Just make sure (in the UK) that the world zone is LON and not GMT as the latter will not move forward/back in March and October.
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on 22 December 2016
There is something very reassuring about the Wave-ceptor concept - synchronised withan atomic clock nightly, you can be confident that it is always right on time. Why would you want a time piece you set yourself that is at risk of being wrong? I had an earlier model Casio waveceptor for around twelve years and when it finally expired I went straight to the current model. It is solar powered now, so no battery failure every couple of years, which is great, and the face is slightly bigger than old models. Most important, the links in the bracelet are a breeze to shorten, another chore to cross off the list. It costs a little less with a ordinary material strap, but I like the simplicity of the metal click in place. The perfect watch, which for something you wear 24 hours a day year in year out, is a reliable friend.
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on 1 June 2017
I really loved this watch. It is extremely stylish and keeps the time well (via radio). It has glow in the dark hands etc and a bright light so is easy to see in the dark.

However I had to reluctantly return it as it scratches way too easily!

Unless you are very careful and not prone to knocking your watch face then this is not a good thing! :(.

Also seemed to not automatically change time when the clocks changed which was a pain. Had to look up the manual to figure out how to get the time to re-sync.

The description on amazon was wrong - it is not scratch resistant at all.

Buy for occasional use maybe but I needed an all day every day watch.
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on 9 October 2017
This item was delivered as an evening delivery. It comes packed in a tin box (presumably to stop the radio setting switching watch on and flattening battery. Once removed from the box it immediately springs to life and sets itself to the correct time. As said in another review, I set the time area to London which resulted in it resetting to an hour slow, but, overnight, it put itself right. The instruction book is thick but very small and difficult to read, so I download the 9 page PDF which can enlarge on-screen to read more easily. The instructions are full and easy to follow and in proper English. I had to remove 3 links from the wrist band and this has to be the easiest band to change with a supplied tool and simple instructions, took me less than 5 minutes. The watch is comfortable to wear, easy to read, and looks much better than in the illustration. I was dubious about a solar charged/radio setting watch after I bought an Acctim which was a total nightmare until it expired after 6 months. This watch looks better, feels better and is 100% easier to operate and, as a Casio, I expect it to give long service.
As supplied the watch battery charge was shown as 'mid', I will see how it charges, but if charge gets too low it switches off unnecessary operations - a brilliant idea. I may buy a solar charger for those long winter nights but will see how it charges in the meantime.
As I say very pleased with my purchase, any problems and I will update this review.

Update. For dark winter days, to recharge battery, instead of buying an expensive LED charger I have one of these which charges from MID to HI in a few hours: www.amazon.co.uk/Portable-Night-Keyboard-Computer-Outdoor-Warm/dp/B01LVXMGVW/ref=sr_1_1
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on 17 December 2015
I received my Casio watch today and I have already found out how to adjust time manually if necessary! It is quite easy to use and the instructions booklet is very detailed and informative. The watch itself is not anything fancy, but it is all I expected it to be! It is true that the dial looks grey and not blue and that there are some pieces of plastic at the back of the case and at the front, but all this I already knew before ordering my watch, because I had thoroughly read the reviews written by other customers who had bought this watch before me! Note that this watch has a very long band (huge for my hand I might say!), but I have very easily adjusted its length using the special little tool which I found in my Casio's box! So now, only a few hours after receiving my Casio, I am already wearing it on my wrist and I am very happy about it! I really believe it's worth the money I gave!
review image
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on 17 May 2016
Nice watch which seems to work very well on radio controlled time. It leapt into action as soon as I removed it from the packaging. It set itself to the correct time immediately but I went through the set-up anyway and initiated a manual search for the time signal. Took about 5 mins to detect and set the time. Set-up for various functions is slightly arcane but once you know which buttons do what it is fine.
Much lighter than I was expecting but that is clearly because the body is actually plastic with a stainless steel skin but it is not that noticeable and does not make it look cheap and nasty. The light is yellow and you can see the analogue hands OK but it is no good for the LED display as it is too bright for your eyes to adjust in darkness to see the display. Haven't tried the alarm function yet. Back suggests it is also water-resistant to 10 bar.
Strap is comfortable and sensibly proportioned. It has a GREAT adjustment mechanism that allows links to be removed/replaced in seconds using the little plastic tool included. This is so effective I cannot understand how this is the first time I have come across it.
Fully charges easily in a day and normal wear keeps it that way.
Accuracy seems spot-on. I checked it against a number of other radio controlled clocks I have and it matches precisely. Likewise with the BBC time pips on a non-DAB radio. Interestingly I have two identical Acctim radio controlled wall clocks which were BOTH exactly 2 seconds out (fast) from this watch and the four other independent devices I checked. I had been blaming the BBC for years for being 2 seconds out but it looks like the Acctims are wrong ! I actually have a third Acctim (sad I know) that is similar but without the glow in the dark display and that is spot-on.
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on 7 October 2016
I'm really impressed with this watch. It does absolutely everything I want in an everyday watch for work.

I had an old Citizen Eco Drive solar watch with a titanium case that I must have had for about 12 years. It looks battered now (titanium does pick up scratches quite easily) but is still going strong - but the face looks a little small today. When I started looking around for a replacement I quickly came up with a wishlist - looks nice, waterproof, solar powered, atomic clock sync, titanium, affordable. The number of watches that fall into this category is really small, in fact this Casio WVA-M640TD-1AER is the only one I found and liked.

It arrived last night in a really smart metal tin, together with a really thick instruction book with tiny writing in it. I found the instruction manual you can download off the Casio website much clearer and easier to follow. It was quite straight forward to change the time zone to LON and change the world time so it shows Orlando for our next holiday.

The bracelet is a work of genius - really easy to adjust without taking into a shop using the special tool supplied.

The watch looks great on my wrist. I like the titanium finish - yes there are parts of the watch in plastic but that just adds to the really light weight I'd hoped for with a titanium case and strap.

The watch goes to sleep at night and makes me smile when the lights come on, it wakes up and the second hand sweeps around the dial.

I love the thought that it's the most accurate watch I own even if it's the cheapest. Never having to adjust the date or change for daylight savings time is just a bonus. I thoroughly recommend this.
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on 12 April 2018
Purchased this to replace two old watches that were showing faults.

There are many variants of the Wave Ceptor, the price varies from around £30.00 up to £200.00 plus. This one is the Titanium model.

I chose this one because of the easy adjustment of the bracelet. Using the tool supplied or a suitable diameter rod, its one of the easiest adjustments that I have seen. I removed 5 links to fit my wrist.

Some reviewers have complained about the plastic part of the watch. The main chassis is probably engineering grade polycarbonate. This is clad in either stainless steel or titanium. The non metal part is hardly visible when the watch is worn.
Mine was almost fully charged on arrival, and was showing the correct time and date, but it was set to Paris and not London.
Very easy to to reset to your country. Be sure to switch on DST, Daylight Saving Time. This may be the reason other reviewers have complained that the watch is an hour out. For EU models I am pretty sure that the default is Paris.

The instruction book is very small , multi language, and with a very small font. The downloaded PDF file is not much better, but you can always enlarge sections.

The VLF time signal now comes from Anthorn in Cumbria . It used to come from Rugby. All details are on their website.

Casio claim plus or minus 15 seconds a month or better accuracy. I have checked mine and it matches one of the online Atomic Clock time checkers.

I have not checked any of the alarms as I do not have any real use for them.

The LED dial light works well. The hands are luminous, have not tried these as yet as the watch was only delivered an hour ago.

I think it's pretty good value.
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on 7 January 2018
Was looking for a simple watch which would give me day/date (perpetual!) and not need tending, and this fits the bill. Would be nicer if it was 100% titanium, with a sapphire face, but for the price it is very acceptable. Arrived synced to Paris time, and last radio update was 1/Sep last year, but the time was still accurate +/- a minute.

Bracelet adjustment is non-standard, but works well (tool provided), and watch picks up UK time signal from my bedside table (rather adjacent to multiple tablets, phones, and sundry bits of Bluetooth/Wifi), so try that before you go with the whole 'face the 12 o'clock dial position to a window' nonsense, which you may need elsewhere in the world, behind a mountain, inside a steel box.

Instruction 'brick' is not illegible, and not unduly complex, but fewer/bigger pages would have been nicer. I bought this one because there were no simple/cheap Citizens which receive UK time signal (most of the ones I found were Germany/USA only). The digital display looks a bit retro, but makes setting the watch (alarms, time zone, etc) 1000% easier than trying to do it all via hand positions.

LED is bright enough, but 'steetlight orange' rather than white. Beep is audible .. enough so that I turned it off for button presses, but I would not rely on it to wake me up for anything important.

And in titanium (and plastic .. sorry 'resin') it is extremely light and easy on the wrist.
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on 5 June 2017
Better than expected, slightly heavier than the titanium version, but nice to feel it on the wrist. Charges under artificial light as well, got lots of extras that I don't use, very nice night illumination, worth the money, certainly gives the appearance of a much more expensive watch than it is, very happy with the purchase.
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