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on 22 November 2013



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on 27 November 2013
First, I want to simply say that the book is fantastic.
The deluxe edition is presented very nicely in a slip case that has another box top that covers over the two
books housed in the slip case. All in all, a very well done work of art.
The pages just fly by, as you get engulfed in all things Beatles!
Mark has done an awesome job of obtaining incredible detailed information that is absolutely amazing.
Just a really super job from what I have read so far. Grade A+

Now the bad part....
AmazonUK completely ruined my buying experience... and box set.
After waiting nearly two months for the deluxe extended issue, the books arrived in a shipping box
that was crushed, dented, and partly torn open. Unbelievably the sealed books were just placed in the shipping box
with absolutely NO protection at all.... NO bubble wrap, styro peanuts, padding, etc....nothing.
As soon as I saw the condition of the shipping box, a cold fear overcame me..
The beautiful box top cover of my book set was smashed and dented on the front corners.
I then removed the shrink wrap, inspected all the corners, and proceeded to remove the box top.
There they were, two huge books. I feared to continue but went on...
The books were fine and not damaged at all. Thank The Lord.
The two books come housed in a nice slip case. Unfortunately, with all the banging and sliding around to the US
the base at the back of my slip case was split almost all the way across. Not good at all.

The more I thought about it the hotter I got.
I mean the front of the box set has pushes and dents.
And the other part of the package, the slip case is split across the bottom.
They would not just send or exchange the box problem....
Which left me with gambling to possibly get an even worse set.
The rep offered a small partial refund... I had started reading the book and I would
have to pay to send it back, not to mention waiting another month.
So, after three - four hours of emails and live chat, I am keeping the dang thing.
AmazonUS uses bubble wrap pillow like things on every order. I don't understand what kind of person
puts the deluxe extended issue in a box with NO protection or padding ? They do.
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on 28 November 2013
Seriously, you'd have to be off your pipe to pay £120 for this. I've got both versions and bought the deluxe edition because it came around the time of my birthday. Besides, I had it on pre-order for the much more reasonable price of £80.

It comes in a slip box thing (which still features that dreadful typography) and the two books are plain hardbacks which I assume are of good quality. I mean, who knows? They seem like good quality.

I read the normal edition when it first came out so it's too soon for me to plough through it all again to read the extra stuff. It would have been nice, by the way, if the extra stuff had been separate. But I assume - because the normal book is so great - that the extra stuff will be great too.

And that's it. For that money - even for the £80 I paid - I'd have expected something really special to have been included. Original handwritten lyrics, maybe. An invitation to dinner with Paul and Ringo. A DVD of rare, unreleased footage. A moving hologram of The Beatles wishing me a happy birthday. A solid gold bar.

So: the book is utterly wonderful and gripping and thrilling and genuinely informative. It's also very moving. You get all that in the normal edition. Save your £120 and buy something nice for the kids for Xmas - maybe The Beatles on CD.
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on 21 December 2013
Seems there is a bit of confusion about what this extended edition is all about? Well, as for the contents it really is the best story and the most complete history of The Beatles. The normal edition is really first class for a casual/intermediate fan. For those after a bit extra, this really is a labour of love. This edition places things in an extra cultural & social context. As well as giving names & additional information of extra people & places surrounding a Beatles event. Which i guess would really be only of interest to the fan that needs to know everything.

Now a bit of confusion about the reprinting of this special edition. The real reason for this reprint was a bit of an error. The very first issues were printed on the wrong paper. Hence some reviews over the quality of this item, saying the quality was under par. Mine was damaged & had to go back, i noticed my replacement, was on much higher quality paper. The first ones may suffer from foxing & aging due to the very porous paper quality. So it seems a bit of a mess up over the paper quality ... Hence a reprint was needed.

Overall it doesn't matter, it all depends on how many will be produced! If after this run they stop, all of them will be a nice investment, as these editions really are the last word. If you still look around you can pick them up at just under £70 ... At this price whatever edition is a bargain. Check in the reviews for the link & let's hope that price is still going!

Good luck everyone & just enjoy whatever edition you have, it really is an amazing piece of work. The real story of The Beatles, it'll be like you are there, with all that detail! Enjoy!
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on 7 May 2014
I live in the USA and bought the extended edition from amazon UK because it is (maddeningly) not offered for sale on my side of the pond. I'm only one or two chapters in and the book itself is already deeply satisfying, and easily rates five stars on content.

I took off a star because of the woefully inadequate shipping materials used to deliver it. The package had clearly been dropped from substantial height at least once, with accordion-style compression on one entire end, and numerous other dings and rips. That's to be expected, but the inside protection consisted only of one long strip of crumpled brown packing paper loosely wrapped around the books, which was shockingly scant for an overseas shipment. Thus my set arrived with substantial damage to the white cardboard case--one edge had split, another showed a large ugly dent, and several of the corners were crushed. Thankfully, the case acted as sufficient protection to the books themselves, which appeared pristine, although as I have continued reading, the pages are beginning to show some warping which may indicate having been stored in an overly-humid environment.

This is a very expensive set of books, roughly $155 USD including shipping and other fees, and I had anticipated receiving an item which I could display and admire on my bookshelf for many years to come. In its damaged state, the case is not fit for display, so this is a disappointment which detracts from my overall enjoyment of this purchase, not to mention resale value, although I have no expectation I will ever part with it. I considered attempting a return claim but decided against it as the extra time and charges would add further insult to injury.

If any other Yanks are reading reviews here, consider this a warning to avoid the budget shipping option, but I'm not certain there would have been any difference with the other delivery choices.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 4 December 2013
The Kindle edition of `The Beatles - All These Years - Extended Special Edition: Part One: Volume One: by Mark Lewisohn is my most expensive book download to date (£29.99 at the time of purchase) and it is unlikely to be exceeded (apart from the fact that I have already downloaded the second part The Beatles - All These Years - Extended Special Edition: Part Two: Volume One: Tune In at an equivalent price) ...and I will explain my reasons later.

Bearing in mind that the cost of the book is high to begin with, the addition of VAT adds to the overall cost quite considerably. (I won't preach unduly here, as I am more concerned about reviewing the book, in this report, but I really do believe that it is absurd that VAT is zero rated in the UK for printed books, but chargeable against their digital equivalents, especially when there are national issues over young people's attitudes to reading.)

Having just completed reading Part One of Volume One, I will now enlarge upon why I, personally, found it to be a particularly good purchase, even at such a high price.

First of all- and most importantly, much of the detail described in Volume One : Part One relates to a time, a place and a musical evolution that is familiar to me, as it refers to places and situations I know well, at a time when I knew them and I was also privileged enough to see the Beatles performing live in the early days of their UK success. Others who do not remember these times may feel that the book contains more detail than they require.

References are made to the musical influences of the Beatles, most of which I can still recall for myself and they bring back many memories. Those who do not recall or have knowledge of these may find reference to them rather tedious.

Having previously read just about every book available on the subject of the Beatles, I would regard this as the definitive version.

It contains so much detail, including interviews with previously obscure characters, whose personas have been elaborated on to such a great extent that we feel we know them well and therefore have a greater perception of the manner in which they interacted with (and in some cases influenced, quite significantly) the Beatles. For instance, Allan Williams, their Liverpool-based manager, who first sent them to Hamburg, really must have a serious claim to enhancing their career, if only for the fact that this resulted in a serious work ethic which assisted their later evolution. (It really must be said that Allan Williams, bearing in mind the detailed manner in which his influence on the Beatles, in these early days, is depicted in this section of the book, is worth an Oscar winning screenplay, especially when one considers the intrigues and entrepreneurial escapades which resulted from this, rather eccentric character's early involvement in the group's success.)

It must, however, also be added, that without the later influences of Brian Epstein and George Martin (and they have not yet become involved with the group in Part One of Volume One), the Beatles would have been unlikely to have been catapulted from being the average musicians they probably were in the pre-Hamburg days to being the outstanding style leaders of their generation and beyond, that they later became.

To sum up: The Extended Special Edition Part One of Volume One is a great read for those who remember the times described in the book or for those who have a desire to establish as much as they can about the Beatles and they will find that it is worth every penny. The photographic content is also most fascinating, although I am unsure as to what aspects are specific only to the extended edition. However those who do not require the detail would probably prefer to purchase the Standard Edition, at a lesser price, as it will equally serve their purposes well.
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on 5 December 2013
My name is Tom and I reside in the United States (Austin, Texas). I just purchased this book a few minutes ago, and I am looking forward in reading it. I can already give it 5 stars because I am very familiar with Mark Lewisohn and the work he has done in researching everything Beatles. I have read two of his other books, "The Complete Beatles Recording Sessions" and "The Complete Beatles Chronicles" Both excellent books! I wish I did not have to pay $222.00 for this set, but I just had to have this collection, especially after I found out about it. I am such a huge Beatles fan and after learning about the Extended Special Edition, the standard version was not going to do for me. Yes it was much cheaper but I felt that if I read it, in the back of my mind I'd be asking myself, "What am I missing?" It would have bothered me to the point where I would have to get the complete unabridged version anyway. I would not pay this amount for any other Beatles author. Mark Lewisohn, in my opinion, is truly the gold standard when it comes to telling the true story of the Beatles. There is no one better! :o)
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on 16 November 2013
Just received my copy of this through the post this morning, and although I have only flicked through it so far I have to say it is a lovely looking work. Housed in a box that measures 177mm wide, by 243mm in height, and 120mm in depth. Not too tall to go on a shelf, this is a nice size for me. Inside is two lovely Hardback books. They are bound in a kind of material, for want of a better word, with no dust-jacket. Vol.1 is Grey, Vol.2 Red. Each has a bookmark ribbon. There are just under 1700 pages, although about 250 (In total over the two volumes) are reference notes and Credits at the back of the books. Not as many photo's as I thought there would be, but then this is the 'Definitive' History on The Beatles by the worlds greatest Beatles brain, Mark Lewisohn, so the reason your buying this is not to look at pictures (there are many books for that) but to read it, and devour every snippet of info you can on the best band there has ever, and will ever be. Cant wait to get stuck in. This is a must have!!!
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on 30 November 2013
A good job this has come out just before Christmas.....I've read the cheaper edition & had a good nosey through this one. It's difficult to know how to rate this....5 stars for the book, 1 for the price.

I'm just wondering if a lot of people are going to be in the same boat as I am. Let's face it, if you are/were interested in The Beatles you'd have already bought a biography by now & those people who are interested in exploring what hasn't already been published in the reviews will probably be diehards who'd buy this edition if they could afford it or didn't resent paying the inflated price. I could afford it in absolute terms, but although I wish the author well......enough people have cashed in with trash......I'm not paying THIS much. I'll wait till someone's selling a second-hand copy.....doesn't have to be in pristine condition & I'm too old for it to become a collector's item in my lifetime. It's a real pity, but I think that, if he'd either just brought out the cheaper edition, or this edition at a better price, or 2 companion books at reasonable prices, he'd have had more sales.
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on 8 December 2013
Beatles fan...author...historian- Call Mark Lewisohn what you will, but don't EVER call him 'lazy'. This painstakingly
researched Beatles biography is truly the 'last word' on the lives of the Fab Four-and all the other colorful characters
that constituted their life stories.
I was a little reluctant to pay the extra price for the two-volume Extended Special Edition of 'Tune In' (fearing that
I would be wading through page after page of trivial information), but now I know I made the right choice. Even if
you're not a rabid Beatles fan (like me), you'll find the most fascinating information-about the history of Liverpool,
the history of Rock 'N Roll, and so much more- in this beautifully bound two-volume set.
Thanks to Mark Lewisohn for all his hard work, and thanks to Amazon U.K. for making this purchase possible for
those of us here in the States who would otherwise find it unobtainable. 'Tune In' should be required reading for
all true Beatles fans! *(Not to mention the forthcoming volumes 2 and 3.)
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