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on 25 March 2017
Very pleased with my purchase.
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on 22 November 2013
Mine arrived in Australia today, people have been complaining a lot about the packaging but mine arrived with only a minor bend(I was most likely just lucky) on the box for bonus features(turn it around and viola, any aesthetic damages have been fixed) the picture quality is nice and the bonus features are great(the DVD's are region 2 but most new DVD players/laptops are region free anyway) but the blu-ray's are region free(a bonus, the BBFC sticker on the box can be easily peeled off). The disc's do say FOR RENTAL OR RESALE in a yellow box on them(maybe this is normal in the UK but I've never seen it in AUS. If anyone is wondering about the disc holder things(I don't know what they're called) they aren't normal, to remove the disc push it up and it should just fall out(it is a little annoying with the bottom disc's because you can't push from bellow you have to do it from the side) and to put back in place simply push it up then down until it clicks(may not always click but it is easy to check if it is in, just turn it upside down and see if it falls out), sounds complicated but isn't once you actually have one to do it on. The item itself is well worth the money, the bonus memo's are really nice as well as the pictures and the booklet is a nice collectible to have. The posters measure in at 10" by 14" and are also nice and the pictures are the size of a normal blue-ray cover, the memos are the size of an opened one(so double the width(although in this case width would be height)). I recommend to anyone who is considering buying it.
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on 26 February 2016

James Dean: Ultimate Collector's Edition is packaged in an 11-1/2" x 7-1/2" x 1-3/4" box with a magnetic flap. Inside lies a similarly sized, lavishly illustrated, 44-page hardcover book that provides a cursory overview of Dean's career, impact, and legacy, along with a few items of trivia. An envelope housing additional collectibles sits beneath the book, and contains 12 7" x 10" glossy black-and-white stills of Dean on the sets of his various films (be careful not to smear fingerprints on these prints in mint condition), six reproductions of studio memos from East of Eden and Rebel Without a Cause, and three 14"-x-20" reproductions of posters from the three films included in this collection, unfortunately all folded. A multi-paneled, fold-out disc case resides at the bottom of the box, and houses three BD-50 dual-layer discs, one for each film, and four standard-def DVDs. This Limited Edition set is a numbered (in my case, 41937/50000).


All the encodes are 1080p/AVC MPEG-4 and have been taken from 4k scans of each film's original camera negative, restored by MPI, Warner's on-site post house.

East Of Eden (2:55:1): This restored transfer revealed deeper depth, detail and luster, when compared to earlier releases. There is good contrast and clarity, that enhance the perception of fine details. Blacks are rich and deep, while flesh tones are spot on. Ted McCord's cinematography flaunts a muted look on such picturesque California backdrops as the Salinas Valley and Monterey. Occasionally, there is an explosion of vibrant hues, like the field of yellow wildflowers that engulfs Cal and Abra. A fine but unobtrusive grain pattern is also visible throughout. (4.5/5)

Rebel Without A Cause (2:55:1): The results for Rebel are of similar quality in terms of sharpness, rich texture and detail, which is to say that the image is excellent. From the moment the block red letters appear on screen during the opening title sequence, the reds continued to be bold and beautifully saturated, later from Wood's lipstick and fiery coat in the early police station scene to the iconic, scuffed up red jacket Dean dons throughout most of the film. There is excellent contrast and clarity, inky black levels, and vibrant whites. (4.5/5)

Giant (1.66:1): It was the decision of director George Stevens and his cinematographer William C. Mellor to shoot the film with diffusion and soft-focus lenses. Bucking the trend of the day, Stevens refused to shoot in the currently fashionable widescreen format of Cinemascope, thus we have 1.66:1. Much of the time, the Giant transfer is breathtakingly beautiful, distinguished by marvelous clarity and contrast. Some of the close-ups of Taylor are jaw-droppingly gorgeous. But when compared to Eden and Rebel, Giant lacks the same level of sharpness, with some images blurred, soft or indistinct. The latest news is that certain shots were beyond repair and had to be taken from duplicates. I still remember when the DVD was first announced many years ago, it was suddenly withdrawn, probably because no good original print was available. This current set is probably the best we can get. (4.0/5)


East Of Eden & Rebel Without A Cause (DTS-HD 5.1 Master Audio); Giant (DTS-HD 2.0 Master Audio): Despite the difference in specs, the audio on all three films is strikingly similar - clear, robust, well-modulated, and devoid of surface noise, hiss, and other age-related imperfections. Eden and Rebel were scored by Leonard Rosenman, who would later win Oscar for Barry Lyndon and Bound For Glory. He scored Rebel with an energetic, jazzy score that no doubt sounded contemporary at the time. But the score that I like most is the majestic, often thundering score by Dmitri Tiomkin, a crucial component of Giant 's epic sweep, which is conveyed with decent fidelity and good dynamic range. I even bought the rare Giant Soundtrack CD. (all 3 films: 4.0/5)


An extensive, impressive, and utterly absorbing collection of supplements make this box set truly special. There is a wealth of material associated with each individual film, as well as three feature-length documentaries on three separate DVDs that examine Dean's impact and legacy, as well as one of the iconic directors with whom he worked, plus a separate DVD on George Steven’s Filmaker’s Journey.


Much more than a mythic figure and symbol of rebellious youth, James Dean was a damn fine actor. His exceptional range, naturalistic style, and emotional intensity span the ages, and his trio of major films remain a timeless testament to his talent. Though his death at age 24 spawned a legend, the reason Dean is still relevant today is because of his work, and 'James Dean: Ultimate Collector's Edition' celebrates the man and his memorable performances. This seven-disc box set, which also includes glossy photographs, reproductions of movie posters and studio correspondence, and a lavishly illustrated hardcover book, is a must for any Dean admirer. Featuring pristine video transfers, high-quality audio, and more than 12 hours of extras, this is indeed the ultimate tribute to one of cinema's true icons, and it comes very highly recommended.
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on 29 October 2013
I received my box set today of six discs, as a fan, i am sure people looking into this set for the extras and quality of the transfer, as I am sure we all know about each of the films, so I will try and emplane what is in this set which makes it such good value. Starting with East Of Eden, for me my Favourite of Dean's three films. The transfer is good and very clear,for a film of this age and some of the outside scenes look fantastic, the sound is 5.1 DTS-HD and it appears a good remastering has been done on the picture. On this disc you also get the documentary forever James Dean, a good documentary although not as good as the Last American Teenager which is probably the essential documentary. No remastering was done here and the picture quality is quite poor on this extra.
Rebel Without a cause is also very good picture quality and also is presented in 5.1 DTS-HD, again this has been transferred very well, and is still a joy to watch.
Giant the final film is for me where the quality appears to have dropped I don't know if that was because of the negative, this was not a cinema-scope film, and is presented in the correct ratio and in stereo as per the original release. The picture just is a bit grainy in many places, but it is still better than the DVD which was released a few years ago. You then get a second disc with Giant with all the extras that were on the DVD with the George Stevens story, the making of Giant.
There are then two other discs of extras including a new documentary with Dennis Hoopper, out takes from Eden and Rebel and another documentary the Essential James Dean.
The other bonus material is very nice, copies of letters from Warner's to Elia Kazan, Nicholas Ray and George Stevens about the commission of each of the films, a lovely booklet about all the films, and replica original posters for each of the films.
This would have been a five star package as the content is good and the little extras are a nice touch. However the discs are contained in a very thin cardboard case which was creased on arrival, the housing for the discs, has two discs stored together, and they are so difficult to get out of the case. Considering the cost is negligible to manufacture, Warners should be ashamed at this, cheap Blu-ray covers. Any dean Fan will love the content of the discs, but I am sure will be disappointed with the package.
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on 1 November 2013
Just received this DVD set and I never saw such appalling packaging.
Believe it or not I can't get the disks out of their packaging in fear of breaking them. They must be welded to the disk protection cover. Why couldn't they have put the disks into three regular DVD blu-ray covers grouped together or better still, sell them separately.
If anybody out there can solve the mystery of removing the disks from their packaging without using a tin opener feel free to instruct me.
After over a decade of DVDs they just can't get it right.
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on 28 October 2013
only received the box set this morning, packaging very nice but a little on the cheap side. only managed to compare one of the films so far "giant" 1956. first watched the warner brothers special edition of giant dvd from warner brothers 2001. the blu ray of the film is only slightly better than the dvd release, very dark and murky scenes, especially the balcony scene at the 8.30min mark. some scenes are a little clearer but not that much, I think its mostly the brightness that looks much different. audio quality is better than the dvd release. but all in all I was expecting much more from this blu ray release.
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on 1 November 2013
The movies actually turned out pretty well on Blu and the extras were okay. The packaging on the other hand is terrible. This is not a set that you will be proud to show and will not hold up over time.

1) Very cheap cardboard outer box, already bent on arrival.
2) Very poor digipack design where the discs overlap and were flopping around on arrival.
3) Discs are hard to put back in place and tabs will break eventually.

If you want the movies I would buy individually. This is not the ultimate collection.
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on 1 November 2013
This blu-ray set is so beautifully done and so detailed. The graphics on the packaging are brilliant and the free gifts (photos/booklet/poster) are high quality and printed on nice paper and card.

I have yet to watch the Blu-Ray's but to be honest at this price I am already pleased with my purchase.

BUY IT!!! It is worth every penny and you will not regret it!!
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on 27 December 2013
Great 3 movies on blu-ray but could not play the supplemental material on DVD in the USA. Please be more specific as to playback compatability on your site. Also the outer package was flimsy. Very Very flimsy and cheap looking.
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on 30 October 2013
The BD's have a better picture quality than the DVD's when you compare several scenes, but it's no crystal clear BD quality!
The box is shoddy, thin carton, easily damaged (mine arrived with several folds on the spine and top)
Picture postcards and booklet photographs are only so so
But: the price is cheap, so you can't expect top quality.
Overall verdict: satisfied with my purchase, but only just.....
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