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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 12 October 2014
2011's sparkling fantasy "Midnight In Paris" marked a welcome return to form for Woody Allen, whose career as writer/director had seemed to flatline for a good few years previously."Blue Jasmine" continued the return, and Allen was definitely back with a bang.
"Blue Jasmine" is the story of a supremely self-centred New York socialite (Cate Blanchett) whose pampered world falls apart when her wheeler dealer husband (a superbly shifty turn from Alec Baldwin) is revealed as a crook and swindler. Now penniless, Jasmine has to throw herself on the tender mercies of her long-suffering sister (Sally Hawkins) and try to adjust to the real world, coming to terms with the simple exigencies of life such as coming off the meds and actually working for a living...
"Jasmine" features the trademark smart and sassy Allen script and great ensemble playing, but what really marks this effort out is the barnstorming central performance Allen the director draws out from an Oscar-winning Blanchett. Allen has always had a knack of delivering good roles for women, and he excels himself here. Blanchett in her turn gives us a beautifully nuanced, beautifully rounded character, who is by turn engaging,overbearing, vacuous, selfish, vulnerable and sad. By rights she should be pretty insufferable, but we love her anyway, and we're on her side.
This is a very funny film which somehow also serves as a tragedy of a life going off the rails. Ten out of ten to Cate Blanchett for the aching desperation which she brings to what will likely come to be regarded as a career defining performance.
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on 6 April 2015
This film was not a comedy, let alone a dark comedy as listed. Cate Blanchet was very convincing in her portrayal, a well deserved Oscar. However the film centers around a character whome fails to draw out a modicum of sympathy from the audience. She is throughly unlikeable and is ultimately never redeemed, she deserves her fate and does not deserve a lick of sympathy. This made watching this film a Challange. It was well directed and had a strong cast but was failed by a pointless / poor plot. Primary problem....... Didn't care about anybody in this film, thus in my mind it was an abject failure.
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on 8 June 2016
Jasmine (Cate Blanchett) lives the NYC high life as the wife of the rich Hal (Alec Baldwin). They have a seemingly perfect life or wealth, social standing and the perfect family. Except it's all a facade. An interesting insight into how some people cope when their life is turned upside down and when you are driven by denial.
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on 10 October 2014
I just didnt get it. The end left me with my mouth hanging open. I thought there was another disk and I just dindt get the film at all. It was pointless. Sorry Woody.... and I am usually a fan.
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on 20 May 2014
Cate Blanchett has won many plaudits (and an Oscar) for her performance in Blue Jasmine and I'd have to say it's well deserved.

She plays Jasmine, a former New York socialite who's fallen on hard times. Her husband gave her a very opulent lifestyle but he's now been exposed as a crook and instead of doing the hard time has committed suicide in prison. The IRS has stripped Jasmine of all assets and she is forced to leave New York to stay with her adopted sister Ginger (Sally Hawkins) in San Francisco.

Jasmine is in denial about her situation and clearly thinks she's too good for the new lifestyle she has to "suffer". She has no fondness for the city, the locals, the job she has to take, or the prospective male companions avavailable.

Blanchett is excellent as a woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown, she spends much of her time reminiscing about past times with her husband. Director Woody Allen shows us these in flashback, with the film often cutting back to find Jasmine in the present talking to herself, carrying on conversations she had years ago. Allen himself is on good form here, subtly switching the focus between the past and the present, from beautiful sights in San Francisco to his native New York. The script is as witty as you would expect although the focus is more on the drama in this comedy/drama. There's various other relationship and romantic entanglements on offer as well to keep the plot moving.

Peter Sarsgaard, Bobby Cannavale, Louis CK, Alec Baldwin and others pad out the usual Allen ensemble. Overall, highly recommended from me for the film and the performances.
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on 19 April 2014
The story seems to be inspired by Tennessee Williams' Streetcar Named Desire, or should be taken as a kind of homage to it, though Jasmine is no Blanche Dubois. She is simply not particularly interesting as a character. Cate Blanchet is a wonderful actress, however I don't think she quite deserves an Oscar for this particular role. We were led to believe the film is exceptional, but it isn't. Even though Jasmine is not a particularly sympathetic character, one is surprised at the relentless awfulness of her fate which Woody Allen has chosen for her. Her descent into madness, whose main symptom is talking to herself, is forced, unconvincing and, ultimately, annoying. None of the secondary characters is in any way memorable either.
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on 3 January 2015
Not Woody Allen,s best but certainly very entertaining, Cate Blanchett plays her very depressing part to perfection, but what I found most interesting was the character played by Sally Hawkins who has always been my favourite Anne Elliot in the Jane Austen classic Persuasion. Two first class female leads played to perfection with depressing reality and dedication, you can not say that these two ladies always play themselves, they certainly know how to act their parts.
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on 17 September 2015
Cate Blanchet is a wonderful actress. Woody Allen is (They say), a brilliant director, however, this movie is supposed to be "Hilarious" and "Brilliant".
Woody Allen, having battled mental health for most of life, was perhaps using this film as some kind of cheap therapeutic fix.
Here, in the UK many people, medics, psychiatrists, and relatives of people with mental health problems have been working extremely hard to remove the stigma surrounding mental health issues, in all its many forms.
This movie, mocked and simply laughed at people with mental health issues.
Despite or even because Ms. Blanchet's brilliant and totally believable portrayal of someone who took Lithium and Zanex, as one would eat sweeties, this movie descended into extreme bad taste. As someone who has worked alongside Mental health professionals, I found it shocking.
Shame on you, if you laughed as you watched this character slowly but surely losing her mind, and with it, her very soul.
I did not laugh. I cried.
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on 1 January 2015
Why is it that lies and manipulation are the most often purchased product on the market? Why is that so many people are so quick to believe ... So willing to believe, that they go against their own better judgement and intuitiveness sacrificing their well being? This is exactly what Jasmine (Cate Blanchett) did, sold her soul for social status as her husband Hal (Alec Baldwin) who would wield deal after deal with papers upon papers being signed to hide the deal that struck the deal in the first place. The damage this did to her only son and then threatened to ruin her sister Ginger, (Sally Hawkins) is all outlined here in the story as both he and Ginger overcome the darkness to find peace and love in their own lives as Jasmine circles attempting to find her own, and as she stumbles across what might get her back in the spotlight and how the truth comes back to haunt her.
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on 7 July 2014
Watched it and sold it immediately - not really my thing. Cate Blanchett is really good but that's it!
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