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Gravity [DVD] [2013]
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on 5 December 2013
why is majority of reviews for this film 4 or even 5 out of 5 stars and when percentage reviews ive barely seen any under 90% ,even rotten tomatoes gives it 97% yet top class films like cloudy meatballs 2 and turbo dont even get 70% ,amazingly the new carrie only gets 50% which is far better than the original which is a classic in itself.and free birds which is hilarious and entertaining only gets 18% ,even frozen only gets 86% , i am disgusted by that because gravity is the worst film of all time, its not even a film ,its just some kid messing about showing his cgi skills which are extremely poor.this is a poor attempt at a unique space movie set entirely in space which fails entirely.there is no actual story.there in space trying to get back home, thats usually about the last 5 minutes of a decent space movie,not the entire thing.half of the film is spent just floating around talking nonsense,i found myself nodding off it was that bad ,and thats with paying for dmox motion seats aswell. going by the reviews and hype of the over the top advertising on buses in train stations in newspapers on tv on every internet site ,on front of every movie based magazine even the film of the month in 2 cinema chains so i fell for it and went to see it only to be so bored i went and asked for my money back but they refused as i had stayed till the end but i only did that as i incorrectly assumed something would actually happen.had i been told the first 2 minutes is the same as the next 80 then i would have walked out instantly.from now on i stick to animated films or horror films as its impossible to go wrong with a cartoon or slasher film.this hit or miss type films miss more often than not. at least if i had bought the bluray it would have been cheaper and i could have sold it on.i have now lost £15 and been bored out of my mind for over a whole hour
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on 27 November 2013
Expectations were high, signs were good, positive reviews abounded .... I was all set for a great lift-off and a viewing of one of the best films of the year.
Then, barely 2 minutes in, I'd broken through the 'hype barrier' and entered the weightless world of a story which truly had absolutely no weight to it at all.
OK, the special effects were pretty impressive but a good film needs a lot more than that and 90 minutes of listening to Sandra Bullock grunting, puffing, wheezing, screaming and breathing heavily just didn't do it for me.
I very quickly became bored and increasingly annoyed with the shallowness of the characters, the appallingly weak script and unbelievable conversations. I just couldn't suspend my belief that astronauts in circumstances such as portrayed here simply wouldn't talk and behave like this.
The choice of principal actors is a strange one as neither George Clooney nor Sandra Bullock are even remotely believable. Bullock seems particularly miscast being portrayed as some sort of ageing sex symbol who has to remove her spacesuit (surely no astronaut can do it this quickly !!)not once but twice to reveal sweaty NASA (or are they M&S?)undergarments. Blatantly a re-hash of Sigourney Weaver's bits in Alien here. And as for the severely cringe making bit when she starts her dog impressions - well take it from me you've a good 5 minutes to pop out and take a wizz or make a few phone calls at this point before anything of any note happens again.
Some may have called the film 'jaw dropping' but the only times my jaw dropped was when I nodded off at several points. If it hadn't been for the entertainment provided by trying to identify the earth's landmarks below while the orbital drivel ensued above, I'd have probably slept through the whole thing!
Overall, a really, really disappointing experience and one which just made me long for the oh so predictable end.
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on 12 November 2013
Went to see this movie the other night on impulse and without knowing anything at all. Not a huge fan of either of the leads but for some reason i just had this idea in my head that it would be worth it. I had no idea what i was in for but i treated myself to an IMAX ticket. I sat down and got comfly with some popcorn...

The start sequence is so amazing and probably one of the only place for you go grab a breath before all hell breaks loose, literally. By the time the movie was over i had not even touched my pop corn and had almost torn the arm of the chair from the tension. My heart was racing but i was smiling my head off and wanted to watch it all over again. I could have watched another 5 hours of this movie yet it was perfect the length it is.

I am simply dazzled and amazed by the work that went in by everyone involved in making this, there were no short cuts or cheap shots. the acting is beyond the call of duty and must have been such a mind job. Bullock is outstanding and deserves a massive reward for her performance. Clooney just stole my heart from the beginning and fit into his role nice and snug.

Seriously, do yourself a favour and treat yourself to watching this superb movie with a huge screen and roaring sound that shakes the ground. I am most certainly going to see this again. Then im getting the bluray.
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on 2 February 2014
I left the movie theatre angry. I cant think of a time that's ever happened to me.

Astonishing that this movie has received rave reviews from virtually every film critic in America. The movie-going public never surprises me; they view trips to the theater like trips to a theme park. But critics? Isn't part of their job to review the plot and screenplay? Gravity is terrible in both regards, and obviously I'm in the minority, but those elements are crucial when I watch a movie. I almost begin to wonder if the fix is in with certain movies, and critics are under pressure to deliver good reviews. Probably not, and I can only feel alienated when a movie--one with absolutely no brains--unanimously impresses professional film critics.

By the end of the movie I wanted to beat myself for a) not trusting my instincts, b) sitting through one of the all-time worst movies I've ever seen (prior to this that honor was held by "The Amazing Panda Adventure"), c) spending precious dollars--even one! for this crap and d) dragging my good sport of a husband who isn't a fan of space/sci-fi films to this show and wasting precious marriage capital!

the movie is poorly written, almost ad-libbed, poorly researched, with a story line that has no connection to reality. I wouldn't watch this a second time if I was paid to.
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on 15 December 2013
First I must give credit to the cinematography and special effects excellent job guys!!

BUT, the acting stinks the dialogue is laughable, the music score sounds like it was cobbled together from outtakes from "Plan 9" .

I knew this movie was doomed when in the opening scenes they have to explain that space has no air and is VERY cold, anybody over 8 yrs old who didn't already know this is a frigging' RETARD !!.

I'm amazed that they would spend well over $300+ M making this movie when there is no real plot or cohesive story, no actor chemistry, special affects are great but no matter how great it looks you still need a good story.

A Turkey is still a turkey even in HQ Blue-Ray. or even 70 MM Panovision.

It's much better with the sound turned off and play some good music instead.

Don't waste your money, Bullock looks like she used Michael Jackson's Plastic Surgeon, and she has enough mascara to puncture her space helmet, even worse her acting stinks (she's usually quite good), and Clooney looks like he's just floating around waiting for his check so he can get as far away away from this train wreck as fast as possible.

Don't even get me started on the hundreds of scientific flaws in the film.
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on 10 January 2014
More American space junk propaganda, that they want you to pay for. A 'comedy' dialogue between two Americans lost in space due to flying space debris smashing the return vessel up, for which the Russians are blamed?. An utterly atrocious film. Give me a break!
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on 28 December 2013
I just don't get it. I've watched Gravity twice now. I'm seeing the lovely long takes, the exquisite vertiginous photography, and the clever sound design. I'm receiving the magnificent special effects loud and clear. But I'm not getting anything else from the film. When the praise for an artwork is so unanimously glowing, you find yourself either wanting to love it or inclined to hate it. But with Gravity, for me, it's worse than that: I find it mediocre. It's a classy space-based smash-`em-up for those who couldn't bear to admit enjoying J.J. Abrams' Star Trek movies.

The film is written by the director's son, Jonas Cuarón. The story concerns a rookie engineer, Ryan Stone (a solid, nappy-free Sandra Bullock), who we meet being guided through a Hubble mission by old-hand Matt Kowalski (a woefully miscast George Clooney, going full Buzz Lightyear). Soon the news comes over the radio that a cloud of debris is racing toward their position "as fast as a high-speed bullet" (as opposed to a sluggish bullet?). 90 minutes of spinning, dancing chaos ensues.

Alfonso Cuarón proved in 2006, with Children of Men, that he could push the boundaries of action cinema whilst also portraying interesting characters in a rich narrative. Gravity does the action stuff brilliantly, but the script is a B-movie stinker and the characters are... well, like film stars playing astronauts. Dotted throughout the film is beautiful imagery, but it's either irrelevant (Ryan curling into a floating foetal position) or accompanied by Clooney verbally informing us it's beautiful. These characters make the sight of the sunrise bland.

Imagine the zero-gravity scenes from 2001: A Space Odyssey stretched to an entire film. (Albeit with more explosions and a lot more gasping.) Kubrick was attempting to depict the complacency of humankind; how technology had drained the awe from our species. I'm not sure what the Cuaróns are up to here, beyond giving us a very elaborate and expensive tech demo. Are they simply trying to make us experience a visceral thrill, or is there something deeper? Something about the way we humans are forever spinning away and towards each other?

Alas, father and son are only here to elaborate on the physical realm, not the psychological, philosophical, or spiritual. For that reason, I can't see this "pure cinema" experience being one that will improve on the small screen.
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on 7 March 2014
I know I am pretty much out there on my own in finding this film one big yawn from start to finish. I have a huge screen and a 3D projector - so I certainly appreciated the quality of the digital effects. But I need a lot more than that for a film to entertain. From my world - clearly different to everyone else's - there was no tension, no sense of fear or pending doom. The actors smugly took it all in their stride. GC just played GC as usual. And so did SB. The story was thin. The characters were thin. The script was thin - with the little dialogue that there was, doing little to propel the tale or add any interest or depth. Anyway, clearly alone in this view - so I am off to my own little space!
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on 22 March 2014
Just watched this film which I borrowed from a friend. I have to admit she had warned me that it wasn't up to the hype but wouldn't comment further.
I am a space fan and I talked my husband into watching it although it is not really his kind of movie.

I thought the effects were quite good and would have been better at the cinema although I am convinced that at one point I could see the earth slightly pixelated in one scene. I agree with other reviewers that Sandra Bullocks character would never have been allowed to go into space and as for the comedy antics of the astronauts at the beginning I think NASA would have grounded the entire crew. Unfortunately the film did not get any better the longer it went on.

The plot about the destroyed satellites breaking up one after another I found rather lame and again we have to blame the Russians....... Then the shuttle gets destroyed and there are only the 2 of them left, tethered to each other, although I could think of worse people to be tethered to than George Clooney. With Sandra gasping for air as her oxygen depletes they make their way to the ISS and for some reason George decides to throw in the towel and un-hooks hi.self from her and floats off leaving a novice on her own to try and get home. Why did he do this? We are lead to believe this is so he can beat the record for unteathered space walking, yea right.
Then there was one. The remainder of the film goes on in the same veine of crashing space stations and Sandra constantly breathing heavily. Finally she manages to get back to earth and the agony is over and I don't mean hers....

I thought this film was quite short when I looked at the DVD cover however in reality it wasn't short enough.......

This has got to be one of the worst films I have seen and as for the nominations it received and won I can only guess at what people were thinking. This film really is not worth the effort. Go and watch some original NASA archive footage instead.
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on 8 February 2014
I went to see this at the cinema in 3D. Totally unbelievable. A story about an inept astronaut who, I must say, I just wished would die from about halfway through (and, gauging from the mood of the audience when everyone left, I think there would have been a round of applause had this happened). Hackneyed writing didn't help. For example, the tacked-on story about the main character's daughter. I have no idea how this film has been nominated for anything other than a 'terrible movie' award. Minimal acting was required and the effects are as good as any other modern sci-fi film. No suspension of disbelief, no emotional involvement with the character, no chance I'd ever voluntarily watch this film ever again.
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