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on 17 August 2015
What an amazing phone! The screen is nice and bright, its flashlight is also very bright.
Decent sound quality, great battery life, easy to use for browsing. Upgradable to Android 5.0.2 through official channel.

- No micro-SD card slot. Fortunately has enough on-board storage for apps and some music.
- Sound quality is not the best. Remember to disable sound-effects as those make it even worse, and thus many other customers complain it's horrible. Regular 3.5mm audio jack for widest range of headphones compatible with it.
- Wifi signal reception is a tad worse than some other phones. Still, is very good
- Not the most responsive. Still, has enough RAM to sustain multiple apps running at once, and many background services (skype/whatsapp/facebook_messenger/etc).
- Motorola built-in apps bug you sometimes with a notification.

- Decent sound quality, with a high volume possible on both headphones and speaker.
- enough RAM and cpu speed to browse a dozen tabs and switch between apps
- solid network reception, decent WiFi reception.
- youtube runs smoothly, browsing the web is a joy
- quite responsive and enjoyable to use. iPhones are better at this, but this is several times cheaper.
- only £120; I'd have easily valuated it at £200.
- two days of battery life, with 16 hours of those listening to music (and forgetting the music on), and some browsing. When it goes down to 15% charge, you still have hours left.
- comfortable case; the back surface assists for solid grip.
- doesn't break easily. Dropped it a few times when not touching the back surface, not a single scratch.
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on 15 December 2015
This is by far the best phone i have ever used. I have been using it for 2 years and i have no intention of replacing it anytime soon.

The camera quality is decent for everyday use. Autofocus works really well, especially for text. The LED flash light is very very bright, even more bright than any flashlight i own. I use the LED flash as a flashlight every single day for lighting up the door lock or when i'm working inside my computer or any other low light job.

Speaker is loud and clear, microphone is also great for calls or sound recording. Stable GPS and wifi. Good screen overall.

I used the original motorola kitkat firmware and i was happy with it. After the lollipop upgrade, i was very disappointed with how slow it had become. 1GB of ram seemed like 512MB and even a quad core processor wasn't enough. This made me research about custom firmwares until i was comfortable enough to root my phone. I was able to unlock, root and install cyanogenmod 12 / 12.1 (lollipop) as well as a custom kernel and other modifications which made my phone fast and reliable again. Now i feel like i have control over my phone and not the other way around, as it should be.

The only real downside to this phone is the lack of sdcard slot. It's something really cheap to implement on any phone and makes a huge difference. The 2nd and 3rd version of this phone does have a sdcard slot.

All in all, best phone i purchased so far.
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on 10 July 2017
Probably the best phone ever, even now in 2017. Amazing quality. Now if only they could make a similar phone with a better camera that would be great. Still use this phone in addition to others, to this day nothing rivals the Moto G 1st gen as a complete package.

I've been looking for comfortable, near stock android phones, with good cameras, and the list is extremely small, even more so if you factor in a mid-range price point.

Some modern phones that I think may be good alternatives for the Moto G are the Samsung Galaxy A3, Sony Xperia X Compact and Xiaomi Redmi 4, but they are either in a higher price class and/or have some brand specific issues.
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on 30 December 2014
The phone was great after I first bought it, good screen, really snappy. Unfortunately it got worse after every software update. Currenty (on KitKat) it became half-usable. I can barely use the browser now, and the keyboard often doesn't display (or hides immediately) when trying to fill-in the forms. Multitasking doesn't really work - when you switch the app, the old one is going to be killed more often than not. Performance is rubbish as well: if I close the browser to go to the home screen it takes a good couple of seconds to display all the icons, etc.

Before Motorola fixes these bugs I can't recommend the phone. I also believe the 2nd generation has exactly the same issues.
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on 2 April 2015
Awesome, i bought to use with internet and it works well and fast. The phone is intuitive, easy to use and perfect if like me, you just need a device to call, receive texts, consult emails and need internet on the go.
The downside is that the memory card can't be changed to a bigger one or smaller (not my knowledge) and that i can't replaced the battery, for warranty purpose the battery can't be removed. I wish that the battery could be replaced as i like to have 2 sets of batteries for my outdoors trips.
I do not play music on it and do not know how long the battery might last while the phone is used to listen to some music. Otherwise on a basic use, 1.5 hour of talk, regular email checks, 2 hours of internet browsing per day (news and Facebook) the battery lasts me about 36-38 hours before draining out.
For the price i believe that the Moto G is hard to beat, it is a 4.8 stars for me (not 5 as battery can't be removed).
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on 14 June 2014
I bought this to replace a Samsung Galaxy 2, which kept running out of storage for the Apps I wanted (mainly because of automatic updates expanding the built-in programs I had no interest in).

I was surprised at how much faster the Moto G is at getting data over the O2 network -- it offers a practical way of tethering a tablet or wifi PC.

A few features are marginally less friendly than the Samsung: the People App doesn't integrate voice, text, email and Skype as brilliantly, and it's slightly more easy to make a call when you don't mean to. I miss the Samsung's newline key when composing texts (but not enough to take the trouble to modify the Moto's keyboard). Despite the larger screen, I'm more likely to mistype on the Moto, though its auto-correct is good enough to fix most of them.

But lots of other features are excellent. For example, it's easy to take a photo without shake, because almost the whole screen acts as a trigger. The phone also keeps track of your data-usage, and lets you set limits on it.

I'd heard that this phone came without a mains adapter, but Desire HD included a very neat one with mine.
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on 5 May 2014
I was looking into getting an intermediary phone as I have destroyed my HTC One with an unfortunate accident till my contract was due renewal but I must say that I am positively surprised with what Motorola achieved under Google's umbrella.

The Goods:
-4.7inch screen is as good as any top of the range phone.
-Vanilla android Kitkat is actually a pleasure to use. I have long been a fan of HTC's Sense UI and I still miss some of it's conveniences but there is nothing that I could not sort out with a few tweaks.
-Good call quality, never had a problem with actual calls.
-Fast as lightning! This thing has a beautifully smooth user experience. No lag's delays or anything like that.
-Battery life seems to be better than what I got out of HTC One with I'd say exactly the same use.
-Supports AptX codec for high quality bluetooth music experience (Your receiver has to be Apt-X compatible as well)

The Bads:
-Lacking 4G especially when I do have a 4G contract is a downer. I knew it beforehand and up to recently have been happy with HSPA+ so I guess can't complain much. I have no issues with streaming high quality music from Spotify or videos from TED.
-Camera and picture quality is low. Nevertheless Google Camera has a nifty little "blur" trick which gives some impressive results with stationary objects or headshots. Otherwise it is a significant step backwards if you are used to the convenience of great mobile cameras.

The Uglies
-Well it is sturdy and certainly does not feel cheap (I'd say, feels better than Samsung GS4 does) but is not the most handsome device out there. Feels good at hand.
-The memory. I got the 8GB version and was worried. Yet so far got all the apps I require and did not have any problems. Please note that I do not play games or download videos/movies. A couple of Spotify playlists, that's all.

All in all, this device is a game changer. Perfect gift for older or younger family members (Mom&Dad are really happy) as they feel like they are using cutting edge tech :).

I would recommend it with no hesitation.
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on 24 August 2015
This phone was excellent at the time when it was released. And was updated along the way. Everything was fine till android version KitKat and then came Lollipop. After update to Lollipop phone started to glitch a lot. Lagging in games that was running good on KitKat. Unable to answer calls from time to time because of some weird glitch . 8Gb version is Ok but I would not recommend it as you run out of memory fast. For example Facebook app alone 200Mb. And of 8Gb system memory user get only about 5.5Gb. Camera is kind of this phones weak point for its time.
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on 18 April 2014
Had an iPhone4, good phone but got the urge for something newer so got an S4, rubbish for me as so comlplicated and "touchy", ie I was forever touching stuff at bottom by mistake and had to be so careful handling it or it did it's own thing. Broke the screen and bought a Moto G. Just the job for less then the cost of S4 repair. £128 here. Simple to use but got all the goodies I want, easily reached. Reviews said camera rough, but is ok for snaps and easy to use. Got this as temporary job until my contract runs out in a year but really think it may do me for longer.

Screen is actually brilliant in spite of some reviews, smaller than S4 but bigger than iPhone.

If you are in the market for a smartphone, but don't have to have the very latest bells and whistles this one will do.
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on 8 October 2014
I broke the screen on my old Samsung Galaxy Nexus... and decided to buy a new phone instead of getting the screen replaced.

Overall, I like this phone. And it is exceptional value for money. But, it does come with some fairly big drawbacks.

- A great phone that reacts quickly to my inputs, has a decent amount of storage space and is equipped with the Android KitKat operating system
- Stunning HD display. One of the things that really impressed me when I started using this phone
- Quad core, for the price it really is incredible
- I live in a poor signal area (making the matter worse is being in old house, stone walls) and still manage to get a signal. Wifi also works well
- Samsung's Migration app worked wonderfully for transferring settings and files from my old Android phone
- Speaker and microphones are both clear - calls are heard and received well
- Touch screen responsive and accurate
- The colourful (optional) cases. Really makes your phone stand out.
- Size - the phone is not huge by any means (which seems to be the popular thing again now). But I actually like the fact that it's not too big and I can hold it up to my ear and fit it in my pocket...
- Again, value for money is exceptional.

- The battery cannot be replaced and is inbuilt. This is something I didn't notice on the listing and was actually a big problem for me.
- With the Galaxy Nexus I had purchased a spare high capacity battery and got very good battery life as a result. The battery included in this phone apparently has all kinds of 'eco' saving modes to save power and reduce power consumption but I've found that battery life is not good at all. To the point where 24 hours of very light use and the battery would be totally drained. I knew this couldn't possibly be right and did a little research - and found that having a faint mobile signal would drain the battery massively (although I had a low signal on the Nexus and didn't experience this). Turning on airplane mode at night helped a lot, and thankfully a firmware update was released which seemed to improve things. This is a great relief as I was thinking I might have to return the phone
- Something doesn't seem quite right with the camera. Images appear a little blurred (kind of like a watercolour painting lacking any real detail) when I open the picture on a computer and zoom in a little. I checked and the lens was definately clean - there doesn't appear to be much detail in the photos at all for a 5 megapixel camera.

Overall I would have to give the phone 4 stars. Battery problems aside it is an extremely powerful, responsive phone at a very good price.
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