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on 15 November 2013
A friend of mine has been 'into' Gary Numan right from the start and I always remember going round to her house with 'Cars' screaming out of her tape deck!

I resisted then buying anything from Gary Numan (even though I liked him) but, after all the 'buzz' surrounding this latest offering I thought, 'What the Hell..better late than never!'

I am not going to sit here analyzing all the tracks. Quite a few people have done a brilliant job of reviewing them already..and they will know more about Gary's past work to compare it to.

All I will say is this; there is NOT ONE bad track on this CD, which is rare. People have a short attention span these days but no way could you put this CD on and not play it all the way through, it wouldn't do it justice. It feels a bit like a concept album anyway as it gives you an insight into what was going on in Numan's mind at the time.

Yes, it's dark..but catchy as well. People who are depressed have actually said that Gary Numan's music helps them..and, after listening to this around 3 times now (I've got my headphones on playing it through my computer although it did sound awesome on my 'system') I can well understand what they mean.

Mind you, the last track 'My Last Day' DID make me cry..but in a good way!

I found out today that this CD is at No.20 in the album charts this week and I'm so chuffed I've helped it get there.
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on 2 December 2013
Without a doubt his best album since Telekon.

Not that that is so surprising for all of those who suffered the following albums, full of slap bass and saxophone shenanigans, culminating so spectacularly on the truly dire Machine and Soul.

Not that there weren't moments on those albums, but in trying to appease the critics who had embarked on an unprecedented campaign of vitriolic abuse,( the same critics who now laud him as a 'legend' and 'genius' ) he lost his direction and gave even more ammunition to his critics and left the rest of his scratching our heads.

And then came Sacrifice....or Hallelujah as we called it in our house, as Gary went back to making the music HE wanted to make and the fans wanted to hear, a truly great return to form.

However since then it's all been a bit too much of the same and it was with a certain sense of trepidation that I bought this. I'm glad to say my fears were completely unfounded! After the opening track, I am Dust, I had a huge grin on my face and played it again before I carried on with the rest of the album. When I eventually got to the end I was still grinning!

It's an album where Gary seems to be at the top of his game. it's exciting, innovative, fresh yet familiar,and full of crackers.I am Dust, Lost, Love Hurt Bleeds..... and if Here In The Dark isn't the best, darkest f*** off James Bond theme you've ever heard...well, it should be!

If only Simple Minds could do the same and realise what made them so great....

I'm thrilled and delighted. A Triumph!
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on 6 February 2016
The long awaited Splinter album from Gary Numan that was released in 2013 is possibly his finest album since 1981’s “Telekon”. It is on this album that all the hard work and experimenting that began on 1994’s return to form “Sacrifice” finally paid off. The production from Ade Fenton is top notch and the whole package looks professional. Whilst that is good there is no point looking good if the songs aren’t up to standard but thankfully they are.

From the opening crunching beats of “I Am Dust” it is obvious that this album is going to be great. On his previous albums it used to take an age before the track would start not this time these are straight ahead songs. The stand out track is “Here in the Black” a song about depression which features whispered vocals and a big bouncy beat that all comes together perfectly. Numan even has a disco vibe on the album with the totally danceable “Love Hurt Bleed”.

Producer Fenton who has always taken a lot of stick from Numan fans really has added a great deal on production. Yes the album does sound like Nine Inch Nails in places no more so than on “We’re The Unforgiven” which you think in Nine inch Nails until Numans vocal comes in. As well as that long time Nine Inch Nails touring guitarist Robin Finck plays on 4 of the tracks as does long-time Numan guitarist Steve Harris.

The deluxe edition comes with 6 bonus tracks that include 4 demos and 2 remixes and the album comes in a lovely hard back cover (similar to NIN’s Hesitation Marks) with the lyrics printed for each track.
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on 22 February 2015
Great album, although that will not mean anything to those who are not a fan. However, as a fan I still try to be objective. It is always difficult to review the album because musical taste is a personal preference, however I think this is by far the best thing he has done since the early 90's. At first, i really didn't think too much of it, but after listening to it a few times i love it. If you are expecting to hear material similar to the early synth stuff then you are in for a surprise. This is a very well polished album, although the album is about depression the songs are in no way depressing or sombre, far from it. A very full on industrial album. There are still synths of course but more subtle than earlier stuff like The Pleasure Principle, and cars. This album has 'proper' stuff like real guitars, and real drums. The calling is a great track with a beautiful serene melody, whereas We're The Unforgiven is more guitar based. There are some die hard 'old' fans that do not like this and have left poor reviews, as is their right, but this is not the sound of old, so don't expect it to sound like it. It really is a very good album.
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on 27 November 2016
Gary was a huge influence for the young me and the first albums are still cherished possesions. I had moved on and listen to a wide range of stuff and did not expect to be buying any more GN albums however a chance hearing of The Fall and I was intregued. Then my daughter bought us tickets for the Festival Hall show and the man has won me back completely. I bought the album that night. It is a sublime journey. From industrial rock to syth rock to gentle cries from within.
Prompted to write a review as just watched the BBC doc. What a lovely family.
Gary, a shake of your virtual hand sir.
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on 24 April 2015
This is being written as I listen to the album for only the 3rd time, this really takes me back to how he made me feel when I first heard him 35 years ago, it is dark brooding and starkly beautiful, it talks of love, loss, life and death in a society that more than ever isolates people. The songs are oddly romantic in the hopes they portray. This is musically in touch with all your emotions, it has a truly GOTHIC majesty, it is heavy metal for a modern age like Korn or NIN, it even touches the areas of A Perfect Circle and Pucifer that scare away all but the truly broken minded.
These really are songs from a broken mind
If your mind is broken too then listen to this and realise others are like you
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on 21 December 2013
Back in the day when Mr Numan emerged as the front man for Tubeway Army he caught my attention. Then he released his first solo album and got involved in flying planes. After that I kind of lost interest in him for years until Amazon recently listed his 'new' album. So I checked out some online videos that might give some indication as to how his new material might sound. There was a video of him doing a live set at Bumbershoot. "Whoooooooooooh!" I thought. Pretty awesome. Bought the album and have been quite impressed. I say 'quite' because I believe one or two of the tracks may be an acquired taste. "Love Hurt Bleed" stands out here by a mile and should be released as a single if it hasn't already been. 'Atmospheric' would be the best word to use to describe this album as a whole. Some have referred to Mr Numan's recent dalliances with Nine Inch Nails and it is possible that this has partially influenced the feel of this welcome return to form. Thank you for the music Mr Numan.
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on 23 July 2016
Having been one of the original Numanoids, I've always loved Gary's first wave of music. Right up to and including Telekon, I've known every word and every synth solo of every track, by heart for getting on 40 years!! This album was a surprise to me.... had no idea Numan was still making music. Well, what a surprise - it's incredible. There's just one or two tracks I'm not sure about, but all the rest are winners. Wish I'd found out about it a few years ago!
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on 21 September 2017
This album is perfect, and is almost as good as Savage, the latest Album, both albums are brilliantly written and perfectly produced by Ade Fenton, as a long time Numan fan from 79 I love his early stuff, but this is right up there with the best of the early trio, Replicas, The Pleasure Principle and Telekon, in the testament of time these latest two albums will hold their own, I just hope there is going to be a 3rd 'Songs From a' to complete a triology
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on 2 January 2018
This is as close to a Nine Inch Nails and Gary Numan collaboration as you will get. Really great album, if you like goth metal, industrial, rock, or just want to try something a little darker, then get this.
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