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Customer reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars

on 12 September 2017
I love reading about serial killers and in particular the lesser known serial killers.
If you've had enough of pouring over the same Bundy, Dahmer and Gacy books try a lesser known killer, try this one, you will not be disappointed.
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on 25 December 1998
Bruce Henderson very carefully details the present day difficulties in conducting a successful serial homicide investigation. With so much unwarrented hoopla given to FBI profilers on bringing down serial killers, this fine book shows where the bulk of the work of a serial homicide investigation occurs; in the homicide bureau of the local police department. One must realize, however, that a number of extremely competent investigators were working on these cases, Ray Biondi and Vito Bertocchini just to name two, so excellent on-the-site profiling was accomplished. Even so, problems with police administration refusing to release information to the public, refusing to allocate resources to further the investigation and continuing difficulties with the D.A.'s office in taking the murders to trial are clearly described. This is one of the most useful accounts any profiling student will encounter in his reading. Pat Brown, Director/Investigative Criminal Profiler/The Sexual Homicide Exchange of Washington DC and Vicinity
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on 17 February 1999
I read the other comments and would like to say to the mother of one of Kibbe's victims that I am very sorry for her terrible loss... One of the elements that elevates this book above most true-crime reporting is the emphasis on the victims, who they were, who loved them, who misses them. Murder can so often seem like just numbers, incomprehensible and not close enough to home to worry about. Along with an excellent, compelling account of the development of the investigation, Henderson brings home the full tragedy.
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on 21 October 1998
A cold chill ran down my spine when I read the prologue. I was happily browsing in my local library when I pulled out this book to see what it was about. What frightens me is that I have a friend (?) who has a thing for cutting up women's underwear. Likes to make large holes in them while still being worn by the woman. His mom told me confidentially that he used to steal panties and cut them up when he was a small child. He seems like a nice guy otherwise, other than being a bit weird. What's scary, as seen in this book, is that the police cannot go after a case until they solve it like they do in the movies. It takes time and manpower and luck. In the meantime: more victims. A caveat: almost everyone who knew the killer, Kibbe, reported that he was a nice guy, but sort of strange. Read this book-and beware!
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on 29 May 1998
I love to read, and I rarely find a book that I didn't want to stop reading, but this was one of them!! Bruce Henderson does a fantastic job bringing all of the victims, police, and suspects to life that you feel like you are watching the events happen. He walks you through the last days of the victims, throught the investigations and the trial with the greatest of ease that before you know it you've read 130 pages in one sitting. I didn't want to stop reading, and I thouroughly enjoyed the update of all the characters at the end of the book to let you know what they went on to do after this investigation was over. I highly suggest that you get this book if you are interrested in any sort of true-crime readings!! You won't be disappointed! I know I wasn't!!!
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on 5 January 2016
This was a very comprehensive and interesting book about the I-5 killer prolific in the 1980s mainly. He's not one I've heard of before.
What comes across well are the police and investigative personnel in this account and the great job a lot of them did in bringing him to justice. Even decades after they persisted in wanting his prosecution for other girls he'd killed since he was only prosecuted for the one case which really wasn't good enough but seems the best way these days a lot of the time to ensure at least he's banged up and off the streets. Ray Biondi, Vito Bertocchini, Kay Maulsby, Fay Springer, Jim Streeter, Pete Rosenquist and Stan Reed-all of them did terrific jobs. It was a shame the killer's cop brother lost his career as well thanks to his sibling's calling in life.
It was good too that in a couple of the cases the girls' families were lucky enough that the police started investigating right away instead of waiting on that obligatory 48 hours. Their families KNEW those girls better than anybody after all. It should really always be the case.
I was so mad to read in the first case that the girl he first took was only where she was because nobody had maintained the roadside signage and it was covered by foliage and therefore she ended up taking a wrong turn. It is upsetting to think how consequences can occur when something like this gets overlooked.
Something I found quite fascinating was the killer being stopped on a traffic violation.....reminiscent of Peter Sutcliffe and Ted Bundy as well. It's often the little things. I had hoped that the victim that got away Debra Guffie would do well and get off drugs. The author said she'd dropped out of sight. I looked online and she is in Oregon now but sadly still not clean according to what I read. Such a shame as she was a bright lady and also a very helpful witness indeed. Unlike the killer's extremely unhelpful wife. Just as well nobody she gave a stuff about ever got hurt the way she helped destroy evidence. Disgusting behaviour.
The author had an odd way of writing NewYork as one word. I've never seen it put down on paper like this ! Oh, and he spelt slough as sluff which was a big old ouch. Same for "a extensive criminal record" as opposed to AN.
However, they were pretty much all the errors I spotted. Very well researched indeed.
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on 4 October 2013
Quite a story,the poor women who died because of Rodger. Why didn't his wife give the ring and other item's in to the police as knew by then what was going on, he's certainly in the right place Joy Page England
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on 27 April 1998
This is a good, straight-forward account of how the Sacramento sheriffs and San Joaquin County Sheriff's Deptartment worked together to hunt down a serial killer in the 1980's. The story gets very interesting when the police have identified the killer but need to gather the evidence necessary to charge him with the murders. If you want to read a fantastic book (one of the best true crime novels I ever read) by the same other try "And the Sea Will Tell." Vincent Bugliosi co-authored that book with Henderson.
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on 5 January 1999
Probably the BEST reading yet! Love solving the "Impossible"? Trace Evidence will have you literally "Hanging by a Thread"!
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on 8 December 2015
A brilliant in-depth investigation into the elusive I-5 strangler(not to be confused with the I-5 killer Randy Woodfield).Roger Kibbe,a mild mannered husband and brother to a murder detective ,hid his true persona well.His deep hatred of women ,dating back to his unloving relationship with an abusive mother,resulted in a serial killing spree that began in the eighties.However cops still today dont know really how many bodies could be out there,victims of this cruel ,twisted individual.
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