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Customer Reviews

3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 10 August 2015
This is an album that had received mixed reviews, some of my friends have said that Satyricon sold out with this one, but I disagree.

From the start of this album, it is darkly beautiful. There is a change in tone for Satyricon, they have matured and mastered their craft and as such this is not the raw blast beats and harsh vocals that we know and love. However this is not to say that the album is not aggressive or heavy. It remains that delicate Black Metal sound, but the is also a little more varied. As with other bands that have been going for twenty or more years, their sound has evolved and this is good. As much as I love their earlier stuff, I did not want a rehash of old themes and this album delivers as tey break new ground.

The guest vocalist on Phoenix is a good choice for a more rock sound, but with the backing of Frost on drums and the aggressive guitars from the rest of the band, this is a beautiful piece. However, it is entirely valid to argue that this song is a step away from Black Metal with its clean vocals and more gentle tempo.

As with bands like Enslaved and Opeth, Satyricon have grown up, their sound has developed into something unique and away from the generic clutter of some modern Black Metal bands. As such I greatly enjoyed this album, but I also still enjoy the ones that came before it. Were Satyricon to retire from the scene, this would be a lovely album to end on, a delicate and beautiful Swansong.
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on 31 December 2013
I'm not one who wishes for a return to the sound of Dark Medieval Times, I don't write on forums as ChristKrusher 666 and only listen to bands that wear 8 bullet belts, nor do I dislike the latter period Satyricon. The recent albums have become less interesting with each release, albeit with a corker or two on each. My Skin Is Cold was a straight up modern BM classic, it's just the rest of the album was dull. The rather flat but thudding sound of Now Diabolical seemed to make sense after the blast of my favourite, Rebel Extravaganza, but that sound just kept getting duller and duller, so I was interested to read Satyr talking of how amazing the sound of this album would be. A new chapter and all that.

Oh dear. This album is simply rubbish. I say it as a fan too. The pacing sounds like the band can't get out of second gear, the sound and production much the same as the previous couple of albums, if not worse. For all their talk as this being the defining album of Satyricon, this sounds like out takes from the last album or two.
It's always hard to be as interested in a band after so long, you'll always have your favourite period etc, and these fellas are getting on a bit. I don't go to Satyricon for that evil blast that some BM gives, nor the proggy expanse of peers Enslaved, but they always seemed to have something great about them that has simply gone.

The last three times I've seen them it's been an almost identical set list too, made worse by the rent a band set up that makes it seem a bit cabaret. I think they've caught themselves in a corner and this album sounds like it.
As suggested by the band, I gave it a number of listens in all situations, walking the dog on headphones, at home up loud, in the car and it never once jumped out at me, merely whimpered, and at one point during the appalling song with guest clean vocals I had to switch it off.
Avoid it at all costs, there is so much great BM out there of all flavours, try something else.
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on 18 July 2015
Good album but has some very strange features , there is some songs that are so completely out of the blue for a satyricon album , i know they will never go back to the shadowthrone era but this is just bizarre :-/
as i got the the digipak version with the patch it sort of made up for the average music
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on 6 December 2013
What is this beast that is named Satyricon that morphs so before our eyes? That cause certain insignificants to mess their pampers and cry to their mummy and facebook friend that what they see before them isn't black metal?

Musically speaking Satyricon are all over the place; pummelling BM, Cult of Luna style epic, almost pop like breaks all sprinkled with a bit of punk. It is varied and interesting, throwing up nice little nuances every time you listen to it, unfortunately it doesn't manage to set the world on fire like it threatens to, it is a shame but it does make you tingle with excitement at the potential bubbling away throughout which perhaps will be fully realised with their next album. Not that you should let this one pass you by because it is worth owning and will likely bring you lots of pleasure

Check out `Tro Og Kraft'
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on 18 September 2013
Black Metal purists will no doubt be burning down the churches at Satyricon's latest offering, and they would be quite right to be a little incensed. Satyricon are no longer a Black Metal band, this doesn't mean that they no longer rock. Satyricon have been changing musically since Now Diabolical to a more hard rock/metal sound with just a little bit of Black Metal thrown in. All bands change their sound over time, not just to be more commercially appealing, but as musician's they are always looking to experiment. This self titled album is a change further from The Age of Nero yet it still retains the unmistakable sound of satyr and Frost. The stand out tracks are; The first 2 track 'Voice of Shadows' and 'Tro Og Kraft' are slow and heavy with loads of riffing and is lyrically heavy also. 'Phoenix' is a track that will be the most surprising to listeners, it is slow and has clean vocals, it sounds like a cross of King Diamond and The Mission, it grows on you, in fact it is the track I have played the most from this album. 'The Infinity of Time and Space' is the standout Black metal track which sounds timeless and is my favourite and despite my liken of 'Phoenix' this is my favourite track. This is a worthy album of Satyricon for both fans and non fans alike. I can't wait to see them live in November as they kicked ass at this years Download festival.
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on 25 October 2013
I didn't like it at first but than took it all in. It's just one of those albums that take time and few plays for some reason. It has a fairly simple structure but still it started to grow on me after 2-3 times. It's in my player for a few days already and I like it more every time around.
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on 19 September 2013
I'm perhaps not the target audience for a Satyricon album anymore since I haven't greatly liked anything they've done since 1999. But I love their 90s albums enough to always give anything new a chance and after a 5 year gap I was hoping they'd re-discovered their mojo. But this is simply dreadful.

Aside from one song the entire album is a slow, repetitive dirge. It's utterly lifeless and an album I found a struggle to sit through. Satyr sounds bored, the riffs are un-inspired and the production poor. The album perks up for the sixth song when a bit of pace injects some energy into the proceedings but even then it's not a great song. The album then quickly reverts back to type, slow, ponderous rubbish. I'm officially done with Satyricon now I think!
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on 28 November 2013
everyone want to sond them like 1st albus but thsis one is great!!! dark, slow and dark. nice. Phonix is really good song.
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on 16 September 2013
Been a fan of Satyricon for over 6 years now and their first four albums are some of the finest Norwegian Black metal ever made. Volcano was ok but then came 'Now Diabolical' which was a somewhat radio friendly take on Black metal influences. 'The Age of Nero' and this album they have continued this more Hard Rock/accessible sound, so this is just a summary of what to expect when you hear this record.

The album certainly has its finer moments such as the catchy riff on 'Tro Og Kraft' and even the rather unexpected ballad 'Phoenix' with Clean guest vocals. 'Walker Upon the Wind' is the track that is most like their older work. So aside from all that, the album has many duller/samey moments that feel uninspired, just thrown into the mix to just keep the music going. There is just no sense of direction on this album. No climaxes, build-ups, anything. The music lacks the passion of what they are doing in 2013, 20 years on from their debut. Surely that is the most important thing with them, the band sounding like they're really enjoying what they are doing, but they don't at all. Any true Satyricon fan knows just how amazing Frost really is on drums yet that is rarely heard on this record. That seems to be their biggest focus now, straying away from their older style to extreme lengths. So then where will all the original fanbase be? I agree that bands should change their sound up a bit eventually but to this degree just doesn't feel right.

I don't consider them a Black metal band any more. If you are new to Satyricon do buy all their 90s albums you won't regret it, but this does not represent their finest work. You may also want to check out Frost's other band '1349' who are a fantastic modern Black metal band.

No idea where Satyricon will go from here, but I will not be giving this album repeated listens, and I may not purchase their next album. They had alot more potential than this.
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on 7 October 2013
With their new album Satyricon prove that they are a great band. An atmospheric and powerfull black metal album. For my opinion a worth buying masterpiece.
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