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on 23 February 2014
The Radio 2 Folk Awards fortunately happened near my birthday so I've treated myself to a few albums that impressed me from them. I hadn't heard anything by Lisa Knapp before but after listening to 'The Shipping Song' I was mesmerised. I didn't think someone could make singing the shipping areas of the British Isles sound hauntingly beautiful but Lisa Knapp has managed it. There are elements of Bjork and Kate Bush but she has enough unique idiosyncrasy to be completely her own artist. Highly atmospheric and for someone who lives on the coast and loves the sea it conjures up the elements, the seasons and raw nature. It also shows that folk can encompasses many different facets and is one of the most innovative and interesting music genres to be involved and interested in and long may it continue to be so.
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on 10 November 2013
Missed the chance to see Ms Knapp in South Wales so bought the cd. Wonderful soundscape and songs. She is inevitably compared to Kate Bush by all reviewers but it is a valid comparison and she can stand next to her easily and Liz Fraser.
Worth the price to hear the shipping forecast turned into an epic of longing and wanderlust in track 1.
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on 26 March 2015
She's not a huge name, and given her somewhat quirky style, she may never be, but don't let that put you off. Although I have over a thousand CDs in my collection, and have owned this one for over a year now, this little beauty keeps finding its way onto my CD player. And it really is a beauty. But, what I think makes this a particularly standout release is its originality; Lisa Knapp probably sounds like nothing else you've heard before (although the title of this review tells you where I think she's coming from). Furthermore, she is joined/supported on this release by some of folks outstanding current crop; James Yorkston, Martin Carthy, Alasdair Roberts and Kathryn Williams. I think that says a lot about what her contemporaries think of this artist too.
However, none of that means a jot to my taste unless there is a voice to match, and thankfully there is; LK has a wonderfully original voice that does remind me quite a lot of Bjork, and no bad thing.
Very very highly recommended.
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on 10 October 2013
There are very few artists in folk or any other genre of music where you can not think of someone similar to them and to which you may compare them to! Lisa Knapp is one such artist. With the most haunting beautiful voice and truly individual interpretation of everything she does she is truly individual. In my opinion there can be no better praise than that. This and the first album wild and undaunted whilst totally different from each other both represent exceptional albums of their time. I've only had Hidden seam for a week or so and as such I have not grown so attached to it as I was wild and undaunted but I fear that this is my fault not its. I totally recommend this album!
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on 12 May 2014
No an instant thing for me but after a few listens it has really grown on me - especially Black Horse which is one of those songs which sticks to the inside of your ears for days on end. Love the shipping song as well.
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on 20 April 2014
I had bought the first album by Lisa Knapp and been impressed by the gentle yet powerful vocals so it was a hard act to follow. If anything Hidden seam is even better with unusual instrumentation that almost seems to combine folk with a bit of a Bjork feel while remaining very English. The shipping song is beautiful in particular and makes a great start to a great album. Another particular highlight is the two part Hunt the hare which combines beautifilly Knapps vocal with Gerry Dever's instrumentation. Well worth a buy if you like modern yet classic sounding english folk
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on 8 October 2013
It's very rare that you find an album where each song is as good as the previous one and stands out so well on it's own, and also has so much musical beauty not to mention many unique and original qualities, and still moves seamlessly (excuse the pun) to the next one. All 9 songs on Hidden Seam are like this in my opinion, there isn't a duff track on it. You can tell that a good deal of time has been spent, and fun has been had creating this beautiful piece of art.

I listened to it for the first time on my phone travelling through London on trains and tubes and was in a pleasant dreamy daze when I arrived at my destination. You can really hear the quality in the wonderful production of this incredible musical tapestry on headphones (I'd also recommend listening to it in a comfy chair on a good sound system, with the volume turned deserves that) and all the little quirky sounds, piano, strings and layers that add to the mix of each song. The production is rich and well balanced. Then on top of this you have Lisa Knapp's stunningly beautiful vocals and cleverly thought out lyrics delivered with some equally beautiful melody lines. WOW! End result - a fresh modern sounding album of beautiful songs with depth and clarity.

She's taken "folk" music to another level.

Stand out songs - All of them!
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on 8 October 2013
I don't know how I can have managed not to have heard of Lisa Knapp before this summer. It's rare that I hear a tune on the radio that makes me want to stop and listen, but that was the effect of 'Two Ravens'. Many, many listens later I still find this song wonderful and mesmerising. And that is a fair description of this whole album. Yes, distinctly 'folk', but this is original, pure and modern music which really defies categorisation. In some ways I'm reminded of mid period Kate Bush - that sense of invention, and great care over each moment, and yet delivered so naturally and seemingly effortlessly. I thought of one person with great taste in music who I knew would love this. I proudly sent a link 'think you might like this', to which he promptly responded - 'yes I do, love the first album too'. I confess, once I'd heard Two Ravens, I had to have this album as soon as possible - so ordered from the publisher (with signed copy to boot) and not from Amazon as it wasn't listed then. I'm here writing this now because there is no way this album can be allowed to remain a secret amongst musos - no reviews? - wake up people and buy it! - truly something special. Can't wait to hear the first album!
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on 8 October 2013
I first had the pleasure of seeing Lisa Knapp perform when she came to Swindon to promote her first album, "Wild and Undaunted" in 2007. Somehow it seems much longer ago than that. Possibly it is the number of times I have played it, that makes it seem I have known it forever. It is wonderful.

May Day 2012 brought Lisa's five track EP "Hunt the Hare - A Branch of May", another total delight.

Lisa Knapp has just released her second album, "Hidden Seam". I had pre-ordered it as soon as I was able. It arrived two days before the official release date. I have a friend who sometimes doesn't open a package straight away, but marvels at the wondrous contents inside. I have never had that feeling, or so I thought. I opened it straight away and delighted in the beautiful artwork, a photograph of a reclining Lisa. Across the length of her dress was her hand written signature. Oh yes, I'm a fan. Carefully I placed it next to the player, and to my surprise, that is where it stayed. I wondered why I simply couldn't play it.

My emotions were in a bit of a turmoil. Several deep disappointments tempered with happiness at the reaction of a few friends to a new venture, but no, that wasn't it. At last I worked out my problem. I was frightened of the new disc and its contents. I have such a high opinion of Lisa's previous work, that I was fearful that this would not match up to the magic. At last I got the measure of my emotions, and played it. What WAS I worried about???

This is a LISA KNAPP album!!!

Too true it is. From the very first song, "Shipping Song", and all the way though to the sublime "Hushabye", at the end, this is a treasure trove of wonders. Lisa sings not simply charming folk songs, but a variety of genres, soft and inviting, yet others far more challenging. How can the strings of a bow being dropped and bounced down a violin's strings be so perfect? How can anyone singing the fishing forecast areas sound so mesmerising? This is progressive English Folk Music for the twenty first century. The instruments are played by all, to absolute perfection. The small touches of piano and of percussion, are a joy. The violin a delight. This is music for the connoisseur. This requires dedicated listening. This lifts the spirits in a way that few can.

This is a LISA KNAPP album!!!

There are offbeat thumping rhythms, modern dancers please take note. The gentle slow songs work their way into your very soul. Lisa is like a rose in nature. Her hauntingly beautiful talent shines brightly layer after layer, each one ever more fresh and alive. Do not mistake this though, there is an edge, a sharpness, a cutting sharpness. So be warned, do not ever underestimate this force of nature, but luxuriate in the sounds, the emotions, the all enveloping warm and love that is "Hidden Seam". And finally there is the last song, "Hushabye". This I repeat every-time I listen to the album. This is the one that raised the hair on the back of my neck. This is the most magic one for me. Lisa has done this to me before. Magic can be very hard to find. Despite my worries, it is very much here again, thanks to Lisa and her friends......... After all,

This is a LISA KNAPP album!!!
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on 8 October 2013
Great album. I was looking for something a bit atmospheric and i wasn't disappointed. I was a fan of Lisa's first album, and for me this feels like a great progression. Everything from the lyrics to the arrangements is stunning and flawless. Some really interesting duets too that i was impressed by. This will be a great listen for the winter months.
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