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on 26 March 2017
Great game. Always playing it
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on 22 September 2014
The frame rate is not good at all and it just jumps, it need a high performance to run smoothly.

Also it is very hard to figure out how to play.
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on 9 October 2013
....be prepared, this could be VERY expensive!

First of all, a couple of the tutorials don't work. Then the graphics, whilst decent enough, are nothing special considering this is a game where visual impact is so important. The reason is obvious; this is simply a re-hash of an old game with some new routes added and some other ones, including the tutorial route, taken out....hence the reason that doesn't work. And I was amazed to see what I thought was a printed manual....only it isn't; it's just a catalogue of some of the add-ons you can purchase via Steam.

Having been a fan of the venerable MS Train Simulator it was good to play what is essentially an updated version of that. But you will pretty soon tire of the three (the old MSTS had no less than six) routes included and will soon want to try something different. More routes should have been included as a start but at £24.99 a throw as DLC you can see why they kept them to a minimum.

And apparently Steam then change everything every autumn so in a years time this will miraculously reappear as TS2015. Sounds good that they do this free but the Steam community is full of people whose TS now no longer works since the latest update.

I wish I could be more positive about this but I get the feeling that I've been ever so quietly ripped off.
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on 12 June 2014
You are not buying this product at all.... You get the basic programming with a few features..... Before you can even load the Simulator, you are forced to sign up to 'Steam' gaming where you are then bombarded with everything they have. To use TS2014 stand alone is boring for what they give you..., If you want to enhance your Simulator, then you will have to part with Hundreds of pounds to purchase the 'Add ons'.....

A very clever scam indeed.

So if you purchase this item as a gift for someone, beware of the above.
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on 22 November 2013
After all the changes to the EULA for the TS2013 version of this game, I believed this game would take a dive. Instead, its popularity seems to have increased, and the DLC available for it has increased in both quantity and quality. Which is good news. TS2013 saw some excellent DLC routes available, like the Woodhead Route, the Marias Pass and new Western Lines of Scotland route (Port Road). There are also some excellent locomotives and rolling stock available, such as the Baldwin Centipede, and the 0-6-0 Jinty which is probably the most authentic recreation of a steam locomotive yet. In advanced mode, it's quite a task to handle it. Certainly not for a beginner. For 2014, new DLC is appearing, some of it brand new, and some it updated from earlier DLC. For example, Peter Gillam's excellent 56XX add-on has now been updated and is a free upgrade to those who bought the earlier version. Nice.

Not all the DLC is of the highest quality, however, and some it has bugs in it which the developers seem unable or unwilling to fix. For example, on one steam locomotive, there was a problem with the live steam water injector. It was not working. I reported it twice, and on both occasions received only a standard cut-and-paste reply. Then I decided to try to fix the problem myself and found a simple error in one of the locomotive's configuration files. I corrected it and then informed the developers again of the issue. It has not been fixed. However I was able to post the fix on Steam forums.

Unfortunately with TS2014, users are no longer allowed to write posts sharing their own fixes and solutions. The attitude of the developer can be summarised by this post from a moderator: "...we want to resolve support issues as quickly as possible and following advice we would not recommend does not help achieve this." And just in case we thought they weren't serious, ALL STEAM FORUMS TO TS2013/14 HAVE BEEN DELETED, and the developer is now policing the forum and removing any new posts that do not comply with their new "guidelines" in zero tolerance manner.

So, it seems that there will no more discussion for those who like to tinker and learn through that. Less creativity - the developers seem to be busy stamping "unofficial" creativity out. The trend appears to be move away from an open-ended simulation platform to locked down app, iPhone style. Fortunately, with TS2014, you ARE still able to modify files, and you are NOT limited to the Steam DLC. You CAN still install 3rd Party add-ons the traditional way. But I wonder, for how much longer?

If you buy this on a DVD, all you are buying is the license number. As part of installation from the DVD, you will need to install the Steam games platform first, and after that, TS2014 will update itself by downloading a new version - which could take a while if you don't have a good Internet speed.
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on 8 April 2017
I love it.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 4 October 2013
First of its basically a rip-off, an empty game with only 3 routes and couple scenarios to each with only about 6 locos to choose from,
Many trains on the game packaging cover (front and back) are NOT EVEN IN THE GAME!!!
Deceiving the customer

To get the trains and more scenarios and routes you have to buy ULTRA EXPENSIVE DLCs, from which many cost more than the base game itself.
Its the same sale strategy like sims 2&3, buy an empty game and spend a fortune for expansions so the game would be actually playable.
I just found on Steam that all expansion packs for this game are totaling over amazing 2000quid, you may not like all of them, but you need many to make this game playable and to have something to choose from (scenarios and locos).
Not everyone has time to build their own scenarios and routes, even if you do you need DLC locos for it too and they cost sometimes as much as model trains.
DLC prices are mostly up to 24.99 for a route with scenarios and up to 11.99 for a locomotive with couple or no scenarios
As a first time buyer you will get coupons for 20% to 25% discount on couple locos and couple routes and one 80% discount for any, but only 1 DLC - this 80%off coupon code is inside the game box on the back of the brochure you need to activate it on your Steam account (there are instructions bellow the code) and will appear in your Steam account inventory,
other coupons will appear in your inventory on your Steam account after game installation automatically including description for which DLCs they apply. (Steam account is required to install/play this game, but its free to create an account on Steam)
Those coupons may help some, but still believe me if you like trains it will not end up on the base game price, soon you will wake up that you have spend 100's of pounds on DLCs

Another thing are the graphics, even on the highest setting its Disgusting! Don't believe the screenshots and the video, it doesn't looks that good.
I was expecting a game for DirectX 11, this is a DX 9.0c game, the developer should take a look what year it is, it looks like a game from 5-7 years ago.
Just compared it to good old Call Of Duty 4 Modern Warfare from year 2007 and Call of Duty looks better than this 2013 game.
It cannot be compared to Euro Truck Simulator 2, it is a DX 9 game too, but has a lot better up to date graphics, i didn't expect graphics like Crysis 3, but at least something like ETS 2.
I have been playing first 2 Railworks simulators and the graphics did not improve much since then, but at least there was a lot more included in the base game before.

I cannot believe i pre-ordered this crap and wasted my hard earned money on it, seriously there is nothing positive on this game at all and the digital copy on steam is even more expensive than this hard copy for some strange reason.

I love trains, but this game makes me wish i had space for a model railway instead.
Fun factor 2/5 stars as the graphics are really beating me up, but physics, controls, xbox usb controller support and general gameplay are very good, but some scenarios even on purchased DLCs are not working,
if you really want this game wait until they patch up old bugs first (some of those bugs are years old).
Just an advice read reviews online on Steam and other sources too before buying and watch gameplay videos on youtube

The 1st time i give 0/5 stars to a pc game
review image
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on 19 April 2014
As I write this review I am preparing to take the DVD to the post office for return to Amazon. It is rubbish and a con. You get 2 routes and 2 trains. Everything else you have to download and pay for. Functionality described in the sales blurb does not exist and I wish I had taken heed of the reviews before I wasted time and money. To cap it all it makes my high end laptop run extremely hot with fans running all the time which concerns me.
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on 26 November 2014
i purchased this item for my 7 years old grandson , i oredered Train Simulator 2014 when it arrived it was packaged as Train simulator 2014 and the dvd itself showed it to be Train simulator 2014 however it loads and plays as Train simulator 2015 , the dvd when launching seems to take a while to start the game and goes throw a number of advertising pictures showing new trains available and i cant seem to be able to bypass the adverts which is frustrating especially for a child , also it has a habit of crashing mid game ., my grandson likes the game and thinks it is good despite the adverts and it crashing quite often
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on 22 August 2014
Why are people moaning about this game if you buy any game now you need to check the minimum specs it needs to run and preferably the recommended and more if you expect the game to run well you will need a good machine with a decent processor and a decent graphics card. I had train simulator 2013 which i paid £20 for i was given a free update to ts2014 just for having 13 and apparently will get a free update to 2015 next month via steam. 3 years of sim for £20 isnt bad i dont think. People that dont understand system specs and buy it expecting it to run on a cheap machine need to get real all simulators require a high spec machine to process the scenery etc. The best part of this game is the london to faversham route with the javelin yes you dont get many trains but if its free you cant complain. The lady who said about the viruses try installing antivirus lol.
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