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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
Near & Far (Lost & Found Book 2)
Format: Kindle Edition|Change

on 17 June 2015
Oh goodness me, I forgot how hard I loved these characters. Jesse and Rowan and the most perfect couple I've ever come across. The cowboy and the city girl, a match that most wouldn't think would work but they prove just how well it works for them.

This second book to the series is just as much fun to read as the first. Whilst the first book showed us Rowan's back story this book is worked around Jesse and his back story. The horrific abuse he went through in the hands of his birth mother and father. It's heartbreaking and just shows you how much that can affect a person, how it never goes away. We see Jesse battle through everything he feels and how heartbreaking it is for the others in his life. It's emotional but you'll be hooked on reading more and won't ever want to put the book down until you're at the last page and even then you'll want MORE.

Garth Black is freaking amazing, I love his role in this book and it's good to see him and Jesse being friends. Who knew Garth could be so wise lol.

Rowan and Jesse's relationship is one that most people wished they could have. It's strong and pure even through the hard times it's clear that their love for each other will never weaken and will forever be there.

Nicole is an incredible writer, this series is extra special to me, it's one of the first ever series I ever read and it stuck with me always. Her writing has a way of hooking you in, capturing your mind and taking you to a fantasy world of sexy cowboys lol.

This book deserves more than a 5 star rating that I truly wish I could give. I can't wait to re-read the next book in the series.
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on 8 July 2017
I loved Rowen and Jesse so much in the first book and I love them even more now. The emotion in this story was so strong that I felt every moment, even heart break and every sweet moment. Absolutely perfect story!
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on 22 August 2013
A fabulous 5 stars.

I loved the first Lost and Found and boy did I love this sequel. This book finds Jesse and Rowan trying to navigate a long distance relationship. I loved Jesse's character and he's more vulnerable in this book. Even Garth grew in me in this one! More!!
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on 25 August 2013
Let the flood of emotions begin. When I read Lost & Found earlier this year, I immediately fell in love with Jesse and Rowen. In fact, I ended my review with the hope that there would be a sequel. Then, only a few days later I found out that Nicole Williams had in fact announced she would carry on their story. I was overjoyed.

However, I knew what this meant. It meant that Jesse and Rowen were going to have to face some tough times. I tried to mentally prepare myself for these challenges. I even gave myself a five minute pep talk before I started Near & Far. Having faith they would get their happily ever after, I just knew there would be some heartbreak and tears to work through first. Little did I know that all of my preparation would not even come close to getting me ready for the emotions I experienced while reading this. How I survived I will never know. But one thing is for sure, the heartache and pain was so worth it.

"Loving someone as much as I did Jesse meant the darkness of the world seemed so black I never wanted to walk out the front door. Around every corner was some terror threatening to take away what I held most dear."

Rowen. She continued to grow into the type of woman that is worthy of Jesse. I never had doubts about this, but I knew at the end of Lost & Found that there was more growing up to do, and a lot that they both still needed to face. I am happy that I never felt like she wavered with her love, as I was scared that this was what was going to happen in the sequel. With Rowen away at college, I was nervous her head would be turned by another art student. But, she stayed true.

"For you, I'm a weak, weak man. I'm so weak for you that you could break me with one word. You could end me with one look. You could ruin me with one touch."

Jesse. Ride 'em cowboy. I have and always will love Jesse Walker. The man is quite simply one of the most down to earth, romantic, sweet and caring characters I have ever had the pleasure to read. I honestly believe that my Kindle copy is more highlighted than not. He has some of the very best lines, and there is never a doubt of his feelings for Rowen. Opposites may very well attract, but it has always been something more to their bond. Jesse's love for Rowen is almost too much. It completely blinds him from what is going on around him. He doesn't see anybody other than her, even if that means he is completely oblivious to quite obvious flirting by others. However, once he realizes what is going on... he is right there to put a stop to it. Ever the gentlemen.

I would say we learn the most about Jesse in this story. In fact we learn way more about his childhood growing up than we probably wanted to know. It is dark, disturbing, and quite honestly broke my heart. If you didn't have love in your heart for this man before (even though I can't see how you couldn't already), then you will do after reading about his past. It broke me, and made it easy for me to understand the darkness that Jesse is continuing to fight.

"She's managed to bust free from the weight of her past to get on with her life. She'd grown, evolved, and was setting the world on fire. I, on the other hand, was digressing, shrinking, and setting myself on fire."

The ending was beautiful. The only thing that got me through their problems was knowing that there was no way that Jesse and Rowen could not end up together. Their love was something that was never in doubt. It was just them trying to work through all of the external issues that were being thrown at them, and their own issues from the time before they had each other to lean on.

And now, we have Finders Keepers to look forward to. Yes, that's right.. Garth Black is getting his own book. I am so excited about this. Getting into Garth's head is going to be an enlightening, yet probably pretty frightening experience. I am hoping that we get to see a little more of Jesse and Rowen. I know this is probably greedy of me, but I would like to see what they are up to, so even a little peek would be great. Garth is one of those characters that you start out disliking, and grow to love. That is very much the case, as by the end of Near & Far, I was loving him so much. He really stepped up to the plate when it came to being a friend to both Jesse and Rowen, and now it's his time to find his own happily every after.

"It's time you start thinking about what you think you can't live without and what you actually can't live without."

Rainy Day Reads
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on 6 August 2013
***I received an ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest review ***

After just finishing and loving Lost and Found I was excited to be able to move straight on to Near and Far, and hope that I wasn't going to be disappointed, and I wasn't I loved it just as much if not more.

Near and Far pick up a few months after Lost and Found ended, still deeply in love all is going well for Rowen and Jesse, but having to deal the hurdles of a long distance relationship starts puts some stress and pressure on their relationship, and they have to find a way to deal and work through them.

"SOMETIMES LOVE WAS about compromise, and sometimes it was about sacrifice. Most times, it was a little of both. I had learned that the trial -and - error way" ~ Jesse

Rowen has now moved to the city, she is studying and making a name for herself in the art world she loves it, as it's her dream to become an artist. She has made some new friends and it's great to see the new confidence Rowen who has grown so much since the first time we meet her. She loves Jesse with all her heart he is everything to her.

"What bound us together couldn't be seen or put into words. It was invisible. No word had been created for it. Fate, destiny, true love, soul mates was glorified, commercial terms that fell flat. I ascribed few words to what we shared, but one word I could, one word I felt the moment his fingers laced through mine, and that was...eternal." ~ Rowen

Jesse is still as wonderful as before. Still very supported and protective of Rowen, he wants her to pursue her dreams, doesn't want to do anything to hold her back. But, Jesse has a dark past, he is fighting his own demons, on the surface he is trying hard to keep it together, but fear and nightmares about his early childhood are coming back to hunt him. While Rowen is the love of his life, these fears are making Jesse doubt himself, and his relationship with Rowen.

"I don't want her to know. I don't want her to be a part of it. I don't want her near it. I want her as far away from the poison flowing through me as I can keep her." ~ Jesse

The storyline had the drama and angst, it had a few twists and surprises thrown in, but for me it was far more emotional, more painful to read at times than Lost and Found. Told this time from not only Rowen's POV, but also Jesse, which is a favorite of mine. I think this book was more Jesse's story, Jesse's POV was powerful stuff, and I truly could feel the intensity of his feelings for Rowen. I found the parts where Jesse is talking about his childhood hard and emotional to read; my heart went out to him. I love how the tables were slightly turned in this story as it Rowen that needs to be there for Jesse.

"Fixed. Broken,"........."I'll love you either way. Just the way you love me. " ~ Rowen

Seeing more of the Walker family puts a smile on my face. Rose Walker I love that lady. I have to say I even warmth to Garth Black he made me smile as much as I didn't want to like him I secretly did. I love the banter between him and Rowen, and I was pleased to discover that he will be getting his own book as he has a story to tell, and I can't wait to read it. There were a few more new characters that added to the mix of the story, some that I wanted to punch, and others like Rowen's outspoken roommate Alex, I thought she was excellent, I liked her she made me laugh out loud several times, had some fabulous one liners.

"Fight for the things that matter- don't waste your energy on the rest" ~ Rose

"I'm not trying to comfort you, china doll. I'm trying to bitch slap you back to reality" ~ Alex

"I don't know much about these kinds of things".........But it seems like you don't fall out of love with someone because of their f*** ups. It seems like if you really love someone, you love them in spite of their f*** ups."~ Garth

Overall, I absolutely loved this book, loved the ending I was nervous for a while, but it had no cliffhanger, and I couldn't be happier as once again I was left with a big smile on my face. I was sad that Rowen and Jesse's story have come to an end but, I have the feeling that as Nicole Williams didn't write an epilogue, we might get more from Rowen and Jesse in the future or in Garth's story.

Near and Far get 5stars from me.
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VINE VOICEon 5 August 2013
Please bear in mind this is book 2 in the series and the review may therefore contain spoilers for the first book.

While Lost & Found concentrated on Rowen's story. Near & Far is, for me, more about Jesse. Told in dual narrative, with alternating view points. I love being able to get inside both characters heads, see exactly how they feel about certain situations rather than just the front they put up for other people.

We catch up with Rowen and Jesse a few months after the end of Lost & Found, at first glance they seem to be coping well with their long distance relationship. However, cracks begin to show in unexpected places, pressure from outside forces test the strength of their relationship.

Rowen still goes from strength to strength, I loved how she kept faith in her relationship with Jesse even at her darkest times. She is a very talented artist, her work stands out and gets her noticed very quickly. the price of success is less time to spend with Jesse. Adding further strain to both of them. They have a deep connection that goes way beyond the physical; as parts of the story come together it literally felt as if they were psychically bonded (unfortunately I am unable to give you examples without spoiling the plot)

There were times when I panicked as to whether Rowen was going to spiral out of control and revert back to her self-destructive ways. Her room-mate, Alex, provides so much humour within the story even if it is occasionally inappropriate ;) She pulls no punches when she has something to say, giving both Jesse and Rowen a much needed outside opinion.

It is Jesse that has the hardest problem with not seeing Rowen very often; his childhood was slightly revealed in Lost & Found yet the full extent of how he lived before he was adopted by the Walkers was not revealed. Although he has a loving, supportive home, Jesse hasn't fully dealt with the aspects of his childhood. I think he buried them rather than dealing with them and now they have come back to haunt him. I have to be honest and say that I still don't fully understand what triggered the memories of his childhood to take over other than that psychic connection I already mentioned. By trying to repress the memories and not seeking help, Jesse gets progressively worse. Following him down this path literally tore my heart to shreds.

This is a really hard review to write without spoilers. It's an intense emotional ride about confronting your personal demons, not being afraid to seek help from other people and having faith that people love and accept you for who you are, demons included.

Apart from Jesse and Rowen, it is Garth's character development that really stands out in this book. Talk about `still waters running deep' I think Garth Black must be that saying personified :) I am happy to say that Garth is getting his own story in September (SQUEEE) I hope we get to see more of Rowen and Jesse alongside Garth :)

My love of Nicole's writing grows with each book she writes. I cannot get enough.
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on 2 August 2013
With a much darker tone and dramatic story, I spent my whole time reading it on complete edge as I never knew what was going to happen next for Jesse and Rowen.

Picking up a few months after book one left off, Rowen and Jesse have settled in to a routine of the long distance relationship, both travelling back and fourth to see each other every few weeks. The pair clearly love each other more than ever, however, they soon learn that sometimes love isn't enough as circumstances and painful pasts start to get in the way of their happy future.

I found Rowen to be completely different in this book than in the last one, but in a good way. Especially in the beginning when reading her POV it feels like a cloud has been lifted as she is so much more optimistic and happy than she ever was in book one. She loves and trusts Jesse more than anything, and knows that she can't live without him, and because of that, like him, is managing to deal with the distance between them. However, Rowen always has it in the back of her mind that her happiness could be snatched away from her just as quickly as it came to her, and in this instance, rightly so...

As the story progresses and Rowen and Jesse drift further and further apart Rowen has to make some difficult decisions about her future as she finds herself having to chose between Jesse and her career as an artist!

It was great getting Jesse's POV for this book. I loved finding out how his mind worked, and especially towards the beginning I could completely see how he kept up his optimism with life as he never seemed to let anything bother him. When it came to Rowen he was the complete opposite of domineering which was incredibly refreshing, he trusted her more than anything and was happy for her to do the things she wanted...even if it wasn't what he wanted. He never tried to control her or tell her what to do, but only stand back and support her with everything, like the amazing boyfriend that he was.

"Win or lose, we're in it together. Right?"

Leaning his forehead into mine, Jesse's eyes went soft. "Win, lose, on top of the world, or at rock bottom...I'm with you, Rowen Sterling. To the very end."

Saying that, Jesse tackled some serious demons in this book towards the second half and it ultimately became the main theme of the story. Although on the outside he tries to maintain his facade of the old happy, carefree Jesse, on the inside he is tearing himself apart with thoughts of his past which are leaking in to his present, making him look at life and the things in it differently. This was a completely new side to Jesse, and one that I desperately wanted to go away so that I could have the old one back. The characters in this book are so impressionable that when one of them are hurting or something is wrong, you `feel' it, and you want their pain to go away. So for someone like Jesse who is normally so happy go lucky, to be hurting so badly, I desperately wanted his pain to be taken away and for things to be better for him as he really deserved it after everything he had been through in his past.

The relationship between Rowen and Jesse is much more intense in this book than in LOST AND FOUND, whereas in the first one I always knew that everything would work out and they would end up together, in this one I spent the whole time wondering if, and hoping that they wouldn't, break up. This story showed two completely different sides of there relationships, with the first half showing them as a happy couple, who although are in a long distance relationship, they are making it work and are always thankful for the little time that they do get to spend together, and the second half showing a very different side. As the book progresses you start to feel them slip away from each other more and more and it was completely heartbreaking. The angst was off the charts as it became clear that sometimes love wasn't enough as obligations and emotional barriers seriously got in the way of them being together, making them both question everything!

What bound us together couldn't be seen or put into words. It was invisible. No word had been created for it. Fate, destiny, true love, soul mates were glorified, commercial terms that fell flat. I ascribed few words to what we shared, but one word I could, one word I felt the moment his fingers laced through mine, and that was...eternal.

Bitch, evil, trollop, fake, Barbie, boyfriend stealer...oh and did I say bitch. Well none of these words even begin to describe how I felt about the new character in this story, Josie's cousin, Jolene. Working at the Walkers ranch for a few months, she spends most of her time in this book trying to get her claws in to Jesse, and it drove me CRAZY! Seriously, from the way I felt, you would think Jesse Walker was real...oh I wish...because in those moments where Jolene would touch Jesse, or make a flirty remark or try to push herself closer to him, I felt like Rowen! I wanted to pee around Jesse and mark my territory so that bitch couldn't get to him...oh sorry, I'm forgetting he's not real again...
Although this book is about Jesse and Rowen's relationship, it was much more about Jesse and his need to face his past. I was so emotional reading his parts of the story, as my heart broke for him as he faced a never ending torment over his deep rooted secrets, which caused complete destruction to him as a character.

This story is filled to the brim with drama, to the point where I spent the whole book with uncertainty as to what Jesse and Rowen's next obstacle will be. The tone is much darker and bleaker than in book one and because of that, for me was very endearing as it opened up a whole new side to the story! This is by far one of my all time favourite series, and I found that with this book, just like the last one, I struggled to put it down as I found myself so rooted in to the story. I can't wait to read Garth's story when it is released, as in this book he does well to redeem himself and open up a little as a nice guy...a little...
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on 14 September 2014
I sort of kinda knew that this was not going to live up to the first edition of this story.
I am still not sure that I prevaricated over finishing this book because I didn't want it to end, or I didn't get into it, but it took me a while, and I actually read (and finished) another short book in the meantime.
Our star struck lovers are separated and absence is not necessarily making the heart grow fonder.
Jesse and Rowen know that they want to be together and there is no-one else in their lives for them (even meddling Jolene!!) but they are struggling to make it all work. Having a long distance relationship is taking it's toll.
I suppose Jesse could not keep up the "good to everyone" act for ever and he sort of turns a bit weird in this book. Having flashbacks to what happened to him in the past - it sort of doesn't add up that this all happens at this stage in his life? Sort of seemed a bit random - and what were the chances that his past would catch up with him, and via the person he believed really was his future.
Don't want to give too much away.
Still a great book - but I guess I loved the romance and the togetherness that Jesse and Rowen had, and being apart, I just missed the dynamic of their blossoming relationship.
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on 12 August 2013
Jessseeeee Walker is back!!

NEAR AND the brilliant sequel to lost and found.
I actually had forgotten about this sequel until I was searching on amazon the other day.
when I found it I couldn't wait to start it. To begin with I actually wasn't best pleased with it i thought it was a bit slow but once again around 50% it begins to get exciting and totally redeemed itself.
Its told from dual povs (being jesse and rowan), we get to see behind jesse a bit more in this one.
we find out if rowan and jesses once loveable relationship can stand the test of time, living in different states?
Hidden demons and Jealousy is a massive factor and could brake this beautiful couple up forever, WILL IT HAPPEN?
I didn't think I could fall in love with jesse anymore but phew I just did!!
but can there be a happy ending??
Also I absolutely loved garth in this book too. Nicole should totally write a book solely on Garth black (would love to read that)...
Worth a read!
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on 17 August 2013
Some books have the lovable bad guy. Some books have the troubled bloody man we want to save. Some books have the alpha male we want to dominate us! And then there's the wonderful, beautiful, heart melting Jesse who makes you feel warm and fuzzy. Their story was troubled but so great. I loved how despite outside admirers they only had eyes for each other, their love was uncontrollable, powerful! Their souls belonged to each other. Their love predestined, they were made to find and love each other, no matter what they had to over come to be together.....beautiful, loved both books
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