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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 12 June 2011
As someone who reads and reads and reads i have always said i'm not going to get sucked into the kids / YA market. EG Harry Bloomin potter market, its a kids book for kids and can be read by kids.

BUT....i have been proved a liar.

Im a huge fan of Alex Scarrows writing so when i heard about this book i had to give it a go, the concept alone is brilliant, but as usual his main strength comes to the fore. Great characters. The man just knows people and writes them so well and that comes across so well in this book.
Time slip is his normal forte, and this time he takes it one step further and is even able to move in time, this series has so much potential i wish i had kids to share it with...but there are always nephews, nieces and god children, and lets face it im hooked as well. im not going to hide this book on my shelf, it can sit proudly next to the grown up books.

So in Summary no matter your age...go buy this book i promise you will not regret it.

Alex Keep up the great work...lets see loads more of these Timeriders...and great news for any fans to go with this is Alex also has Afterlight due out this year, so all fans get Double Alex Scarrow fun this year.
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on 1 May 2012
I bought this book for my son as a surprise gift and he wasn't disappointed! He was overjoyed at my choice of book and read it in one day!!! His comments are that he thoroughly enjoyed it and couldn't wait for the next one to be delivered. Therefore Books 2,3,4 are on their way and Book 5 has been pre-ordered. Money well spent is my opinion.
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on 9 May 2011
Borrowed this book from my son whilst on holiday as I had run out of all of mine .... nothing at all like the books I usually read but I loved it!! Very entertaining and just couldn't put it down as I needed to find out what was going to happen next ... and my teenage son loved the series too - books we can share and discuss - fabulous
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on 19 August 2013
It has already been said but hell, I'll say it again: this is YA fiction; stuff I usually steer clear of but the idea of a seriously good book about time travel; the kind of book I have been looking for for a very long time that delves into history; the possibilities of time travel and its inherent limitations pulled me in. I read the sample and expected to be bored by the third line of the first page but was instantly hooked. Reading this story was both a delight and a torture; its themes of death and destruction, consequence and betrayal and the butterfly effect of messing with time remained compelling. I am already half way through the second book intrigued both by the story; its development and the characters who through circumstance and seriously bad luck have their destinies quite literally ripped from them and given the possibility of very new ones put in there place. YA does not mean lightweight. This book is told well, with a sure touch; presenting dark threads and tormenting themes in a narrative that had me hooked until the very last word.
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on 20 January 2016
I like time travel & sci- Fi so when my granddaughters told me they were reading this at school but finding it a little confusing I said I would get it to see if I could help them. Indeed, unless you take careful note of the time frame of the chapter it is confusing, but a good story. By the end we 3 had finished, understood & enjoyed it. It is the first of several but they found it difficult so won't go on. I will! They are 11. It does have an ending but obviously the opening into the next. I think they did well.
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on 27 May 2013
In the future, time travel is very real and going back in time to change the past can seriously change the present. The story is based around 3 teenagers from the past, present and future that were saved from the brink of death to correct history when altered and ultimately save the world.

In the first book Maddy, Liam and Sal (the newest time riders' team) are thrown into the deep end when a time traveller from the future goes back to help Hitler win WW2 and eventually cause the end of the world. It's up to them and their artificially grown human cyborg Bob, to go back and fix it. This book will have you on the edge of your seat and reading ahead to see how they'll get out of some tight situations in both the 1950's and 2001.

Alex Scarrow is a genius; he has manipulated the history and past into an exciting and unique book, shining a new light on the time-travel genre. Although some parts of the book are slow and don't make much sense, the book is well written and structured, with the loose ends being tied up in later parts of the book. Scarrow has given new twists to the Titanic, Nazis, J.F Kennedy, the Twin Towers and so many other time periods that you wouldn't believe.

This book is suitable for boys and girls of the teenage years and older, guaranteeing to teach you something new, no matter your age. So if you're into your sci-fi or looking for a new series to read, Time riders is a definite pick and I personally can't wait for book 2 to come and see how history has been altered this time.
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on 9 June 2014
Having read all of Alex Scarrow' s books and impatiently awaiting the next "adult" novel I decided to try one of his stories which appears to be for the teenage market. I was pleasantly surprised at the depth of the story and also the characters involved. The novel and I assume this series, revolves around time travel and events from history and the effects of interfering with the past. This is a something I have been interested in for a long time and which has been explored by Dean Koontz in lightning and more recently by Steven King. I have only given 4 stars because , although it was a very well written story, it does feel a little unfinished and shorter than it should be. I think this is probably intentional and is aimed at a younger market with maybe a shorter interest span than mine, however this is just my personal feelings and I probably need to read the next few novels in the series before I am satisfied. Overall....brilliant read which I thoroughly enjoyed.
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on 16 May 2010
Imagine this: One day you're going about your normal life, when suddenly a mysterious stranger appears out of nowhere and gives you a Hobson's Choice: leave all you have ever known behind forever or be violently killed by an event the man says is just about to happen! Reluctantly following him out of the frying pan, you find yourself literally under a bridge with several other strangers -- teens like yourself, but from different times and places, with different ways of speaking, thinking and acting -- not to mention this cipher who SAYS he just saved you from a horrible death, but who STILL won't answer all your questions, but instead insists you forget entirely about your past life and concentrate on merging with your new comrades to become an elite team of time cops who will keep the very history of the world on track with little more than your own wits, a couple computers and a few other little things and pieces of training you're to start receiving immediately. Oh, and one last thing: Your new home is a 48-hour endless loop consisting of a particular Monday and Tuesday in New York -- September 10th and 11th, 2001!

Will you become a team? SHOULD you? How can you know you're defending the "right" timeline, and who IS this "Foster" character, anyway? If time travel is indeed a reality, does it even make sense to try to privilege one version of history over any others, or should you do the very thing you're tasked with preventing -- change history for the better, particularly the horrendously painful and pointless bit of history you are forced to live over and over again for the rest of your lives?

It's questions like these that we REALLY care about, but Alex Scarrow either doesn't think much of his "young adult" readers or is too focused on the "mindblowing series" he's planning to be willing to give us everything he's got right out of the gate -- a fatal mistake if ever there was one. Just as likely, he thinks the premise and unfolding plot alone will be enough to blow readers' minds, and has forgotten we want character development, too. Also, while it's clear he's done SOME of his homework by acquainting himself with a few other time travel stories (Soylent Green/I Am Legend for one, and quite possibly Michael Crighton's Timeline as well) he's not through yet: he hasn't read Poul Anderson's Time Patrol, nor has he taken away anything more from what he HAS read than the idea that historical paradoxes must be avoided at all costs. Also, just because it's "Young Adult" fiction, is that any reason we shouldn't like the two adults on the team (Foster and Bob) just as much as the others? Don't they both deserve fuller and more compassionate, less stock characterizations than they get here?

Most seriously, though, don't WE, the readers, deserve more than ONE history-saving outing to sink our teeth into? Given the set-up, Did Scarrow REALLY manage to miss the point that this is Sal, Liam and Maddy's story, NOT a feebly and partially developed "What if..." look at the consequences of the Nazis winning WWII? Or is he planning more only if we commit to buying the promised installments of the planned series one by one?

Well, Alex, I'll buy ONE more (at a deep discount here on Amazon, not full price at a bookstore), but you'll have to do better next time around, or you'll lose me. I suspect you'll lose other demanding ADULT readers, too -- and quite possibly even some of those you THINK are your main audience, because I have to tell you: these kids are WAY smarter than you seem to give them credit for. They're already reading adult science fiction, and either they want the facts to be spot on (the "hard" SF crowd) or they want REAL character development -- both, it at all possible. Don't patronize your readers, and don't hold back on us. Finally, don't consciously target a certain demographic; that's the (somewhat dubious) job of a marketing specialist at your publisher. Assume your work will be read by ALL ages, and make it offer as much to the 41-year-old like me as to the 14-year-old in whose nominal section of the store your work might end up, assuming it doesn't just end up on the SF-Fantasy shelves, which is where you want it anyway, don't you?

Three stars only, Alex. You've got potential here. Now, rewrite the history that should have been, and give us something way better second time around.
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on 15 August 2013
I really enjoyed this book, it kept you wanting to keep on reading, It might be aimed at the younger reader but I would think any adult who likes a good sci-fi time travelling tale would love this book, I will be certainly buying the next few in the series for my Kindle.
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on 3 November 2014
Wow what a great series of books. I have found them hard to put down and ended up reading late into the night. The characters are built well, the adventures are exciting and fast paced. All-in-all a highly entertaining and enjoyable book.
I recommend it for ages 11 - Adult (My Son, who is 11, loved it too).
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