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on 7 August 2017
Absolutely brilliant purchase. I can now read my kindle in the bath, the handle at the back is so useful.
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on 3 July 2015
Grest for work as I work in dusty industry, and easy to use through screen
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on 1 June 2015
This TouchAbility Waterproof Case, is designed to hold most slim items (which will fit inside it) and protect the item from water ingress, dust, dirt, and fine sand etc. Typically, most users will probably use this case with their touch-screen smartphone, due to the inclusion of transparent panels, which allows the smartphone's camera to take photos and video from inside the sealed case.

An opening with sealing mechanism, is fitted to the top of the case to allow your smartphone access into the case. Two clips are used to apply pressure to the sealing surfaces of the case opening. You need to push these clips quite firmly, using a thumb and a finger, to start them turning, although this is somewhat reassuring that the seal is being held quite tight and needs an initial force to break it's hold. When a sufficient gap appears, you can fully disengage each clip using your thumb nail, thus allowing the case to fully-open.

Before committing your valued smartphone into the case and submersing it, it's advisable to test the integrity of the case first, by placing a sheet of absorbent paper (kitchen paper, blotting paper or tissue will suffice) and then seal the case. Place the case into a container of water and fully submerge it for around ten minutes. I added a small amount of dye to the water to make it easier to detect if the case had leaked. On inspection, the paper was bone-dry !

A lanyard is also provided with this waterproof case. This attaches to the top part of the case.

There are numerous applications for this case e.g. with a smartphone installed, which gives excellent waterproof protection when used in the following applications:

1) Showers or baths..
2) Sandy beaches.
3) Dusty environments.
4) Camping, Fishing or other land-based, outdoor activities.
5) Cyclists / Motorcyclists garments.
6) Outdoor occupations: Construction sites, Road maintenance, Delivery services, etc.
7) Water-based activities, e.g. canoeing, sailing, swimming etc.

My tests with this case included photo's and video shots underwater, using my LG L40 smartphone sealed inside. It was quite easy to control using the LG's touch screen through the transparent sides of the case. The only minor problem I discovered was bringing this particular LG phone out of standby using the touch screen. The LG L40 has a method called a 'knock code' (a predetermined sequence of taps on the screen) which wakes-up the phone. The layer of plastic of this case prevents the phone from detecting this code. Pressing the Home screen button has the same effect, so it's not really too important, but worth noting if you intend to use this make of smartphone with this case.

After using this waterproof case, dry it thoroughly (if wet) and release the sealing clips, especially if the case isn't going to be used for an extended period. This should help to preserve the longevity of the seal, as the sealing surfaces aren't being forced together (less stressed) in this condition.

I was kindly provided with this item by the manufacturer for evaluation and unbiased review.
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on 17 May 2015
Here's a nity little thing that's designed to make sure that your holiday this year stays water free. At least as far as your phone goes. I have the black version and have tested it continually for a couple of days. It works.

Naturally you wouldn't test it with your phone inside, I used a couple of sheets of kitchen paper to test it first of all. After I'd spent several minutes 'drowning' the case in the bath by pushing it to the bottom (of the bath, not my bot....well let's move on), I left it to soak for around 30 minutes while we ate. Returning after we'd eaten, the paper towels were as dry as they were in the kitchen. All well and good, I moved on to the next experiment. Taking one of the kid's old phones, I placed it in the case etc etc popped it in the bath and toddled off to work. When I arrived home that evening I went to check on the phone and it too was still dry. I should point out that there was no way I was taking it on holiday with me unless I was 100% sure that it was safe and would keep things dry inside.

So, I knew that the case did it's job and I knew that a phone could last at least a day inside the case without any detrimental effects. Although I like the sea and swimming, there was no way at all I was planning on spending eight hours in the water, so as far as I'm concerned, this case passed all of its tests with flying colours. Of course, using your phone/camera underwater could get you some fantastic shots in the right part of the World. Then I started to think about how it could be useful in other ways..

..It would certainly enable you to use your camera underwater as it has clear view plastic on both sides. The plastic is large enough to allow you to read your phone messages or to alow you to press buttons on your camera. It would also let you use an MP3 player or carry items such as important documents or credit/debit cards without getting them wet. Don't think of it as 'just' a phone case unless you're happy to keep it locked away for 50 weeks of the year. Use it at the pool all year round or maybe let the kids use it if they insist on going out in the rain.

It's a great idea from TouchAbility and it's well made so will last a very long time. I've seen some other phone cases around but not this 'roomy' and definitely not this hardwearing. I would recommend this to anyone but I'd make sure they thought about other ways they could use it too.
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on 15 December 2016
hardly used
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This is a very well - made sturdy water resistant pouch, which comes in a range of sizes. I chose the Small size for my iPhone 5c. This was a snug, secure fit for my phone without its protective case. The pouch comes with excellent advice for its use inserted into a card in the pouch, and its worth reading this before use.

The waterproof pouch opens and closes by opening two plastic levers at the top of the pouch, the phone is then placed inside and the levers are used to seal the poucg shut. The manufacturers add the caution that the pouch seal must be free of sand, hair or other debris to be truly waterproof before it is closed.
I tested mine with a paper tissue in a bowl of cold water - very warm temperatures may warp the plastic construction of the case and possibly water will enter as a result. The tissue stayed dry. I didn't immerse my phone, but I have no doubt that it would have stayed dry too.

As hot water may warp the plastic and let water in, the case isn't suitable for taking into the shower or using in a bath, unless the water in both is quite cool - using the case to protect your phone whilst immersed in a hot tub is probably not a good idea. The case is very sturdy and warping does seem a remote possibility, but it definitely wouldn't be worth the risk in my opinion.

The transparent plastic on the front of the case is sturdy but it is possible to operate the touch screen of the phone using it. A transparent plastic section at the back of the case means it is also possible to use the camera facility whilst the phone is in the case.

Unlike many other cases/pouches this particular pouch has clear plastic side panels, meaning the side buttons are accessible whilst the phone is in the case. Not being able to turn the volume down or switch the phone on to silent mode is potentially embarrassing and anti-social and this innovation prevents this issue arising.

A lanyard for wearing the pouch around the neck is supplied, with the top of the case having an integral aperture for threading the end of the lanyard through.

Summary: a well made water - resistant pouch with side button access, an important advantage over similar products.
I received my pouch to review without cost, but this is my honest and unbiased opinion.
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What a brilliant product.

The TouchAbility waterproof case is a fully waterproof case that can be used with most smartphones.

This waterproof case will protect your mobile phone in many different situations.
Out in heavy rain - your phone is protected
Drop your phone in the bath - your phone is protected
Drop your phone in the snow - your phone is protected
Swimming in the sea or pool - your phone is protected

In fact your mobile phone is protected submerged up to 10ft (3m) in water whilst remaining perfectly usable in the TouchAbility case. You can actually use your touchscreen mobile phone while it inside the TouchAbility case, this I was really impressed with.

I received the black TouchAbility case (the name TouchAbility is included along the top edge in silvery grey). The case measures 20cm high x 9.5cm wide (7.8" x 3.74") and is used vertically, the mechanism that opens and seals the case is located at the top of the case.

Clear windows are incorporated into the case front and back enabling you to fully see your touchscreen phone and allows you to take pictures with either your front facing or back facing camera. Also the TouchAbility case has a unique plastic window on either side of the case enabling you to activate any of the side buttons of your mobile phone should you wish to do so.

Before I used the case I tested the case using tissue paper. I placed the tissue paper inside the case and used the closing mechanism to shut the case tight. I then submerged the case in water for about 10 minutes. Upon opening the case I was pleased to see that the tissue paper had remained bone dry.

Now it's one thing testing the case with paper and quite another thing placing your mobile phone into the case and going swimming.

However that is exactly what I did, with butterflies in my stomach.

I am so very pleased to be able to say that my mobile phone remained totally dry, I even managed to use the phone to take pictures whilst I was actually in the swimming pool and the pictures came out perfect.

So to sum up …

A brilliant case that does exactly what it is supposed to do.

Please note: I was kindly sent this product to test and to give my honest opinion in the form of a review.
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on 24 May 2015
This is a good way of protecting your phone.

I use this to protect my phone from splashes and accidental immersion. For example, I bought another version of this last year while on holiday and took my phone (my previous phone) into the pool to shoot video & stills from just above the surface of the water. I got some great shots.

I also used it to shoot video while our daughter was having a water pistol fight, and took it on a (sailing) dinghy with me. In other words, I used it for peace of mind and to protect against water spray and the risk of accidentally dropping it into water.

While this is stated to be waterproof to 3 meters, I scuba dive and I would not use it for diving - I would use an 'Action Camera' (in a solid housing) rather than a mobile phone due to the high pressures underwater. However, if you do wish to use this phone case underwater and if you recently upgraded your phone, you could always put your old mobile phone in it for peace of mind.

I would test it before every use if taking it underwater, such as by putting toilet paper in it.

A key use for this is at the beach - it keeps sand out of your phone. Sand gets everywhere. It is worse than water - for example, you can pick up a towel and accidentally spray sand, which you didn't know was there, everywhere.

This gives you great peace of mind if you want to use your phone in or near water, or on a sandy beach. It is an inexpensive accessory for a holiday.

Disclaimer: I received this product for free in exchange for my honest & unbiased review.
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on 13 August 2015
This waterproof case is ideal for anyone wanting to keep their electronics or products dry when wanting to go into a wet environment.

The case is made from clear and black plastic which allows the phone to be usable whilst being in the case.

The kit includes the waterproof case and a neck tether to avoid loosing the device in the case

The clear plastic is quite resistant to scratches which protects the phone from scratches and damage from blows or hits to the phone whilst in the case.

The case is secured (waterproofed) by unlocking the two clips at the top of and then placing in your device. Then lining the clips up and locking the case shut. It then makes the waterproof case waterproof and secure to be used in wet environments.

The build quality and tight seal that secure the case make it great and easy to use.

I would recommend this waterproof case to anyone wanting it to film underwater or just to hold objects around your wrist.
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Phone manufacturers always state their phones must not come into contact with water and we all know that even one drop of rain can cause untold damage to internal electronics and write-off any product warranty. But, living in the real world, it's an expensive risk most of us take. We don't stop talking to people just because there's a spot of rain in the air and in real life we need to use our phones in non-ideal situations, ie outdoors, on the beach, walking, traveling and this is where a waterproof case can provide the solution.

This is a practical, waterproof phone case ideal for outdoor use in damp or wet conditions. I received the medium size measuring 13.5x7cm (internally) and tested it with a phone of 12x5x1.8cm which fit in comfortably. I particularly like the top clips on the case which swivel to open - there's no need to roll the top over and over and over... as per early phone cases and these clips can be operated easily with cold, wet hands making it ideal for sportspeople.

The case holds most smartphones and when tested with my Vodaphone and Samsung smartphones, the PVC front enabled all touchscreen functions to work while the camera could take photos through the PVC panels, although photos are not sharply focussed but this is a small sacrifice to make.

In my tests which involved submerging the case in a bucket of water and leaving it for 40 minutes, the case showed no signs of leaking and the clip-top remained secure providing reliability and peace of mind for 'real world' use out in the rain, walking, cycling or even for use while swimming.

It's well-designed, practical and functional and includes webbing neck strap for ease of carrying. It fulfills its promises and is a good buy for any outdoorsy person needing to use their phone in all environments and weather conditions. I will be using it for kayaking next weekend and if I should capsize this case provides complete peace of mind and I will have no worries about damage to my phone.

Also.... while preparing the review, I noted the following tip: for anyone considering buying this case to use with watersports - blow a little air into it so that if it is accidentally dropped it should float instead of sink!
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