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on 24 September 2013
I have had this case now for three weeks and can safely say that this is an excellent case for the Nexus 7 (2013). It is slim and yet at the same time offers the Nexus protection for when you need to place it in a bag.

It is a snug fit and the standing angles offered by the stand are excellent. There is no possibility of the Nexus falling as there might be with the Ultra Slim version due to the fact that there are 'slots' for the Nexus to sit in.

However, the case is not perfect. Firstly, the hand strap, while a good idea is not executed properly. It is uncomfortable to hold it with the strap but you don't really need the strap anyway. Secondly, the black elastic can impede on the screen when in use. However, as with the strap you don't need to use it! I also snipped off the elastic for the stylus as it wasn't needed.

All in all, it is a very good case which offers the Nexus protection without impeding on the screen.
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on 1 September 2013
I received the Moko Slim Multi-Angle, carbon fibre blue which is lovely.

* good protection
* lovely looking case
* hand strap for holding
* case doesn't cover the bezel
* a variety of viewing angles
* very sturdy when opened up to view on uneven surfaces

* doubles the thickness of the Nexus
* speakers holes are half covered, as the design is a series of holes in the cover as opposed to a large cut-out, however when testing, no real difference was found in the audio, checking for muffled sound etc

A lovely case, with more pro's than con's. Compared to the Poetic Slimline, we felt the extra padding would offer more protection on the Moko.
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on 23 January 2016
Bought this a little while back for my Nexus 7 - i needed some kind of protection for my new toy, so i figured that I could buy a budget case for short term use, and then fork out on something more expensive later on.

Months later, and I'm still using this case for my Nexus - not through lazyiness, but because this case is top notch!

The case is very STRONG- it is very high quality and can take a everyday bumps and scuffs with no problems and no visible effect!
The case is very SMART AND PROFESSIONAL looking - when I walk into meetings with my Nexus in the case, people are always trying to sneak a peek as to what is inside!
This case is VERY PRACTICAL - as seen in the photos on this site it can be stood up easily for watching movies, but what the photos do not show you is how that when you fold the case back on itself and place the device flat on a table or other flat surface, it is still slightly tilted, allowing easy visibility of the screen if you are reading something from it whilst using another computer (as i frequently am).
The hands strap is also excellent also, being very strong and comfortable.

Overall this is a fantastic product, order with confidence!
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on 7 May 2014
Don't have much to compare it to except for my Mum's cheap and nasty case for her Nexus, but I'm really impressed. It's strong and smart-looking, does not obscure the screen one bit, and is sturdy . Fits perfectly snuggly and snaps securely shut. As a stand it's excellent; in fact I'm typing this review two-handed with my feet up and the Nexus on my lap propped up in the case/stand. It is a little (and I mean a little) on the heavy side; but I believe this is essential if it is to be sturdy and not wobble or topple when tapped; you can't have it both ways. I've tried to find fault to maybe knock it down to four stars, but I honestly cannot, and I don't get some of the more negative reviews. Highly recommended.
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on 18 March 2014
I can't praise this particular case highly enough, and I have tried various different ones, in my search for something that fulfills all my needs. The design is very well thought out, there are no extraneous gimmicks. The elastic band can be looped over the corners of the back of the case, and then over the front tab of the cover, thus restraining the cover from flapping around. In this setup, the elasticated grip is very practical. You feel very secure holding the device ith one hand in this configuration. Likewise the desk stand method works well. The closing clasp is good. The material used looks good and feels nice, and the general construction is very sturdy. One feels that the tablet might stand a good chance of withstanding a bad drop in this case. I've had mine a month now, it's looking absolutely pristine, and I haven't found a single negative thing to say about it. Buy it :-)
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on 25 October 2015
This is an amazing rugged case to protect your nexus tablet. At first once you put your tablet in, trying to open the case can be a bit of a bugger because it's so stiff, but after general wear it will loosen up, but not loose to the point where it will come off by itself. It's really secure once closed meaning it is physically impossible to scratch your screen or the back of the tablet with this amazing case.

The case also has the 3 slots in which you can have your tablet sitting down landscape which is brilliant for playing games, watching videos etc. However the 3rd slot to place your tablet down takes some time to get to because the case will naturally pull the tablet back up, meaning you've got to give the case a bit of a stretching before it actually holds into the 3rd position.

All corners of the tablet are covered meaning that you won't be chipping the corners with this case as it gives some nice padded protection, I'd say it could survive a small drop, but I wouldn't really put that to the test.

All in all... really good, was looking for a cool case that gives my tablet the best protection whilst still having some cool features such as putting it on it's side with 3 different viewing options, highly impressed, I would say I'd buy it again but this thing's going to last me my lifetime I think!
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on 9 March 2015
This is a really good product for the Nexus 7 (2nd generation). Holds the tablet securely in place. All the ports are accessible. I chose red, which is very bright. Also very sturdy and should afford the tablet some protection if you were to accidentally drop it. Elastic slot for a stylus is a bit naff, but mine has an attachment which fits into the phone socket. Much better. There is loads of choice out on the market, but you won't be disappointed. I have had it for quite some time now but there are no signs of wear and tear, nor any colour loss on the cover itself.
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on 15 April 2017
Decent case and looks good. Only criticism would be you need to unclip the tablet from the bottom of the case to be able to make it stand up as seen in picture, still seems a good case for the the price.
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on 1 September 2014
After watching the misses pull her hair out using a MOFRED case I spent some time looking at reviews on Google.

This one came out tops and considering it is just a few pounds more than the above mentioned one I surprised her with it.

She absolutely loves it! The sleep function works. The tablet does not move around blocking the buttons on the face and side of the tablet with it fitting securely. The hand strap on the rear of the case is also a great addition as it allows her to play her games holding the tablet in one hand. The adjustable stand works great.

To sum up...... she really likes it and has no complaints. Wish more things that cost only £8 pleased her this much! I'd save a bloody fortune.........
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on 28 July 2017
Thought this was good at first, but the thin plastic backing started to come off all around the edges and corners. Expected it to last longer than 10 months. Update - I have been sent a replacement cover (without requesting one). Excellent customer service.
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