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Customer reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars
5.0 out of 5 stars
Last Patrol
Format: Audio CD|Change
Price:£7.84+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 21 October 2013
The Background of a major health scare and some personel changes did not bode well for this release. In addition the last two Monster Magnet albums were in my opinion below par and the band seemed to have run out of things to say. All of which in consideration gives me great pleasure to report that this is their best album in quite some time. Crucially they have dropped the more straight forward hard rock approach and returned closer to their earlier sound which they perfected on Dopes to infinaty which i believe to be their best album.
The downside, and its only a minor one, is that its not hard to detect a slightly lower production budget and in places the songs would clearly benefit from a extra layer to give them the full on heavy space rock experience but overall this is still a very enjoyable album and their best since at least Monolithic Baby.
If purchasing then make sure you go for the special edition, the two bonus tracks are in good company with the first nine that make up the standard album.
In summary Monster Magnet are back, anyone who enjoyed their most succesfull years can buy with confidence as this is definately one of their better albums and also one of the best Heavy rock albums of 2013.
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on 12 November 2017
all ok
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on 25 October 2013
....well then listen to the album!

As a life long magnet fan I'd rate this new album up with Dopes, powertrip, and monolithic baby (my personal favorites). From the first song you'll be hooked. Sound wise the band pretty much capture everything us fans love about them; huge riffs, amazing lyrics, trippy melodies. If this is a sign of things to come for the band, I cant wait! Great album artwork too.
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on 2 November 2013
Last Patrol is the ninth full-length studio album by the legendary Red Bank New Jersey based Stoner Rock (and so, so much more) band Monster Magnet. It was released in October 2013 through Napalm Records and was produced by frontman Dave Wyndorf himself alongside Phil Caivano.

It is the band's first full-length album since Superjudge not to feature long time guitarist Ed Mundell, although long time fans will have noticed his absence from the past three year's worth of live dates. To be fair, Dave has done such a fantastic job of maintaining the signature Monster Magnet sound, vibe and attitude that this potentially critical loss is actually well compensated for. If you like what the band have done in the past this certainly won't send you running away in disgust.

The album doesn't really have a snappy elevator pitch like "the band's doomiest album," "the band's catchiest songs to date" or "the band's most experimental release yet" but there's clearly a reason why it's garnering so much positive attention from fans and critics alike. Give it a listen or twelve and let it get underneath your skin, there's a lot going on here and repeat listens allow it to fully reveal all of its many charms.

The songs are mostly long, hypnotic and trippy numbers that focus on repeating one riff (acoustic or electric) over and over again on a rolling wave of sound effects or solos, building and building up teasing the listener with their constant threats of flat-out exploding. This isn't so much a collection of easily digestible radio singles but rather a more considered and slow-burning affair. Most of it could be described as laid back or chilled, although its not an distortion-free affair by any means either, so don't fear that it doesn't pick up the pace every now and again for variety.

Its very much what you'd want from Monster Magnet to balance out the more immediate previous three albums. A bit of a nod back to their earlier days, without lapsing into falt out nostalgia-farming. You can still very much hear the 70s and particularly 60s rock influences, you still have Dave's absolutely phenomenal vocals, lyrics and undeniable charisma, and you still have virtuosic lead guitar work only now you get it all amidst the drawn-out, slower and trippier side of the band's many-sided skillset, like it was on the first three albums, but with a bit of the new days left in too for good measure.

It's the kind of album that will have you nodding in agreement rather than jumping around, but its none the worse for it. If you took the three most trippy songs from Mastermind and extrapolated them into a whole album, then mixed in a bit of Dopes To Infinity's relationship between the hard bits and the light bits, you'd have something vaguely approaching the style of Last Patrol.

Highlights include the lively `End Of Time,' (which mixes a Mastermind style bounce with that Hawkwind-influenced Superjudge style) the dynamic single `The Duke (Of Supernature)' which is fabulously entertaining on repeat listens, and the Magnetized Donovan cover `Three King Fishers' which is pretty captivating all around.

Overall; Last Patrol is yet another high quality album from the undeniably unique and interesting band, and it definitely deserves a place in your collection. It's a bit of a grower, so give it a fair chance and time to sink in, but in general, if you like the band you should be pretty happy with this release. If you can, try and the special edition version as the two bonus tracks are really enjoyable, not throwaway afterthoughts but rather genuinely cracking Magnet songs that just didn't fit the album's tone.
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on 26 October 2013
There's always something about Dave Wyndorf's lyrics and the way he delivers them. A tongue in cheek retrospective on modern day living met up with highly expansive spaced-out guitar that takes the listener to another dimension. Since 'Spine Of God' I have followed this band and had been caught up with their mushroom induced rock. All nine albums have a class of their own and each deserve to be out there making their way through the labyrinth of this genre of rock music. They are the true ambassadors, worthy to their cause. If you are looking for this special album take takes you away from the confines of Earth, this is the one. Enjoy...
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on 24 October 2013
I have always loved everything they do, from the magnificent TAB and Spine of God to the last one Mastermind...Dave Wyndorf is a genius lyricist too....he's been likened to all the greats in rock and more some because of the way he rhymes...a lot of rappers compare him to what they do and he gets their respect too...he's a guy who uses his influences and makes them better...I would say that a lot of his albums are a bit different and maybe not always appealing to folk who like a particular sound but I love the fact the last one Mastermind was really heavy and dark and doom laden and this new one feels a bit more like Superjudge period...So in conclusion only space rock exists if Monster magnet are playing and invited to the party!!! Get your Dr Dre headphones on... turn the lights out...have a few drinks and turn it up!!!!...A Very Special Band....enjoy the genius of Dave Wyndorf...
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on 28 February 2014
I own all of Monster Magnet's CDs and as always I picked this bad boy up within a week of release. I came into the band mid-career, when they were at their commercial peak with Powertrip, so my initial love for the band was for their no-quarter-given heavy power chord songs that were a feature of their albums from Powertrip through to Four Way Diablo. This album is far more rootsy, and is one that longterm fans of the band have been waiting for. I'll admit that at first I found it harder to get into than their more commerical efforts because it's far more "space rock", but overall its a far more rewarding listening experience. Monster Magnet are one of those few bands that just don't put out bad albums. This album is just astonishingly good and stands up against anything they've done before. My personal favorite is Mindless Ones, a stomping hard rock track, but there really aren't any poor songs. I just wish there were a few more, as at nine tracks it looks - even if timewise it isn't - a little short. Monster Magnet suffer from appearing in the wrong era - if they had come out in the 70s Dave Wyndorf would be an international superstar in the vein of someone like Robert Plant, but because they came out after classic rock was kind of over they only ever briefly touched on commerical success. In a way that's great for the fans they do have, because MM are like a special little secret in the rock world that only a few people know about, and one of the few bands out there whose skills haven't been diminished by time. A classic. It could never have been anything less.
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on 3 July 2014
Last Patrol sees Monster Magnet move away from their more recent power rock vibes and back to their stoner metal roots. Elements of Superjudge, Spine of God, and Dopes to Infinity are clear throughout, though this album has considerably more polish and refinement. Stand out tracks are Mindless Ones and End of Time but, really, none of the songs on Last Patrol will disappoint. Without a doubt one of my favourite MM albums, I rank this right up there with Dopes to Infinity and it's a delightful return to form after the somewhat hit-and-miss Mastermind.
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on 8 February 2014
Holy mother of the Bull God, never in all possible creations did I think, that on their 10th album, Monster Magnet would produce the meisterwerk of their careers.

High point for me has always been the triumvirate of Dopes to Infinity,Powertrip and God Says No. Dopes had the swirly psychedelic stoner rock coupled to a scything way with a tune, Powertrip was heavy, catchy and polished and God Says No the cohesive distillation of Wydorfs pop-suss song writing.

Since then, despite all too brief highs, it has been a downward spiral to occasionally (and I hate to say this of Monster Magnet) plodding rock and boredom; here Wyndorf has rediscovered the psychedelia, the swirling riffs, the pure stonerism of riff heaven. And it is bliss!

Oh hell is it bliss!!

I won't surmise each track, but suffice to say if anything of the Superjudge,Spine of God, Dopes and Powertrip era ever found your radar, Last Patrol slips right in there with ease and may very well be the best thing Wyndorf ever put the MM name to.
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on 26 November 2013
As a long time fan i was really looking forward to this the latest offering from my all time favorite band. I loved Mastermind, their last album and have listened to it regularly since release - have travelled to see them on tour three times since it came out (as they haven't been to Ireland since 2004 approx) - this album i can tell is going to be a grower - i'm still digesting it to be honest, but loving it at the same time - favorite tracks so far are Mindless Ones, End of Time (in particular), Stobe Light Beatdown and One Dead Moon - this could of course change the more i listen. Essential if you are a fan!
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