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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 5 September 2013
Wow. Seriously, just wow. Where do I even start with this book?!

Okay so first of all, I have read all the other Gallagher Girl books, multiple times, and loved all of them. I was really hoping this instalment would have action and a lot of Zammie (Cammie and Zach) moments... It did not disappoint!

The story doesn't waste any time as straight away Cammie and Bex are immersed in a mission. The story doesn't give much background as to what happened in book five so it basically gets straight to the point. Like I said, I wanted action, and boy did I get it, and then some! Cammie, Bex, Liz, Macey and Zach are off on deadly (and I don't use that term lightly) missions almost straight away as there are shootings, bombs and raging fires. The book flows brilliantly, although I thought it was slightly more jumpy than the other books in the series. Still, that did make it more exciting. Every chapter of the book was interesting and engaging, every page made me want to read on and on. There are a ton of plot twists, and amazing ones at that. I totally wasn't expecting half of it. So many surprises and mysteries unravelled in this book, and of course, it wouldn't be the Gallagher Girls series without an explosive finale. Literally.

Cammie's character is as brilliant as ever in this book, I feel she really puts all her spy school skills to the test and definitely her bravery and determination. She leads the characters through a series of twists and turns, and she is definitely not one for giving up. Zach... Oh Zach. If only he were a real guy! I feel that this book really shows his vulnerable and sweet side that us as the reader haven't seen much of before. He is utterly adorable with Cammie in this book, and you can see how far their complex relationship has come by how much Cammie and Zach trust and confide in each other. Zach has a massive secret unfold for him in this book, and oh my gosh, I was so happy to hear the long awaited mystery that I've been wondering for so long... We find out who Zach's father is! Liz is perhaps the most critical character in this book. She plays a massive part in what happens and it was an ingenious plot for her character and amazingly well thought out. A few adult relationships blossom in this book too. Old characters returned. New characters evolved... And many characters were killed.

So... The ending. Did it satisfy me? I'll be honest... Not completely. I was secretly wanting a really cheesy epilogue to be honest, you know, Zach and Cammie growing up and having kids, sending them to Gallagher, but then I realised... These aren't just any old books, and that would have been far to predictable for an author as amazing as Ally Carter! The ending leaves the book feeling finished at the least. And I guess that is exactly how it should be. It doesn't go too in depth about what happens to Cammie and Zach in the future, and perhaps that's for the best.

Overall, this is a must-buy. An epic conclusion to the series, absolutely perfect in every single way and it covers all bases, I'm sure every fan of the Gallagher Girls will be as happy as I was with it. I still can't believe it's over, but because this was such a brilliant book I'm content. The only thing left for me to do now is re-read it!
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on 1 March 2016
(I wrote this a while ago)

I am freaking out right now.

I just finished this beauty in 8 hours.

The quickest read in…well…forever.

I LOVED IT! And if I had my way, I’d rate it 5MILLION stars! 😀

Okay, so I have loved this series about a special spy school for girls for nearly three years now? And I cannot believe it is now…over.

There’s just something heartbreakingly sad when you turn the last page of the last ever book and know that that’s it…there’s no going back (well, unless you re-read. But we all know that’s not the same thing.) and there’s just no more. I didn’t want this to be it. I still don’t. I guess I’m in denial.

Cammie. Bex. Liz. Zach. Macey. And many, many others. All of whom I’d love to name but it would take time and…well…you know. They have all had huge adventures one way or another, and some have been hurt, some have found love, some have had tragedies in the family which can never be restored. And I have felt their pain, felt their love, felt their camaraderie, like they were my own friends, my own sisters as it were. Except Zach. Bro, you’ll always me mine. (Cam just doesn’t know it yet. :P)

I cannot get over how well paced, how…ohmygodthisissuckingmeinsomuch, it was. If you squint and tilt your head to the side you might be able to read that. lol

Every page, every chapter brought something new and exciting, thrilling, scary, heartwarming, heartbreaking, and I just didn’t want it to end. *sniffs*

An interesting turn of events was when political events (albeit made up) were involved. Powerful figures under attack, and people in The Circle still on the hunt for Cammie and Co. No one was safe in this last story of the series.

Catherine, Zach’s mother, was just as crazy as ever. But it was rather sad to see/hear why she had gotten to that state. In the end, I felt sorry for her.

School time was coming to an end and that meant growing up, future plans. I was rather hoping for more romance between Zach and Cammie, but I guess because so much WAS going on, it might have been a bit out of place for them to be all “hey let’s have a quickie?” Although since they were all 18, that wouldn’t have been such a crime. Would it? *winks*

Characters who had appeared in previous books pop up to say hi, which was nice, even if it did take me some time to remember them. Some people, who thought to be good guys, even turned out to be bad. Which isn’t such a shock in the grand scheme of things, but when you’re reading it, it does take it out of you. You’re like WHAT? NO WAY! And then the pity goes out the window.

I honestly don’t know what else to say other than this has to be one of my favourites in the series, and one of my favourites of the year! I have never read a book so fast, and that is a testament to how well written, how gripping this was. I love Ally’s writing and I can’t wait to see what she has next on the agenda.

I won’t spoil anything about what happens, because trust me, it would take away from the shock factor and/or the drama, so just trust me….it’s a whopper of an ending to the series and sweet, too.

Gallagher Girl signing out for the last time. xx
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 24 September 2013
United We Spy got off to a bit of a slow start, but once it did get going, man, it was explosive. The plot for this book was really interesting and everything in it was somehow connected to something that we'd found out in the previous books which was fascinating. I didn't think that the mission itself that the girls went on was as good as it could've been but the thought and planning behind it and different plot strands that fed into was really interesting. It's almost impossible to tell what's going to happen next in this novel and there were several plot twists along the way.

The great thing about the Gallagher Girl books is that even though it's a book about teenagers, for teenagers, the characters don't seem like teenagers so you never question the fact that they're teenage spies who are much smarter than the average adult. This book doesn't feature so many gadgets or fancy technology which was great because it meant that so much more of this book was about really clever thinking which is much more interesting to read about.

The great thing about this book is that pretty much every character that we've met in the previous books is included in this novel and is somehow part of the plot. Although some characters play much bigger roles than others, no one is forgotten and it was nice just to see a name that hadn't perhaps cropped up in a while. What makes me feel kinda sad is how much Cammie has changed over the course of this series. She has been dragged through hell and back but that same fire is still raging inside of her. I love Cammie because she's still a very real character. She still gets scared, I mean, who wouldn't be if the most powerful terrorist organisation was after you, but she is brave and self-sacrificing; she's the best friend you'd want to have in real life.

Of course, there was some Zach and Cammie action which brought a smile to my face. The good thing about the romance in this series is that it talked about so much that it overpowers the main plot. This story gets darker and more serious with each book but little snippets of Zach and Cammie's romance stops the book from becoming too heavy. I was glad that there was still an element of humour in this novel as well, something that we'd seen less and less of as the series went on but the flashes of romance and humour helps to keep this book grounded in the YA category and stops it from becoming a complete action/thriller/spy novel.

My one criticism of this book would be that I felt like occasionally the plot would jump forwards in time, be it ten minutes, an hour, or a day, without little indication that it had done so meaning that my brain had to a bit more work than usual in order to fill in the gaps. This was a little confusing at times, though, I would prefer this, than having to read lots of useless waffle.

If you're a fan of the Gallagher Girls series then you need to get your hands on this book. This is a brilliant finale to a brilliant series with each and every lose end tied up leaving you completely satisfied, a feeling I rarely get at the end of a series. This book doesn't really wind down in any way (that's not the Gallagher way), it's fast paced right until the end and I guarantee you'll be flipping pages like crazy.
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on 10 November 2013
'United We Spy' is the sixth and final book in the Gallagher Girls series. I was desperate to read it because I love these books but also wanted to savour every page because it was sad saying goodbye to such fantastic characters and such an amazing world. If I could have picked any school to attend then it would have been the Gallagher Academy because the girls are so much more than just school friends, they are sisters as well.

Cammie, Bex, Macey and Liz are still intent on hunting down the members of the Circle of Caven when they discover a terrible truth. Much of the story is focused on their attempt to avert catastrophe as they try to save the world and each other. These girls have come a long way since the series first began. They've always been clever, ingenious and brave but their talents have now been honed and their determination is off the chart. Cammie in particular has really grown over the course of the series. She has faced some terrible things and is still haunted and scarred by what has happened to her but she never loses track of the end goal and won't rest until the Circle has been dealt with once and for all. I love the darker tone that the later books have had and the fact that everything is on the line for Cammie and her friends and family.

'United We Spy' is a thrill-ride of a story and a fitting end to what has been an amazing series. Exciting and compulsive reading, I was hooked and couldn't bear to put this book down. Not even for a second! Danger lurks at Cammie's heels as she puts into action all the training she's received over the years. Instead of surviving on her own, I like the fact that we get to see all the girls working together like a well-oiled team. They all have different strengths but they bring out the best in each other and never lose faith in their abilities.

I really don't know what I'll do without any more Gallagher Girl adventures. I love this series and I'm going to miss Cammie and Zach and all their friends so much. I wonder if Ally Carter could be tempted into writing a spin-off somewhere down the line about their new careers. I would be the first in line to read about that!
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on 5 October 2013
Maybe I'm a bit too old- I started reading at 11 and now I'm 15- but I really didn't connect to this book.
I adored all the others, they were perfect, but for me, this just fell a bit flat, I suppose. I almost found reading it a chore; something I had to do because I'd read all the others. I was so excited for this book, so that's why it's such a disappointment to me. It was okay, a fairly enjoyable read, but it didn't pack a punch like the other books in the series did. I wasn't thrilled, I wasn't even surprised at most of the 'plot twists' as I had managed to guess most of them before hand- it felt slightly predictable.
The entire book felt like it was building up to something, to action, to extreme excitement that I was sure would make the whole read completely worthwhile, that I wouldn't be complaining.. then it ended. It seemed like nothing worthy happened. None of the action that was promised early on in the book seemed to happen. Yes, there were some action/fight scenes, but nothing major, and almost all of them ended very soon after they had begun, with no progress to the plot made. The entire world Ally had created for us in earlier felt boring and uninteresting- a real annoyance after the exciting, action packed, heart racing unstoppable action of the earlier books.
The action was dull, Cammie annoyed me, Zach annoyed me, Liz annoyed me, and Macey (my favourite character from the earlier books along with Bex) was just plain boring. There seemed to be no fight left in the characters; they seemed to have left their spark at the end of the last book. Only Bex was remotely in character, funny and likeable. Joe, Abby, Townsend and Rachel hardly featured in the book, and when they did, they seemed to have no real significance anyway, apart from Townsend at the end. To be honest, many of the characters- Zach, Macey, Joe, Abby, Rachel, Townsend... had no importance to the plot; they may as well have not been in the book, which would have been better if I'm honest as I felt upset at what had happened to the cocky, fiery, funny, spunky spies we all know and love- in fact, that goes for every character.

The fact that they actually attended school was completely overlooked by the author- the main focus of the earlier books being their adventures in spy school- and in this book Cam, Bex, Liz, Macey and Zach probably overall spent more time of of school 'rescuing', 'fighting' and overall not really doing much at all and they STILL managed to graduate school at the end of the book! Also- where did Grant and Jonas come from? It felt to me like they just appeared out of the blue, then disappeared straight after; the only purpose of their involvement in the books to conveniently rescue to main characters when all hope seemed lost.
Another point is that while the series took a much darker turn to the first 3 or 4 books, Cammie still continued making her humorous lists that really didn't match the overall perspective of the book. It just didn't fit.

I get what Ally was trying to do- a happy ending, everything working out for the characters, but the entire book was unsatisfying and unrealistic to the series. The story felt pointless, so much less than what they exciting cliffhanger of the previous book had to offer. While reading, I found myself longing for the exciting, funny, clever and witty books the previous instalments of the series had been.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that, at the end, there was no point to the book apart from tying up the loose ends from the previous books in the way Ally thought her readers might want without any actual consideration to the realism of the rest of the book. Yes, it was worth a read, but it left me completely disappointed at the sad attempt of what could have possibly been a fantastic end to an overall fantastic series- I feel like the series, the characters, the plot and myself as a reader, were sadly let down.
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on 6 October 2013
I ordered this book in advance of it being release only to find nearer the time to find it in the asda with a free book attached and mine had not yet been dispatched (it arrived a week later) moan over now. the book is excellent read and a really nice finish to the series. When is the film coming out?
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on 11 September 2014
I have read all of the books of this series so far and I have not been disappointed with any if them.
This book is really moving and very sad.
Cammie and the circle have been enemies for a long time but the person she hates the most is Catherine ( Zach ( her boyfriend ) mother
Catherine belongs to the circle but wants to kill all of the original members do she can have all of the power
When Cammie and her friends find out that the circle is planning something really bad to happen she goes on a mission to find out what it is and then stop it.
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on 31 July 2014
Another amazing book by Ally Carter, I was literally on the verge of tears by the end. I can't believe the series is over but I loved every single word on all of it. Definitely read these books they are genuinely awesome!!!
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on 6 February 2014
This series was incredible, and this book is just the perfect ending!! It is written beautifully, has a great storyline and captures and keeps the readers attention to the end. Highly reconmended by me.
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on 8 November 2013
I have loved this book every word of it i Wang to thank Emma Jennings for introducing it to me the reason I have all of the books five stars is because there all amazing ally Carter is a great writer, well any one who can write that is a genius, but in sad there won't be another book that that was the end of the series but I've learnt stuff from this book in fact I've learnt alot that I just read a great damn book !
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