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on 13 September 2017
I don't want to sound too pompous or anything, but I live close to a beach...good for the view,, but tricky to listen to music on headphones, due to the wind and crashing waves. Having just given the 8GB Walkman a test, I was stunned by how good it held up during several small storms. It's not water-proof and I kept it in my Raincoat pocket nice and dry, but the effect of a more bass-conscious Walkman was the important difference from that of an MP3-Player at the lowest price going. I'm unsure how other models of Walkman fathom but this 8GB is a smooth and beautiful sound with very little to complain about. It's lush and good value for money, it's also extremely easy to set-up and I'm still a learner when it comes to technology...worth getting, although you might want to look into getting some new headphones to go with it but that is a matter of taste...A fine product and heartily recommended.
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VINE VOICEon 29 March 2015
Great just as expected from Sony one of my favourite makers along with Panasonic this is great. The problem with previous mp3 players is the volume but with this it does have a cut down safety volume level which will protect your ears against high volumes but you can turn it up after if its too low. I bought this mainly for playing back backing tracks for guitar playing through my Guitar amp and this does the job well. Putting it through a 5 amp Vox amp I use for practice is just right plenty of volume. You can playback in playlists too which is handy or shuffle play if you have a big collection and don't want to hear the same tracks on a particular album played back in that order all the time. Its extremely easy to use too for play, FF, RW, volume up and down and accessing the features with the options button. My favourite colour too. The screen is quite easy on the eyes as well I don't have to put my glasses on to see it. It feels heavier then a normal MP3 player. Sound quality is top notch too.
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on 10 May 2017
I purchased my Sony NWZ E384 Walkman MP3 Player on 2nd March 2016 (on recommendation) and was very happy at the time. I loaded my music on to it (2,000 songs) and it was great. However it started to malfunction commencing February 2017 and completely packed up in April 2017. I now cannot charge it up or even switch it on and I cannot access my music library. I contacted Sony on 10th May 2017 who said it was out of warranty and I would need to pay for a repair (which would be expensive). I am more than disappointed that the Sony product I purchased lasted less than 1 year. This was NOT a good buy and an expensive lesson learned for me !!
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on 27 January 2014
Very pleased with the quality and prompt delivery. However the earphones that come with this mp3 player are not of very good quality and I recommend you buy good earphones separately.
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on 10 August 2016
I have had other Sony MP3 players and while initially this one is a bit lighter and less substantial feeling than others I have had it works just as well. The non-Sony usb connection is an improvement and once you get used to the new way of putting the player on 'hold' it quickly becomes second nature. I bought this player to use while fell walking/running to save my much more expensive touch screen sony player from getting dropped, damaged or soaked but I actually like this player, especially once i bought the Amazon recommended ChangWei Silicone Case Cover which makes the player much more substantial feeling and safe once you put it on. The sound quality is comparable with it's more expensive Sony MP3 cousins and my only gripe is the lack of a 'podcast' option but it's no big deal, you just have to put your audiobook folders in with the music.
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on 31 December 2015
Before purchasing this MP3 player I read some reviews about it and had to agree with the comment concerning the earphones that are supplied with this player, they are rubbish, replace them straight away. My choice of headphones sony in ear noise cancelling earphones at around a tenner a pair, then you can really hear the amazing sound from this player.
Another negative comment that I read concerned the AVLS volume limit, in that the volume wasn't loud enough, it can be disabled just by going into the common settings menu, select AVLS (volume limit) and select off. Once this was done it was more than loud enough for me.
My only gripe is that when I select shuffle and play a few songs, and then listen to FM radio for a while, when I go back to listening to music again, it starts the playlist from the last song that was playing and starts the shuffle again.
Build quality is what I expected for the price that I paid for it and hopefully it will last as long as my last sony walkman (NWZ-A816) bought 8 years ago, and only replaced because I wanted an FM tuner.
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on 8 January 2016
I bought:
Sony NWZE464B.CEW Series 8GB Walkman - Black

A good handful of years ago. The only thing that stopped working on that MP3 player was the battery after excessive use over a 2 year period. It was around the same price as this and quiet honestly Hugely better.

Although the sound quality and battery life are still points to highlight, with a handy built in EQ, these models have not aged well in the slightest.
They are still pretty pricey, they build is still decent. With less fiddly buttons for water to get into if you use it out in the rain.

But compared to the other model, this has no real redeeming features. It's screen is extremely pixelated and there is no real helpful interface. Be aware, i've downgraded from my last MP3 player as I mainly use it for the gym so Im not too fused. But if you want my honest opinion. I wish i paid more to get the 16gb model that has a decent interface, sens me channels, bookmarks to make on the go playlists. It's all gone in this model.

If you want a basic Music player that sounds good, lasts long and has minimal fuss on picking your tracks it's decent.

If you want something that is a bit more, flexible and pleasing on top of that. Spend alittle more to get the better model
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on 5 October 2015
+ I like my walkman for it's intuitive interface and easy drag and drop file transfer and all the memory space! I was looking for something with long battery life and although I have not tested to see if it really is as advertised I have not had my walkman die mid song yet!! I have been on a 10 day camping trip and not run out of battery so I am pleased with that. The sleeper function helps to reserve battery too.

- I am disappointed with the volume level. I listen with sennheiser headphones which I know have great sound quality. But with my walkman turned to FULL volume I sometimes struggle to hear my music how you would expect at FULL volume!! E.g on busy public transport/ going through a tunnel the music sounds very quiet.

Also, the screen is difficult to read on a sunny day... and scratches easily.. Plus the mp3 display software seems a little dated.

It is a very cute mp3 player and my first so I love it nonetheless. Hope this helps.
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on 12 January 2018
I bought this old style MP3 to replace a very old one that I loved.
It does work properly. Many times I could not listen my music, had to wait for the battery to die before I could use it again. This incident happened a few times. Moreover this MP3 is not intuitive to use.

I have actually wasted my money as I never use it.
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on 10 July 2016
I paid £45 for this in red, and at that price I think it is good value. The sound is good (once I got good headphones) and it is nice and easy to transfer music onto the player. However had I paid the full price for this I would be disappointed as it is not that much of a step up from my philips mp3 player which was £25, other than in storage, so at the price I paid, good value. I think £75 is too much and I would definitely wait till it is cheaper. The build quality is okay but not brilliant and there are a few quirks such as turning it off and on and the volume dropping when you turn it off that are mildly irritating. The video quality is poor for its top price.
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