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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
Twisted (The Tangled Series Book 2)
Format: Kindle Edition|Change

on 5 April 2014
I have a dilemma with this book and it is of my own making – Tangled was my book of the year for 2013 – I absolutely adored Drew Evans and his story, the writing style of Emma Chase and the way she fitted perfectly inside the head of the most delightfully, beautifully insane man brought me nothing but pleasure.
So when I heard that there was to be another novel – my heart skipped a beat, I couldn’t wait to hear more from Drew again, I avoided the blurb, stayed away from reviews and the placed my pre-order immediately- nothing to do but wait and the day the book dropped onto the kindle – I opened it with baited breathe –only to discover that it is not Drew voice I would hear but Kate’s – I was gutted.
Not to say that I have anything against Kate but I had my heart set on Drew.
The story is good don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed it but I set myself up to fail because I missed Drew the whole way through the story!
The epilogue though was superb but that is my bias winning through.
Well onto the book its self now and what it entails because if you like me, liked Tangled you need to read Twisted because it gives you the other side of the relationship. Kate and Drew are no fairy tale couple, they have their issues and have to find their way through the mire that they bring on themselves by the lack of communication between them.
It shakes them to the core and I have to admit that Drew didn’t exactly cover himself in glory with the way he reacted, it was beyond extreme, bordering on down right spiteful.
I doubt I would have been able to find it in me to be in the same room as him again let alone the same bed!
I loved Kate and while I didn’t agree with some of her reactions, I sort of got where she was coming from- most of the time.
Overall, I have no-one to blame but myself for the fact that the book was not what I had anticipated because it was me that created that particular monster but it is still a great read and one that I have now read twice – can’t wait for the next one !!!
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I really enjoyed reading Twisted because for me, Drew’s insecurity and vulnerability was on show more than ever. He really messed up because he was so consumed with love for Kate, that he misjudged situations and acted on his fear. Kate’s perspective was insightful to read and the pair of them were just so caught up in their love, that they lacked to communicate when the need was so crucial for their relationship to survive. I for one loved the angst, but I could have killed Drew on how he confronted Kate he was so hurtful, but I was proud how Kate handled what he put in front of her with dignity whilst her heart shattered into pieces. I loved the passion between the pair as Drew tried to make sense of things, and how his weakness consumed his strength for Kate spiralled him into misery. A twisted read indeed I enjoyed it!
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on 26 March 2014
I'd like to start by saying, Twisted is not another Tangled. It is different, some parts are similar but this book is much, much more serious.

This book is from Kate's POV and it was great to get inside her head for a while.

Because we read from Kate's POV, there aren't the same number of laugh out loud moments like when you are reading from Drew's POV and to be honest, this story wouldn't have worked if it was.

I devoured it in a day. I loved it, not as much as I loved Tangled, but I really loved it.

Your heart will feel heavy then it will feel light and very happy... then a little heavy again.

Missing Drew and Kate already!
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on 25 March 2014
I loved Tangled the first book in this series, I mean...who didn't. It sort of blew up the blog sites and reviews. I hoped twisted wasn't going to let it down...it hasn't. It's funny, serious, heart warming...basically it's twisted. It really is a "can't put down - can someone else feed the kids or more apt for me...I need to book annual leave...I'm reading"
Read an enjoy.
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on 28 March 2014
Don't know what I'm going to do until Emma Chase's next book comes out in July 14. Waited so long for this book then couldn't out it down and now it's ended....boo hoo! Her books just aren't published quickly enough. Any suggestions for new romance novels are most welcome. Have read E L James, Samantha Young, Abbi Glines, Molly Mcadams, Sylvia Day, Tamarra Webber, Jennifer Probst and a Nora Roberts. You've got to read Tangled , Twisted and Holy Friggin matrimony and you'll be hooked like me.
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on 26 March 2014
I Have never been so disappointed in a book before than i have with this book. I was so excited for twisted,tangled blew my socks of i really haven't read a book that made me laugh the way tangled did but reading twisted was like reading a different series i didn't find any of it funny or entertaining ,i found it annoying and stupid and really unnecessary ,i found drew to be a major idiot that you couldn't pass it off him just being cute or a 'guy' thing to do,a a**hole guy not a decent one. I found kate to be a doormat especially how she forgave him for what he put her through .


My whole problem with this book which i see many have commented on is when drew thinks kate is cheating on him when really she is pregnant , because she had the name bob (her obstetrician) written down in he diary/calender,she goes to meet bobs husband ,drew follows her and sees her hugging another man,does he go home and be upfront and confront her about his suspicions or insecurities? No he goes to a strippers club takes a stripper home for kate to come home to see a stripper grinding all over and making out with her boyfriend . Kate obviously is confused and oblivious to what the hells going on. drew tell her to get out his house and to 'end it' she thinks hes found out about the baby and wants her to get an abortion that's why hes cheating on her and kicking her out the house. Drew still doesn't know about the baby and when he said 'end it' he was referring to the affair he believes she is having. There is no communication no trust or respect (on drews part) between the two of them and i find this whole thing unbelievable for a couple who were living and been together for two years. What drew did was unforgivable and what an ignorant little boy would do not how a strong alpha male would act ,when they finally come face to face after weeks of kate mopping and being indecisive about whether she was keeping the baby or not and she talks to drew and tells him shes pregnant not having an affair she forgives drew straight away because she loves him (give me a break ).
This whole ordeal was so unnecessary and the strong characters we grew to love and respect went against everything they stood for and built and also fought against in the first book so to say im really disappointed is an understatement. I maybe would of felt different if drew really worked to be forgiven and we could of read how there relationship progressed but the ending felt to rushed especially after all that drama .
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on 25 March 2014
I really enjoyed this follow up to tangled. The story picks up two years after the end of tangled and it's just jam packed with angst with the witty writing of Emma chase narrating things from Kate's POV.

I'm a fan of this style of writing and it was a great read. If you are a fan of book one then you will love this.

Copy provided from netgalley for review purposes
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I gave Twisted 3.5 Stars.

“I trusted Drew. With my mind, my heart, my body. I trusted Drew with everything.”

There is always that worry with a follow up book, if the first is great, I worry is the second really necessary? After reading Twisted I am on the fence. I LOVED reading more from Kate and Drew, they are funny characters who have the whole sexy argument foreplay thing going on but I must say the storyline is what left me feeling somewhat short changed.

Kate and Drew have been on this road before, and from the character growth in the first book, I assumed they were intelligent enough not to repeat their own mistakes. Alas, that was not the case. I must admit Drew really is hilarious, the way he reacts to situations is comical, there is nothing normal in his repertoire, when his heart is at risk of getting hurt, he goes big before Kate can get to him first. I don’t condone his reaction but it was so over the top I couldn’t help but laugh, that guy has serious issues!

Twisted takes on the same format as Tangled, it starts in the present and we are taken back in time to learn the whole story. This time it is in Kate’s POV and I must say this was something I didn’t mind. Kate was a likeable character, she was strong and determined behind her desk but where matters of the heart are concerned that is where her vulnerability lies.

Much like the first book, the narrative is full of humour and wit. Kate and Drew really are a great mix. As I previously mentioned, I just wish the book had taken on a new direction as they have both been at this crossroads before. With that being said, any time with Drew and Kate is worth it and for fans of the series, I have no doubt you will love Twisted.

The epilogue is told from Drew's POV and as always it's great to be back in his head. Drew and Kate finally get an ending they deserve but upon hearing they are getting yet another book, I'm not gonna lie, this worries me again!

Dee Dee’s story is next up and she got the most laughs from me in this book. She is the perfect BFF every girl needs in her corner and even though she borders on certifiably crazy, I really can’t wait to read her journey with Matthew. ~Ava

*I received a copy via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.*
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on 1 April 2014
Originally published at Rookie Romance.

I am a newcomer to the hilarious bandwagon that is the Tangled series, and man am I glad I jumped on board! Tangled was great, but I actually enjoyed this even more.

I loved how well we really get to know Kate in this book, since it's told from her POV. In Tangled we never get to really know her, but that all changes in Twisted. I liked that even though people around her think that she's strong and independent, that's not how she sees herself. We get to know a lot more about her past and her relationship with Billie, and we get to see the rebellious girl she was before she became the business powerhouse she is.
Drew....ah, Drew. I love Drew, but he has a tendency to act first and think second in some situations. That gets him into trouble, particularly with regard to his relationship with Kate. He's the same Drew you come to love in the first book. He's hot as hell, hilarious, but we also get to see his serious side when he has some making up to do!

The plot left me reeling from some of the turns it takes. It had a tendency to reach right into my chest and grab a hold of my heart. Kate needs time away from Drew to reflect and decide what she wants and needs to do. I absolutely loved Drew and Kate's connection, they have a crazy hot chemistry and Kate is just the woman Drew needs.

I love Emma Chase's writing style. She writes as if the character is talking to the reader, without losing the story telling aspect. She writes with the perfect combination of humour and heartbreak, so one minute you're laughing out loud and the next you're crying from the character's pain. This is a great sequel to Tangled and I'm excited to read the next book in the series, Tamed, and see how Matt is going to handle a spitfire like Dee Dee!

*I received a review copy from the publisher for my honest opinion. Thank you!
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on 26 March 2014
Ok, so most of this is from Kates POV, however, I still found it really funny and also emotional. It was a little predictable in parts but waiting for what ur sure is coming and seeing how it plays out is part of the fun. I think It's a great read and would definately recommend it. Loved the a- z of name calling. Was reading in bed at 2 in the morning trying not to laugh to loud in case I woke the other half!! And yes 2 in the morning cos I couldn't put it down. I did kind of miss Drew though and was pleased to read a little from him towards the end.
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