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on 24 April 2016
Young Charlie's dull life is turned upside down by the arrival of her favourite uncle who comes to lodge with her family. Charlie quickly notices though that something is not quite right and her that her uncle may well be running as his past catches up with him.

The film deserves strong praise, especially for its casting and score. Cotton plays his role with that great combination of charm and menace which a sociopaths often display. The score, direction, cinematography and framing are also very memorable and well thought through.

The Blu Ray I bought has been nicely restored with a very clear picture and excellent sound. The picture is framed in 4:3 ratio rather than wide screen.

As well as tension and suspense the film also employs a little comic relief - with the father and his brother in law regualry debating the best way in which they'd murder eachother. Little do they know their guest is much more than he seems.

Charlie is our protagonist, a lively, very intelligent but high strung girl who's little world is turned on it's head, not only by the arrival her favourite uncle but also by a rather handsome young man in town who says he's working on a "census" and selects her family due to their "averageness."

The film's location was also one of it's strong points and should be an example to young film makers that you don't need exotic sets and locations to create an amazing story. Just like Rear Window quite of a lot of this film takes place in an ordinary home with a rather extraordinary secret. Psycho also had a simple setting of a motel yet turned out to be one the best horror films in cinema.

Charlie is portrayed as a dark haired, wide eyed, caring and idealistic young lady, a real departure from Hitchock's typical blond young female character who's usually cynical, emotionally resilient and very Blasé. I really loved Charlie's charaterisation, she felt like a throwback to a simpler, dreamier, less demanding time. Her mother too is a very gentle, sweet and affectionate, a woman who adores her family above all else. Set firmly in the 1940s the men of the town go about their business while the women stay at home, the father is a banker, the love interest is a "government employee" and the uncle is said to be involved in some form of business, in the words of his sister something "far too complex for her to understand." Charlie has finished high school but there's no suggestion that she might be looking for a job, instead it seems a marriage proposal is the much more likely thing on the cards for her.

The town itself also has a nice, warm, safe, old fashioned feel to too, the church, the library, the local bar where soldiers on leave can drink and be merry, everywhere feels bright and happy. There's even a local policeman who knows everybody's name. The town feels like the last place in the world where a murderer might be lurking.

I did have a couple of gripes with the film though. Charlie's curiosity and intelligence felt to me slightly undermined at the end where after two attempts at having her murdered she still allows herself to be alone with her uncle yet again. I thought in the final scene maybe she'd made arrangements with the police and they would obviously appear from cover and arrest him on the train showing that she'd set him up, but no. I can only really put her behaviour down to her naivety and fear of upsetting her mother, no person of normal intelligence would surely go anywhere another person who'd over the last couple of days twice tried to kill them. Also I was unclear why the uncle decided the best thing was to kill Charlie, surely her death would only cast further suspicion on himself?

All in all though this was a terrific film, I'd recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good thriller.
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on 26 July 2017
Review to 2005 universal version (Black & Grey cover with Hitchcock 'signature' top right side).By most accounts this was one of Hitchcocks' own favourites, & with good reason, by the time this film was made A.H. had progressed far beyond being the 'talented' to clearly knowing & having the skills (& financial backing) to achieve what he envisioned.
This film uses the 'murder & domestic family setting' that he was adept in & would return to &
uses curiosity, tension & bit of sly humour along with some thrilling 'set pieces' & a good cast to provide a complete and satisfying film.
A Hitchcock regular Dimitri Tiomkin , provides a fine musical score & while the picture is not 'remastered' it looks perfectly good for its age (1943).
The extras are an entertaining documentary (35 mins), various production drawings together with a
picture gallery, trailer ,with a German audio option and subtitles in various languages.
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on 2 April 2016
I've just watched the DVD after ordering it because I was intrigued that Mr Hitchcock himself rated this his favourite film.
I had not seen it before, although I have seen many Hitchcock films and many more than once.
I enjoyed this film. I can't say it gripped me like perhaps 'psycho' or 'The Birds', but they are later films.
The lines the actors speak are of their time.
In some ways they come over as trite and lacking depth.
But it is of it's time, I think of 'Casablanca' and how dialogue in that film can seem the same.
This is a good entertaining film from a time long since gone.
I can recommend it as a couple of hours of escapism into the 1940's America.
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on 27 July 2013
It's a very compelling mystery, featuring a lovely young girl (Teresa Wright) who adores her charming and handsome Uncle Charlie. Indeed, she is named after him. But when he comes to visit her idyllic Midwestern home and family this time, she has reason to suspect him of the most heinous crimes. Amidst the tranquil domesticity of a peaceful household, the chilling truth about Uncle Charlie is especially poignant. Although lesser known than many Hitchcock films, it is reputedly his personal favorite and in many ways, mine, too.
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on 26 April 2014
Allegedly, Hitchcock's favourite of his movies. I think it's great, and Theresa Wright is astonishing. Not everybody's cup of tea however, I lent it to a playwright friend of mine, and he thought it too stagy. But then he's younger than me.
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on 5 January 2018
another great film
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on 1 November 2015
Apparently this is Hitchcock's favourite of all his movies..........mine too...what more can I say.
Good service by seller
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on 23 October 2016
great thriller - can watch again and again.
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on 3 March 2017
This film for me,is one of my alltime favourites by Alfred Hitchcock.If you are seeing this film for the first time,don't read up on it you will enjoy it all the more.If you are a Hitchcock fan this is definately one of his best.
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on 20 June 2017
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