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on 9 September 2013
First things first... Delivery. I ordered through Amazon partner 'Docas' and it was painfully slow. It took over four weeks for the package to arrive, to the point where I thought it had gone walkabout and was about to demand a refund. Patience is a virtue, so they say (mine almost ran out), and when it did finally arrive, I'm happy to say that I'm extremely pleased so far.

The MiniX arrived reasonably well packaged and unscathed despite the long transit, especially as there was no padding per se. It also appears to be the genuine article (can you even tell these days!?). The quality is good with semi rubberised plastic giving it a good tactile feel and it is also reassuringly weighty without being cumbersome. This is definitely a plus when you have fairly rigid cables attached to it which would move a lighter unit around.

Onto the interesting bit, and this machine really does enable you to have a powerful Android tablet/smart-phone on your TV. The experience is sweetened even further by having all the pros that come with networking it, so DLNA streaming, a decent web browser (Chrome even supports Flash which was a nice surprise) and of course you have access to all your apps. It's also got the Mali GPU in it (same as Galaxy S3), so you can game on it; although at time of writing I've not had chance to test this yet (will edit when I have), but this should also make it into a reasonable gaming console (it appears to support gaming controllers out of the box).

I bought the X7 primarily as a streaming media player and it performs this task admirably. I'm streaming 1080/720P content from my 'server' PC downstairs through a Homeplug network to the bedroom TV and it has in effect made this TV Super Smart! In the next few days I plan to put XBMC on it as I think it will lend itself to this role extremely well. It's probably also worth noting that you can use the box to extend your wireless network by using the Android mobile hotspot setting.

I won't bore you with the connectivity details as these are all present and correct as described in the product description. It has to be said that they're a good selection of inputs/outputs which will suit most people; personally it was the main reason I decided to opt for this instead of some of the cheaper 'USB Stick' based mini computers. In the box you get a USB OTG cable, HDMI cable, UK power adapter, male micro USB to male USB cable and of course the remote. The omittance of a pair of triple A batteries for the remote control was a minor irritation, but due to it's basic functionality it didn't feature for long which brings me neatly onto...

The only drawback that I have found is that you do really do need to couple the X7 with a decent input device (the supplied remote just doesn't cut it), but I was prepared for this - I'm using a USB wireless RF Keyboard with touch pad and it picked it up straight away. The only thing is I'm now trying to get used to Android keyboard shortcuts to navigate around (these also don't appear to be well documented - shortcut to power off anyone?).

In summary this is a killer machine with plenty of poke and the connectivity to go with it - so far so good... Recommended.
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on 11 April 2014
I have been using this a few days now and after a few mods and tweaks it has now replaced my mini itx htpc.
Out of the box it most likely does not have the latest firmware and rom to make the most of the unit.
I went to the minix forums and downloaded and installed one of the custom roms (quickshot v2) and kernels that improved this device immensely.
I now have native 1080p output all the time, the processor, ram and cpu are slightly overclocked and completely stable.
It also has support for dolby digital and dts passthrough through the optical in xbmc media centre so i have true 5.1 audio.
It only consumes about 5w of power compared to about 30w on my htpc.
The remote that comes with it is very basic and not very useful, so make sure you get one of those small wireless rf keyboard/mouse combos, or even use a full sized keyboard and mouse if you want.
Web browsing is pleasant, the text is easy to read, pages download quickly and the unit has flash preinstalled so i was able to watch videos from the browser, although some only work properly when switched to full screen.
I havent played any games on this yet, dont really like mobile games, but this does have support controllers like the xbox 360 controller.
I have this connected to the internet via the ethernet port, now i'm assuming this is because its a low powered device, but my download speeds max at about 35mb on this device, my download speed on my htpc is my full 76mb. My upload speed is the same on both (18mb).
My main use for this device is xbmc fully loaded with every plugin thats remotely useful, and the unit does come preinstalled with xbmc.
The version of xbmc i'm using is a custom minix version that came with the quickshot2 rom. This the is best one available as far as i'm aware.
The main problem with this device in xbmc is very slow indexing, i have a huge library on a very big nas and if i let my minix index from scratch it would probably take about 3 days!, my low powered htpc (amd e450) would take about 8-10hrs.
So if your like me and have a huge library on a nas then i recommend you share your library on your nas using a mysql server( just google xbmc library sharing), very easy to do, theres also youtube guides as well.
Then use a pc/mac whatever to do the indexing quickly and your entire library will be there on your minix :)

I could talk about this device all day, but i am very happy with it so far, and i am writing this review on my minix 7 :)
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on 28 April 2014
Firstly it seems like people are buying this without properly researching what it is and how it works. The first thing you should do is look at the price of the device! Don't buy this expecting it to compete with a media center device costing 10x this price as you shouldn't expect it to compete. some issues people have pointed out should be fixed with firmware updates. If the thought of doing firmware updates scares you maybe this device isn't for you.

I have been using this device for 2 weeks now and I must say I like it. I haven't felt the need to root it or upgrade the firmware and apart from a couple of crashes (unrelated to watching media files) I've been happily watching Netflix, BT Sports, I player etc.

I've been in computers for over 30 years professionally but wanted a simple to use device. I looked at the roku and chromecast etc. but found them too restrictive. for the price this is, in my opinion, hands down the best device I've tried for me... but then again I did my research before I bought.

Don't pay for a Ford and expect a Ferrari. especially when a Ford is good enough for most people!
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on 16 January 2014
I received this a week ago, and firstly flashed it with the latest firmware update from Minix, which was very straight forward. this update added XBMC to the app list. All of my main google apps have been added and are now streaming various media very solidly through the TV, including movies, music and skype.

A great little android PC.....highly recommended
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on 25 November 2015
Arrived before delivery date, good product but a bit complicated to set up as neither me or my husband are that upon computers. paid computer shop to load all that was required, if your computer literate you probably be able to-do this yourself. After 2 weeks box blocked all entry took it back to IT shop he couldn't get in either so returned product. Great when working but doesn't last long now £30 out of pocket.
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on 10 September 2014
This is a great bit of kit, the only thing that lets it down is the remote. There are ways around this issue as there are apps for android phones that gives you an easier experience although I’ve not found one for IOS7 yet. The box was easy to set up and I was up and running in about 20mins after installing the updates etc..
If possible I would suggest that you use a wired connection instead of the wireless option as I've found it to be a smother streaming experience, but i suppose its also down to your broadband setup at home too.

I’ve already recommended it to several friends and we all have it at home now so definitely worth getting.
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on 16 December 2013
Got it from myHDplayer-de and it was fast delivery within a week, without any issues. Well packed and exactly as described.
Keep in mind I'm not really a hardcore Ultra HD video and crystal audio maniac. I expected a budget media center android device and this piece does the job perfectly.

Don't have too much time to hang around watching movies or playing games, but so far so good. With Dice Player installed it had no problems playing any movie whether it was MTS, MKV HD or older Jpeg AVI file.
Internet radio gives me tons of fun with quality sound from external speakers and my kids are pleased to watch Netflix and YouTube movies whenever too tired to dance to the music from kid's radio stations.

Chrome and Dolphin browsers do the same job they do on my tablet, so can't complain at all. Connected portable hard drive in no time and now I'm completely free of hassle of moving devices around my house or copying file to USB sticks to play music or movies downstairs.

However the Android and Minix system launchers (system update already available) are pretty basic, you don't really need to change anything to enjoy it as a media center.

The supplied remote control is very basic and was immediately replaced with Logitech K400 wireless keyboard. It has all necessary controls and allows to change the volume or put MINIX to sleep with a single button. Perfect match.

I'm a long time android tablet user (Asus transformer, Nexus 7) and if I was picky, I could probably find some con's around basic system settings, but hey - it's a really good device and was designed to work with TV and not a touchscreen. I don't really see a problem with manual restart once a month, after I overload it or install some new app. I would definitely suggest best friend to get one.

Hope you enjoyed this review.
Take care!
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on 24 March 2014
we wanted this for netflix and found it great for other uses so we are very pleased. It has converted our tv to a smart tv very successfully
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on 1 May 2014
Excellent service from this seller. When ordered I was told by Amazon that delivery would take upto 2 weeks longer than the description by the seller. However, as they promised the delivery came within 2 days. The product is excellent and when set up really takes your TV to another level. You do need to get a wireless mouse and keyboard though as the remote is little more than basic. Once set up, your TV is a fully operating Android TV. Highly recommended
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on 7 March 2014
Minix Neo x7 mini is the one I got, with Quad core android 4.4 (old now)

Best tv player on the market by far,
HD smooth fast picture,

My Apple TV in the other room now!!!!

Network Ethernet or wifi both work great,

Hdmi lead to TV

Just added the minix air mouse d2 just to make it even better

I use showbox.apk and xbmc,




Also can install android dual boot on PC the xbmc Gotham works great.

kodi now
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