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I enjoyed all the previous books leading up to this one for some reason the main characters rylie Seth Abel Nash and summer don't have the same appeal in this story Elise I did not like too much violence. very disappointed .I will not be purchasing any more books in this series
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on 19 July 2017
good book
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on 16 December 2014
Read this book before I read the earlier books. A few mistakes and nothing at all basically about former characters that was promised
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on 12 November 2014
Awesome - The whole series is fab!!!
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on 26 April 2014
Seems this author has a skill of capturing her reader however amateur this skill may be. Good read.
Bit long winded.
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on 20 July 2013
Cover & Title - 4 out of 5
Favorite character - Elise

I stayed up so late last night to finish this book and after i finished it, it was all i could think about!
Elise was a brand new character to me as I have not read her own series, i found her really interesting. A kick-ass female protagonist is my major love. I enjoyed her throughout the story, I think i will have to go and read her series now actually. Not knowing anything about Elise did not hinder me in anyway, I still easily got into the story and the more I read the more i knew about her (and liked). I would definitely say you can read this book without reading the other series that are linked.
The story was fast passed, high emotion, bubbling with drama, action packed and it had twists & turns.. major excitement all round. From start to end I did not put this book down, it hooked me in and I loved it.
I am already looking forward to reading the next book in the series.
I would recommend this & I plan on reading, a hell of a lot more by this author
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on 5 September 2013
Sacrificed in Shadow is another awesome book from S.M. Reine featuring the characters from her Descent series & Seasons of the Moon series.
Elise Kavanagh (Descent series) is called in to investigate a possible werewolf serial killer by Lincoln Marshall the towns deputy. What draws her into this is the name of previous client who couldn't possibly be among the missing victims & assuming it's a trap for her, she heads to Northgate to see what she can find out. What she finds when she arrives is another thing.... For strange things are afoot in this small town and there are too many coincidences occurring to be dismissed. So, along with the help of the last surviving werewolf pack lead by Rylie Gresham (Seasons of the Moon series) Elise sets out to uncover the truth... but is she prepared for what the truth will bring?
I loved this book, the author just knows how to pull you into her world and keep you there. What I love about her books is that they are a darker paranormal read, the reader isn't spared from the more grotesque details or the violence but this gives them a gritty realness and I wish they would be picked up for a movie. I have always liked Elise as a character, I can connect to flawed characters on a better level than those that seem too good to be true and Elise is one of those characters that you want to see come through all of her baggage and get some happiness - she isn't there yet - but there's always hope. Her skills are amazing and even better now (than they were in the Descent series) in one way and not in another, so a double edged sword but she is still seriously bad ass and I love that about her! Seeing as this is a crossover book we get the characters from the Seasons of the Moon series too and I liked their introduction and how they were tied to this story. I hadn't read that series but following this, I want to, I want to get to know the characters considering most of them were in this and Rylie totally gave Elise a run for her money and really surprised me.
The story line was typical of a `Descent' book and seeing as how I loved those, I was always going to love this. We are brought along on an investigation where the usual suspects are usually the least likely to have committed the crime & where everyone is hiding some skeleton. Elise is a huge factor in this and a lot of this is focussed on her and her acquaintances with the wolves being brought in as they become suspects in the discovery of mutilated bodies, there is a big focus on magic, a lot of misdirection with some big surprises along the way. When you're reading and you think you have it worked out, think again..... but that just adds to the appeal of the book. Its dark, it's creepy, it's exciting, it's kick ass and there's even a little sexytime which is always welcome. Even though this is a new series incorporating two sets of series characters, I did feel like I was missing bits of information and I wished I had read both of the other series in their entirety so I could understand who everyone was and what they brought to the larger world especially Elise because I hadn't finished the series and I feel like I have missed a chunk of her development but that didn't take away my enjoyment of the book because it was simply awesome!.
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on 20 September 2013
You don't have to read her other books to enjoy the first of this series but to truly understand and get the full impact, you should. This was a great read and so are all the others. Get readings!
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on 24 December 2013
I found Sacrificed in Shadow in the low-priced kindle urban fantasy "box set" Magic After Dark. It's the first S.M. Reine book I've read, and from here I tread carefully in light of so many other, emphatically enthusiastic reviewers.

I waded in because the author comments on one of the end-papers suggested this was the first in a new series. The book started out efficiently written, the familiar settings and character types suggested a genre-savvy writer, and it looked like it could be fun. Waist deep, about half way across, with info-dumps arriving faster and clunkier, I realised I was wrong about a number of things.

A short hunt on the Internet revealed Sacrificed in Shadow is something like the eighth Elise Kavanagh book. It's true that it's a first volume, but for a crossover event for S.M. Reine's entire fantasy universe. It doesn't stand alone and it's about as far as you can get from a good jumping on point for new readers.

The more Elise Kavanagh's back-story was revealed, the more I realised S.M. Reine wasn't the savvy writer I initially imagined. She's obviously a huge fan of the big horror and fantasy TV and movie franchises, and not afraid to dip extensively not just into their broad concepts but the rich detail of their mythologies. The further I read, the more other people's ideas were less and less sleekly wedged in.

At least, for once, the raunchy visual promise of the cover is honoured throughout the book. Elise's outer clothes fall off constantly to reveal her ripe fullness and strapless underpinnings. She manages some underwear-model motorcycle work and even has angry sex in a shower. It would translate well to a nineties era Marc Silvestri or Mike Turner comic revival.

The queasy bad sex and forced eff-bombs even took me back to the early days of so-called "adult" comics.

Sacrificed in Shadow won't disappoint anyone whose favourite supernatural show is on hiatus and who wants to bowl uncritically through a familiar story. All the key elements are here. The protagonists are all improbable outsiders. They're all young, good looking, super-powered and fiercely passionate. Beautiful teens turn into a fiercely loyal pack of werewolves. Notionally older characters who might as well still be teens burn with puppy love for inappropriate, older partners. Everyone's dreams are a stable relationship and to belong to a community. The key to a good life is a sense of family. Their antagonists are all old guard, plain, conservative and conventional.

Even the murder mystery plot is comfortable, with an inevitable twist that reveals the obvious good, older character gone bad. It all might've worked, too, if it hadn't been for all those pesky werewolves and demon hunters and witches and half-angels. Oh my!
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on 26 July 2013
omg i loved this book!!
i am so glad that S.M.Reine recommended me to read it for her and my family was proud lol :)

anyhow not much to say because these story was epic !!!
i have read the 1st book of the seasons of the moon series and really loved it xo
i also own the 2nd book and the 1st to the Cain chronicles and the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd to the descent series :)

i am often known to obsessively read things in order however i made an exception for S.M.Reine as i couldn't wait to read sacrificed in shadow :) i think it is important to know that after reading this i am more encouraged then ever to buy and read the rest of the 'seasons of the moon' 'Cain chronicles' and 'the descent' series just so i can get even more of the background story to the Ascension series !!

ALL IN ALL ITS AN EPIC MUST READ... AND IF U DON'T THEN ITS AN EPIC FAIL but I understand that awesome Werewolf, Witch and Demon fights plus great & perfectly sized romance isn't everyone's cuppa tea ;p

once again id like to thank S.M.Reine for the awesome opportunity to read this story and for writing it of course... hope u like the review :) 100% true (from my perspective anyway)
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