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3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
Style Name: Ultra Portable|Change
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 27 November 2014
This is a fantastic little mouse. Design wise it's really nice to handle, smooth like a polished stone and very ergonomic. I don't find at all that I have to grip it hard, and it is very responsive if you adjust the settings (more on this below).

Although it is not advertised as compatible with Android tablets, it works very well with both a Nexus 9 and a galaxy tab pro. All you need to do to pair it is to make your tablet discoverable on Bluetooth, press the 'connect' button on the mouse and then on the tablet select 'pair'. That's it. once the mouse is turned off, it will pair automatically when it is turned back on. It has a very handy button which allows you to select two different devices to pair it with, so you can equally pair it with your laptop for example. I use it with a Sony Vaio (remember to turn Bluetooth on from the Vaio Smart network and then click on 'add a device' from 'Control Panel', 'Printers and devices') and it works fantastically, a great improvement on the track pad.

It is lovely to use: you stroke it up or down to scroll, and left and right with double fingers to go back and forth in browsers (that in particular is incredibly helpful). you can select text to copy or paste in the usual way, and to copy from websites you just long press the right click to get into select mode. In android you don't get the right click contextual menus but otherwise everything works beautifully. One charge gives you about 10 days of work, but a 1 mn charge will give you an additional hour in case of emergency. That's really handy.

Now, here is the clever part: out of the box, I found both the cursor and the scrolling to be on the slow and unresponsive side. But there is a fix! All you've got to do is connect the mouse to a laptop, download the Logitech setpoint software (from the Logitech thin mouse support page). Once this is installed it gives you a large number of customisation options. You can then adjust the speed of the pointer and of the scrolling, the type of gesture desired; you save everything and then reconnect your mouse to your tablet and bingo, it's now responsive and does exactly what you want it to do!

Finally, the mouse charges from a standard charger and is so small and compact that it fits easily in a pocket or a tablet sleeve. There is a three year warranty in case of problems. A really nice bit of kit, one of the best things I have bought this year in electronics.
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on 27 September 2013
I've been looking forward to getting my hands on this since I heard about it. It looks fantastic and feels great in the hand/fingers!

Unboxing the T630 is just like any other top of the range product, really quite pleasing!
Hooking it up is also very quick and pain-free, simply turn the mouse on and go to your Bluetooth settings to Pair a New Device.

Handling is good, but not amazing, perhaps it's because it's so small it could take some getting used to using just my finger-tips and no palm. I'm coming from (and still holding onto!) the Logitech VX Nano, which has been a very loyal servant for both everyday and some gaming use.

However, my first concern is No Pointer Acceleration - without it just feels plain weird - I am having a very hard time coming back to a very linear movement, which is difficult to quickly switch to the other side of the screen YET at the same time even more difficult to accurately click even when moving very slowly.

The latter brings me on to my next disappointment. That is the 'single left-click'.
1. It's really loud.
2. It's just too stiff.
Both of which combine to make for a rather tough time in clicking where I actually want to click!

As I mentioned before the lack of pointer acceleration has me struggling to 'hit my mark', and then with the stiff single click will most of the time result in a small movement before the click has finished. So effectively by the time I've clicked, the cursor has moved a couple of pixels...

Given the fact the entire top piece of the mouse handles 'touch', I really struggle to come to terms with the fact that we do not have the option to enable a 'single-touch' as the action for a left-click. Surely this is feasible???
For me this would rule out the need to use the physical-click OR button-press.

Lastly, the scroll... It appears to work fine until I noticed I was trying to scoll very slowly and nothing was being picked up, so I scroll a little quicker and suddenly it's zipped off to the bottom of the page... It's minimum threshold has not been set correctly.

All of the above, has me in two minds...

But, I have since reverted back to my VX Nano for day-to-day work and will leave it in the box now until I hear back from Logitech on whether they plan to improve the SetPoint software.

Until then, I'm afraid I am rather underwhelmed...
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on 3 April 2015
Great features and size with a couple of negative points.

1. Size is fantastic - really easy to slip in your pocket but still large enough to use without discomfort.
1a - that said, you grasp it with your thumb and pinkie like a lobster's pincers - it is comfortable but takes a bit of getting used to.
2. Built-in battery - really useful, charge via micro-usb so no need for extra cables
3. Touch controls are nice (except for scrolling which is tricky to configure a "one-size-fits-all" setting that works for all your software / apps / games
3a. Touch controls are sometimes annoying (e.g. it is really easy to double tap the touch surface, which will bring you back to desktop in win8) - these issues are mostly resolvable by configuring the touch controls, e.g. disabling the aforementioned behaviour.
4. Lack of distinct physical buttons - means you can't simultaneously press both mouse buttons is a pain for gamers - when I play Mass Effect 2 on my laptop, I have to use the mouse R2 button to zoom and my keyboard's touchpad L1 to fire - it's an ok work around but not ideal.
4a. The middle mouse button is in the lower centre of the mouse, so you have to reposition your hand to use it. Result - I never use it except where an application requires it. I would prefer if the touch surface was clearly marked with L1, M1 and R1 button clickable areas (all at the top of the mouse) so I could know "where to click".

But still, I really like this mouse. I have a Surface pro 3 and it is an ideal companion (the surface trackpad is ok for general use but sucks when you want to play games).

One suggestion - it would be awesome if the developers put a little clip that you could attach to your laptop via strong adhesive. Then the mouse could attach to the clip. That way, when you're not using the mouse, it is attached safely to your laptop. Would be great!
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on 3 January 2014
Here's what I liked:

- small and lightweight
- love that I can use with 2 devices, and quickly swap between them
- no batteries, fast recharge via cable, powered for a long time

I'm not sure about:

- it's kind of loud on click (but I'm getting used to it)
- it feels bouncy when clicking, like you're hitting left and right at the same time

I don't like:

- the touch scroll is sometimes unresponsive, would have got top marks from me if that feature worked all the time
- the price. £62 + is too much, especially as some of the features need developing
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on 12 May 2014
This is a good little mouse and a nice little product. It works about as well as the more expensive Apple mouse. It feels absolutely tiny at first and I thought that might be a problem. But within a few hours I was happy with the grip and any other mouse feels more like a tortoise (in terms of size). Not sure I could go back to an apple mouse now.

The touch sensitive upper surface is reasonable. I found even the Apple touch pad on top of the mouse slightly jumpy and oversensitive, so I would not say this one was any better or worse. It works absolutely fine for vertical scrolling and seems to behave more like a heavy scroll wheel that has a lot of inertia so if you stroke it fast it will scroll for a while. Occasionally, very occasionally if the scrolling is not responsive I turn the mouse off and back on again which fixes the problem and the mouse is very quick to re-establish a connection to the mac. Again I would also have to reboot the apple mouse from time to time.

They have made an effort with the control panel settings, although it lacks some of the Apple polish and I've never got the middle area to trigger anything, but since the apple mouse doesn't have that I won't hold it against this one.

It is great being able to just plug the mouse into the USB to recharge and don't need to change batteries. But this is this is one of the few places I find fault with the mouse. It only warns you it is getting low on battery when it is about to die. So you have to get in the habit of charging it up once or twice a week before it runs out. Also since the usb port is on the underside there is no option to use the mouse while charging.

But overall if you are tempted by this mouse I would say go for it as it is a well made product.
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on 7 December 2015
I have had to buy 2 of these as the first one failed after just a few weeks - wouldn't charge. It is nice and slim and looks good, but my partner doesn't like its audible click saying it is too loud. However that aside, it is a pleasure to use and charging is quick. I also found that my Windows 8.1 laptop kept losing connection requiring a Bluetooth re-pair. However on upgrading to Windows 10, it appears to be fine. Just a query about the build quality....we'll see how long the second unit lasts.

UPDATE - After 6 months the second one failed much as the first one did. It just became dead (no light on charging/pairing). I can only say that this unit, although great when working, is pretty awful. I have now ordered a Microsoft mouse to replace it and will be very wary of Logitech (who I used to like) in the future.
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on 8 June 2016
The first thing I noticed when receiving this mouse was just how small it is. I bought it to use with my iMac, and it took a little getting used to initially having been used to the Apple Magic Mouse. The mouse is very thin and very small in the hand, i'd say somewhere around 2/3rd's the size of the Magic Mouse. It was very easy to set up and the battery life has been excellent so far. Just one charge needed in about 5 days of heavy use. Using it takes a little practice since it's so small but it glides easily and is nice to use once you re-learn the right hand position. If you spend a lot of time on your computer these small differences between mice can sometimes be annoying but after a few days of use I prefer it over the Magic Mouse. The Magic Mouse actually feels like something from the 90's compared to the Logitech. Would recommend.
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on 4 November 2015
This is one of the coolest looking mice I have ever bought. Use it in the office with my Yoga 2 10.1 Tablet and have received quite a few comments sync'd in seconds over bluetooth and is just cool. No problems with scrolling and mouse is very responsive. The left and right mouse button are on the bottom of the mouse but how it works is very, very easy to pick up. I have seamlessly used this mouse since I got it despite it being different to others.

One thing I would add is this is mouse is about half the size of a normal mouse and I would not recommend this mouse for using on a constant daily basis, but a few hours a day or at your leisure at home at night or if you are travelling a lot then this mouse is perfect.

Really like how it looks, but more importantly it works.
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on 20 October 2015
This is my day to day mouse which i use with a Macbook Pro 13" Retina notebook.
Easy to set up, very comfortable to use, Battery lasts ages and best of all - it is very small, which is great for travel.
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on 5 December 2015
After a few weeks for using this mouse, I find it really easy to get along with, It is Small in hand and fits well, I like the 2 Bluetooth settings and touch senses on the mouse itself, lovely touches.

I just my mouse for 2-3 hours a day and it lasts a good 2 weeks, But that's only if you switch it off all the time.

The only down side to this lovely mouse, is that It does not come with a carrying case, But I have just used a old one of my other mouse.

Think I mite never go back to a big mouse again!!
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