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on 5 January 2014
Martin Evening is a first class writer, and he knows photoshop inside out, as well as having an excellent knowledge of both Mac and PC. If like me you are using Mac for the first time then its worth reading the first chapters as Martin gives a lot of info on short cuts, for both Mac and PC. There is no disc as a buyer of the book you can access info on the web and all additional content is now on line. Emphasis is on the photoshop tools most used by photographers. On line you can access movie tutorials as well as download some of the images for practice. for me its a dip in book, its really huge so maybe classed as a CC Bible or certainly a reference book. I have picked out all of the stuff I struggle with, and work bit by bit through the info. I tend to use my own photos rather than downloading but thats my choice. If you are serious and really want to work at understanding how you can edit your photos and get the best out of photoshop then I believe this book is worth the money.
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on 27 July 2013
Adobe caused quite a stir when they announced the Adobe Creative Cloud and that applications such as Photoshop would be subscription based rather than a one-off license payment. One of the advantages of the subscription model is that Adobe can release feature updates as soon as development is complete rather than wait 18-24 months for the next full product release. This promise of a drip feed of new features makes it a challenge to keep reference books such as this one current and up-to-date. This review aims to cover:

1) How Martin Evening's book will keep pace with the more frequent changes in Photoshop CC

2) Summary of the book's content

3) What's new in Photoshop CC

Book updates

As Adobe Photoshop CC will be updated more frequently than previous versions Martin Evening's approach is to provide free bulletin updates in PDF format via the book's companion web site. A new version of the book is planned for each new major release of Photoshop CC combining all the updates into a new book.

Book summary

The book is comprised of 13 chapters and an index totalling 792 pages. There are 48 more pages than the previous CS6 version. Although there are more pages the new book is slightly thinner than before using a thinner and glossier paper.

The chapter layout in the book remains the same as for CS6; the change in page count between the CC and CS6 version indicates where the most significant book updates are.

1) Photoshop Fundamentals + 2 pages
2) Configuring Photoshop + 4 pages, includes extra information on Retina displays.
3) Camera Raw Processing + 24 pages, most of the changes for Photoshop CC are in Camera Raw.
4) Sharpening and Noise Reduction + 6 pages, includes new pages on the shake reduction filter.
5) Image Editing Essentials + 8 pages, new information on image resizing improvements and brief information on live shapes.
6) Black and White - no change in page count
7) Extending the Dynamic Range + 4 pages
8) Image Retouching + 2 pages
9) Layers, Selections and Masking -2 pages
10) Blur, optical and lighting effects filters. + 6 pages. This covers the essential filters for photo editing
11) Image Management - 10 pages. Describes Adobe Bridge and mini bridge
12) Print Output - no change in page count
13) Automating Photoshop + 4 pages. Contains new information on conditional actions.

Many, but not all (due to copyright), of the sample photographs used in the chapters can be downloaded from the companion web site so you can practice the techniques described in the book.

What's New

The movie tutorials on all the new features in Photoshop CC are no longer provided on a physical DVD with the book but they are available for download on the companion web site. There are movies covering:

Camera Raw as a Photoshop filter
Camera Raw radial filter adjustments
Camera Raw Upright adjustments
Camera Raw spot removal tool 2 movies: overview and advanced
Shake Reduction and Smart Sharpen filters
Working with Conditional Actions
Multi-path selections
Editing HDR files in Camera Raw
Fixing axial chromatic aberration in Camera Raw


Martin Evening's Adobe Photoshop for Photographers is established as one of the classic Photoshop reference works and covers the techniques from a photographer's perspective. The availability of free updates via the book's web site means that a reader can be assured they will have the latest Photoshop CC reference material to hand.
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on 25 November 2013
The content of this book is great as others have already stated. However I purchased the kindle version. Clearly it was never going to work on a standard monochrome kindle but I was hoping to read it on the ipad kindle app. Sadly the layout is hopelessly poor. The illustration and sides boxes appear almost at random in the main body of the text. Several times I was confused by what I was reading only to realise what looked like a paragraph of text was in fact the text accompanying an illustration on the next page.

In the end I gave up and asked for (and received) a refund. I am about to order the print version.

I have given the book a five star review because the content deserves it.
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on 11 September 2014
Whilst it is clear that Evening knows his stuff when it comes to Photoshop, I would say that he assumes his readers do too. I found there was a lot of technical details about the software that probably the average photographer doesn't need/want to know, and sometimes not enough detail in areas where those less familiar with Photoshop would like a bit more guidance and support.

Previously I am used to Scott Kelby's books and whilst his style does grate on some people, it didn't bother me too much. He got the point quickly, showed the features the average person would like to use and presented them in a clear fashion. I will be buying the Kelby book when it comes out to replace this.

I find even the layout is a little dated looking to me and the stock photos not that inspiring either but I would have been okay with this if the content had been what I was looking for. It has some good points and there are free videos online accompanying the book plus sections that are from previous versions of the book not included in this book available for free download which is helpful. However it's just not the 'bible of all things photoshop' I was looking for and I think for the inexperienced user, it's not a good place to start.
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on 28 October 2013
Once again, Martin has produced an excellent guide to Photoshop, I've used his books before (for CS4) and this one covers all the newer features.
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on 5 February 2014
Ticks all the boxes for every photographers needs to function efficiently and apply themselves to Adobe's latest creative software.Seven hundred plus pages of essential knowledge.
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on 13 June 2014
Worth the money if you're a really heavy CC user but it can be a bit heavy going. The first half of the book is an explanation of how CC developed and a lot of heavy technical stuff about e.g. colour space. However I think this needs to be ploughed through if one is to get the best out of the second half which is about actually manipulating images with CC.
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on 19 September 2014
Packed full of information and written by someone who knows his subject, but too few examples and demonstrations about how to use photoshop. The book assumes you have a detailed knowledge of photoshop before reading the material.
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on 24 March 2014
Made a big jump from Elements to Photoshop CC so needed some help and found it in this great reference book. Logically set out allowing you to work through from "Fundamentals" to "Automating" covering all the tools (and there are a lot) and many, many techniques. Loads of informative screen shots and an accompanying website from which you can download the same images used in the book to practice on. It's a chunky volume of nearly 800 pages so won't fit in the back pocket but I can't imagine being without it now. Well done Martin Evening.
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on 20 November 2013
As usual Martin Evening has produced a very comprehensive, almost forensic description of PS CC. In addition to everything PS it also covers running in conjunction with Lightroom 5. There are online video lessons that help with many useful techniques and give an intro to others. As PS CC is very regularly updated, new feature descriptions and analysis can be downloaded as PDFs from Martin Evenings website (instructions in book). There is everything you need in here. It is not an easy bedtime read; how could it be. Photoshop CC is Photoshop extended plus Lightroom 5 plus several other applications, so there is a huge range of functionality to be described. This book is as good and concise as you can get.
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