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Customer Reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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Price:£78.48 - £129.99
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on 2 July 2014
Firstly I need to say that this little MP3 player is supplied with the worst earphones I have ever heard. After you bin them you will need to get a decent pair. So my review is based on the Sony NWZ E384 Walkman with the Sony MDR-ED12LP earphones. They cost me about £10.00 and they have great clarity but are warm and full. Because ears are so different in shape and fit, one man's earphone is another man's poison.
So, musically, this little MP3 player is worth 5 stars. Sony have managed to develop a really luscious sound with clarity and musicality. There is a custom equaliser for those who wish to tailor the sound, and it works well. There are also some preset equaliser settings which are actually very different but very musical and useful.
The software for me is next to useless, but Windows 7 recognises the player as a hard drive so it is easy to drag and drop files in all directions. Sadly I cannot get any playlists from the software or from Windows Media Player so I just use Folder or Artist settings in the player. I can fill a folder full of the tracks I want, if I want to have a playlist. Although this little media player also plays videos and displays pictures, the screen is small and, for me, not worth using. The FM radio is very good indeed. The quoted play time is up to thirty hours but I think that is for very low volume and in the real world I get about 20 hours playtime. With good earphones and the right settings the little Sony can go way louder than needed. There is no distortion at all. Although the player is plastic it is solid and feels like it will last and last.
All in all musically I would give this little player 5 out of 5, and for me that is all I need. The earphones are worth 0 out of 5. If you want it to watch Videos or look at your photos then it's worth about 2 or 3 out of 5. With 8 gigabytes it does not have enough storage space for videos or a large collection of music. I love it though and use it all the time. With 16gb and decent earphones it would easily be 5 out of 5. The player can reproduce excellent, rich, full and defined bass but that will be very earphone dependent. Depending on how earphones rest in the ear can result in bass or no bass. The Sony MDR-ED12LP have amazing bass if your ears can tolerate them. If you get this player then really get some good earphones. Purely on music the Sony NWZE384 8GB Walkman is a good buy.
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on 24 January 2014
My faithful old red Sony Walkman MP3 packed up last week and so I treated myself to a new one. I'd been happy with the old one and it was familiar, so it made sense to go for the same product - except this is a newer model, complete with video. Compared to the old product, the casing is much 'cheaper' in look and feel, kind of plastic and shiny. It doesn't have the quality 'brushed metal' feel of the old model and doesn't feel as robust. I also felt that the red and black design of the old model resulted in a better shape at the top - i.e. not rounded. Such a shame. Apart from that it's very similar to the old one. HOWEVER BE WARNED... the USB connection lead connection IS NOT THE SAME SIZE as the old version, so be careful if purchasing a mains charger because some chargers state they fit all NWZ-E series, but they don't fit this new one! Why Sony felt the need to change the connection size I have no idea - I already had a mains charger for my old Walkman, but it doesn't fit the new model even though, essentially, it is the same product, just updated. So I purchased a new (non Sony brand) mains charger only to find it was the same as the old one i.e. didn't fit the new model. Grrrrrrr
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on 27 June 2014
A couple of years ago I bought one of these MP3 players for my wife and decided to treat myself with a similar on. Her's had a button on the side to control volume - but (allegedly) to meet with EU specs this has been removed on the current model. I could find no reference to how to adjust the volume in the brief instructions included - nor in the fuller download version. Purely by trial and error I discovered one had to press the ring shaped control surrounding the central play/pause button 'up' or 'down' to increase or decrease the sound level.
Otherwise - very pleased with my purchase.
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on 29 December 2013
When I first tried this model I was shocked as to how poor quality it is compared to the previous E474 model. Things missing from this (so-called updated) model that was present on the E474: microphone function, games function, podcasts, Sensme channels and music unlimited function. Coupled with these are other missing functions - one of the most important I used on the E474 was the setting where I could set how long the album cover appeared on screen before going off which is also missing so now the album cover appears on screen for about twenty seconds before the screen goes blank and there's nothing I can do about it! Other functions are also missing from this poor quality 'update'.

Now onto the controls and screen.
The E474 had a hold button and volume controls on the side of the player. Both of these have now been amalgamated onto the face buttons which makes the player more fiddly to operate. On the E474 I could turn off the player from any function I was currently using or any screen I currently had displayed but on the E384 I am now forced to play a song, pause it and then hold down the option button to turn off the device. If I try to do this on any screen of my choosing on the E384 it will just activate the 'hold' function! The screen graphics also look terribly outdated compared to its predecessor. While the E474 had a crystal clear screen the E384 has a 1980's style resolution and isn't anywhere near as clear.

Don't buy this MP3 player if an E474 is available to buy. In fact, don't buy this MP3 player if other Sony Walkman MP3 players are available to buy. This is the worst I've ever seen. If you have a choice between the E474 and the E384 I suggest you buy the former. It's cheaper, better looking, has more functions and better controls.
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on 22 April 2014
Got this mp3 player to replace my old Sony 8GB E474, which had a broken earphone jack. I ordered this because it is the latest model 8G sony mp3 player and looked almost identical to my old mp3 player but that is where the comparisons stop. This mp3 player is inferior in every way to the old E474 8GB.
1. The outer casing is made of cheap plastic not like the sleek metal finish of the previous model
2. The screen is much smaller
3. The screen and picture quality is abysmal. It's like a old nokia phone from ten years ago. I can literally see the pixels. The old Sony screen display was much prettier and sleeker but this is absolutely rubbish.
4. Video quality is very poor and significantly inferior
5. Audio output is lower but the quality remains the same
6. Some features are missing like return to song playback and sound recorder (which I rarely used but still handy from time to time)
7. You can't search for song/album/artist by alphabetical letter anymore rather by A-M or N-Z which takes much longer and is much more annoying.
8. The earphones are really terrible too

I am neither a techie nor a whiner, I just want quality when I have shelled out a large sum of money. Sony have cut corners in every single aspect of this mp3 player and they've gotten away with it. This product is simply not good enough for the money I spent on it. I can't understand how this is supposed to be the latest 8GB model when clearly it is a step down from their last model. My old Sony E474 wipes the floor with this cheap plastic tat. What a disappointment, see you later Sony.
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on 11 October 2013
This series 3 mp3 player is very disappointing. Definitely not the quality it is used to. It is E series 3 and far below the quality of E series 4. Choices are far less on this player. Ease of use is really bad. Having used Sony players for the last 4 years, it seems to me to be a previous batch from a few years ago before they upgraded.
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on 27 January 2014
Very pleased with the quality and prompt delivery. However the earphones that come with this mp3 player are not of very good quality and I recommend you buy good earphones separately.
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on 15 November 2013
This looks cheap and nasty. I sent it back and ordered the previous model instead. I cannot comment on sound quality as I didn't even listen to it, but its plasticky and doesn't feel nice to hold. The NWZ-E474 previous model is much nice (and cheaper).
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on 22 April 2015
I've owned Sony Walkmans since the days of CDs and Minidiscs, and opted for this mp3 player as my old S638's battery is now completely dead.

It's not an upgrade. The old S series is robust, made of brushed metal and with pleasingly solid buttons, as well as a sliding hold button and volume rocker on the side. The new player, the E series, was always going to be different; however, it feels like cheap plastic akin to a £20 unbranded mp3 player my brother owns. The headphones Sony supply feel and sound like they're from the pound shop. The controls are most annoying for me: the S series controls were intuitive, and there were enough buttons to clearly separate main functions. On the E series, though, there's no sliding hold button and no volume rocker; these functions have been assigned to the centre circle button and two subsidiary buttons. It just makes the product seem hashed together, rather than the ergonomic design I've come to expect from Sony.

The redeeming feature of this player is its sound quality. Stick a decent pair of headphones in and you finally find that Sony quality. Given the previous comparison to a £20 mp3 player, I did a sound test using my preferred headphones. The £20 player sounded ok, but lacked bass. The Sony's superior quality shone through - it has a dynamic equaliser including presets and custom settings, and the sound is rich, with plenty of bass where needed.

Overall, it's a shame Sony have abandoned the "luxury" feel which characterised the Walkman of old (even my Minidisc player was made of brushed metal), and if I was to find another brand of mp3 player which could match Sony's sound quality, I'm sure it would be cheaper and I would gladly 'defect'. For now though, I'm sticking to Sony.
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on 29 March 2015
Great just as expected from Sony one of my favourite makers along with Panasonic this is great. The problem with previous mp3 players is the volume but with this it does have a cut down safety volume level which will protect your ears against high volumes but you can turn it up after if its too low. I bought this mainly for playing back backing tracks for guitar playing through my Guitar amp and this does the job well. Putting it through a 5 amp Vox amp I use for practice is just right plenty of volume. You can playback in playlists too which is handy or shuffle play if you have a big collection and don't want to hear the same tracks on a particular album played back in that order all the time. Its extremely easy to use too for play, FF, RW, volume up and down and accessing the features with the options button. My favourite colour too. The screen is quite easy on the eyes as well I don't have to put my glasses on to see it. It feels heavier then a normal MP3 player. Sound quality is top notch too.
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