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on 8 June 2016
Unlike the Dynamode card I bought before this which refused to work, this card works straight out of the box on Windows 10 with no fuss at all. My case is a low profile case but no problem as I was able to unscrew the big plate and screw on the supplied low profile plate. Initial problems with the fit were resolved by a pair of plyers on the low profile plate but apart from this minor hiccup there was no problem fitting it. The supplied SATA Y splitter was used to split power between the DVD drive and the USB3 card.

On powering the machine up Windows 10 instantly recognised the card and set up appropriate drivers, and I was able to transfer data to and from my external SATA drive in a USB3 enclosure at 70-80k/s - a big improvement on 10k/s for USB2. Brilliant!

So far the card has been super stable. At last my old desktop PC is USB3 enabled.
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on 1 July 2015
Great product from a company who clearly care about your customer satisfaction. Installed simply in under 15 minutes. Do like everyone else has said and download the latest drivers from Inateck support:
or more specifically:
Run setup.exe in the file that you download and that's it installed!

I get 100Mb/s transfer speeds to my USB3 memory stick, and I've finally got the 2 USB3 front ports on my PC case working via the 20-pin connector. Mine is plugged into an ageing (2009) ASUS P6T motherboard, in the PCI-E 16x slot (just because this is the only one I still have free apparently it works in any PCI-E slot from 1x-16x), and powered with the Molex-SATA Y-adapter (because I've used all of the SATA connectors on my PSU) which comes bundled with the card (see what I mean about customer satisfaction?) saving you a trip to Maplin. Nuff said. Does just what I wanted, hassle-free for a great price. Great product.
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on 13 January 2015
I needed USB3 in my 2 (USB2 only) servers as using Hyper-V with some large VHDX files. I looked at cheaper options but reviews were mixed so just decided to go for these more expensive cards as the reviews seemed a lot better. So far that has proved to be a sound idea! One bonus with this card is that you get a 4 pin molex to 2 SATA power as well as a SATA power to 2 SATA power adaptor. I needed one type for one server and the other type for the other server. Some other cards only give you one type as far as I could see.

Installed in my Fujitsu TX100 S3p and HP ML110 G6 servers (both Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V) and worked straight away without needing the CD. I bought some WD Elements (2Tb and 1Tb) USB3 portable drives as well for the backup. So far only backed up the TX100 which has 4 * 1Tb WD RE4 Drives in RAID 10 using Altaro Hyper-V backup got about 32MB/s (156.43GB (315Gb uncompressed) backup in 1h 22m) which as the software was also compressing as it went along and it is a lower end server, I was more than happy with.

Previously on the ML110 G6 with RAID 1 drives the USB 2 backup I was only hitting around 7MB/s.

So I would say, save yourself some aggro and buy this more expensive card rather than the cheap ones. I am assuming the 4 port version would be as good.

Edit: I have now used Altaro Hyper-V backup to copy the primary backup disk to the offsite backup disk, both attached to this card and Windows Resource Monitor was showing upto 100MB/s Reading from Primary and Writing to the Offsite drive, so very happy.!
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on 22 April 2015
I tried a different brand USB 3 card before and found it unstable so thought i would give it another go.Card fitted in seconds no problem but windows 7 could not find the drivers at all either on the net or when i directed it to the cd. just ran them from the disc in the end took about 3 attempts but that is more of a windows issue.
so firstly i Transferred a nice big 12Gb file using a 16 Gb USB 2.0 thumb-drive firstly in the old USB 2 port on pc.This took 12 mins and then on new Inateck Card this took 10 mins.....so far so good its working and faster but then a strange thing happened I tested it with a Sony 16 Gb USB 3.0 thumb-drive again firstly on old USB 2.0 port on pc it took 32 mins for the same 12Gb file and on the Inateck port 23 mins????
Lastly i tested it with a WD 2Tb USB 3.0 external HD....this was more like it ...a 10Gb file on the old USB 2.0 port was 5.25 mins and on the Inateck USB 3.0 card 3 mins.
so before leaving a review make sure you test a few variations as i have now learned that these cards are only as good as the device's you plug into them and all device's are Not equal.In summary a Great card well worth the money as it will save you time in the long run and for me I think i will stop using Thumb-drives for large files as the data transfer rate is obviously too slow.Hope this helps.
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on 27 May 2014
I ordered one of these cards to allow the full speed use of a usb 3.0 external drive for backup. It failed after a month or so (well electroncics do fail from time to time). Amazon were very quick to make a refund but while I could get by with a usb 2.0 I really wanted a usb 3.0 interface. However, SpringRain contacted me & offered a replacement card FOC, even after the refund. Well you can't argue with service like that.

The new card arrived promptly & I've been testing it with no problems over the last couple of weeks or so. I looks very well finished & is definitely a cut above the usual far-eastern fare. It can take a power spur from the PSU (adaptors are provided) so the ports are fully powered.

I don't really need more usb 3.0 ports but I'm considering a 2-port backplate which will plug in to the PCI card.

Despite the slightly wobbly start I have to commend SpringRain for their post-purchase customer care - it's pretty rare in this day & age. If you need one of these cards the this one comes highly recommended - is it really worth trying to get something cheaper???
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on 6 June 2015
This was just what I needed when I bought a new case for my PC set up. My motherboard doesn't have have a USB 3.0 port, but my new case has a USB 3.0 port on the front. I ordered the card and installed it. Installed the software from the disc, and was good to go. haven't encountered any problems with it, and it seems to work as it should. Two ports on the rear, and an internal port to plug in the header from the front port all working as expected. Power is supplied by a SATA connection from the PSU. I use one of the rear ports to connect an external hard drive, and the front port on my case (connected internally) for charging mobile phone/tablet etc, and have been very happy with it. An excellent solution if you have a spare PCIE slot on your motherboard, and your set up doesn't have native USB 3.0 facility. Highly recommended.
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on 18 May 2015
Well with a 17 year old Acer aspire X3200 Desktop PC running windows 7 Ultimate this product has
given me 100 mbps file transfer speed, I had no problems at all loading the drivers from the disk supplied and all works
very well all in all a brilliant product and a very nice boxed kit with all the necessary power and connection leads
there is even a sata extension lead to take power from an existing already used sata connection I used the one on my DVD Ram Drive.
I am also running this card in a PCI X16 graphics card slot without any ;problems what so ever.
A very nice kit and much increased performance from an original usb2 speed of 34mbps to the improoved 100mbps usb 3.
That's over 3 times as fast as the old usb 2.
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on 20 October 2014
I got a cheap brand of card that seemed like it did everything the same the same as this card but in fact everything went wrong and it was a waste of money.
This card cost about 50% more, it is red, I wanted black but what the hell, it has the model number clearly written on the packaging. It has a full sized installation DVD which doesn't fall out of my vertical drive when I close the door. It has a manual written in English without obvious spelling mistakes and formatting errors. It comes with a selection of useful cable adapters which you are free to keep and share with your friends if they are not needed for your installation as mine were not. Do not underestimate these things but best of all IT ACTUALLY WORKS!
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on 5 October 2015
It appears to be reasonably well-made and works okay. Out of the box its worst failing is that the instruction leaflet is close to useless. I found that I had to connect it to the PC power supply for it to supply any power whatsoever via the USB ports. The leaflet I received didn't even mention connecting it to the PSU so I'm glad I was already aware of it. Other than that, I only needed two ports and I've got a SFF PC with half-height slots so this is ideal.
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on 23 January 2014
I came across this USB3 card on an Apple forum discussing which USB3 cards worked on
Apple Mac Pros. The chipset used seems to be the secret.
I bought the 4 port version with a black faceplate.
It came quickly and fitted in mins. I used the last hard drive bay in my MacPro to provide the power via the supplied cable. I had to removed one of the prongs from the Sata connector and it seems to stay connected.
No drives are required using Mountain Lion 10.8.5.
Tried 3 different USB3 devices all worked flawlessly my Plugable USB3 SATA tray with a SSD drive clocked over 200Mb/s Write/read, Sandisk extreme 32Gb flash drive 190Mb/s tested using Blackmagic speed test with 5Gb files.

Very pleased so ordered another one, this time with the extra power cables especially for the MacPro so the spare optical drive bay power can be used.
This card does not have the face plate painted black.
The routing of the power cable is tricky due to the well designed side plate on the Mac but it does fit if you are neat.
All worked....except the Plugable USB3 tray! This would only connect at Usb2 speeds.
After a fault finding session l isolated it to the card.
Emailed Inateck late afternoon and the next morning after a few hours of email exchanges they agreed to send a replacement. They said the cards are identical? So were at a loss as to why it didn't work with the Plugable device.
Today a replacement arrived, quickly fitted and good to report this card works perfect.

If it continues to work this is a great product backed up by a professional company.
Well done.
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