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on 14 April 2017
I dont like the new improved version time to look elsewhere for a shaver not Braun feels to sensitive don't cut as well still had my older foil cutter i had for 4 years what Braun have done i think have made is more degradable version so it doesn't last longer to make more money the material smells and feels cheaper like them cheap chinese foil cutter shavers you can buy for £20 quid it's also more bulky and bigger than older version and harder to reach the top lip and glide more also bigger cutter holes.
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on 25 April 2017
Fits my old Series 3 (380s-4) Shaver perfectly. It's expensive for such a simple product, but a new cassette every year at around 50p/week, works out cheaper than a years'-worth of quality razor-blades.
It's the correct genuine Braun replacement Foil & Cutter Cassette, and does exactly what my old one did when it was new. The replacement now gives a closer shave quicker because it's sharp. I'm not sure I believe the claim for the new design comb, but I noticed some time ago that the comb on my old cutter cassette was slightly distorted - in the new design, the metal comb is better supported so at least it's less likely to get distorted.
WARNING - don't rely on your shaver telling you when a new blade is required. The shaver counts the number of: minutes of shaving, recharge cycles or something as a measure of use/wear. When this count reaches some arbitrary limit, the "Replace Cutter Cassette" LED is turned on. When you fit a replacement cassette, you're supposed to reset the counter to zero by turning on the shaver for 5 seconds only. You can see where this is going; every time you turn on the shaver for between 4 and 6 seconds, the cassette usage counter is reset. If you use the shaver around 5 days a week, that's around 250 days a year - what are the chances in that many days, of turning on the shaver, just once, for 4-6 seconds for a little bristly patch? Near certainty, I'd say!
Personally having exprienced the difference a new cassette makes, and having a heavy wiry beard, a new cassette will be a birthday treat to myself every year.
CAUTION - delivery is slow. The package says Made in Germany, but Amazon Prime Expedited Delivery took 5 days to deliver (by post). Ordered Friday evening, it didn't leave the warehouse in Germany until late Tuesday evening and dropped through our letter-box sometime Thursday morning. Would have been delivered faster from China. I cancelled my Prime trial subscription as a waste of money - the Logitek mouse I ordered last Friday on standard FREE delivery, arrived Sunday afternoon (not Wednesday as forecast).
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on 2 January 2018
Replacing the foil gives a great 'new razor' feel. However I've marked as two stars due to lifetime. I've had 3 or 4 foils now, they all last around 9 months. This is with me shaving 2 or 3 times per week (and not on holiday). If I shaved daily, I expect each would last 6 months only.
After 9 months I find small tears on the foil which cause cuts when shaving.
This is unreasonably short given you can buy a new razor (with new foil) for less than double the price of a foil. Unfortunately you cannot buy copies or cheaper.
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on 8 March 2017
I have been using a series 3 shaver for years and previous versions of the replacement foils would give a close shave for a year and a half easily. This newer version rubbish they have brought out are flimsy and don't get as close as what I used to get with the old ones. The main thing is though is that I have just gone through two of these new foils in a matter of months as they have a tendency to drop in bits. Opting for an alternative shaver now!
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on 6 July 2015
Well I'm unlikely to be invited on to the Vine Programme at this rate of negative reviews I seem to be writing lately.
I've been using either the Braun 31B or 31S for more years than I care to mention and this is one I got from Amazon several months ago as I like to be ready with a spare. When I fitted it and had my first shave a couple of days ago it felt fine. I was, however, quite surprised when I tapped the foil block out in the wash basin as I always do to see a copious amount of black bristles instead of my normal whitey grey ones. (I'm a grey 71 yr old).
Pinching these bristles between my fingers I realised they were in fact powdery dark grey metal filings. OK, I thought, it's new and it's just wearing in. But unfortunately I'm still getting these black 'bristles' after 4 or 5 shaves. And my face feels distinctly 'tender', almost sore, after every shave.
Things definitely aint what they should be here. I don't recall this ever happening before and I strongly suspect that I have a fake with either the foil or the cutter made of soft metal. Even though, as I look back through my orders, I see that it came from Amazon EU S.a.r.L and not a market place vendor.
Maybe I'm just being paranoid. Maybe everyone taps out black bristles to start with, even if it's a first for me. I always use a toothbrush with soft white bristles to brush clean the cutters and that too looks like I've been brushing up soot.
Apart from the sore face and the daily iron filings the shave itself isn't half bad. So far.
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on 9 January 2017
I bought a new Braun shaver and it was not working as it should and thought it may have been a faulty foil.
Didn't make a bit of difference as hardly touched hairs.
Had to go back to a Philips and ended up buying a new latest model Philips which works perfectly.
Shame as have always been a Braun user....not anymore
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on 9 April 2016
Sadly I must have received a duff example, the central (white) blades to not move. There is too much friction, even after applying Braun's own lubricant oil. As result, the central blades catch the hairs and pull them out painfully rather than slicing them off. I have had previous replacements without this problem. I might have a go at mutilating the part and seeing if I can reduce the friction by bending the plastic to widen the aperture.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on 29 December 2017
The bar in the centre (see photo) is what I call the 'pluck' bar. When shaving with gentle pressure, the main blades top and bottom of the sandwich do a great job of shaving the beard. But if you press on a little too hard, the pluck bar in the middle activates and starts yanking your hairs out. It's quite a painful experience. I think it happens because it's not active all the time, and when you release the pressure, the pluck bar stops moving, and that's when it traps the hairs instead of cutting them. After trying two of these heads I gave up to the Braun shaver and tried a Philips model instead. The Philips shaver was better at shaving the beard painlessly, but that design can't manage a straight edge on the sideburns due to having circular blades. Proper razor blades shred my skin so in desperation I've grown a beard. For you guys that haven't tried this, don't be assuming it's the lazy man's option because maintaining a decent-looking beard that won't get you mistaken for a toilet brush is bloody hard work.
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on 2 September 2016
Absolute rubbish. This flimsy arrangement of cheap plastic and a couple of bits of metal literally fell apart after a few weeks of use. I doubt if the value of materials and labour is worth £1.50. Braun should be ashamed of themselves with this and if it is typical of the quality the company is now putting out it is the last purchase they will get from me. Unfortunately, this is the only replacement you can get.
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on 25 February 2018
This shaver head replacement arrived just as I was about to have a shave on a Sunday morning so couldn't have been better timed. On examination it seems to be identical to the original and fitted my razor as it should. I note that some reviews state these heads are poorer quality or different in some way but I have not found that to be the case. As I started to shave with it I noticed the shaver seemed more quiet. I don't know the reason but perhaps that was because the blades were sharp and clean. I have used my old head for over 18 months and it didn't seem to be doing too good a job recently so having shaved with the new one I have noticed an improvement...a closer shave and the shave has lasted all day. They are expensive considering I didn't pay a whole lot more for the entire shaver when it was new but if it lasts a couple of years, and the shaver doesn't pack up in the meantime, it will have been money well spent. I had some apprehension due to some reviews but I am totally happy with the one I have purchased. I do advise getting the exact one for your shaver i.e. mine takes a 32b. I have noticed that there are some that look the same online but have a different number. There must be a reason for that and I wouldn't risk buying a different number just because it might be a couple of pounds cheaper.
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