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Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
Size: Small Double (120 x 190 cm)|Colour: Black|Change
Price:£179.68+ Free shipping
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on 24 July 2014
I don't often write reviews but I had to for this one. This bed is just superb for the money - I don't know how they make it for the price as it's easily worth double what I paid.
The price does fluctuate randomly on Amazon though - I was going to buy the bed and including delivery it was going to cost me £135. I had an issue with the website and came back to order it an hour later and it had dropped to £113 using a different marketplace seller. Keep an eye on the price and use to make sure you're getting a good deal on it as £113 is a great price, £135 is above average.

The next bit of information is vital though so I suggest you read it if you're seriously going to buy this bed! :)

The marketplace seller varies for this item, so some of the negative reviews relating to delivery here are for different sellers - they're not all bad. Make sure you check which seller you're purchasing from as this is important.
My purchase came from "bedsandbeds" and I had no trouble at all. No items were missing, it was dispatched quickly and it was exactly as expected, no damage and the correct size. However, they do use XDP Express as their courier. I had no issues at all with the courier service - my depot is based in Glasgow - but I know a lot of people have complained about the service provided by XDP so make sure you're on the ball if your bed comes through this courier. The main thing is to ensure you check the XDP website and track your parcel daily.
I got a dispatch notice from Amazon containing tracking information but from this point onwards I received no further correspondence about the delivery - I only knew my bed was out for delivery because I spotted it on the XDP tracking website, so I caught the next bus home and was lucky to be in for it. I had no text, email etc so I wouldn't have been in had I not been watching out for it, so make sure you take responsibility for keeping an eye on this or you'll have a bad experience. You'll get a 3 hour delivery slot with XDP and this can't be narrowed down, so be aware of this too.
My bed came 3 days earlier than expected though and the courier was right on time and the lovely bloke helped me in with it so I have no complaints whatsoever.

About the bed!

It comes in 2 parcels, each weighing around 14-17kg so be aware you'll ideally need help moving these to the assembly location - I dragged them up the stairs alone but it nearly killed me. I'm an unfit 28 year old female though so if I can do it then most people probably can at a push. I live alone so had no choice! It's really well packaged though and all the parts are organised cleverly to keep the package sizes down.

They also recommend you have 2 people assemble this - I did it alone so it can be done, it's just hard work as the side panels in particular are quite heavy due to the lifting mechanism.
Assembly isn't anything overly complex, it's just fiddly and the parts are heavy. It took me about 2.5 hours on my own but would've taken significantly less if I'd had some help. A couple of holes didn't take the screws that well but there were enough other holes that I wasn't concerned about the sturdiness of the bed - I didn't expect it to be perfect given the price but overall it went together very well.
Word of warning though; the parts have velcro strips on the underside as when you're finished you tip the bed up and attach the fabric base for the storage area. If you're unfortunate enough to have a cheap nasty carpet that velcro sticks to then make sure you leave the plastic on all of the parts whilst you're working on the bed assembly. I didn't realise at first until my bed was firmly glued to my carpet and I ended up in a rage trying to tear the parts loose so I could manouvre them into position to bolt together.
I lifted half the carpet and nearly hulk smashed the bed into oblivion. Once I'd re-wrapped everything so the velcro wasn't in contact with the carpet then all was well with the world once more.

Other handy tips.. loads of the parts come zipped into the rear of the headboard. The instructions do tell you this but if you don't read them properly you might miss it and assume things are missing.
Frankly, I'd suggest you read the instructions thoroughly before you start as there's lots of useful information in there. Another point being DON'T operate the lifting mechanism until you've put the mattress on when you finish or you'll smash your face in.
Also note - when you first finish the build the frame will be in the lifted up position. Read the instructions at this point and you can't go wrong. Attach the fabric pull cord to the end of the bed and put one hand to the left and one hand to the right of centre bar, evenly spaced and push down firmly on the bed. As it starts to shut take hold of the fabric cord and lower it into the closed position so you don't trap your fingers. From this point onwards, leave it alone until your mattress is on as without the weight of the mattress it will spring open at speed if you attempt to pull it open again and injuries will likely occur :)

Oh it also has little screw in feet which raise it up by around 1cm. If you drag the bed around it flexes a little so be careful not to be too rough with it as the frame does feel like it could damage if you drag it around roughly. Also as there's no base, just the fabric for the storage area, you will need to empty it before moving it in future so bear this in mind too. I wouldn't personally class any of this as a negative, they're just points worth being aware of. It's still a fantastic bed for what it cost.

Basically, this bed is awesome. It's a gift for the money and I had a very nice sleep on it last night. Highly recommend it :)
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on 10 December 2015
False storage depth claim: We chose this ottoman PURELY due to the claim (in the description "From the Manufacturer" > "Extra storage") as follows:
"It is important that your bed offers good depth to store a variety of sized items. Many of the cheaper priced Ottoman Beds are smaller in depth & therefore offer you less storage. Otto-Garrison Ottoman Beds provide a depth of 30cm which is higher than average."

This is completely false! The entire EXTERNAL height of the side frame is 27 cm. The INTERNAL height (storage depth) measured from the floor to the metal bed frame (attached to the internal sides) is 21 cm maximum. How could they possibly claim 30 cm? Why put a subheading entitled "Extra storage", and claim that "cheaper priced" beds "offer you less storage", when this bed is EXACTLY the same size and storage depth of ALL of the main ottoman beds for sale within the UK in 2015? It's actually smaller than many, which offer 24 cm depth.
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on 1 November 2012
I ordered these 2 beds on a Saturday evening and they were delivered the following Tuesday. The price was so good I was a bit worried that they may have been poorly made. I need not have worried they are great value for money and well made.
Sadly they had to stay boxed until the following Monday while we waited for the mattresses. Moral of the story order your mattress first since these beds are delivered very quickly.
My son in law and daughter put the 2 up in approx 2.5 hours following the instructions given. The inital push down of the slatted base was scary as my SIL was worried that he would break the gas arms. They do need a bit of brute force but as soon as it was done my daughter very easily pulled it up and back down again. In fact my 7 yr old Grand-daughter has no problem at all. The 4yr old can lift it but is too short to pull it back down. Their bedroom looks great as their toys and clutter are safely stored out of sight. Wonderful. My daughter was so impressed I have just ordered a 5' one for her this evening. Their mattress arrived today.... A great product.
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on 8 February 2015
Bed looks nice but a load of rubbish. My daughter had it less than a year and the slates and black holders have snapped and broken off. Customer service absolutely rubbish emailed the retailers twice and got ignored. I would have had more pleasure in throwing the money down the drain. Don't waste your money
review image
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on 21 April 2014
Okay so i bought this bed a few weeks ago it came quick and everything was fine when it arrived no damage, came with instructions and all the parts were here. The bed was ok to assemble as well and it doesn't look cheap or tacky at all my only problem is that the bed came with no warning labels to warn about not testing the lift mechanism without a mattress being on the bed. So my partner went ahead and tested the mechanism only for it to spring up and hit him in the face, this broke his nose, burst his lip and tore the inside of his mouth. We have reported this to the seller and they have said they WILL be putting warning labels on for future buyers as this could have ended a lot worse than what it has. So if you do buy this bed i will warn you now DO NOT LIFT THE BED UNLESS A MATTRESS OR SOME SORT OF WEIGHT IS ON THE BED. Save yourself a sore face or something seriously worse. But i would recommend the bed otherwise.
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on 5 June 2013
I bought two of these beds for my daughters room. They arrived within couple of days all bits were there and was very easy to put together. I would highly recommend these beds best buy ive made by far
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on 8 February 2013
My grandson is over the moon with this bed, he is now even more difficult to get out of. It.
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on 19 January 2016
I thought I was being very daring buying a build-it-yourself bed as DIY has never been my idea of fun, but I needed a new bed and the Amazon lightning deal price for this Ottoman King Size Storage Bed was irresistible, so I took my life into my hands . . .

I couldn't believe it when three long slim packages were delivered: how on earth was I going to turn these into a BED, I wondered.
The guidance was that an 'Otto geek' might take about 70 minutes to build the bed from scratch and a novice about 2 hours and 10 minutes. I set aside a day, building the bed in situ as I have limited space. The 'instructions', such as they are, are four A4 sides of diagrams - daunting at first but not unhelpful if followed very precisely and concentrating hard. I'm glad I allowed a whole day, but the outcome is a very nice and comfortable bed.

You need to unpack the three boxes with great care: there are two big bags of screws, nuts and so forth and they include EXACTLY the right number of each bit. If you follow the diagrammatic sequence exactly it really works! If I can build a bed with no DIY experience, you can too, believe me.

Some specific points to bear in mind:

1. Follow the 10-step building sequence exactly as set out and make sure you use the exact correct pieces and screws. Many of the pieces are very similar to one anther with only subtle differences.

2. Step 5 requires you to affix the supplied fabric sheet to the underside of the bed. You will need to stretch this tight and you need to be as neat and accurate as you can as this sheet will lie on your floor or carpet and everything you store under your mattress will lie on this fabric sheet. How you affix it initially will determine whether you have a tidy underside of your storage space.

3. Step 9 directs you to slot some 28 convex/concave slats into the base frame you have constructed. The instructions don't tell you this (and I did it wrong the first time), but you must insert them with all the bends facing UPWARDS. As a DIY novice this was counter-intuitive to me but if, like me, you slot them in with the bends downwards they WILL fall out when a sudden or heavy weight is placed on them (in my case this was when I sat on the edge of the bed the next morning!). Quite a number of reviewers comment that the supports will fail, but I believe that in most cases this will be because the slats have unknowingly been inserted the wrong way round.

4. Do not be phased by the guidance that it will take two people to operate and free the gas pistons on first use: one person alone applying no more than reasonable strength can do this without trouble.

5. Importantly, and as others have mentioned, once the bed is closed for the first time, do not attempt to test whether it works by trying to lift it to access the storage area without your mattress (which you have to buy separately) in place as the bed will spring up very fast and may injure you quite nastily. Once the mattress is there (I'm using Joseph 10" Memory Foam Mattress, 5ft King Size), the bed will open with a similar feel to that of opening the boot of a car.

To summarise, this is a good-quality and comfortable bed. The price at which it is on offer varies enormously but, at least with the benefit of an Amazon lightning deal, it can be a massive bargain – at the time of writing it is being offered here at a ridiculous £400-plus but a lightning deal before Christmas had it at just under £100 and you should not need to spend more than about £150 including any delivery charge. Even a DIY ignoramus like me can put it together satisfactorily, given concentration and application, so even if you're on your own, if you allow between half a day and a day you can be confident you'll have somewhere to lay your head at the end of the day!
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on 22 April 2014
I bought this bed about 6 months ago. I was keen to not review this item until I had tried it out properly. The actual bed looks great, it's easy to assemble and feels quite solid. However the actual support of the bed is questionable. The middle / centre support is not supported by any legs so if you have more than one person in the bed it will sag. This makes it really uncomfortable . I'm considering changing the bed for a ottoman with centre support legs!
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on 16 November 2012
The bed was delivered in 6 days. My daughters 17 year old boyfriend put the bed together with little asistance. The only issue was the pneumatic arms as we couldnt get them to work and there were a couple of beds slats missing. I emailed the seller and not only did they reply with full instructions on how to fit the arms properly, they replied by email in within 24 hours, tried to ring me and sent out the missing slats straight away. We followed their advise and the lift up mechanism now works perfectly. The slats were delivered within 2 days of emailing them. Overall, very impressed with the bed, a fantastic price and can't fault the customer service (I would have no hesitation ordering from House to Home again just in view of their customer service.) Oh and my daughter loves the bed and the storage underneath! I am considering ordering another for my spare room.
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