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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars

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on 7 April 2014
Firstly, I loaded up the additional HD textures disk(this does take about half hour to load !) but worth it.

Cracking game, graphics, enemies and gameplay all excellent. Can't recommend enough. Not done any of the side missions yet but the main single player mission is fab. As said in previous reviews (thanks everyone) you can play silent stealth, semi stealth/assassin or guns blazing - or a combination.

Tech, weapons and spy gadgets galore.

It's a 3rd person view... Always prefer this view as rapid movement in 1st person view games can sometimes bring on motion sickness after playing for a while , which isn't fun.

Enemy AI will pick up on sounds if you're too noisy and come to investigate - can be used to your advantage. Hardest bits in missions are clearing a camp or hideout with 6+ enemies patrolling different routes / directions. Work out their routines, confirm their line of sight,, sneak up close at the optimum moment and eliminate them in your preferred style.

Superb immersive action shooter, buy it.
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on 15 September 2013
I was very excited about this game - new Splinter Cell gameplay with old Splinter Cell stealth. It does deliver...for the most part. I'm just going to run through some of the key points:

This game plays very well. Like Conviction, it is certainly geared towards fluidity and Ubisoft has used its Assassins Creed experience to create a toned down, grittier version of the free running system from the games (with the same problems of jumping in the wrong direction when you least want it to). It works very well in this context and makes sneaking up on people very rewarding. This game is not as constrained by the slow-paced stealth of last-gen Splinter Cells. While using shadows is still useful, it is not always necessary to avoid detection when you are hiding in the light but out of sight (which is a good job as there is a major shortage of shadows in this game compared to prior SCs). It is a little unusual that enemies won't realise there shouldn't be a big person-shaped shadow squatting from around the corner but it is a start. They have removed Conviction's black-and-white shadow system for a more subtle glowing light on Sam's back, which works in this game but I'm disappointed to see that well-built system go to waste. A major point that I was noticing throughout the game was being able to run at people when not in their direct sightline and knock them out. Probably to make it easier for novice players (and I'm sure not a factor in higher difficulties), this was satisfying if a little bit too easy.

Customising Sam is excellent - massive leaps forward from Conviction and really enjoyable to put your own spin on Sam's look, with a return and massive expansion of customisable weapons, gadgets and costume. A new addition was upgrading Sam's goggles, though this game never really encourages the use of these. I was quite disappointed with this fact, but the option is there to make it easier using the improved sonar system.

Now the characters. I was part of the choral outcry about the loss of Ironside with everyone else, and didn't trust the reviewers who said 'it's not that big of a deal', but honestly it's not. At the start, it won't feel like Sam because you'll be thinking 'well his voice is terrible', but the actor did come into his own during the game. Not to say I didn't miss the gruff voice of the SC veteran, but it didn't impede my ability to enjoy. Grim is still Grim - a forgettable yet everpresent and necessary feature in the game. The new characters are quite weak - the CIA addition to the team is a bit pathetic and soppy and the computer tech acts like a moron but does have a couple of funny moments. The villain was a strong addition, though a little bit too Bond-villain esque and a cliche. Having said that, he was an enjoyable villain that I could really take an interest in. The best written and best acted character did come from a surprise appearance from Sam's past acquaintances, who I found very funny and would certainly welcome back in the next installment.

Using the plane as an interface and being able to speak with all of the characters after each mission was an engaging step, but was clearly ripped right out of Mass Effect's book and I found myself just wishing there was an option to see everyone's conversation after each mission and then just get on with the next part of the game. It did, however, offer up a couple of fun little missions that again screamed homage to Bioware's giant, though I can't say it was a bad thing and these set pieces were executed quite well.

Side missions are basically a repackaged version of Conviction's bonus missions (Hunter etc.), but are done quite well and do have the option to play coop splitscreen or online. Each team member offers different side missions which are all the same thing, but on different maps. This is not a bad thing by any means and do stretch the run time of the game a few hours. The main gripe I did find was the lack of checkpoints on Grim's missions, in which you're not allowed to be detected. On one of the missions, this made for an incredibly frustrating few retries, where I'd have to replay an entire mission because I was caught near the end.

Online play is fun and engaging, with the glorious return of Spies v Mercs. I haven't played the online much yet, but I'm sure it can satisfy many hours of play. It is quite disappointing that the game isn't popular enough to make large teams with your friends, but this can't be blamed on the video game itself.

An excellent return to form with a strong stealth focus paves a hearty welcome back to Splinter Cell. While I very much enjoyed Conviction, it always felt more like a 24 game in my opinion, while this installment feels far more like how that game should have been. With a good mix of the new mechanics of Conviction and the focus on rewarding stealth gameplay that made the old games famous, Blacklist bridges the gap between the Splinter Cell veteran and those who enjoyed Conviction. By far the biggest Splinter Cell to date, I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed this game, despite some extremely frustrating moments. Easy to pick up and satisfying to play, I would certainly recommend the game. I had hoped for a little more and the final product isn't by any means perfect, but I do look forward to upcoming installments now that Ubisoft has introduced this as the benchmark for new Splinter Cell gameplay with more than just a nod to its stealth roots.
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on 11 November 2013
As a big fan of the Splinter Cell series, I have had to wait quite a while for a decent follow up to what is regarded as now the best Splinter Cell game ever made.
Double Agent was an ambitious mess that just never quite worked how you wanted.
Conviction was in development for so long, to have its creative director at Ubisoft leave the production - suddenly Conviction changed immensely from the original direction the series was going in. Personally I really enjoyed this game and played it to death. However, the general consensus is mixed. Some really didn't like it.

Blacklist takes what Conviction did and pushes it. Everything has been refined and considered the end result has meant the first solid Splinter Cell experience since the classics.

Chaos Theory did more than you may have thought at the time. It actually produced two types of Splinter Cell gamer. Those that loved the Spies VS Mercs mode and those that loved the 2 player CO-OP modes.

Personally I found the CO-OP of the series to be the most rewarding and the series defining feature - there is simply nothing else like taking you and your friend in a perfect stealth play through! It often takes time but makes it all the more rewarding.

Blacklist has tried meeting both these SC gamer needs. Providing the Spies VS Mercs and CO-OP mode. While Spies VS Mercs is an acquired taste (one that if you have, you'll really enjoy) while the CO-OP is exactly what you'd want. More of the same but then pushed further to make it the best CO-OP experiences.

Splinter Cell had lost its way this current generation (XBOX 360 / PS3) and Blacklist sees a return to form. May the next generation see an even more refined experience.

My one complaint? No DLC has been announced besides the HomeLand DLC - which seems to be abit of a middle finger to the fans as it sells all the pre-order content (that people made special effort to gain exclusive rights to) together in one package. For some people - like myself - I did NOT get all this pre-order content so some of this stuff is new. But will I pay £6 for one map and a different colour goggles? No. Ubisoft, give the people some proper DLC!
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on 8 June 2014
At first I wasn't convinced about Blacklist. I'd seen the gameplay teasers and walkthroughs on Youtube and I was underwhelmed. But if you only take away one thing from this review please let it be this : This is a game that needs to be played, not watched. Actually playing it and immersing yourself in the different locations that Fisher has to tackle is what you need to fully appreciate what Blacklist feels like. It truly does allow for the best classic elements of Splinter Cell, such as stealth and tension, to co-exist alongside the more recent gameplay features like 'execute', the cover system and and Sam's more streamlined climbing abilities.

Things that annoyed me about older Splinter Cell games are no longer there, and haven't been since Conviction. Having to navigate an Opsat full of paragraphs of boring memos, picking up memory sticks etc... they detracted from the gameplay for me. Surely nobody misses those ?

Not having a map is a bit odd... being guided to the next area blind feels a bit like having your hand held but then again, the old maps were cack anyway and I don't miss those either.

In many ways, this does give more of the feel of a genuine team effort op. Real time intel coming in from Grim, knowing they're up there in the Paladin HQ, makes it feel more alive.

Much had been said about Michael Ironside no longer voicing Sam. It did seem ludicrous at first, having a clearly younger man voicing a grizzled veteran who should be the wrong side of 50. But as some other reviews have stated, it really doesn't make any real difference to the game. Not like you think it would.

The game's got great replay value.. I've been addicted to going back and re-doing missions, trying to be even more stealthy each time. I'll just say this to you. Replay as many early missions as you can / do side missions earlier and invest in the crossbow and some sleeping gas. It wasn't until I watched a walkthrough (and I was way into the game) of someone else where I realised I could do this. I could have made life a lot more easy rather than nearly having a full on meltdown whilst trying to get through the Blood Diamond mine without triggering reinforcements !

Overall, it's fun as hell. Still hard enough if you want to actually have a stealth experience and not just blast away with a sub machine gun (which I didn't, completely pointless). I wish it was longer though !
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on 3 December 2014
What a game. Single-player, multiplayer.. Not the most polished title, but a vast improvement on previous titles in the franchise. The whole shift towards action rather than stealth hasn't taken over completely, and while certain levels do feel annoyingly linear, most of the game allows you formulate your own plan and execute it however you see fit. The fundamentals of the game have been seen before elsewhere, so don't expect ground-breaking gameplay, but it's all been done pretty well, and there are some really nice touches. The change in voice acting from previous Splinter Cell games is not as big a deal as it felt that it would be..
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on 27 July 2016
Ok I love games like this like metal gear solid too being sneaky I did get really really mad on a level on easy mode hey I always do games on easy first it was when you can't kill any goons or be seen by guards and escorted this general guy to his household anyway took me a long time to do it was getting the point that becomes boring to play on

I guess it try's to test your metal at times
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on 30 August 2013
Splinter Cell Fan (XBOX) Got the Lot - I don't play co-op so have no opinion on how good or bad the experience is.
I loved this game and would highly recommend it, but its not getting a perfect score!

The story line and main missions were very good but I could not give it 5 stars as the side missions were just wave after wave of defeating the bad guys (tiresome after a while even if you like that sort thing & I generally do). I felt I had to be honest and mark it down for that and for the final bad guy scene - when you experience it you will understand why (don't want to spoil it for anyone).

Don't let that last bit put you off - if you enjoyed the previous games then you will not be disappointed with this and the Graphics were fantastic.
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on 26 June 2014
I was never a huge fan of Splinter Cell until I bought Conviction on sale on steam and fell in love with it. I still don't like the older games, I bought them again as I thought I was just to young to appreciate them but they felt clunky and old. But this has hints of the older ones with the button layout but compared to Conviction this hasn't got the replay value with the different modes of hunter or whatever its called which I loved on there, instead you just have a single 'arena'/map with only about 3 to choose from with wave after wave of enemy which gets pretty boring. But all in all I loved this game, I just wanted to play it more than I could as there was only a couple pieces of DLC which should have been in the game anyway and no real add ons. In comparison I only played this about 20% of the time I did Conviction.
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on 15 October 2015
Haven't really played much, I may have stopped playing when the game mechanics started to annoy me and I got confused how to START LOCAL CO-OP!!! I HATE HUB WORLDS SO MUCH, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD JUST GIVE ME A LIST OF MISSIONS!!!! ITS SO SIMPLE!! Anyway, yeah, it's a fun game, but for co-op get Splinter Cell conviction instead..
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on 27 August 2013
For me, it was the right amount of change/innovation from Splinter Cell Conviction. Not a million miles away from it while at the same time offering updated graphics and maps. Little less focus on the hiding in the shadows (the black and white is gone as well), more focus on upgrading with perks suitable to your gaming style. I am well happy with this game!
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