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This is a relatively inexpensive handlebar clamp and tripod mount. It is adjustable and fits to vatious parts of mu motorbike allowing me to clamp and action cam at different points. This is not made for anything but a lightweight camera: while the clamping mechanise is quite good the adjustement screw foir the camera mount seems a bit insubstantial and the rachet movement of the camera mount a tad iffy, so handle with care! That said, the clamp and mount is adequate for the purpose of mounting an action cam quite securely, because they are small and very light, so I find no particular problem there. You do get what you pay for and this is not an expensive clamp, but probably represents value for money spent: not perfect but easily 4 stars.
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on 3 February 2014
Quite nicely built out of solid plastic with decent quality components. The design seems to be generally pretty good, and I haven't had a problem with it firmly gripping onto any size tube (handlebars, mic stands, tripods).

The only negative is that whilst the tilt can be locked, the rotation can't. This clicks with a firm resistance as it turns but there's enough play when it's in place for the head to feel a little loose. If you need to hold a device firmly in place then you'll probably want to take it apart to add some washers and/or remove the spring so that the head locks firmly in place. You'll lose the easy rotation but it'll still be adjustable with a screwdriver and it becomes much more solid.
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on 29 October 2016
I'm using this with HTC Vive lighthouses, as it was recommended by many (including the official guide, I think).

It's easy to use and works pretty well, but it's also worth noting that there is some wobble which you cannot get rid of, at least without mods.

Where the clamp part attaches to the articulated part, there's about 1mm of wobble on all four corners, and you cannot get rid of it by tightening the (somewhat hidden) screw. Superglue may work, once you know which orientation you want, but I haven't tried that.

I don't know if this small amount of wobble is actually a problem. For a ll I know it may actually help absorb the vibrations of the Vive lighthouses, rather than add to them. My tracking seems fine in general, although I have nothing to really compare it to. Every so often there is a bit of a wobble, but I don't know that it's caused by this; in fact, it probably isn't, or the effect would be visible all the time, I would think. Still, if you want complete rigidity, this will not get you it. That 1mm wobble translates into a fair distance which you can move the lighthouses around once they are attached, but only if you push on the things. I guess gravity probably pulls them down more than the vibrations move them around.

Having looked at alternatives, many of them appear to be the same design (maybe even the same thing with different branding), but there are one or two different designs. Whether they are actually better, or any of this matters, I do not know. These work well enough that I am sticking with them.
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on 29 June 2014
I needed an attachment with a standard camera screw fitting that would connect my rain gauge to a pole outside in the garden. The Graffiti device has served me well. The moulded parts are strong and cleanly cast while the adjustments are of stainless steel and ideal for combatting in the weather. The rain gauge is now installed in view from the house and the rubber insets of the cast halves ensures a strong and secure grip to the metal pole that has been hammered in to the ground. The adjustable camera thread end ensures that whatever is connected can be held at almost any angle. There is a sprung link to the main body that can be adjusted with the retaining screw. For my purposes, I needed that as tight as possible, but if relaxed, there is a little give that may be helpful in some circumstances.
Overall, a well thought out piece of kit that can be applied to a variety of purposes.
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on 1 June 2014
I bought this to hold the video baby monitor we use in our little one's bedroom. We wanted something that would attach to the side of the cot, but would be small enough so not to ruin all of the decoration we did in advance of her moving into her room.

The clamp came ready to go and instructions, although included, were not needed as it is a very simple design.

I am sure that this would be extremely useful for outdoor sports people, especially cyclists, however, we have used it for a slightly different purpose. It's so good, I am going to buy one for my brother, who is currently at hospital, with his wife, waiting for his first child to be born!
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on 2 July 2014
I bought this to use my Flip Mino camera. I wanted to film my commute everyday, incase any motorist decided to drive carelessly, causing me to be in an accident.
The item is good. Clamps solidly to the handlebars. The camera fits on the screw mount safely. very good.

The downside is that the screw mount head isn't that sturdy. There's a little too much play, allowing movement in the camera independant of the handlebar movement. Also the crew head isn't fixed to the mount, so it rotates in the mount before you can fully tighten the camera.

It's ok for casual use, but I wouldn't fit your GoPro to it.
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on 8 June 2015
This is the third clamp I have tired to attach an action camera to the handlebar of my motorcycle without too much vibrations. But despite having a major and minor flaw as supplied, working around those I am very satisfied with the end result.

The first problem is the worst, the thread on one of the bolts within the clamp cannot hold the screw, so it will just not tighten. The other issue is that the disc on the tripod screw is similarly too lose. Instead of it holding the camera in pace at the correct angle, the camera remains lose but turns the disc as though it is not there.

My camera though is the SJ4000 and using parts from the mounts supplied with it I was able to solve both of these problems. The disc was simply a straight swap with the one from the supplied tripod mount. Now when it is tightened the camera will not rotate until it is loosened again.

To fix the main screw I used one of the bolts from the SJ4000's handlebar mount. I do not know the exact size, but it must be fairly standard as that uses Go Pro compatible mounts. I removed the screw from this mount by unscrewing the locking handle, the screw then slid out. Clearly the holes within the mount are too large. I then screwed the bolt down to the far end of the screw and replaced it and the locking handle. To use the mount I simply fitted it on the handlebar, closed it with the screw pushed in (so the far end hung out) and the lock sticking out, and spun the bolt with my fingers as far as it would go. I could then close the locking handle to firmly lock it in place.

You only need to spin the bolt with your fingers as far as it will easily go, the lock will then tighten it, so it is still easy to attach and remove without needing tools.

The result though was a more sturdy mount than the one supplied and another I tried. It feels more secure on the bars without slipping, and the only vibration I experience is from the bike itself and not the mount. I bought it as the price seemed cheap enough to be worth the risk, so although disappointed with the quality of the threads on it, it was simple enough to fix that I am glad I bought it. I would certainly recommend it to anyone in a similar situation who can easily cannibalize parts in the same way.
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on 23 September 2015
Perfect for clamping my iPad mount onto my PC stand!

I purchased 2 of these in total and highly recommend them. If you are looking to mount an iPad etc onto a chassis, PC, pole, desk etc. I would highly suggest buying this clamp. It's perfect for almost any scenario and wide enough to grip onto most piping (over 1.5")

I use this clamp (and its twin brother) to hold an iPad Mini 2 to a PC rig, my rig is all metal and varies in size, this clamp handles all those variations without any issue whatsoever. The clamp is absolutely rock solid and made from very strong/hard plastic. There is a metal screw/lock that holds the mount in place, plus a rubber teeth to ensure the clamp doesn't slip. The material is a matte look effect and isn't prone to finger prints or marks etc...

I'm not entirely sure the full weight the clamp can sustain, however, I use a "motion rig" which really bounces my frame around and these clamps have not moveed an inch!

They are super strong, light weight, great looking and come at an incredible price.
Overall, if I need another clamp, this is the one i would suggest buying!
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on 4 November 2015
Great little clamp for the price, my only issue with it is the joint that holds the clamp to the tripod mount has a small amount of play. This is due to the fact that it has clicking swivel, you can rotate it around which is great for positioning but I need it to be solid because I wanted to use it as a secondary mount on my tripod to fix my mobile to it for mobile low light photography. It will do this but I think I'm going to have to sacrifice the click joint with some super glue which should make it perfect. If I could suggest a fix it would be to perhaps make a tightening screw accessible from the clamp jaw opening - or a removable shim. Don't get me wrong, the play isn't that bad, it's just not great for low light photography. The rest of it is brilliant and for the cost you can't go wrong, if you were going to use it as a lighting clamp for example it might work perfectly
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on 12 August 2015
Bought to support a Contour camera during a multi-day kayak trip.
- the clamp can fit a good range of bars/tube like items.
- the head is easily oriented in the desired direction.
- due to the design configuration, the metal screw protrudes from the clamp when mounted on small diameter tubes
- the locking lever is attached to the screw with a quite weak glue (had to re-glue on first use)
- during use, I lost a screw (the camera has a safety leash). Might have been my fault.
- a bit of rust on the main screw already (after one week in extremely wet conditions).
The vendor offered to send me a new item, will update the review if this happens.
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