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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars

on 31 March 2015
It might be because it's been a while between book three and this but I didn't connect with the story as much. Or maybe it was O'Shea being MIA. I just have such a soft spot for him and Riley...the last 10% or so boosted it up a quarter star though.

I'll be continuing the series shortly.
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on 18 April 2014
Amazing follow up for the other 3 books. It gives more back story for the characters and keeps the series going strong.
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on 25 January 2015
Wonderful book ! Can't wait for the next chapter in the life of Rylee and her pack. Can't put these books down.
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on 23 January 2015
l love this book,as much as the rest.
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on 8 April 2014
well i guess ive said it all before but at least im not the only one raving about this series. love the characters, love that each book brings another twist and a little more complication and mayhem (sorry rylee!), love that the beast of bodmin moor made an appearance! as always, most of all i love alex, shame he wasnt in this one as much as the others, but i suppose i have to face the fact rylee is the main character not alex, and none of the others have their own book so s.m does realise how special he is! oh gawd, im doing that thing where the line between a fictional story and 'real life' becomes very blurred! cant help it, dont care, just love him and will just have to hope hes in the thick of things in the next book. anyway, it has to be the sign of seriously good characterisation when readers become besotted with a werewolf with learning difficulties! i agree with the reviewer who says that the dragon was almost a step too far for some bizarre reason, but because all the rest is so ridiculously good i can ignore that one thing. it rarely happens that i get so involved with characters in a series and probably never in something of this genre which tends to be too lightweight for me to care. but the further i follow the exploits of rylee and her 'pack', the more firmly i become caught in their net of camaraderie. they all remain totally true to themselves and their nature whilst slowly and steadily becoming a stronger and tighter family and i think part of s.mayers genius is knowing that is something we all want, deep down. i could rattle on about the series as a whole for ages but as ive already said more than my fair share ill stop, and hope everyone keeps reading and enjoying the trackers adventures as much as i do, (if these reviews are anything to judge by thats a big affirmative!)
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on 18 August 2013
This is Rylee's fourth outing and I promise this is THE best instalment yet, it has everything you want from Rylee, Liam,Alex, even Milly and her wickedness, and a lot more besides.

I'm not going to give to many spoilers it's not fair on new readers who have "tracked" (see what I did there) the Rylee books down, but I will review as best I can for I am not a writer.

If you are new to Shannon Mayers' Rylee Adamson novels it's best you start from well the start!
Book 1: Priceless,
Book 2: Immune
Book 3: Raising Innocence. And this newest addition
Book 4: Shadowed Threads.

I promise it's worth reading the series so everything makes sense not only that but, you get a better understanding of the story as each book follows on from the next they don't really work as stand alone novels.

Shadowed Threads, starts from the point Raising Innocence ended. Right from the get go the action picks up, and you know it's only going to get grittier with more bloodshed, mixed with Rylee's own fantastic dry personality, if she loves you she'll lay her life down for you, if your one of the lost children she tracks, she'll keep going till she finds you whether your alive or dead though this sounds gruesome it gives closure to the parents, something she, knows about first hand (I'm not giving any more away read the books ;-D )
If you cross her.....she'll kill you and wipe her blades clean on your cooling body.

The writing is tight, the story flows and never feels stilted it grips you and doesn't let go, the end just leaves you panting for more.
The character building is flawless you feel you know each person, it's not often that an author can have me so emotionally involved with a fictional character in a book, that I cry on her death, or another I find myself truly disliking!

Shannon Mayer has truly written a series to get your teeth into, don't get me wrong, I'm not so infatuated that I can't see flaws, my biggest one being the explanation given for humans not being able to see supernatural's, now this is an issue in a lot of these fantasy series, and Shannon Mayer has gone with the "they don't see because they can't see what's in front of them, and will rationalise anything supernatural with something "normal". In my opinion this is a bit of a sell out, are you seriously telling me that people won't see a huge dragon casting a shadow overhead or landing right next to them distracted purely by some random lightening bolts from a clear sky??? Even a small army of zombies is explained away as a flash mob gone wrong, despite the fact the main character Rylee was struggling not to be sick at the smell of the rotten corpse with skin and gore as she hacked arms and heads off(I know it's fantasy but it just feels like more thought could have gone into it)

However on that note I do hope that the next book is sort of just sitting waiting to be published in a few weeks time, because I'm desperate to see where the story is going to go, how Rylee and her pack will go on, how will she train Pamela, and of course we know that Rylee isn't going to be the only one glad to see Liam back, Agent Valley is going to want his agent back! I'm intrigued by Milly, yes I know she's a baddie but there's something there I'm sure of it (but then I've been sure Scotland would win the world cup for the last thirty years look how well that's gone!)
I also love Alex Yippee Doody I do! I would love for him, now being part of a proper pack with a true wolf Alpha that accepts him weakness and all to maybe have some control over his wolf, but then perhaps that would mean losing what makes Alex Alex! And you know we haven't seen the last of Blaz the Dragon!
I'm sorry but in my eyes Ms Mayer can do very little wrong, right down to the sappy heartfelt acknowledgement to "her Liam"
So Ms Mayer get your writing hand going I'm counting on you to not let me down and I need the next instalment yesterday!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 15 August 2013
Shadowed Threads (Rylee Adamson #4) by Shannon Mayer

Arc supplied by author/publisher.

I love this series, its one of those that's so full of content and adventure, loves lost and found, sad loneliness and then friends and new family - its one that I love to read and re read, each time finding subtle clues I'd missed first time round. A novel that leaves you feeling content with what you've read, sad that's its ended and wanting more from that world.
This book, fourth in series, is my favourite so far. I missed O'Shea in the last book - he and Rylee are so good for each other and she's so much on her plate now with the responsibilities of people she's taken in that she need someone strong. Cat shifter Will would like it to be him, he's seems t have a real fancy for Rylee, Faris the vampire wants it to be him, he wants the power she will bring him, but it's no good for any of them as her heart is lost to Liam O'Shea. Sadly he struggled to cope with becoming werewolf and ran off, Riley needs to track him but its difficult and others needing her help now keep getting in the way. She was asked to track children taken in the UK in the last book, and met Tracker Jack. Jack is dying from cancer and has said he'll teach Rylee what she needs to know, but he's dragging his feet and she's still in UK and now been waiting three weeks. Rylee doesn't do waiting well....so it typical Rylee form she forces the issue.
What follows is the usual roller-coaster we've come to expect. Jack has some dangerous magic books that indicate Rylee is the subject of a prophecy, sister Berget is still alive and seems to be happy, Milly has trapped Liam, has him under her control and is using him for her own ends. Liam is in danger the longer she traps him in his werewolf form and Rylee has only limited time to rescue him. Meanwhile Doran the daywalker comes visiting - and that's never a good thing, the vampire Child Empress wants to kill Pamela (the child witch we met in last book who has become one of Rylees' menagerie) the Druid leader bitch queen Dr Daniel has managed to compel a guardian to kill Rylee and time is running out for Liam. The longer he remains wolf the harder it will be to get him back to his man side with the wolf finally taking over completely. Its all business as usual for Rylee then :)
What I love about Shannon's writing is there is magic all through, and yet no sudden new powers or spells that Rylee pulls off at the last minute, no quick fix answers that leave reader feeling cheated - it's thinking and hard work, along with courage, occasional dangerous last minute risks, and answers we know from powers or pre made spells she carries that provide the solutions. I hate it when the hero/heroine in a book is in a tight spot, and suddenly gets out by way of some new power we've never heard about. We know about Rylee's talents, what she can and can't do and when something new comes to her, such a the ability to track groups of people - we learn in advance not at the last minute just when she needs it.
The menagerie she has gathered reluctantly, but through her softness of heart and inability not to help people in need have left her unexpectedly with a strongish band of helpers, Pamela is shaping up to be a very strong witch, Alex the werewolf who's so childlike at times, is also very strong and absolutely loyal to Rylee, Eve the harpy is young in harpy years, but strong and has has knowledge Rylee often needs about the supernatural world. As usual the threats coming fast and furious and from unexpected angles and poor Rylee doesn't always know what to do or who to trust, sometimes having to take risks with trusting those who she wouldn't normally, and hoping it doesn't come back to bite her on the ar se! (I'm English- we spell words differently, but Amazon often doesn't like it)
A great book in the series, and one that was very satisfying to read. We gained some answers in this book, along of course, with more questions about Rylee and her place in the prophesies. She's not sure how to take them. They seem incredibly dangerous but are they real, still - even if she doesn't take it seriously she'll be under threat from those that do, and she needs her little band of loyal helpers if she's any chance at surviving.
My emotions were shredded in this book, tears of sadness at losses, heart in mouth at the dangers - and Shannon doesn't wrap through danger and solution over one or two pages as so many authors do, but lets them play out naturally and in their own time, with solutions that aren't a quick fix and often carry their own danger. Rylee seems to be between that Rock and Hardplace very, very often, having to trust her instincts and hope for the best. Sometimes it works but sometimes it doesn't and there were some bad moments and amazing surprises along the journey. I ended the book with a feeling of satisfaction, many of the worrying lose ends were tied up, but its clear there's much much more in store for Rylee and she needs her gathered band of friends to survive. Priced at £2.06 for 200 pages, 366kb it's a good buy and I was so engrossed it felt like a much longer book.
Stars: Fabulous read, riveting throughout and a well earned five stars.
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on 23 June 2017
I read a book a day and although I am not a good reviewer I can say without hesitation that Shannon Mayer is a wonderfull storyteller . This is only book four of the Rylee Adamson novels but I was hooked before I finished book one. You can be sure I will be reading the whole series, I recommend Ms. Mayer even if you do not normally read fantasy novel's she creates characters you can believe in.
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on 14 March 2017
The series is fast paced and action packed with an interesting mix of characters and a storyline that kept me reading
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on 29 August 2017
I absolutely love this book, I have got the next in the series already and can't wait to read it
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