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on 12 October 2014
I've been meaning to buy a 3DS console for a while now but hadn't done in the past out of a lack of games for it. Originally, the only tempting titles were the initial pokemon releases of X and Y, Mario Kart, and Zelda. However, 2014's reveals made me want one more and more until they revealed this beauty and I just couldn't resist any more!

First impressions: I was very surprised by the glossy finish, I was expecting matte like the rest of the consoles but this was a pleasant surprise. The design is incredible and the console feels comfortable, with all the buttons reachable and the screen of a nice size. It comes with a 4GB SD card loaded with SSB so you don't need to swap cartridges, but of course as you may well know, there isn't a charger included - you'll have to use one from an old DSi or DSi XL (or even 3DS) or buy one separately.

The game itself is amazing, a must have for any SSB fan who wants to play on the go, and a great game for those who want to play with friends away from home. While it has left out some of the best features that Brawl had, this is more than a neat enough game with all the fun bits and a nice little smash run mode, where there is a pre-battle adventure leading up to a final battle. The mii creator is incredibly fun and offers decent customisation, along with the specials customiser for other characters etc.

Overall, if you want a 3DS and a copy of SSB3DS- why not both?
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on 6 June 2014
Firstly to avoid any confusion, this unfortunately doesn't come with any yoshi game. Even though you would've thought that'd be the case. Also doesn't come with a charger

Anyway, the design is great, they are not stickers and are like painted on so don't feel like they're going to peel or wear off.

Top/front is green, back is white with green yoshi eggs and the inside is blank matte white,

If you have any questions just let me know.
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VINE VOICEon 20 February 2014
Whenever I come back to look at this product page the Amazon Instant Order Update makes me smile, because I purchased it on the 8th January 2013. Any Pokemon fan can probably make an educated guess as to why.

I'm really glad I waited so long to upgrade from my beloved DS Lite, because all of the negative reviews about the 3DS barely holding a battery charge of 3 hours really concerned me. After my DS's 10+ hour charge, 3 hours seemed pitiful. I also did not like any of the colour options available (as at the time Pink, the only one I liked, was bundled with Nintendogs and not available for separate purchase). When I first set eyes on this 3DSXL, I just KNEW it was what I'd been waiting for. I'd already fallen in love with the specs when browsing online reviews - the expanded battery life, the massive screen, oh yes please. And then they went and released it with a bloody great Pikachu on the front. How could any gamer girl pokemaniac of 15 years resist?

I had my DS Lite for 7 years, and it was hands down the best console I'd ever owned. Wifi capability, where before there had only been a cruddy link cable which constantly threatened to pop out and ruin your saved data mid-battle or trade. I could now sit in my bedroom and trade a Totodile with a kid from Japan. What an age we live in! You charged it and could play hardcore for at least a week without needing to plug it in again. The touchscreen interface was easy to learn and a pleasure to use, the screen brightness clear and beautiful and being able to set the console down while playing was a massive advantage(after the Gameboy Advance it was like a mini laptop!). I loved the colour options (mine, a birthday gift, was baby pink). I loved how absurdly light and portable the thing was. I eventually obtained a spare DS 'phat' for trading with myself and there was no comparison; my DS Lite was elegant and smooth and feather light.

In fact, this is the only area where the 3DSXL loses points. It is a bulky, heavy little git. The price you pay for the massive deluxe screens is aching wrists. I often play Pokemon just before sleep (I find it more relaxing than reading) and let me tell you that lying horizontal in bed holding up the DS Lite in front of you with one hand and the stylus in another is not a problem. But the 3DSXL I cannot manage with for more than 10 minutes, tops, or my muscles start to hurt. And I'm a fit 25 year old, so it's definitely a thing to bear in mind if you're considering the console as a gift for an elderly relative! Perhaps a 'lite' version will be on the cards someday, but bear in mind that even if it gets lighter it cannot get any smaller without reducing what you bought it for in the first place - those cinematic screens - so if you like to be able to slip your consoles in your pocket you might want to settle for the regular 3DS.

Other than that one sort-of-understandable flaw, the 3DSXL does everything the DS could do and so much more. Connecting to wifi was a bit of a nightmare with my DS Lite, involving lots of typing in of number and headaches and general stress because certain games wouldn't connect to WEP, they needed WPA (etc etc insert lots of technobabble here). The 3DSXL is a poppet. You ask it to connect, it find a connection, and hey presto you're on the internet. It is dummy-proof. It even has a browser, for gosh sake, so you can now pause your games halfway through, start up the internet, go looking for the gym leader's roster so you're prepped, and return to your game. All without leaving your chair or reaching for your tablet. Youtube was also recently added for FREE to the Nintendo eshop, and once downloaded you can sit and surf through hilarious cat videos or walkthroughs to your heart's content, all on those 2 big beautiful screens in your hand. Internet browsing is a bit laggy but Youtube comes through crystal clear and with no tiresome 'buffering'. As a girl from the Gameboy Colour generation, I sometimes can't believe I'm watching HD clarity video game trailers and music videos on my games console. It's amazing.

I also adore the camera function - several games such as Animal Crossing New Leaf allow you to store screenshots taken from your game on your SD card and upload them online; it's like your player character can social network and show off their town!

I have to confess the one function I do not use on my 3DSXL is the 3D function. I find it makes my eyes go squiggly and makes me feel sick, so I just keep it off the whole time. It saves battery power!

And I have to talk about the Pikachu cover. It is a sunny, happy thing of beauty. It means I cannot pick up my console without grinning. I have received compliments about it when I'm out! When I first took it out of the box I was a little disappointed that only the outside of the shell has the yellow decorations, but after owning it a year I think the white inside is calmer on the eyes and less distracting; and there's plenty of Pika to go around on the outside! This case was limited edition so I'm glad I grabbed it for £160 when I did as the price seems to have skyrocketed these days. My advice is if you are a Pokemon lover and you see it at a bargain - grab it! You can do no better for a happy and attractive console design.

The 3DSXL is a bit of a behemoth, but with those expanded viewing screens all the better to feast your eyes on every gorgeous pixel of the gaming experience, it is to be expected. It is more than the best console on the market - it is a smooth internet browser, a decent digital camera, a pedometer, and with that adorable yellow face peering up at you it is your new best friend.

Full marks, Nintendo, for finally releasing something impressive enough to tear me away from my darling DS Lite (whose screens now seem puny and inferior in comparison!!).
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on 22 January 2016
I thought awhile before buying this. I was unsure whether to get this 'original' 3DS 2012 model or the 'new' 3DS 2015 model - I decided on this one.

Before buying I had the opportunity (from family) to use both models side by side for a couple of hours. The new model has some additional buttons, but you'd need to grow a few extra fingers to use them easily! The new model also has a sensor that apparently aligns the 3D screen to your eye position to make the 3DS easier to hold to view 3D - personally I didn't see any difference. The new 3DS also holds its extra memory card internally, this model has a card slot on the side which I found a lot easier to access. The new model apparently has a faster processor, but everything I tried seemed exactly the same speed (which you'd expect for games). Finally, the shape of the 2012 model is a little more rounded which I found both easier to hold and a more attractive design.

So I bought this model. I could see the new model was a little more technically advanced but not in any way that would make enough difference to me to justify its significantly higher price (£80+).

Very pleased with it.
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on 14 May 2017
My 14 year old little sister absolutely is over the moon with her birthday gift (23rd of April) I thank you so much for putting this up on Amazon UK! It was like brand new. Sure, yes, I had to go out and get her a SD card and a two pin shaver plug for the charger as they weren't there but I don't mind that, mum was very much happy with the outcome. This is why I am not seeming angry or disappointed.
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on 28 July 2017
Bought the white one and I am very disappointed at the condition of the 3DS XL, lots of damage including:
- slider switch to adjust the 3D is broken off
- rubber on the circle pad is peeling
- other rubber covering screws around the 3DS is missing or looks as if it's been crewed off
- quite noticeable crack across the inside top, right corner
- lots of scratches on the top of the 3DS
- pink nail polish and pen ink on the 3DS!
- scratches on the bottom of the 3DS
- food particles inside a corner of the 3DS
The 3DS XL did come with a charger and a stylus. I only bought this one as it was the cheapest I could find but I would definitely not recommend and wish I had spent the extra money for a new one.
review imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview image
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on 30 July 2014
After owning the regular 3DS for a while, I got a 3DS XL for my partner for christmas. Instantly I was smitten, the extra space is really nice and it feels a lot easier i nthe hands, as the old 3DS used to give me hand cramps when playing for any length of time. The XL is nice looking, easy to use and really fun. As will all the 3DS I love the selection of games and was happy that this one was cheaper and yet came with a free game. The black is sleek and stylish and looks great.

The only niggle I have is that it does NOT COME WITH A CHARGER. As for some reason Nintendo decided that everyone already had a DSi or 3DS and would use the charger from that, a bad move in my eyes.
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on 1 February 2016
Having not had a Nintendo ds for quite some time, I decided to give the 3DS a chance, I'm so glad I did! It's fantastic. Big screen, brilliant colour. It also plays the old ds games which is handy as some of the 3ds games are a tad pricey still. But overall, I'm happy with it. As for the negative reviews on this item, all in regards to it not coming with a charger, it clearly states that it doesn't. Smh. I managed to get this for only £67 from amazon itself so spending a few extra pounds on a charger is hardly problematic.
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on 21 December 2014
A friend gave me money to buy this for myself, I suspected I wouldn't like it.

First of this is an ergonomic nightmare. If you're in a career that has given you RSI in the past, you can be sure that this device is likely to give you bad hand problems with just minutes of gaming. Nintendo's products are some of the most anti-ergonomic devices I have ever used in my life. It might be fine if you have tiny palms, otherwise you're going to have to invest in an attachment. If you're young you probably won't have this problem (trust me though, you might get some nasty pains when you get older if you're at a computer all day).

The 3D is a useless gimmick which you won't even notice when gaming. As such it is a waste of money going towards something that isn't required. Nintendo did release the 2DS, but that is a huge slab that is no where near as compact.

The games are extremely expensive for what they are. Over £35 for ports of N64 games. And a big "f you" to the consumer who wants to use the online store, it's more expensive than going out and buying physical copies. As a Steam user this blows my mind. This is more of a console issue though so I guess I can't really blame the 3DS for this (e.g Alien isolation being £25 on PC and £45 on xboxone).

There's maybe a total of 3 games worth owning on this system if you're not a fan of the beaten dead horse intellectual properties of Nintendo. I'm finding it hard to find quality games as some one who is overly bored of Mario, never enjoyed Smash bros, has no interest in Zelda, and finds Pokemon to be the most insipid turn based RPG out there. If you are a fan of these old IPs that get a new version every year or so you'll probably have no shortage of games. Otherwise I'd suggest putting your money elsewhere.

The device itself seems pretty solid. The weight isn't too bad, about what I expect for something of its size. I had some issues with the SD card which came with it, but I planned to replace it anyway. The internal speaker is decent and produces pretty good sound quality. The recharge time is pretty good and I suspect the battery has a good usage time too.

In the end if you will enjoy this device or not comes down to the following question: Do you like Nintendo's games (mario, smash bros, zelda, kirby, pokemon, etc)? If yes, you will probably love the 3DS.
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on 20 November 2013
Luckily for me I knew from doing some reading that the item doesn't come with a charger, so upon purchase i ordered and official charger from amazon. I think it is ludicrous to not package a charger with the item. Heck even a cheap lamp i bought from ebay from china gave me a spare chargers.

I wouldn't have minded this so much had it been due to the whole "Different regions, different power socket", however the console is region locked, so this is inexcusable, considering the fact that the DS & DS lite included a charger & was region-free. So to me it's like they downgraded.

I pray that they make this device region-free, as I tend to move country alot.

On a side-note, this console colour is more of a dark metallic grey than a silver, which is way more sexy.


However, the console, minus these issues, is perfect, I waited for this model as i thought the 3ds was terribly designed. The larger screens are great, especially for those with poorer eyesight. The 3D-ness (yes that isn't a word i know) is superb, I put mine on the lowest setting to save battery, however it doesn't make that much of a difference. The battery life is good too. The device is very sturdy like its predecessor, I know because i have dropped it a handful of times already and i have only made a small mark on it.

Finally the games on the console have been really good, they have utilized the 3D possibilities and made the games amazing, still can't believe it is 3D WITHOUT GLASSES!!!!

Long story short (as i have written an essay now) this console is amazing, and would highly recommend it
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