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on 17 January 2014
I've had this tablet for a couple of months now. I've had an iPad before, but it never really clicked - I couldn't see where it fit in my day to day life. I don't have any other Apple products, so it was always a world unto itself and never gave me much of an opportunity to 'pool resources' across a family of devices. But, we used it quite a lot for, for example, playing media while cooking. So when the iPad looked like it was going to leave our lives, I bought this as a replacement.

It's sleek, light, and attractive in its design - in every way, it outclasses the iPad in these respects. It's also much more responsive than other Android tablets I've used - it doesn't lag or stutter, and the display is crystal clear. I had a small problem early on in that an SD card I used in it ended up corrupted beyond repair, but the new one I put in to replace it hasn't had the slightest issue so I'm not sure if responsibility for that lies with the tablet or the card itself.

Wholeheartedly recommended.
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on 14 August 2014
Love the xperia Z but a word of caution. I have the 16gb version which fills up very quickly if you download apps. Unfortunately, you can't transfer apps to the SD card if you have one (apparently, you can do this with the phone version but not the tablet). Meaning that once its full, no more updates. If you can afford the 32 gb version, go buy that instead.

Also, be careful where you buy films (if you buy to download onto the tablet). If you buy films from the Sony store you get the option to place the film on the SD card. Great. However, if you buy a blu ray disc and get a free UV copy (and you choose to redeem from google, the download will go direct to the internal storage which you then can't transfer to the SD card. Or, if you download a digital copy (windows media) the system won't play it. If there are any fixes that anyone knows to get round any of the above please tell Sony.

Everything else is fine, actually, pretty good.
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on 3 December 2013
After a great deal of research chose the Sony over the Apple due to value for money and the fact that the tablet is an extra to my working PC which it could never replace. I have not been disappointed in my purchase as the device provided spectacular pictures with rich colours and sharp images.The internet browsing experience the tablet provides is great as it reponds so quickly to any demand made of it. i.e. mail checking/utube vidios/general searching. On the downside, not happy with the fact that this Tablet pack came with 3 off other items from the supplier and was left on the doorstep by the suppliers courier! No signature of receipt appears to have been required. What if it had been stolen?
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on 27 April 2014
I'm impressed at how light this tablet is - its very easy to hold with one hand for long periods of time. I bought this to replace a Blackberry Playbook, which while still fine for browsing has been left behind on the apps front. I dithered between this and the nexus 10 - the deciding factor being the micro sd card which allows for lots of cheap extra storage if required - I have fitted a £25 Sandisk 64Gb card which means the 16Gb of main storage on the tablet is plenty. This lets me have music and films available even when wi-fi is not accessible. The one irritation is that although advertised with HDMI connectivity, this requires either an MHL adaptor to use with a cable, or a device (such as Chromecast) to throw the picture to a large screen, so one extra thing to buy. An native HDMI port would have earned the tablet 5 stars.
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on 8 September 2014
This tablet is beautiful and stylish - a real alternative to an iPad. It performs like a dream driven by a solid implementation of Android with Sony's typical customisations. The Bravia engine makes for brilliant video quality and if like me you have other Sony equipment in your home you will enjoy its seamless integration. For me though the real stand out quality is its high degree of water resistance. Use it by the pool, in the bath - or wash it when it gets slightly dirty - without any worries.
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on 12 January 2015
Great tablet; clear screen, quite fast, good for watching movies on, 11 hour battery life. All in all a great tablet, but...... after 8 months of continued use, it now refuses to switch on and is to be returned to Sony for repair. This, according to the Sony forum, is a more common fault than I think they would like to admit. Hopefully, I shall have it working and enjoy it more soon.
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on 13 January 2014
What a disappointment. I am usually brand loyal and having happily used my Sony Vaio for years I figured I would go for the Sony tablet. My biggest criticism of this tablet is that it drops the internet very frequently. I had to update the software a couple of times just to get minimal performance. I hate it so much I gave it to a colleague at work who works in IT to play with and experiment with viruses. Will buy IOS next time.
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on 1 February 2015
I love Sony products and this did not disappoint. I cant recommend this tablet enough. The picture is fantastic, quick set up, fast programme, never freezes, lovely design, large screen - perfect for films and videos, sturdy design, battery life is great like with most Sony products. I love it, much better than any of the ipads in my opinion.
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on 16 February 2016
Bought as a gift, I didn't want to splash out on a brand new one as they are really pricey and I wasn't sure what size tablet he would prefer etc.... I worried about getting an earlier model and a refurb/used item from warehouse deals but I needn't have it is great. He already has the Sony Xperia phone, so found it easy to use. These tablets are a great size, good for internet use and watching movies, but not huge. Feels and looks like a good quality product. Very happy and a bargain
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on 2 November 2014
This is a great tablet with a great quality screen, it is very light and thin and is easy to hold, I have had a number of tablets over time and this is streets ahead of all of them, I love it. I use the Sony charging stand which I find is a must have and buy yourself an on the go cable which alows you to connect a USB pen drive to transfer to and from the tablet.
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