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on 25 July 2012
I initially saw the book on Amazon and was wowed by the reviews - I then watched her on Youtube and was captivated by her enthusiasm and her take on Classic French Recipes. The book is certainly worth the price, the writing entertaining and informative, and the recipes easy to follow.
As promised, Rachel does deliver a selection of classic dishes with great ideas on how to simplify and, dare I say, improve on the originals. I certainly intend to try out most and may well buy the book as a gift for friends.
I often mess about with traditional recipes to simplyfy, and occasionally, change them to my taste (you can see mine at [...]) and it was great to see the thinking behind Rachel's modifications - an education by itelf.
So, why only 4 stars: I don't think there are enough recipes. I would really like to have seen a few more of the classic dishes with Rachel's magic worked on them. Yes, I never cook anything like even 1/2 of the recipes in any of my collection of recipe books, but having many gives me more choices to select from. I would, however, pay again to buy a second volume with more recipes, so this is a gripe about quantity and not quality.
If you want to do French Dishes and were too intimidated or couldn't be asked to follow complex instructions ... buy this book, it will change your life!
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on 11 October 2014
I am surprised at some of the criticisms of this book and its writer. The recipes are Ms Khoo's version of French classics, and one is expected to adapt them to one's own tastes. The Regional dishes, again, are adapted to her own choice. I found the recipes easy to follow, as would any one with experience in cooking, although I must admit that some recipes need to be tried and adapted on oneself before cooking them for guests. The comments about her being 'pretty' are irrelevant. So are Lorraine Pascalle, Nigela Lawson etc, but one judges them on their cooking, not their looks, and Ms Khoo, like the others, comes out with five stars. If you are adventurous and want something different, this is the cook-book for you. I recommend it without reservation.
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on 17 December 2012
I bought this book having enjoyed the TV show and was not disappointed. The Little Paris Kitchen cookbook is a beautiful hardback and is too good to be hidden on a bookshelf. It is illustrated with Rachel's own drawings and some super photos of Paris, food and Rachel, by David Loftus. There seems to be no end to this lady's talents, she cooks, she has a natural style on camera, she is pretty and she draws the cutest little foodie pictures. With nearly 300 pages packed with recipes the only difficulty was which recipe to try first. As with most of my new cookbooks it became bedtime reading before being splattered and used in the kitchen. It is split into sections that include `Aperitifs' and `Dinner with friends and family' to `Everyday cooking' and `Summer picnics', so there really is something for everyone, and the knowledge that Rachel has tried and tested everything in her tiny kitchen makes it all seem possible to do at home.

My family are meatball lovers so they were the perfect taste testers for the `Meatballs in spicy sauce with Alsatian pasta' recipe. From my point of view the recipe worked very well, and the boys gave it a tasty thumbs up. Many of the recipes are based on traditional French ones, but with a fresh new something added by Rachel. I thought this was great, especially the `Nids de tartiflette' which are so much lighter than the traditional heavy tartiflette.

I will be looking out for more from Rachel in the future.
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on 6 May 2012
I searched online for the recipe for Croque Madame muffins that Rachel Khoo did during the television series and I have to say, whilst they aren't exactly low fat, they were yummy!! I even made the white sauce from scratch and I wouldn't normally attempt to do something like this and her instructions are excellent. On that basis, I decided to order the book. I also saw Rachel do a few other recipes during her series that I thought I could cook (the madelines looked amazing - the only problem is that I don't have a madeline tin!)! I am more of a baker than a cook, so the tarts, quiches and sweet dishes caught my eye rather than the meat based dishes (although the lamb stew, classic coq au vin looks yum - I just won't cook it - I'll leave that to the other half!). The book combines good recipes with easy to follow instructions with pictures of the finished recipe (much needed!) and the book is nice and colourful.

On a negative side, there are quite a few pictures of Rachel that I would rather not be there (possibly too many - although to be honest you can just ignore them but it's just a waste of space), and some recipes that just seem like a filler for the book (bread and cheese and another for bread and cheese with a tomato chutney I think) - no idea why you need two recipes taking up at least 3 pages for those, the chutney may be better placed in the back with the technical recipes that are handily included i.e. measurements and basic recipes for creme patisserie etc. I'm also not a huge fan of some of the recipes(i.e. game/rabbit, pate etc) and therefore several of the recipes just don't appeal to me and therefore will never be used. I expect over half of the book falls into this category for me.

Nevertheless, to end on a positive note, to pick at random: Wild mushroom tart, Clafoutis, Rosemary, lavender and goats cheese bread, Chicory with ham, Grapefruit and pepper meringue tartlets, Champagne sabayon, Tarte tatin, Raspberry and almond tartlets, Meringue and chesnut-cream mountain, Creme caramal, Creme brulee, Apple millefeille, Chocolate mousse, Souffles....all do appeal to me and I will try and cook them all and this makes the purchase well worth it!
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on 2 December 2012
I recently turned 30, and in that occasion I threw a french themed party, with plenty of french food. The winter salad with goat's cheese mousse, lemon and lavender chicken, pork paté, onion and creme fraîche tart, quiche lorraine and cauliflower bake were among those dishes I served to my guests and they loved them! Recipes are written in a simple language and very concise, yet clear instructions. I also liked the small stories, attached to every recipe, it gave a pinch of amusement while making the food! Many of the recipes have a very modern approach, such as Coq au vin on skewers or Cassoulet soup (never heard of it before!), but I will certainly recommend this book to my other foodie friends.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 1 December 2012
I am often doubtful about books, in particular recipe books that are spin offs from a TV series.

So it was with a degree of fear and trepidation that I ordered this excellent book.

The recipes are very well illustrated and are often takes on classic French dishes that need to be lightened up to suit the modern palette.

The other thing I like about this book is that the recipes really are different from those in so many other cookbooks, thus avoiding more cookbook recipe duplication.

Maybe the best comment that I can make about this book is that it is starting to look very well used with splashes on the pages.

The sign of a favourite cookbook in any language.

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on 13 June 2012
I hope thats how you spell it anyway! The few recipes I've tried from this book already have been truly delicious - just what I was hoping for. The pictures are delightful, and really give you a feel for Paris, and the flavour of the accompanying TV series, which is very chic, yet still down to earth and friendly. Personally I love Rachel Khoo, but I can also understand what one reviewer was saying when they said they hoped for a little less of her and a bit more focus on the food - a lot of the pictures are of her looking fabulous in and around Paris, and that could get a bit annoying. But that aside, the food does speak for itself, and does just what the title promises - fab French recipes that are easy to follow, easy enough to prepare with minimal kitchen space or equipment required, and the results are mouthwateringly good. Recommend it!
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on 1 January 2014
Already having several French recipe books I thought I didn't really need another one. I was originally looking at the 2nd book in the series but the reviews rated this one higher so I thought I would give it a try. This one includes recipes that I either don't have already or have a slightly different twist to them (the chocolate mousse is a good example and is heavenly). Have tried a couple of the recipes and they are really nice and straightforward to follow and turn out deliciously. I do like a picture of what the recipe should look like and this is full of pictures not only of the dishes but also clips of France. Would definitely recommend this book.
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on 25 April 2018
A good book to read, very personable, well presented and also Rachel's art work is very lovely (also helps brush up on your school French) but in terms of how many recipes I will actually make? A lot less than I thought - most of what I will do I saw on the TV programme. That said, I am not the world's greatest cook so maybe someone with more skills would make more.
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on 5 April 2017
As always there are too many photos just to bulk out the book . As far as the recipes are concerned there's nothing particularly novel but it's sensibly written and the recipes we have tried work!
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