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on 10 December 2014
This WAS going into my PC & if it didn't play ball the second option was my laptop. My PC has an AMD CPU & it also doesn't have an Intel SATA chipset. It isn't the latest PC but does the job & making it a little faster wouldn't hurt. After unboxing and dropping into my HD disk dock. I popped in the CDROM and installed the software. Clicking on the icon I was met with an error of "cannot locate a disk with a windows OS installation" Several googling moments later I found out that the error relates to my original hard disk is set to dynamic not basic. Dynamic is an option I set but one that you cannot undo and go back to basic.

I could use other cloning software but I started a fresh build, seeing as it was a fresh disk! After a full install of the OS and some software testing I wasn't impressed. The speed increase wasn't anything fancy. Turns out the SATA chipset on the motherboard is an early example hence the performance issue.


Over to the 2 year old laptop. This has an Intel i3 CPU and SATA III chipset. As you can imagine the software install & cloning was straight forward. 5 mins of changing the drive. The AHCI setting in the BIOS and I was off.

22 seconds to full bootup!!!! Performance is fantastic and the battery lasts a lot longer. Well worth every penny.

If there is a moral to this, just make sure that what this goes in is not TOO old.
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on 2 May 2015
I chose this SSD because it was rated very highly by quite a few review sites. It came in a nice premium package with the Samsung Magician software.
I cloned my hard drive OS install onto it and booted into it just fine without any problems. I did have to do a check to make sure Windows recognised it as an SSD and enabled TRIM and disabled Defragmenting.

Another thing to note is you should have the partition 1MB aligned for faster read and write speeds. If you download AS-SSD and run it, it shows the alignment of the drive and if it's correct it'll show it in green saying something like Alignment: 1024KB

Speaking of AS-SSD the speeds are blisteringly fast! From boot to Windows was about 20 seconds. You can also enable RAPID mode from the Samsung Magician software where it caches frequently used software/data in RAM for you to speed up the system even more. However you need a spare bit of RAM to do so, and it only works on one SSD. So any RAID setups won't be eligible for that feature.

Now for the downside...

The original firmware has a flaw where it causes a slowdown due to not having the data refreshed on the disk, which causes reads/writes to slow down over time. Samsung recently released another firmware update that should reduce the issue and for most users it won't be a noticeable effect. However having such a flaw in the drive does make you think twice about choosing them. For their next range of drives, they'll have to offer something way above the others, either in terms of price or in speed to win the support of annoyed customers.
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on 9 September 2016
I have been using this SSD drive for 2 years now both inside a Macbook Pro laptop and a Windows 10 desktop. It's one of the best drives I've used in terms of speed and reliability.

The SSD comes in a nice box with a software CD, although the software can be downloaded from the Samsung website. As long as the Samsung drive is connected to your computer you can use the software. In terms of hardware installation it was fairly easy and straight forward. It doesn't contain any mounting screws so you may need some when installing. Once the drive was installed a simple format and you're ready to go. This is one of the fastest drives on the market for SATA3 with speeds around 550MB/s Read and 500MB/s Write (I've included a speed test in photos). The software included is okay if a little limited. The Samsung Magician allows you to update the SSD firmware (please do this before moving files to the drive!) and check drive condition and speed. The Data Migration software allows you to migrate ONLY your Windows Boot Drive (C: Drive) to the Samsung SSD. So you can't clone another drive to the Samsung SSD, which is unfortunate.

I'm really happy with this drive; it works great for Adobe Applications and anytime you need fast Read/Write Access. Great performance and reliability from a brand I trust. I highly recommend this Samsung SSD drive.
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on 1 May 2016
I bought this drive in order to upgrade my late 2011 Macbook Pro to a faster more efficient drive and boy, did I make the right decision!

My Macbook Pro boots in about 10 seconds as opposed to the 1 minute it used to take and programmes now open quickly. The only downside is that every other computer with an solid state hard drive seems really slow in comparison and my patience wears thin quite quickly.

Packaging - The drive comes well packaged in a cardboard sleeve and is in an electrostatic pouch to keep it from getting damaged.

The Drive - It is well made and feels quite premium, I still couldn't quite believe how thin and light the drive is in comparison to its non-SSD counterparts. It is also silent to operate and hardly gets hot at all in comparison to the old drive.

Speed - The speed at first did seem a little sluggish at first but then I looked on Google and did a firmware update for the drive and then turned on TRIM so that the drive works better. Since then, I can't complain it's very very fast.

Battery (on my laptop) - I must say the battery on my laptop seems to last slightly longer than it used to as it's not having to power a disc and a spindle which is a great plus.

(not about the drive itself) - Beware though, the late 2011 are some of the last portable model of Apple macs that you were able to change the drive internally without any issues. All the new Macbook Pros have all their memory soldered to the motherboard and cannot be changed without a massive headache! (I'm pretty technological and I wouldn't go near changing the memory on the newer Macbooks with a bargepole.)
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on 4 March 2016
This review will only be of use for people wanting to put this SSD in a ps4.
Obviously Sony have made it a very simple process,and it only takes about 10 minutes,plenty of instructions and videos are online to help.There has been a lot said concerning whether using a SSD is worth it.Many experts sighting using a hybrid drive as being so close in speed and so much cheaper that an SSD is a pointless upgrade.As I already used a 1TB hybrid drive I certainly felt unsure it was worth it.However having had it installed a few days now all I can say is it's proved noticeably quicker,both in ps4 booting and the speed a game is ready to play.I have timed several games with a stopwatch prior to installing and then retested.The average speed of loading a game from boot to being ready to plays is 14% quicker with the SSD.Whether you see that as worthwhile partly depends I suppose on your patience levels and the games you play.Assassins Creed games usually take a fair while to boot,so a 14% speed boost seems quite a lot.Also the actual speed round the ps4 menus and the in game options/ menus are noticeably quicker as well,much snappier.The console is cooler during game play as well,so it could be inferred that an SSD would be good for the ps4's long term health.I was unsure,but I've been converted and would recommend this as a good upgrade.
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on 19 October 2015
I did a lot of research on SSDs before buying this Samsung. I wanted a brand I could trust with my data, so decided on the EVO. I have had this drive now for about 14 months now, so decided this would be the time to write a brief review. I cannot fault the performance and overall am very pleased with they way it has performed. I have had no errors or issues at all. I use a dual boot system using the Samsung SSD for Windows 8.1 (and now Windows 10 after an in-place upgrade) and another standard SATA III drive for Windows 7. The Samsung Magician software allows you to tweak the performance and tune the drive for increased performance or enhanced reliability or a balance of both as well as other options such as RAPID mode etc. Samsung provide firmware and software updates to ensure that the drive is kept updated as needed. I have no hesitation in recommending this drive and would certainly choose this brand again.
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on 7 May 2015
bought in December 2014, to run Linux Mint system. now showing significant slow down in May 2015.
Disappointed Samsung pout out something like this. I though I was playing it safe sticking to this brand.
Although SSD prices have dropped they still cost a lot of money so now I have to call Amazon to see if I can get a refund ...

Firmware = EXT0CB6Q,
hdparm -t
Timing buffered disk reads: 310 MB in 3.01 seconds = 103.04 MB/sec
Compare to my magnetic HD :
Timing buffered disk reads: 440 MB in 3.00 seconds = 146.64 MB/sec

UPDATE: Speeds continued to drop as low as 12MB/sec , I tried to apply the lastest firmware EXT0DB6Q but it would not run from the Samsung DOS ISO.
The firmware would exit with a kernel32 error. I had to build a new ISO with a more recent version of FreeDOS, before it would run the update.

I'm now getting 215 MB/sec via SATA II in IDE mode which is about the correct speed for Sata II (old mobo Asus P5Q -
I potentially get 250MB/sec in SATA II AHCI mode but sometimes it doesnt mount correctly?)

My vague understanding is that the new firmware does periodic refresh of the data to keep access fast but a downside is that it adds to the write cycles?
I'll leave at one star though because if I could go back in time, I wouldn't touch this SSD for the price.
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on 1 April 2016
This Solid State Drive makes a major difference in general performance of ANY PC, this SSD is affordable and improves both boot time and general 'snappiness' this particular drive boots my desktop in a matter of seconds, most applications open almost instantly. For best performance I installed this on a motherboard that supports Sata 3 port (6.0Gb/s,) this gives a maximum speed of 600mbs. For this particular SSD, the 120gb variant can achieve a max of 520mbs read and a 410mbs Write respectively. With my setup, I've seen speeds around the 500 mark for read and 375 for write.

The SSD is very easy to install, for a laptop, simply remove the battery and unscrew the required holes to reveal the har drive, simply remove the sata data/power cable and unscrew the hard drive mount and bracket then follow these steps backwards except with the SSD, if you want to migrate your data, you will need a Sata to USB if you don't want to reinstall the OS simply use cloning software to copy contents from the mechanical to the SSD drive. You should do this step before installing the SSD in the laptop.
For Desktop users, simply connect the sata power from your power supply into the SSD then get a sata data cable and plug it into the appropriate Sata header on the motherboard.

For both laptop and desktop users, you will need to enter your bios and ensure that AHCI is enabled for optimal support. You may also need to make sure that your chipset drivers are installed.

The software supplied is pretty gimmicky, the SSD optimisation tool didn't do anything too productive however the maximum performance/maximum battery life utility is a nice addition - especially for basic users, this tweaks your current windows settings to best match your preferred mode, this was probably the most useful tool. Even though the software is optional I decided to test it out nevertheless for the purpose of this review.

Overall, this drive breathes new life into dying, or painfully old hardware, now that SSDs are a lot more mainstream I think that this piece of equipment is imperative to any new system build, if your system takes longer than 3 minutes to boot then this purchase is very effective and resolves all slow-loading in every aspect.
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on 2 July 2014
This is my 2nd Samsung SSD and my 3rd SSD overall.

Firstly, the Migration software is just naff if you have multiple partitions / hidden partitions. My Lenovo HDD has 3 partitions - 1 hidden, the C: drive and the Recovery partition. Using Samsung Migration Wizard to clone the drive, I just could not see any way of being 100% it was going to clone all 3 partitions across. Reading the manual also has worrying comments in it:

5. On systems with two(2) drives or more (e.g. “C:”, “D:”, and “E:” drives) with the
operating system installed on the “C:” drive, only the first two drives will be cloned.
The “System” partition that is created during Windows installation is automatically
6. OEM recoverypartitions, generated at the factory by computer manufacturers,
cannot be replicated. However, if the PC is manufactured by Samsung and SRS
(Samsung Recovery Solution) 5 or 6 is installed, the recovery partition is cloned
automatically. (Not supported in versions prior to SRS 5)

What does it mean by drives? Does it actually mean partitions - surely you cant clone two physical drives to a single one??

In the end I used AOMEI Partition Assistant - which is great as it has SSD optimization options and lets you clone just the used areas of the drive - rather than a complete sector by sector clone. It had no problems cloning all 3 partitions.

Once cloned and swapped over, compared to the Samsung 830 256GB I had in my previous laptop this does seem to be quicker - the startup is much much quicker. I was shocked the first few times how quickly it booted from a shutdown. My old laptop is only marginally slower CPU so I was not expecting such a huge difference.

After a day or so, I tried to uninstall the Samsung Migration software - just wont do it - sits there in the taskbar indefinitely. Tried rebooting after 15mins - still there. Tried uninstalling again - same problem. Does not inspire much confidence in Samsung - but then decided to just leave it installed - no harm doing..

Two days later, Windows popped up a message - 'Please restart to repair drive errors'. Oh dear, did not look good - only been 3 days!! Rebooted and the checked the logs, chkdsk error reported. Ran the Samsung Magician and checked the SMART stats. I dont really understand these but several of the 'Fail count' type entries had 100 logged next to them!

Drive is going back - ordered a replacement - but wondering if I should have tried a Crucial....
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The Samsung 840 EVO drives are definitely blazing fast SSD. I do feel that SSD drives in general are still slightly overpriced when considering the fact that these are now mainstream, and no longer belonging to a niche market. Yet to be fair, it could still work out as a much cheaper option than buying a new laptop or desktop computer.

The SSD in my review is mounted on a desktop running Windows 7 (64bit), i7 processor with 16GB RAM. My motherboard does not support SATA 3 yet the speed increment is astounding!! Windows 7 actually starts in 7 seconds!!



' Lightning fast drive

' Super easy installation

' Light on batteries (for laptop users)

' "Samsung Magician" software works great for firmware updates and SSD optimization. The software also gives you 4 options: Max Performance/ Max Capacity / Max Reliability / Advanced

' Macbook Pro compatible. I had issues with other SSD drives, yet I bought a smaller EVO to fit in the MacBook and it works a treat

Prior to mentioning the cons, I would like to point out that these apply to most SSD and not just the Samsung.


- Samsung recommends turning off indexing for reliability. Doing so means that you can no longer search for files from the "Search programs or files".



- In order to use the drive to its full potential, AHCI Mode must be enabled in the bios, and motherboard should support SATA 3.

- A 500GB SSD or greater is recommended as one of the features Samsung software offer is Over Provisioning. A part of the
SSD itself is used as a "ram disc" for faster performance, yet this also means less available space. The Magician Software itself says:
Quote "Over Provisioning (OP) optimizes the performance and lifespan of your SSD" unquote.

Time will tell how reliable this blazing fast drive will last. I have selected not to turn off indexing, as I need to search for files quite often.

SSD technology is the future, and these drives will improve and prices will continue to decrease.
If you need a fastest SSD to date, than the Samsung Evo drives offer the best bang for the buck.
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