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on 2 November 2013
As a dyed-in-the-wool Mish fan since forever, I bought this album knowing I would like it; I have loved every album Wayne Hussey and his collaborators have done. I have heard the album once and have just put it on again straight away as Black Cat Bone is a stunning opener to an album and it is full pelt through to Litany for the Faithful, which Wayne sang just for me.
The blur stopped at Girl in a Fur-skin Rug and No Prayer in the Bible which stood out on first hearing but I look forward to being as familiar with all these tracks as I am with Deliverance, Butterfly on a Wheel, Swoon and Serpent's Kiss.
Anyway, please excuse me while I get back to The Brightest Light, it is a really fine album from a band who really know what they are doing and I don't want to miss a note. Thanks Wayne.
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on 31 January 2014
i bought this for my wife, she is a huge mission fan. Seems to have been a hit hasnt been out of the stereo since Christmas. For those not familiar, it is a departure for the mission from twangy guitars of their early period to a much harder almost metal feel to their current work.
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on 7 October 2014
Two great cds,Scarf,Keyring,Lighter.Ktf
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on 5 February 2015
The whole Sisters of Mercy - The Mission stand off at the time made Oasis and Blur look like school kids. I remember fans fighting over it. I laugh when I look back but the start of the Mission journey was a great joke but then the joke to itself seriously and started to implode around Butterfly on a Wheel and fans started to get bored. Andrew Eldritch could write beautifully dark love songs but seriously could not deliver live (seriously, saw 'em 20 or so times in 82-84) Wayne could steal poetry, write pompous lyrics of mixed metaphor and catchphrase and deliver in a truly bombastic way. The difference was Andrew stylised while Wayne enthralled and entertained. Blue Nun in hand putting humour into gothland were it was illegal to smile or clap. A break in convention, the underdog. I loved them for that reason. The time I started to lean away was when I had three 14yr olds pulling my hair and kicking coz they couldn't see Wayne. The joke became a joke. For years I tried to go back and listen and failed until I heard The Brightest Light. For starters it gave me that kick that the original songs had. A raw punky mix with polished tracks. I listened to every track over & over and now I'm gonna hit a few in the back catalogue such as Aura & BBC sessions.
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on 24 September 2013
Well, this album has certainly put the cat amongst the pigeons, hasn't it? I haven't seen a new album from any artist for many a year that has polarised and divided it's audience quite like this new album from The Mission. The responses are extreme, no middle ground wherever you look. Nothing average about this album. It's either being loved or absolutely hated.
The Mission, or should I say Wayne Hussey in particular, has never played it safe, has he? Every album he releases regardless of whatever name he uses has been different. Why, in the last two years alone he has released Curios with Julianne Regan which was all glorious shiny techno pop and then the Ungodly Hour with Marcus Birro which was Swedish poetry set to home-grown acoustic blues & folk. And now the dirty rock of The Brightest Light. One thing is for sure and that is Hussey is a maverick and does divide opinion. He very rarely conforms to expectation.
And this is the problem with this album for a lot of people. It doesn't conform to what is expected of either Hussey or The newly reformed Mission with both Simon Hinkler and Craig Adams back in the ranks. it was always implausible to expect a new Carved In Sand or Children or God's Own Medicine.
Sure, I can see if you're a fan of Wasteland or Deliverance then this album is probably not for you. But, like anyone that has seen The Mission live will attest, they are first and foremost a rock band. A really f***** good one too. They always have been contrary to public and media preconceptions.
This is a great rock record, quite possibly their best ever and certainly one of the very best of the 2013 releases.
It's a proper grown up album made by blokes who are obviously enjoying what they do and feeling like they have nothing to prove. The playing is great throughout, the songs are classic and timeless, Hussey's vocals run from the whiskey and cigarette soaked voice on 'Ain't No Prayer' to the voice of an angel on 'Swan Song' to the crooner we all know he pines to be on 'Litany For The Faithful'. You almost get the feeling that he is playing a character like an actor when he's singing some of these songs which is something I've never really heard him do before. Hinkler's guitar playing is wonderful throughout contrary to what you may read in other reviews. This is an excellent album and I can't stop playing it.
Highlights for me are From The Oyster which is one of the loveliest songs ever written from a male point of view about the coming of age of a young girl to a woman matched by a beautiful guitar solo from Hinkler. I love the playfulness of Just Another Pawn and the lyric about Bowie & Morrissey is hilarious. Girl In A Fur Skin Rug is a very clever lyric about the culture clashes of the 60's and how by the end of that decade the utopian dream was over. This song is for eagle eyed scholars of rock history. And Swan Song which will undoubtedly go onto enjoy ecstatic reactions when they play it live which it has already done on their recent US tour by all accounts.
This could end up being The Mission's 'Dark Side Of The Moon' or 'OK Computer' or 'Disintegration' or their 'Let It Bleed'. It's too early to tell what this will do to the band but I for one hope that they will be encouraged by the extreme responses to the album rather than disheartened by some of the reviews I have read which have been severely vitriolic and spiteful. Please, Wayne, Craig, Simon, & Mike, keep on rocking! There isn't anyone else around quite like you and we need you.
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on 28 September 2013
Mr Hussey and cohorts are back with a belter!

Lyrically as strong as ever (Hussey is an underrated genius with the written word up there with Springsteen and Martin Gore in my view). The album runs the scale from punchy, edgy, fast paced rock right through to some epic ballads at the end (the last two tracks are right out of the Mission top drawer).

This is the work of a hungry, tight, ambitious band ready to explore new territory so it's a surprise that it's actually come from such established rockers who have been around for decades.

Put aside your preconceptions about what you think you know about the Mission and get this! It's a classic.
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on 25 September 2013
I absolutely love this album! I saw most of the songs 'trialled' live in Bristol earlier in the year and have been waiting for this release ever since. Stand out songs for me are Black Cat Bone, Swan Song & Sometimes the Brightest Light Comes From the Darkest Place, but there are no bad songs or fillers. The album sounds raw and Wayne's vocals, in my opinion, sound the best they have for a long time. As a band, they sound happy & content, something that was missing from God is a Bullet, which is also a fantastic album.

This album rocks and sounds damn fine live as well.
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on 15 March 2014
Being a staunch fan of "goth" music since the early 1980s (The Mission in particular) I decided to buy this CD after having read a number of reviews in Amazon. Whilst nostalgia can often blur an ability to dispassionately assess quality; in this case I am afraid that both lyrically and musically the album was bereft of anything that I could regard as innovative or stimulating. It just felt a bit "lazy" and tired. I have persisted and played both CDs in this limited edition several times but I am sorry to say that it will probably reside in that dusty collection of oddities that get played only once in while - in contrast with the early albums of the group that even now still have a freshness of thought and instrumental dynamism regular repeat listening.
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on 30 September 2013
Apparently the catchphrase during the recording of this album was 'it is what it is' and that pretty much sums up this record. It was committed to tape without over-thinking it after an intense period of writing/rehearsing and trying out the material in Bristol earlier this year. That inevitably has both its upsides and downsides. Hussey's voice sounds raw, bordering on hoarse on occasion; stripped of any effects that he used in the past. It benefits Hinkler's guitar parts when he gets a free hand on the hard-rock songs the band excels in. The dry mastering is modern enough to fit in with current tastes. 'Sometimes the Brightest Light' stands out and all the usual references to Led Zeppelin, John Lennon and his own back-catalogue are there. Inevitably certain aspects would have benefitted from more time. And it will be interesting to see how these songs develop in a live setting.
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on 24 September 2013
This is a real stripped down dirty rock and roll record. Did anyone seriousley expect Carved in Sand 2 !!, its well over twenty years since those days, what band would not want to move on. This still has plenty of trademark Mission moments and the return of Simon Hinkler has added real bite into the guitar driven sound on this album.

The whole album is excellent but the last five tracks really do the business with aint no prayer in the bible my personal favourite.

I loved the last Mission album God is a Bullet but this sounds much more like a band effort.The return of Hinkler and Craig added to Husseys rasping vocals and first class songs giving it those extra ingrediants.

Music will always be personal taste and yes we all have our own favourite bands. I am just happy they are back together but delighted that the album has not dissapointed and come up with goods. Great work boys, bring on the UK shows.
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