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on 10 April 2014
This dock is a high quality item that holds my iPad mini (retina display) secure and stable. I use a back case that is compatible with the Smart Cover and it easily accommodates these even when the Smart Cover is folded around the back of the iPad with back case fitted. The unit comes with its own fitted USB lead. I use the dock to hold the iPad in portrait and the Smart Cover to hold it landscape. The dock is solid and the touch screen can be used when docked without sliding over the desk. I might get another for use at work.
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on 29 December 2016
I returned it. As others have said, you can't use this when the phone and iPad devices are in their cases; even when you use the winder to raise the charger's plugs to their fullest height they don't fully reach the device inputs. My devices are in folding wallet style cases.

Most people use cases which aren't easy to remove and they need to recharge their devices regularly so this is an oversight.
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on 15 June 2016
A little expensive, but very high quality. This was designed to dock and charge an iPad, but I use it for the iPhone 6plus, which it fits perfectly. The Lightning connector is integral to the dock- you don't have to buy a separate cable and thread it through, and although not an official Apple cable, it is Apple-certified- so you don't get those annoying messages on your screen about the cable.

At the rear of the dock is an adjuster, which raises and lowers the connector, so allowing you to use cases of some thickness successfully. The connector is also not fixed rigidly, but allows by design some flex, which is an elegant solution to the mechanical stress of continually plugging a device in and removing it.

The captive cable is about a metre in length, and the whole dock has good weight and feel about it.

It's a quality product and, for the world of Apple accessories, a good value product, all things considered.
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on 28 February 2017
Bought for a parent who got fed up of iPad recharging wires wearing out. Looking for something that was a decent quality and built to last. I have a Phillips speaker docking station but its all singing and dancing and mum didn't want that or the price. After a quick bit of research and review, we settle on this. Bought from amazon as it was cheaper than buying from Apple as they have it on their website, who would have thought that and no complaints so far. Easy to use out the box, comes with a wire and plug like the apple chargers themselves and charges quickly. sits on a nightstand/bedside table no issue.
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on 17 March 2017
I would give this item a higher rating, however I did find it a nuisance that it's not possible to use with phones that are in cases at least 1/10 of a cm thick, as the design of the socket that attaches to the bottom of the phone includes a wider protruding edge, preventing the actual charging material from reaching your phone, and it has no capability to extend outwards. However it does have the capability to swivel forward and backwards to adjust for the thickness of your phone/iPad. If you don't mind removing your phone's case every time you charge, or if you don't use any phone casing, then this product is ok for you. The product itself feels sturdy and feels quite dense for its size. I bought this over 2 years ago and the product still has no faults from occasional use.
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on 20 March 2015
Works well with an iPhone 6 in an Apple case - but does not fit an iPad Mini with an Apple case on. I have to take the iPad Mini Apple case off to charge it. Somewhat defeats the idea for being a desk charger for all Apple products, it has not been thought through by Belkin.
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on 30 December 2016
As others have stated, the design of the connector is flawed and prevents most phones from charging unless you remove their case (not really an option).

The fault is because there is a large black plastic block surrounding the connector, this rises with the connector and I have yet to find a case with such a large aperture surrounding the charging socket.

It could be redesigned so that the lightening connector itself rises up and down instead of the large plastic block and it would then be a great bit of kit. (I managed to remove a section of the plastic each side and this enables the device to work - not that I am advocating others should try this unless they know what they are doing).
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on 14 April 2016
If your phone has a case on it, then this will not work, as the case prevents the phone from sliding down far enough on to the connector to make contact.
The unit seemed to be very sturdy and well made, and it adjusted front-to-back to take case thickness into account, but having to remove the case to charge sort of defeats the object.
Went back to using a trailing lead.
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on 3 May 2016
Item description is incorrect; in the description at the time of purchase it stated it would work with iPad mini and iPhone 5 & 5s (amongst other devices).
On arrival we tried it with 2 x iPad mini (1st gen) and a iPhone 5 & 5s, with the iPad's we got a incompatible device message on the screen and it wouldn’t charge. For the iPhone 5 it would charge for a few seconds before the incompatible device message would appear. With the iPhone 5s it would charge without the message but not every time, I would have to take it off the base and reseat it. It was then I noticed on the charger packaging it states for iPad mini (3rd gen), iPad Air and iPhone 6. I will also say that this was all done without cases on the devices.
Within 5-10 minutes of opening the parcel, the charger was back in its box with a return requested.
I haven’t given it a one star because the product doesn’t deserve it; it looks nice and is well packed. If I had a later device it may have worked fine. But as it is the item was mis-sold & mis-described, hence the return and the low rating.
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on 10 June 2015
I was looking for a dock to use with my iPad mini whilst actually in it's smart case (the full case with magnetic front cover). Unfortunately there is no such product that natively supports my wishes and I had actually tried a few myself without any joy. I thought the Belkin dock would be the same, at first.

Firstly, I can confirm this dock will charge your iPhone 6 both out of a case, but more importantly whilst in one of the Apple leather cases without any problems or modifications required.

Secondly, I have, with some modifications to my Apple smart case, managed to get this dock to charge my iPad Mini 2 perfectly everytime. This dock has a raise-able area with the lightning connector built in, unfortunately there is also a small podium that lifts with this to house the connector (without this surround a modification to my case would not have been necessary. With a tough small pair of scissors I have carefully cut out a similar shape (which by the way is about the shape and size of the old 30pin iPod connector), offering it up to the dock with the iPad both in and out of the case until I had it just right. The result is the iPad slips onto the dock with ease (and without any issues "locating" the socket I might add). The downside being the bottom of my case doesn't look quite as pretty as it could or indeed did before I took a pair of scissors to it.

My smart case is the leather style and is fairly strong even with a bigger hole cut in the bottom, my advice would be to cut carefully and slowly and only cutting what you absolutely have to make the connector fit, BUT, it will give you an answer to charging an iPad Mini 2 with a smart case on a dock. You may also prefer to use a sharp knife for the cutting.

Meanwhile, the rest of the dock is great. The built in cable is a sensible length and the adjustable connector height means that even in my case you can ensure the base of the dock supports the rest of the iPhone/iPad. Aesthetically the dock looks great too.
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