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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 20 January 2017
I sat and read the entire trilogy of these books over the christmas period.

This 1st one was my favourite of the 3.

Jackson is one of a huge family who own a Winter Ski resort called Snow crystal. Jacksons father who ran snow crystal died in an accident and Jackson comes home to run the business. Unfortunately Michael ran the business in the ground and Jackson decides that he needs to hire a media consultant to drum up some business.

Kayla is a media consultant, the best on her business and Jackson hires her to help turn snow crystal around. Jackson invites Kayla to stay at the resort for a week to experience everything they are offering and whilst there the obvious happens and they fall head over heels in love.

Whilst predictable i really enjoyed it, i was sitting there wishing that Snow crysal was real and i could go and stay there myself.

Really lovely heart warming christmas tale.
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on 15 November 2017
As I write this after just finishing this wonderful read I am wiping away tears, happy tears I might add, and also smiling wistfully to myself and sighing. Sarah Morgan never fails to write the most magical and lovely stories that make you continue turning the pages long in to the night. The story was wonderful, great characters and I think i fell in love with two of the brother. I will make my mind up about the other brother when I read the next saga in the trilogy. Well done Sarah Morgan, you totally know how to capture love, heartache and most of all that Christmas feeling. Definitely a must read.
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on 2 December 2017
I found this on my Kindle and thought 'great a Christmas book - perfect'. Have only got 25% in while skimming reading and wondering why I am reading this. I assumed it was a free ARC copy I must have got and felt obliged to finish it to review it properly, I've just looked up when I got this and am so relieved to to find I got it free from Amazon. Phew! I can stop reading it without feeling guilty.

Story so far....British Girl Kayla is working in New York and hates Christmas. Jackson needs a PR person and hires Kayla. Kayla thinks Jackson is wildly attractive. Lots of OTT sexual references so far. Am very happy to stop reading this as I think the story is minimal and the ending predictable.

Fans of Mills and Boon may love this book. I didn't and now I know why I've never read a Mills and Boons book before. Not for me.
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on 11 January 2017
I really enjoyed this book by Sarah Morgan. Kayla Green was emotionally damaged when her parents separated on Christmas Day when she was thirteen, and she discovered that her father had another family who he went to live with. Her parents had never been happy together, and Kayla the child had never known that. After their divorce she felt unwanted by both of them, which seriously affected her emotional life. She works hard at boarding school and finds her dream job in public relations, which she is very successful at, but doesn't allow anyone into her life, her work is everything, and she particularly hates Christmas.
She is given a new assignment in the weeks just before Christmas, and when she meets the new client, Jackson O'Neil, like the rest of the women in the office she finds herself attracted to him. Jackson has taken a back seat in his own very successful business in Europe to return home to run the family business in Vermont, after the death of his father. The business is failing fast, his father had taken no interest in it, and made some bad business decisions, and Jackson's grandfather fights every change Jackson tries to make. When he insists that Kayla spends a week at Snow Crystal to fully understand what it has to offer she opts to stay there for the Christmas holiday which she believes will help her avoid Christmas completely.
The best laid plans ... not only is she faced with Christmas she is also confronted by family, a warm, loving family who argue and shout a lot but still deeply love each other, something that has not been in her life for fifteen years. She finds it extremely difficult to cope with, and attempts to run away at the first hurdle, which Jackson just won't allow.
The story tells of her gradually relaxing into letting the world into her heart, falling in love with Jackson and his family, the icicles formed round her heart slowly thawing and dropping away, one by one. She fights against it every step of the way, but despite the short time-scale of one week there is a delightful reality to the story, you can believe that it could happen. Sarah Morgan writes her characters well, you soon care for all of them.
An uplifting story, well worth reading.
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on 29 December 2016
Sleigh Bells in the Snow is the perfect tale to get you feeling in the Christmas spirit. It has a dose of all the essentials; a magically enchanting ski resort, the smells and sounds of winter and Christmas, skiing, moonlit sleigh rides, icy lakes and plenty of snow, all stirred together with a good sprinkling of romance.

The story centres around Kayla, a woman who despises Christmas and would go to any length to avoid it. When the opportunity arises to spend Christmas away from New York and its tons of Christmas decorations, she jumps at the chance. What Kayla doesn't expect is to find herself in a winter wonderland surrounded by all the things she wanted to escape from; happy families, sparking Christmas trees, fairy lights and the reminders of Christmas everywhere she looks. She certainly didn't expect to meet a man like the handsome Jackson O'Neil, one of the owners of the resort, and find their professional relationship changing to one of flirting.

A great winter read (although it's currently summer in the summer hemisphere), the book really transports you to Snow Crystal Resort and makes you want to instantly book a holiday in one of the cosy log cabins. I'm impressed this was a freebie on kindle a few months ago, and certainly didn't expect a book so enjoyable and well written. There are a few quite explicit sex scenes, so if you aren't keen on that, steer clear. Other than that it's a very Christmassy book with a strong romance storyline.

Once I finished this book I discovered it's actually part of a trilogy, and this is the first book in the series. It works well as a stand alone book and you wouldn't necessarily need to read the remaining two. Although I think I will have to read the other books in the trilogy, to be transported back to the gorgeous scenery of Snow Crystal and catch up with the O'Neil family.
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on 15 February 2014
Kayla really doesn't celebrate Christmas and is more than happy to work her way through it, not even acknowledging the festive season much to the amusement of her colleagues. When she's offered a job scouting a prospective new holiday resort called Snow Crystal, she jumps at the chance of spending Christmas at an isolated log cabin in the middle of Vermont. When she arrives at the resort, she meets the new manager Jackson, and sparks soon fly between the pair - mainly because he's determined to make her love Snow Crystal and his family, and she wants to stay as unemotionally attached as possible! As the magic of Snow Crystal is revealed to Kayla, she fights to stop falling in love with not just the resort but someone else too...

As I mentioned, I haven't read anything by Sarah Morgan yet, but being that the book is published by Mills & Boon, I was sure I was in for a lovely romantic read, and I wasn't wrong. The best thing about the book for me was the characters - they were all so likeable and you warmed to each and every one of them as you move through the book. Kayla was a bit of a mystery,we don't know why she doesn't like Christmas and it makes you want to keep reading because I felt like I needed to know why she behaved how she did, especially towards Christmas, and feeling part of a family. Jackson was the real handsome alpha-male of the group - tall, dark and handsome indeed, and with good morals and ethics to boot. You can see why Kayla starts falling for him, I certainly loved him a little bit too!

The other thing which I really enjoyed about this book was the setting of Snow Crystal in Vermont. I assume that this is a fictional place, but Morgan really brings in to life on the pages with her wonderful descriptions of the gorgeous, wooden log cabins, deep white snow and ski slopes galore. Everything about it makes Snow Crystal seem like the perfect Christmas destination, and it certainly helps make Kayla's job of doing PR for the resort much easier! I loved how Morgan described it, reading from the tourist Kayla's point of view really allowed her to be vivid with her descriptions, everything from the snow to the cabins selling hot chocolate sounded amazing, and I wish there was somewhere like that I could visit for Christmas, it sounds magical.

This book was a recipe for success for me, and I have to say I absolutely loved it. I was so consumed by the story that I found myself reading it on my iPhone at every opportunity I got, keen to find out what was going to happen next with Kayla and Jackson, whether she'd ever let him in emotionally, and to find out how the story was going to end for the pair! Morgan's writing was a joy to read, so easy to follow and I honestly thoroughly enjoyed every single page. I also have to complement Morgan on her more secondary characters which I felt were as well written as the main ones - my favourite included Jackson's brothers, and the chef Elise. They all had a story that was important to the main plot, and added more depth to the book. I loved this book so much, I know it won't be the only Sarah Morgan book I read, and it's one I'll eagerly be re-reading every festive season!
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on 11 April 2016
This was the first book I had read by Sarah Morgan and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I had it for so long on my Kindle as I bought it when it was on a very good offer and for some reason I just didn't read it. One day I finally decided to start it and I am so glad I did. I was gripped from the start. It is quite cheesy and very predictable but if you want an easy to read, happy ending book then you won't be disappointed. Snow Crystal sounds like the most perfect place on earth and all the characters sound like the nicest people on earth so it is very far fetched but it is a fantasy of idealism. I wish I was one of those characters living at such a beautiful location and for the time you are reading the book it allows you to step away from the normalities of every day life and visualise the surroundings of Snow Crystal.

Overall, very easy to read, very predictable but extremely enjoyable and made me purchase the second book in the trilogy the moment I finished reading it.
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on 11 February 2015
I bought this book for something silly like 49p, purely to read in the weeks leading up to Christmas. I love Christmas, so reading Christmas stories and watching Christmas films adds to the magic for me. I read this book as part of a challenge to read as many Christmas books during the season of Advent as possible. This is the first book I've read for the challenge.

I feel that I got an incredible bargain for this book. I loved everything about this book and was immediately swept into the magic of Snow Crystal Resort. I've been left wishing that it was real so I can spend my Christmas relaxing in a hot tub overlooking an icy forest and a beautiful lake. It really was a beautiful setting for a book, and perfect for a Christmas Romance.
It's hard for me to imagine that somebody doesn't like Christmas, but of course if somebody doesn't enjoy it, then they must have their reasons. It's not clear from the start of the book why Kayla dislikes Christmas so much, but as the story progresses, it soon becomes clear why she tries so hard to avoid the holidays, and it added sadness to the story.

The O'Neil family were incredibly warm toward Kayla. They really made this story special and added the Christmas spirit. At first this makes Kayla uncomfortable, as she's not used to affection, but she soon relaxes in the beautiful surroundings. It's the time away from the office that I think brings out the best in Kayla.
There was so much more going on in this story than just Romance, which is why I gave it five stars. As Kayla falls in love with the resort, she fights to keep it afloat, and I found myself hoping that she could find a way to make it possible, as it's not just a business, it's a family home. The family being on the brink of losing their home at Christmas added a sense of urgency to the story, and it became more than just a job for Kayla.

There's alternating points of view in this story, mostly between Kayla and Jackson as they start to spend more time together. But there are a few chapters from other members of the O'Neil family, including Jackson's mother, Elizabeth, his brother Tyler, and his niece Jess. I thought that this created a really special story, as it was about more than just a failing business and a romance; it was about family too.
There were family dilemmas, with Tyler doing his best with his daughter Jess that's just started to live with him, and Jess feeling like she's not wanted. There's Elizabeth's feeling of emptiness after losing her Husband, there's Jackson's Grandfather being unable to express his true feelings for his Grandson. It's for this reason that I gave the book five stars, as there was more than just one dimension to the story. I can see this book making a great Christmas film, although it wouldn't make a good family Christmas film with the sexual chemistry!

Overall, I thought this was a lovely, lighthearted Christmas Romance, with all the elements needed for a beautiful story. If you're looking for an easy and relaxing Christmas book, with all the magic of a family Christmas, then look no further.
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on 21 November 2016
Kayla hates all things Christmas related and has dedicated her life to her work after her family decided that she was in the way. Desperate to escape Christmas in New York, she grabs the chance to visit Jackson's family's resort in Vermont and produce a PR campaign that will save the resort. What she doesn't account for is the fact that Jackson's family loves Christmas and Jackson himself digging under her skin and worming his way into her heart. I loved the way this family pulled Kayla into their family and made her feel so welcome and created the feeling of belonging once she let go a bit. Snow Crystal certainly conjured up lots of Christmas magic for me.
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on 11 December 2014
This is the first book in Sarah Morgan’s Snow Crystal trilogy however it’s the second in the series that I’ve read. Each is standalone of the three novels are standalone but the correct order is Sleigh Bells In The Snow first! You can check out my review of book 2, Suddenly Last Summer here.

The Snow Crystal trilogy follows the O’Neill family in particular the three brothers. This book is all about Jackson O’Neill and his attempt to save the family business by enlisting the help of top PR guru Kayla.

I was lucky to receive a copy of Suddenly Last Summer and also book 3 three in this trilogy – Maybe This Christmas – to review. I hadn’t read the start of this family’s story though so took myself to Amazon to buy this. It’s a perfect wintery escapism novel and I loved every page of it.

If you’ve read about any of the O’Neill brothers you will know they all have a few things in common, one definitely being their gorgeous looks. I really fell for Jackson’s caring, sexy brother in Suddenly Last Summer so I was fully prepared to fall for Jackson. He’s put his family’s needs first and those of the business dropping his own to come home. I loved his sense of family and it’s something that’s important to the story and to the O’Neill family.

Kayla couldn’t be any more different than Jackson and everything he stands for. Estranged from her family she’s eager to let Christmas go past her with minimal effort and input on her part. I felt really sorry for Kayla because I love Christmas and I really empathised with her. She’s had a really crappy time as far as family goes and I liked how Sarah wrote about Kayla.

Kayla may be the entire opposite of Snow Crystal and Jackson but she has a special bond with Jackson’s niece and I love how that made her more comfortable and made her fit in more on the resort. The relationship between Kayla and Jackson begins as strictly professional but escalates off the scale into a meltingly hot affair in the mountains of Snow Crystal and I really loved them both together – they seemed perfect for each other.

The story is a real test of emotions and they are all heightened particularly because of the time of year.

If you’re just starting this series than you will get a glimpse of what’s to come in books 2 and 3 and they are definitely worth a read!
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