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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 31 May 2005
Finally, Love Is The Law is released on CD! Toyah's last studio album for the Safari label in 1983, this is arguably her most cohesive album. Recorded amid a mass of other projects, the sound, lyrical content and production of Love Is The Law holds together better than bigger hits Anthem & The Changeling which, whilst pulling together collections of similarly themed songs, didn't quite feel as rounded. In contrast to Anthem's sci-fi tinged mysticism and The Changeling's earthy fantasy elements Love Is The Law takes you off into a future of space travel and other worlds which conjure up images akin to mid-80s films such as Robot Jocks and Crash & Burn. It isn't surprising that following this album, Toyah would record a song for and cameo in the film Lorca and the Outlaws. Opening track Broken Diamonds stomps its way in before introducing warm synthesizers for the second half of the song and is followed by album highlight I Explode, instantly memorable and one of Toyah's best singles-that-never-were. Rebel Of Love and the single Rebel Run follow (I've never been partial to the latter, but admit it deserves its place here) before the excellent Martian Cowboy. Toyah doesn't often do a love ballad but here she does and she does it well. The weird opening to Dreamscape gives way to a rather average song which is the album's only low point, but the rest of the album doesn't disappoint. The title track (featuring fans who had camped outside the studio) is Toyah at her most positive and is as catchy and anthemic as I Want To Be Free. The closing track The Vow (her last single for the label) is arguably her best recording, it being an acoustic ballad with melancholy guitars and a beautiful chorus. Completing this release is the 1982 single Be Proud Be Loud (Be Heard) plus respective b-sides. These only add to the album, continuing the same flavours and themes. Of particular note is Haunted, previously only available on the b-side to The Vow and is a perfect example of how much Toyah had developed since the early days of anthemic, boistrous tracks such as Neon Womb & I Want To Be Free. Mention has also to be made of Alan Robinson's very informative sleeve notes and the collection of fascinating promo art & photos that accompany them. Her best Safari album, Love Is The Law is up there beside Prostitute & Ophelia's Shadow as Toyah at her best. This release is the last of her album back catalogue to be issued on CD and has been a long time coming, but finally it's arrived and far from disappoints.
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on 12 May 2005
The album opens with the amazing "Broken Diamonds" which shows both ends of Toyah's vocal range, the beautifully high to the energetically low. This is followed b the hit single "Rebel Run" which emphasises just how energetic both Toyah and her band were in those days. This is followed by "Dreamscape" "Time Is Ours" and "Love is the law" which are fine examples of beautfully sung new wave eighties music and really do touch you when you listen to them. "Martian Cowboy" and "The Vow" show Toyah's ability to slow down and sound both thoughtfull and genuine.
This album, coplete with high standard bonus tracks, proves that Toyah was the head of her game at the time, both on stage and in the studio.
This CD fully deserves five stars and, indeed, your listening time.
Buy it-you won't be dissapointed.
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on 8 August 2010
This album was way before it's time in 1983.This truly has to be Toyah's masterpiece & her last album with Indie label Safari.The opening track "Broken Diamonds" is utterly stunning & has so many qualities I don't know where to start.The two singles "Rebel Run"& "The Vow" are both here,the latter only reaching No 50 on the UK chart,& take a listen to hear how amazing this is & delivered in only the way Toyah can,it is to die for,totally splendid.
"Dreamscape" was supposed to be the last single released by Toyah for Safari & now sits upon this album as a breathtaking reminder of what a diverse unique performer Toyah is.
The jewel in the crown has got to be "Martian Cowboy",which Toyah wrote after meeting a fan whilst starring in "Trafford Tanzi"the very same year she delivered this work of art."Martian Cowboy"has the most beautiful lyrics & 27 years later has not aged in any way at all,it is sublime in every sense & a total luxury to the ear.
I really want to take this album to the next life as it is utterly fantastic.
Ms Wilcox has got to be one of the UK'S most underated performers ever,this truly is one of the best albums ever recorded.I adore this.
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on 22 July 2013
So this is a review for the MP3 release of Love Is The is playing in the background as I write this review...yes I will admit to being online at midnight to purchase this download and it is more than worth it. Therefore this review is for a release that is only 31 minutes far.

In comparison to the Love Is The Law...Plus CD release of a few years back this new release is more than rewarding....gone are production 'flaws' that left the CD far from satisfying.....instead we are left with a soundscape more reminiscent of the original vinyl and cassette release, which is not a bad thing. The ultimate tests between both albums were the slight production glitch that leaves the audio 'dimmed' for a second or so..of which I have not found on the '2013' release and the intro to the track 'Dreamscape'....of which the beginning of which knocks the CD/WMA version into the gutter and down the storm drain.

There are more tracks on the MP3 version with a slightly different running order of the bonus tracks, of which were the original B-sides....but now we have more and the inclusion of a few others that have appeared in other Toyah re-releases. There is one glaring addition and that is the 'Ieya 1982' it's full version.

This was Toyah's last studio album for Safari and just like all of her work it stands the test of time. It maybe twenty-five years since this album was born into a musical landscape that is very different than the one today but Love Is The Law is still holding it's own. From the plaintive serenity of 'The Vow' to the bouncy,well bouncy for Toyah, 'poppy'-strains of Rebel Run this album delivers a well rounded milestone in Toyah's career and Toyah's back catalogue does cover a multitude of musical styles, tastes, concepts and inventiveness.

I am not one of those fans that expect an artist to keep churning out the same old stuff year in and year out, and this album is unlike her previous work, which ranges from the punk/post new wave to the ballads and love songs of this album, via flirtations with goth,(well more of a proto-goth really). If you are discovering Toyah and want something more easily up-beat there is no better starting place than dipping into Love Is The Law. If you want raw, anarchic, powerful punk/proto-goth/new wave start with 'Sheepfarming In Barnet' and 'The Blue Meaning' albums.
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on 14 April 2005
An album that explodes with energy, at the same time caressing you with a sensitivity that is very soothing. Toyah fans have waited a long time to replace their vinyl version with a CD issue. The lady herself has progressed and diversified over the last twenty years, supplying her faithful following with challenging but ultimately satisfying material. This however is how I fondly remember her. The album is typical Toyah but without the darkness that was undercurrent on earlier works. A joyous uplifting listening experience. A must for Toyah fans and a good starting point for the curious.
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on 4 March 2005
This long awaited CD release of Toyah's last studio album with Safari proved that no matter what her critics said Toyah could sing. From the glorious opening of Broken Diamonds to the plaintive smooth lyrics of The Vow; via the sublime Dreamscape, Toyah delivered an unforgettable album. The five extra tracks are all in keeping with the latest re-issues of Toyah's back catalogue, those ever elusive B-Sides; which in all fairness are usually just as strong as the A-Sides they accompanied. The music and lyrics are as fresh today as they were twenty years ago. If you wish to hear Toyah at her rebellious best this is the studio album to listen to; whilst not as dark as her previous releases, Love Is The Law showcases Toyah's natural ability. If you are new to Toyah then this is a perfect way to discover this lady's talent, if you are a Toyah completetist then your very very very long wait is over......finally.
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on 22 February 2005
I have this album on vynl (however you spell that!)as most people who like Toyah do, it is actually the last of her back catalogue to be remastered and re-released onto cd. Its a funky little album, less dark than some of her earlier offerings such as the Changeling. But it really does have some belting lyrics and great vocals. Some of the musical arrangements might seem a little dated now but i would recommend this album. The 'plus' in the title relates to additional tracks not on the original which are actually in keeping with the whole. The mood of the album is kind of evocative with lyrics relating to dreamscapes, loss of youth etc.. 'Martian Cowboy' is a lovely track and so are lots of others. If you are a Toyah nut, you are going to buy this just to upgrade your vynl. If your not then maybe you should buy it anyway. Its great played loud and some of the lyrics really do touch you.
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on 26 February 2004
This is one of the best from Toyah and probably the most complete album todate.
This, as Toyah put it, was the first time she wrote "Love Songs" and what love songs they are.
From the madness of "I Explode" to the haunting "Martian Cowboy" and the classical "The Vow". (not forgetting the bare nakedness of "Rebel of Love").
The major problem is the lack of a CD version which could include the fantastic B Sides from the 2 singles (Rebel Run and The Vow) and my favourite track "Laughing with the Fools".
Highly recommended and would urge everyone to obtain a copy of this album. Can't express the greatness of this piece of work, I still listen to this constantly.
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on 16 July 2006
A personal favourite of mine. This album could easily have been trashy and a disappointment after the huge success Toyah achieved from '79-82'.But guess what? It's a little cracker,from the superb "Rebel Run" (Remember the futuristic video,folks?),the sublimely spaced out "Martian Cowboy" and the brilliant "Time Is Ours" with it's mix of poetic lyrics and upbeat chorus.I found Love Is The Law as a whole to be an invigorating,uplifting experience.There's something about this album that leaves me feeling optimistic and happy.

Purchase it and feel the vibe!
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on 22 May 2005
I personally believe that this was the best album to come out of the eighties.It has many different emotions and all of these compliment each other to secure an important place for each song on the album.All i can say is WOW,THIS WOMAN DESERVES CREDIT for creating sounds which many bands are emulating today.The best track is I EXPLODE as this explores fabulous imagery on state of mind without revealing to much, in a powerful delivery.Well done Toyah.
This is thye album which i believe should be used to educate people on Toyahs work.
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